• Published 20th Sep 2017
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Diamond Tiara Apple Princess - vamparity

Diamond Tiara is the boss. Apple Bloom must learn this.

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2 - Hate You Too

The dirt felt different at Sweet Apple Acres. Diamond Tiara dragged a hoof through it, stirring up an ancient dust that tickled something inside her soul. Maybe it was an earth pony thing, she thought, but there was something magically unnatural about a farm. From the soft road to the rolling hills of green, it tricked ponies into some longing for peaceful days spent eating an apple under the shade of a tree without a care in the world.

Like she would ever be caught dead doing that.

"I've heard you've opened up a shop in Canterlot?"

"Indeed I have. You simply must visit it sometime."

Diamond Tiara clenched her teeth. Her father was engaged in small talk with Rarity, Apple Bloom's siblings next to her. There was no escape, she was here for a couple of days. She looked at her luggage and sighed.

The big red one came closer, eying her. She took a step back. What a weirdo--Apple Bloom's whole family was a bunch of weird, dumb ponies.

"I assume I'll be staying with Apple Bloom, correct?" She asked hopefully, looking away with a face that feigned indifference.

"Eyup," the creepy stallion replied.

Applejack turned her head away from the other conversation to eye Diamond Tiara. "If you'd like, we have a spare guest room you could use. Figured you'd rather want to spend the night with a friend."

My friend, the words weighed heavily on Diamond Tiara's mind. "Thank you for offering, but I don't need the guest room. I will make do."

"Oh, don't look like a pack of timber wolves stole your lunch," Applejack grinned. "Sleepovers with your friends can be a good amount of fun if you'd let it." She winked at Rarity, who rolled her eyes, smiling back at her.

"Yes, I've read that part in Twilight's book about friendship. It was, uh..." Diamond Tiara searched for the right words, noticing the big red one was already carrying her luggage into the house. Well, at least he knew his place.

"That was a silly night for all involved. Don't remind me," Rarity sighed, wistfully.

"Right." Thoughts of her and Apple Bloom fighting over a blanket danced across her mind. She looked at her father. This was a cruel and unusual punishment, even for him. She would have preferred putting on the bunny costume again.

"Anyway, about your store in Canterlot. I was wondering if you've given any further thought to the idea of Barnyard Bargains carrying a more modest, affordable line of your fashions," Filthy Rich said, resuming their previous conversation.

Diamond Tiara smiled. Her father was all business. He had these country bumpkins in the frog of his hoof.

Before she could admire and study his techniques further, a hoof gently prodded her rear.

"Hey dumb rich girl! Welcome to my farm."

It was Apple Bloom, cute bow in hair and all.

"How rude," Diamond began, adjusting her tiara to remind Apple Bloom it was more regal than her bow, "Don't you know not to touch royalty?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have missed your coronation."

"You would be the kind of pony to do such a thing. Probably twiddling your hoofs in your stupid tree house." They were already walking away, to where Diamond had no idea or care. "And your farm? Sorry, I must have missed the day Celestia made you the princess of apples."

Apple Bloom playfully touched her, again. "It's good to see you haven't changed at all."

"Hate you too."

They smiled at each other, the wind brushing through their hair in a comfortable silence. Diamond Tiara was the first to look away, back at her father and the two other ponies.

"Didn't expect to see Rarity over here. I held her in such high regard, too."

Apple Bloom smirked. "Everypony holds her in high regard. She is an element of harmony, after all." She leaned in closer, deep into Diamond Tiara's personal space. "Between you and me, I think she only comes over so much cause she's sweet on my sister."

Diamond Tiara exploded in laughter, blowing out the nervous breath she had been suddenly holding. "You're kidding me! High class ponies don't date the help, stupid."

"I aint joking. And why can't they? What's wrong with my sister?"

"Please," Diamond held a hoof to her chest, "Ponies of taste have higher standards than settling for a dirty, rough and tumble cowpony. It's unheard of! It'd make for a great Gabby Gums gossip article, though."

Apple Bloom eyed her as if they shared some secret gossip of their own. It made her feel the sun's heat a little more than she cared to.

"You know my sister is an element of harmony too, don't you?" Apple Bloom took another step into Diamond Tiara's personal space, Diamond quickly taking a step back this time, but not before she could feel the hot breath of the pony's words on her muzzle. "And what's wrong with a little farm fever? Everypony's hot for us farmers."

Diamond Tiara scrunched her nose at that. What a silly thing to say.

"Ever have a roll in the hay?" Apple Bloom waggled her eyebrows.

A crimson blush struck Diamond Tiara's face, the blow hitting so hard that she had to hold her breath and look away, anger rising from her inability to formulate a proper retort.

Laughter and a soft slap on her flank followed. "Should see the look on your face! I got you good." Apple Bloom's arm didn't pull away, resting itself around Diamond's shoulder.

"Hmph!" Diamond Tiara grunted in rage. "I guess all those years of me bullying you finally rubbed off, huh?"

"Nah," Apple Bloom removed her hoof and continued, "I've always been kind of a rude pony in hindsight."

Diamond Tiara looked gravely insulted. "You are not."

"Am too."

"Are not."

"Am too."

"Are not!" Diamond Tiara punched the ground. "You're the nicest pony I know!"

Apple Bloom only smiled, letting the argument go as if she had won it.

They were walking again, around the house. Granny Smith eyed them from the back porch, looking as if she had been unwillingly ousted from a rather peaceful nap. Both mares lowered their heads, pretending not to have noticed.

"I am too!" Apple Bloom continued under her breath. They took a few more steps until they turned another corner of the house, Granny Smith out of eyesight. Apple Bloom raised her voice back to normal and grinned, "Should have seen my first day selling apples. It's been at least seven years and sis still won't let me run the stand."

"That hardly means anything," Diamond Tiara scoffed.

"I was all like, 'buy some apples!' Put piles into strangers' bags and tried to make them pay for it." Apple Bloom smiled at her. "I was real pushy and just plain awful."

Diamond Tiara pictured the scene in her head, a faint smile fighting its way across her muzzle. "You expect me to believe that?"

"Well, it's the truth."

Diamond Tiara didn't know what to say. She took in a breath, smelling the finely aged yet fresh aromas that only came from Sweet Apple Acres. Her nose wandered into the orchard, picking up the dense, heavy smell of apple-wood from the trees. The scent of an apple pie lingered in the air, foreshadowing dessert. She wetted her lips. She felt miles away from the stagnant air of her home.

"Ah, there you are." Filthy Rich waved, walking toward her. He put a hoof on her shoulder and gave her a stern, loving look. "I will be leaving now. Behave yourself, okay?"


"There's something about the air out here," Filthy Rich surveyed the distant landscape, before returning his gaze to her. "Remember why you're here. I know it might not seem like it to you, but she loves you very much." Filthy Rich brushed her mane to the side to make room for a small kiss on her forehead. "As much as I do. Take care."

They waved goodbye. She watched him leave until she found herself all alone.

"What was that about?" Asked the redhead next to her.

Diamond Tiara looked to her, her mouth tripping over itself not wanting to talk about her personal life, desperately searching for a response.

"Sorry, didn't mean to pry." Apple Bloom's voice had an edge of pity to it. "Silver Spoon still not hanging out with you anymore?"

"It's for the best. She was distracting me from other things," Diamond Tiara lied.

Apple Bloom motioned with her head to follow her. "Forget I asked. Let's get some grub. You look like you could use some, miss skin and bones." They headed toward the house in better spirits.

Diamond Tiara took one last look behind her. Some punishment this was, she thought. She trusted her dad, but sometimes, when she was honest with herself, she felt like she still had a lot to learn from him. What did he see in the Apples, anyway? A pony can do hard work and sweat without being on a farm. He came out just fine, and he never came from a farm, or did he? She didn't know. The thought left her with a sudden emptiness at only now realizing she had never asked.

A swat from Apple Bloom's tail brought her back. She shot her an indignant frown, only to receive the sweetest and most smug grin she had ever seen in return.

While her mom would be the one spending time with her dad, maybe she was getting the better end of the deal. For all her hatred, she couldn't stop grinning. Maybe this wasn't a punishment, but more of a friendship lesson. That was something princesses had to do. It all made sense to her now.

"Hey Diamond, want to hear something exciting?"


"Last one inside gets to scrub the pigs." Apple Bloom casually winked, before taking off so fast that her sister's dog took notice, barking and joining in on the race.

Or maybe this was punishment, Diamond Tiara seethed, galloping to catch up with the silly farm girl.