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Shinji's Nightmare - Harry Leferts

Having returned from being absorbed into Unit-01, Shinji finds himself in a decidingly odd situation

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Chapter 3

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"Interesting..."- Nightmare talking.
"Why me..." -Ordinary speaking
'And so it begins.' -Nightmare thoughts
'Aw hay.' -Ordinary thoughts

Appearing outside, Nightmare takes a breath of air before scrunching up her nose. 'Well, no compliments on the smell of this place.'

Glancing around, she starts walking down the alley she's found herself in when several grinning men walk out of the shadows with vicious grins, one opening his knife with a snick sound as he gestures at Nightmare. "Well, well, well. What do we have here boys? Seems a broad out for a stroll in our territory." He then looks her up and down and licks his lips as the others begin to surround her. He then leans towards Nightmare who's watching with a bored look. "Tell ya what Honey bunch if you give us some…" He looks her over again and chuckles. "Fun, we might let you go. That or any valuables you have."

Nightmare just shakes her head and darkly chuckles, a predatory look on her face. "How about you give me your money and I let you go and forget about showing you my… displeasure"

Shoving down the unease in him, the man gestures at her. "What are you waiting for? GRAB HER!" Nightmare just laughs as they charge her. A few minutes later finds the injured leader trying to back up while gripping his obviously broken arm as Nightmare walks towards him. "Wha… what ARE YOU!"

Nightmare smirks and cocks her head to the side before her hand lashes out and grabs him around the face, easily lifting him off the ground as dark amusement dances in her eyes. "Why…" She ignores how he's struggling and gripping her arm as she digs her nails in and leans close. "I'm your worst nightmare." A few moments later she emerges from the shadows of the alley and into the street with a wallet in her hand with the other flicking something off. After taking the money from the wallet, she throws the wallet into a nearby garbage can before shoving the money into a disguised pocket while ignoring the sounds in the alley way behind her. "Now… with my financial situation solved, I wonder where I should go…" Cracking her head to the side, she slowly walks down the street to where she can hear loud music...

It doesn't take her long to reach her destination as she finds herself across the street from a nightclub. Cocking her head to the side, she slowly smiles. 'Now then… this looks interesting…' Heading over, she uses some old fashioned charms mixed with magic to get the Bouncer to let her in ahead of the rest of the line. Walking into the club, Nightmare smirks as she gives it an interested look over. 'Yes, this will do quite nicely.' She then notices that several people who she knows as NERV employees from her current host's memories are also around causing her to raise an eyebrow as her smirk grows. 'Yes, this will do nicely indeed.' She leans back a little against a pillar as she takes note of how they're dancing. She then hears something causing her to glance over as Misato is pulling an annoyed Ritsuko into the club while followed by a nervous Maya. 'Well now, seems that this night just became interesting...'

Getting up from her position, she slowly moves onto the dance flow while fluidly dancing around those there. Slowly, she maneuvers herself close enough that she can overhear the conversation between the three as Misato grins at Ritsuko. "Come on Rits, staring at a glass for hours on end isn't going to make it do anything."

The doctor just glares at her friend. "I was trying to figure out if anything was different!"

Misato just shrugs. "Whatever you say Rits. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were trying to hog as much time with Shinji. What with the... medical checks you put him through at first."

Seeing Misato waggle her eyebrows, Ritsuko scowls before slapping her upside the head. "Only you could think something like that! Besides, if anyone here would think of performing bestiality it would be-"

Whatever else she was going to say is cut off by Maya. "Xenophilia."

The two arguing women turn to the third (who eeps) with a confused look before saying the same thing. "What?"

Blushing, Maya hangs her head. "Bestiality is when you... um... have sex with an unintelligent non-human. Xenophilia is when you have... relations with an intelligent non-human."

Misato blinks. "Huh. I did not know that." She then gives the other two a wicked look. "Of course, with him being a horse of sorts..."

She gets the reactions she wants as Maya goes completely red and Ritsuko sputters. "MISATO!" Misato just waves them off before looking around with a frown, causing Ritsuko to sigh. "You're looking for Kaji, aren't you?"

Seeing Misato nod, Nightmare narrows her eyes. 'Now, now. We can't have that now can we...?' Looking around herself, she finds the unshaven man waiting at a nearby bar. 'Gotcha.' Making her way over, she sits next to him with a sultry look before turning to the bartender as she remembers a drink Shinji had to prepare for his uncle and aunt. "Give me a screwdriver."

She can almost feel Kaji looking her up and down before he gives her a roguish wink after looking around. "Hey there. Haven't seen you around."

Nightmare gives him a throaty chuckle before answering. "Well, I recently arrived here due to new opportunities."

Not showing his suspicion, Kaji gives her a raised eyebrow. "Really? Didn't think that there were many around here. Opportunities that is."

Nightmare cocks her head to the side as she receives her drink. "There's opportunities everywhere if one waits long enough. Or knows what they're doing." Seeing that she has Kaji's attention focused on her, she slowly weaves her magic to make it where he won't really notice anything going on around them. Taking a drink, she sets the glass down and leans towards him, manipulating the body she's in to produce pheromones. "So... got a name handsome?"

Kaji just chuckles before holding out his hand and giving it. He then cocks his head to the side. "You?"

Nightmare smirks. "Akumu. Tsuki Akumu."

As they continue talking, she weaves another spell to make things look slightly different. A few moments later Misato walks up and punches Kaji hard enough to knock him from the chair. Looking up he waves his hands as Ritsuko and Maya walk up. Laying a hand on Nightmare's shoulder as Misato verbally lays into Kaji, the doctor gives her a questioning look. "Are you alright? You looked pretty uncomfortable there."

Nightmare just gives her a smile. "I am thank you." Giving Kaji a glare, she sighs. "He couldn't take a hint."

Ritsuko gives a nod as she glares at the unshaven man. "Color me unsurprised."

Noticing Maya giving her glances, Nightmare gives the mousey technician a heated look causing her to blush and look away making the spirit smirk internally. 'Seems that my host being a male has made me more... appreciative of some things.' She then internally chuckles. 'Somehow, I don't think that I'll mind...' Watching as Misato stomps up while Kaji walks away dejectively, Nightmare's internal grin nods. 'Just as planned...' The night goes on, the four women talk while Misato and Ritsuko drink (Nightmare not being bothered by the alcohol and Maya drinking lightly). After the Major and doctor leave, Nightmare notices Maya get up to leave. 'Oh, can't have that.' Predatory smile on her face, she walks up behind Maya and slides her arms around her waist. "Leaving so soon Maya-san?"

Gulping, Maya nods. "Ha... hai Tsuki-san, I have work tomorrow and..." She gets twisted around so that she sees Nightmare's pouting face causing her blush even more and try to look away. "And... um..."

Nightmare gives her a playful shake before looking upwards with a thoughtful look. "I think Akagi-san is your boss, isn't she? And please... call me Akumu."

Maya slowly nods while looking down. "Well... yes. Both her and Major Katsuragi..."

Nightmare gives her a throaty chuckle. "Well, judging by their actions tonight, I don't think that they'll mind much... Do you?" Maya just shakes her head very fast as Nightmare takes a sniff. 'I love it when they're unattached...' Leaning down, Nightmare whispers into the technician's ear causing her to gape before Nightmare begins grinning as she pulls her out onto the dance floor...

Walking through the hallways towards Ritsuko's office the next day, Misato massages the headache from her hangover. 'Ugh… Fucking Kaji.' However, she isn't watching where she's going and nearly runs into Maya who's coming out a nearby office with an armful of folders and paperwork. "Whoa! Careful there!" Taking a moment to steady her, Misato smiles at the tech. "You okay?"

Maya nods as she moves the paperwork in her arms around a little. "It's okay Ma'am." Maya then looks the Major over in concern. "Are you okay Ma'am? You… don't look too good."

Misato chuckles before wincing. "I think that I had a little too much fun last night." She then cocks her head to the side and gives Maya a quizzical look. "What happened to your ear? It's all red at the top?" Seeing Maya go red and her eyes widen, Misato blinks as her hangover addled mind works through it. 'Wait a second…'

Maya for her part gulps before smiling as she readjusts the paperwork. "I… got bit by something on my ear last night…"

Misato raises an eyebrow before shrugging. 'Nah, this is Maya after all. She's too shy to do something like that.' Shaking her head, Misato sighs. "Anyways, got to talk with Ritsuko, you heading the same way?"

At Maya's nod, she starts walking. The mousey technician however slips behind Misato and blushes as her mind goes back to what had happened the night before…

********************* Flashback ***************************

Unlocking her door, Maya sighs before jumping a little as two arms encircle her waist as warm breath tickles her ear. "Mmm… I really enjoyed tonight Maya-chan. Shame it has to end though…"

Maya looks down and sighs. "Me too Akumu-san. But… I got work in the next five hours and-"

A deep throaty chuckle interrupts her. "Hey now, don't be so sad." Behind her, Nightmare smirks. "I fully understand."

Maya blushes heavily. "Th-thank you."

Nightmare's smirk only widens. "No, thank you." She then takes a sniff. "Has anyone ever told you how delectable you look when you blush. It's simply… adorable."

Maya is about to say something when she jumps as the woman behind her gently bites her ear. "Eep!" A moment later she's twisted around and pinned against the door as Nightmare places a hand on either side of her head and presses her body against her's. "U-um…"

Reaching up with a finger, Nightmare gently brushes a stray hair away from Maya's brow. "Hm… I'm going to be back in a month. How about we… do this again?" Maya just nods as she trembles slightly, feeling like a rabbit in front of a lion, though liking it at the same time. Nightmare just smiles as she pulls closer. "Good…" A few minutes later, Nightmare walks off leaving a breathless Maya behind her as she heads down the hallway with a sway in her hips. "See you in a month Maya-chan"

Maya for her part is still stunned as she slides down the door with a wide-eyed look and a silly grin on her face. After a few minutes, she gets up and goes inside her apartment. Closing the door behind her, she punches the air above her with a wide grin. "YES!"

************** Flashback End ************************

Shaking herself free of her daydream, Maya (with a slightly silly grin on her face) practically skips into the small lab set up to study Shinji and his abilities. She doesn't notice as Shinji's wings shift uncomfortably as he looks away. "Hello Sempai! I got what you asked for."

Looking up from her terminal, Ritsuko nods as she takes a deep drink of her coffee. "Thank you Maya." She raises an eyebrow and is about to comment when a knock at the door catches her attention. "Now who could that be…"

As Ritsuko walks towards the door, Misato heads towards Shinji with a cup of Ritsuko's coffee in her hands. "So Shin-chan, how have you been doing today?"

Grateful for the distraction from both the memories running through his mind's eye and Nightmare's cackling, he sighs. "Bored."

Misato is about to comment when a wrapped object is thrown on the table next to them as Ritsuko smiles. "Well then, not for much longer. We'll be running a few new tests soon."

Raising an eyebrow, Shinji levitates the package over to himself and examines it before looking at the doctor with an incredulous expression. "It's a plugsuit."

Ritsuko nods. "Yes, yes it is. We'll be doing some tests with the EVAs to see if you can Sync with them still."

Now it's Misato's turn to give her an unbelieving look. "He's a pony Rits."

Ritsuko raises an eyebrow as she sips her coffee. "Yes and? It's been adapted to his body type. Grant you the wings were an issue but…" Noticing that even Maya is now staring at her, she blinks. "What?"

Blinking at the suit, Shinji looks from it to Ritsuko and then back. "Um… Doctor Akagi…"

She raises an eyebrow while leaning back and having a triumphant smile on her face. "Yes Shinji?"

He looks back up at her with a deadpan expression. "I thought that the Sync ratio improved if there was less between the pilot and the, um… LCL?"

She blinks. "Well, yes…"

He then gestures at himself. "Um… isn't the fact that I'm… uh… naked good enough?" He then reaches up and rubs his neck. "You know, all I got right now is fur and…"

Before Misato's amused eyes, she watches as Ritsuko does the impression of a goldfish for several moments. "Yeah, you know I'm thinking the same thing unless you have a… certain like for things like Plugsuits that is…"

Snapping out of it, Ritsuko turns a glare on her smirking friend while trying to think up an excuse. "I had it made because… wet fur!"

The other three all blink and say the same thing. "What?"

Ritsuko slowly nods sagely. "Yes. I did it so that Shinji wouldn't have to worry about his modesty as wet fur would reveal a little more then I think that he would like." She shakes her head. "Imagine how little modesty that he would have with his fur plastered right against his body." All three women turn and stare at Shinji who's gaping and has a red tinge visible through his fur. After a moment, Ritsuko shakes her head as she clears her throat. "Yes, well." She then waves at the plugsuit. "Anyways, try it on."

Shinji just looks at the still packaged plugsuit and sighs before looking at Ritsuko. "And how am I supposed to put it on exactly?" He holds up a hoof and raises an eyebrow. "No hands remember?"

Ritsuko blinks for a moment as her eyes move back and forth rapidly before taking another sip of her coffee as she looks away. "Use your.. Telekinesis."

Sighing, Shinji does so and a few minutes later is standing of them in his plugsuit. Looking behind him, he can see that the "armor" that was there on his back now has two long holes for his wings to fit through. His tail is also coming out of a hole right where it is on his body. Shifting around for a moment, he frowns. "It feels… weird?"

Misato just smirks as she takes a sip of coffee. "Well maybe it's because you've gotten used to not wearing clothing. I know that after I spent a week naked once it felt weird to be wearing something again." She hides her smirk behind the mug as she takes another sip while Maya goes red, Ritsuko sputters, and Shinji's wings pop out a little. 'Oh, so easy.' She then gives him a thumbs up and a wink. "Still, looking good Shin-chan!"

Shinji just hangs his head a little and groans. 'Do you really hate me that much God for killing your Angels?' Hearing dark laughter in his mind, he sighs. 'Never mind…'

It's only a few days later that finds Shinji staring at Unit-01 in his plugsuit, an unreadable expression on his face. 'Is what she said true Mother… are you…' He nearly jumps as a white gloved hand is laid on his shoulder. Turning, he can see Rei there with an odd expression on her face. Almost one of… 'Worry? She's worried about me?' he slowly smiles. "Hello Ayanami."

She slowly nods. "Are you… okay Ikari-kun?"

Shinji slowly nods and chuckles. "Yeah, I think that I'm getting more okay as time goes on." He turns back and looks at his EVA . "Ayanami?" He slowly turns and gives her a smile. "Thank you. For everything that you've done."

She just nods. "You are welcome Ikari-kun." She blinks for a moment as he mumbles something. "I am sorry but, what was that?"

Shinji takes a deep breath. "Ayanami, we've been friends and comrades for a while now, right?" She nods. "So why don't you call me Shinji then? You've earned more then that." Right after he says this, Ayanami's eyes widen as Shinji glares mentally. 'What the hay was that!'

Nightmare just chuckles. 'Why, I only gave you a little push foal. And it seems that the mare likes it.'

Shinji just mentally snarls before turning back to the outside. Seeing the shocked look on Rei's face, he's about to say something when she looks slightly away. "Very well… Shinji-kun." She then smiles.

Shinji blinks at the sight of a slight pinkish tone. 'Is she…' His attention is soon caught by Ritsuko walking towards them. "*Sigh* Looks like the test is about to start…"

********************** Unit-01 *****************

Reclining back while breathing in the LCL, Shinji rolls his eyes as Nightmare complains. 'This is truly disgusting and not fit for us!'

Shinji grumbles a little. 'Get used to it.' Suddenly he perks up. "Sorry Doctor Akagi, I missed that."

The doctor just rolls her eyes as she looks down at the terminal in front of her. "I was asking if anything was different."

Closing his eyes, Shinji nods. "As a matter of fact yes."

Ritsuko looks up with a blink. "Really?"

Shinji slowly nods. "Yes, this chair is less comfortable then it was." Cracking one eye open, he's greeted with the sight of Ritsuko with her eyebrow twitching while Misato is in the background trying to smother laughter. 'Got you.' Feeling something, he closes his eyes while his horn glows almost unseen in the cockpit. 'Mother? Is that you?' The presence stops and begins to withdraw only for him to yell out mentally again. 'MOTHER!I know that's you.'

It slowly comes back and he can hear a sigh. 'Hello… Shinji…'

He then sighs. 'Why were you trying to hide? I got so much to ask!'

He receives the feeling that Yui is looking away. 'I know and…' She trails off and suddenly he can feel anger. 'Who's that with you! Are you the one who-'

Nightmare snorts. 'And?'

Yui mentally growls as Shinji listens to both. 'You took away my son's humanity! You-'

She soon gets cut off by Nightmare. 'Please. I made your son something greater then a mere human. He is a god.' She darkly chuckles and her next words cause Yui to recoil in shock. 'And here I thought that you of all people wouldn't mind…'

And with one last laugh, Nightmare vanishes into the depths of Shinji's mind. After a few moments of silence Shinji speaks up. 'So… um… lovely weather we've been having lately…' He mentally blinks as he hears Yui facepalm…

******************** Unit-00 *********************

Blinking as he leans back, Shinji rolls his eyes at Ritsuko causing her eyebrow to twitch. "Okay, as I said the last time. It smells like… Ayanami." Seeing the grin on Misato's face, he taps his nose. "Horse's sense of smell Misato."

Misato raises an eyebrow before smirking. "And how do I smell Shin-chan?"

Eyes wide, Shinji looks around, only to have a communication window pop up with Rei watching curiously from the cockpit of Unit-02. "Um…"

Rolling her eyes, Ritsuko waves her hand. "Don't worry Shinji, with the amount that she drinks, I can guess." Ignoring Misato yelling at her, Ritsuko looks over the Sync scores and frowns. "Odd. Last time Unit-00 rejected you and now…" Typing something, she turns back to Shinji. "Anything else?"

Shinji blinks before looking upwards thoughtfully. "The LCL does feel thicker for some reason…"

Ritsuko blinks before scratching her head. "It shouldn't…"

**************** Unit-02 ********************

Shaking his head as he can hear Asuka from inside Unit-01 complaining. Tuning it out (however much it hurts) Shinji becomes thoughtful as he looks around. "Is there a different LCL mixture in here?"

Looking up from the odd question, Ritsuko shakes her head. "No, it's the same as what's used in the other EVAs. Why?"

Shinji just grimaces. "Because it feels very thick for some reason." He then wiggles around a little. "And the flow of it is pretty strong, I can actually feel it through my plugsuit. Not to mention that odd smell..." He takes another sniff. "Is that perfume?" Catching a feeling of playfulness, Shinji is about to use his magic again when he hears Asuka screaming in rage and sees Unit-01 struggling to break free of it's bonds…

Grumbling as he dries himself, Shinji sighs. "That had to be the oddest Sync test that I've ever had…" He then blinks as he shoves a corner of the towel into his ear using his TK. "And with that time in the lake, that's saying something." Shaking out his wings, he smiles. 'Thanks for giving me the info for that cleaning spell by the way. Don't know how I would have gotten the LCL out of my fur otherwise.' He suddenly freezes. 'Why does that thought not bother me any more…' Hearing a chuckle, he glares. 'You did something to my mind, didn't you?'

Hearing the slight worry, Nightmare snorts. 'Ah, but that's the best part. I've done nothing to you.' She then smirks. 'In fact, it's all you.' She then begins to laugh. 'After all! Who was the one who felt that he did not fit in with other humans, hm?'

Scowling, he cuts her off before returning to drying. After a bit, he becomes frustrated as the towel is not longer working as well. 'Dammit…' Not wanting to ask Nightmare for a drying spell, he then looks around as his eyes run over various things like the hand dryers. Suddenly stopping, he turns and looks more closely at the hand dryers. Walking over to the ones along one wall, he looks at them. 'Hm… not a hair dryer but…' Looking around, he levitates several balls of paper towel and uses them to activate the dryers all at once. Then, using a bit of the knowledge he's been gifted, he starts gathering the hot, dry air into a ball in front of him. After a few moments, he notices how big the ball has gotten as he didn't stop pressing the buttons. His eyes widen as he realizes that it's becoming unstable until…

************* Outside ***********

Rolling her eyes, Misato looks at her watch and sighs. "He's taking more time to get ready then Asuka for Pete's sake!"

Maya slowly shrugs as she bites her lip. "Well… he does have all that fur to dry."

Misato shakes her head and is about to say something when the door flies open with a bang before drifting close. Not thinking, she rushes into the male change room. "SHINJI!" Looking around for him through the pieces of paper floating down, she doesn't notice Rei or Ritsuko come in behind her and Maya. "Shinji! Where… are…"

Maya's eyes widen as she catches sight of Shinji. "…Oh… my…"

As the tech stuffs a fist into her mouth to keep from giggling, Misato doesn't bother as she leans against a locker for support as she nearly collapses laughing. "Oh! Oh please!"

Ritsuko holds up one hand and leaves (riotous laughter soon heard thereafter) as Rei blinks, her lips twitching slightly as there is Shinji… except his fur is all puffed out giving him the appearance of being a plush. "Oh, please. Don't stop on my account. Do go on."

Misato just shakes her head. "I'm so sorry Shin-chan… it's just that…" She takes another look and this time does collapse onto the floor laughing. "Oh! Oh! This is too much! HAHAHAHAHA!" After a few moments, Misato raises her hand as she gets her laughter under control. "I got an idea, wait right here."

Shinji blinks and tries to get his fur down (to his failure) to turn and blink as Misato walks in with an odd looking brush on her hand. "Misato… what are you…?"

Before he can say anything, Misato's right there with the brush on her hand. "Don't worry Shinji! I did spend some time on a farm when I was younger." Shinji opens his mouth only to close it with a snap as Misato begins brushing him. "Now, hold still…"

In the doorway, Ritsuko gives her longtime friend a disbelieving stare. "Why would you have those…"

Misato just nods her head towards Shinji, who's fighting between enjoying the feeling of being brushed and being mortified at Nightmare's running commentary. "Well… after Shin-chan changed, I made a few online purchases and billed them directly to NERV." She then blinks as Rei walks up. "Yes Rei?"

She blinks for a moment and then stares at the brush. "Would you happen to have any more?"

At Misato's smirk, Shinji's stomach plummets. 'Ah… Buck me…'

Later that night as she's walking into the apartment, Misato sighs as she runs her hand down her face. 'Oh Shinji... why is it always you...?' Hearing a noise, she narrows her eyes before slowly drawing her gun without a sound. 'Asuka is over at Hikari's, Shinji is in NERV...' Slowly making her way to the kitchen, she whips around the corner to see Kaji digging in her fridge. "KAJI!"

Leaning back out, Kaji gives her a roguish grin. "Hey there Katsuragi." Getting out of the fridge, Kaji pulls out two cans of beer as a stunned Misato puts her gun away. "With everything going on, I thought that we should... talk." A sad look flits over his face too quickly for Misato to catch...

Two days later, Shinji is waiting in his room when he looks up from his book causing him to frown as he catches the time. 'Where is she...?' He gets up and is about to head to the door when it opens to reveal a frowning Ritsuko. "Doctor Akagi? Where's Misato?"

Ritsuko looks uncomfortable for a moment before shaking her head. "Misato's in solitary confinement for now."

She backs up a little as Shinji rears back, his nostrils flaring. "WHAT?" Seeing her expression and smelling a little bit of her emotions, he soon calms down and steps towards the still nervous doctor. "Sorry about that Doctor Akagi. I've... been stressed lately."

Shinji ignores the snort in the back of his mind as Ritsuko waves him off. "It's okay Shinji. Stress can get the better of us all." She soon widens her eyes as Shinji nuzzles her slightly making her turn slightly red. "Uh... Shinji?"

Blinking, Shinji jumps back a little. "Sorry about that Doctor Akagi. Don't know what came over me."

Ritsuko just lets out a breath before clearing her throat. "Yes, well... Must be some of your new instincts asserting themselves then."

Shinji nods before stopping and giving her a slight glare. "You still haven't said why Misato is in confinement."

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Ritsuko sighs. "The Sub-Commander's been abducted and Kaji is the main suspect. And, of course due to their relationship..."

Shinji scowls. "Misato has suspicion fall on her." Ritsuko's grimace is answer enough. Shinji then turns and looks at her pleadingly. "Isn't there something that you can do though? You know that Misato wouldn't be involved in something like this."

Taking a moment to run her hand through her hair, Ritsuko hisses. "Don't you think that tried?" Massaging the bridge of her nose, Ritsuko begins to turn. "Anyways, I thought that I should be the one to tell you..."

Shinji's thoughts race before he looks up at her before she reaches the door. "Wait! Can't you bring her here?"

Scowling, Ritsuko turns and has to bite down a scathing retort. "Shinji, as I said, I can't do anything." She then sees the expression on Shinji's face as it's one she has seen many a time on Gendo's face. 'What are you...'

Shinji gives her a small smirk. "Doctor Akagi, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be more efficient to have both me and Misato in the same place? After all, this apartment is fully secured and guarded and having her here would free up more people to look for the Sub-Commander." Seeing that she's about to say something, he pushes on. "And you know that it would be impossible for me to hide anywhere and that Misato would not leave me behind."

Ritsuko stares at him for a moment before a smile slowly grows on her face. "Very well Shinji, I'll give it my best shot. But no promises."

She soon leaves as Shinji nods. Not long after she leaves, Shinji lays on the floor while holding his head in his hooves. 'Dammit Kaji... what are you thinking...'A few hours finds the Alicorn pacing through the small apartment when Shinji suddenly stops as his ears turn towards the door and a relived smile crosses his muzzle. 'She managed it… Good.' A moment later a handcuffed Misato is escorted into the room with three Section 2 agents and Ritsuko. Shinji just glares first at the handcuffs and then at the agents before projecting a little bit of leadership as he steps towards them with his head held high and wings spread. "Now then, take off those handcuffs." The agents hesitate for a moment causing Shinji to glare at them. "Now." Hurriedly, they do as he says and soon leave Misato there with Ritsuko and Shinji. After a few moments of watching her rub her wrists, Shinji sets up to the Major. "Misato?"

Misato looks up at him with slightly reddened eyes before throwing her arms around his neck. "Thank you Shinji. Rits told me that it was your idea." Shinji looks around in panic, only to still with her next words as she buries her head into his shoulder. "Please… just…"

Slowly nodding, Shinji wraps one foreleg around her. "Sure."

After a few minutes, Misato pulls away and wipes her eyes with her sleeve. "I… just have to go to the washroom for a minute. The cell they had me in was dusty."

Shinji nods a little bit. "Yeah, they don't clean them that often after all." Once the door closes and he can hear the tap, he turns to Ritsuko. "Thanks. For what you did."

The doctor just shakes her head before sitting down on the couch. "Please, don't mention it."

Looking nervous for a moment, Shinji sighs. "My father?" At her shocked look he taps his nose. "Horse's sense of smell." Wincing, Ritsuko nods as Shinji blows out a breath. "Don't worry, I won't say a thing to anyone. I really appreciate what you've done." As she nods, the bath room door opens revealing Misato. "Got the dust out?"

Blinking for a moment, Misato gives him a shaky smile. "Yeah." Looking around, she slowly sighs. "So… anything new to do?"

Shinji thinks for a moment before a smirk crosses his face as he hears Nightmare whispering to him. "Well…" Seeing that the two women are looking at him, he gestures with his head to Ritsuko as he uses his TK to bring him a juice can from the kitchen. "I was thinking that since Doctor Akagi was here that she could tell me some embarrassing stories from your misspent youth."

As he winks at the smirking doctor, Misato's jaw drops before she raises an eyebrow as she gives him a look. "Really now? You do know that I have plenty of dirt on you, right?"

Shinji slowly nods with a straight face before looking at the ceiling while taking a sip of his juice. "Most of which you've told I believe if some of what I'm hearing around the base is true."

Misato's jaw drops once more as Ritsuko starts to laugh. After a moment, Misato stops up to Shinji and puts him in a headlock. "Come here you!"

Shinji struggles some as he sets the juice down. "No! Not that, anything but that!"

Misato's grin becomes slightly crazed. "Too late! KASURAGI NOOGIE!"

Ritsuko just laughs harder at the sight of Shinji trying to escape. As the hours go on, Shinji mostly sits there as Misato and Ritsuko try to one up each other in embarrassing stories about the other. Eventually though, everything that had happened catches up to Misato and after crying for a bit, she falls asleep. Laying her on the bed, Shinji slowly closes the door and walks over to the sink before filling several pots with water and setting them on the stove to boil. After a minute, Shinji stares at the pots. "Doctor Akagi?" Hearing her perk up from where she's getting ready to leave, Shinji continues. "If you ever need an ear for something, I really don't mind."

Ritsuko is silent for a moment before sighing. "I used to do that for her back in collage."

Shinji slowly nods. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know or realize, but some nights…" He sighs. "Some nights she gets drunk and rants. I just stand there and let her go on." He sadly smiles as he starts gathering steam into clouds. "It made me feel… needed. Wanted." He looks towards her. "If you ever need to rant about Father to someone…"

Ritsuko looks at the floor for a moment before walking over and giving him a hug to his surprise. "You're a good person Shinji. Never think otherwise." Pulling away slightly, she clears her throat and shakes her head. "As to your offer… No thanks. It's… something that I deal with." Walking towards the door, she stops. "Oh. And Shinji?" Seeing that she has his attention, she gives him a nod. "After tonight, I think that you've earned the right to call me Ritsuko." With that she leaves a shell shocked Shinji standing there. As she's walking down the hallways, her mind drifts back to the conversation and she ponders the enigma that Shinji has become. 'Hm… I wonder… Is he affecting the emotions of those around him...'

Two days later, Shinji is pondering something himself as Misato is rummaging around in the kitchen for snacks. Nightmare suddenly pipes up with her usual tone. 'So foal, what is the matter now?'

Shinji shakes his head as he sighs in frustration. 'I don't know. I can't shake this feeling that something bad is happening.'

Nightmare is silent for a moment before speaking again. 'And this feeling… is it getting better or worse as the day goes on?'

Shinji just scowls. 'You know something.' As silence only greets him, he rolls his eyes. 'Worse.' He suddenly frowns as his eyebrows furrow. 'I think… it has something to do with Kaji?' He then blinks. 'How did I even know that?'

Nightmare chuckles a little. 'Seems that you have gained a new ability foal. One common to us Alicorns, greatest of the immortals.' She then gives him a mental smirk. 'The closest thing that you can understand it is as a form of precognition. But one that's only works for those close to us. Not for ourselves.' She then sneers. 'Though why this Kaji is close enough to you for it to work is beyond me.'

Shinji just shrugs as he watches the kitchen. 'Anything that we can do about it?'

Nightmare chuckles as a mental grin grows on her. 'Yes. I can handle this foal while you stay here. Otherwise there may be… issues. Can't have you disappearing and this time an illusion wouldn't work.'

Gritting his teeth, Shinji nods. 'Fine. What do I have to do?'

He could almost feel Nightmare's smirk of triumph before she begins. 'Head into the washroom and give me control. I'll handle everything from there.' She then gives him a mental version of a superior look. 'If I can do anything, I will.' Heading into the washroom, Shinji hands over control to Nightmare as his face gains her smirk. "Very good little foal. Now then, this will feel odd for a moment.'

Shinji is about to say something before his vision swims and he's suddenly looking at Nightmare in her true form. Looking down at himself, he's now back in control of his body. He then looks at the other Alicorn sharing the bathroom with him. 'What the…'

He opens his mouth only for Nightmare to shove her hoof into it as she glares while hissing. "Quiet foal!" She looks herself over and snorts. "Now then, just head outside. When I return for us to recombine, you will know." She then scowls. "Sadly, I cannot live separate from you for long, but still."

With one last look of distain, she vanishes. Sighing, Shinji decides to ignore the bad feeling and leaves the washroom just in time for two Section 2 agents to enter the apartment They're about to say something when Misato walks over and lays a hand on Shinji's shoulder. "Well? Is there an issue here?"

And like that and without a word, they leave. Shinji just gives Misato a smile as Ritsuko walks in with a smile. "Misato, I got some news, you're free to go." She chuckles a little at their looks of shock. "The Sub-Commander just showed up safe and sound."

Misato just lights up before grabbing Shinji and hugging his head tightly to her chest as she jumps around in happiness. "YES!" Suddenly, she calms down and looks at Ritsuko seriously. "What about…" At her friend's head shake, she sighs as her mood drops once more… only to rise a little as Shinji gives her a hug.

Standing near the lit furnace, Kaji smiles and slowly turns as he hears footsteps. "You're late."

The plain clothed man in front of him snorts in derision as he pulls out a gun and raises it. "You're nearly not worth this bullet."

Anything else he's about to say is moot as the gunman's eyes roll into the back of his head and he collapses knocked out. Kaji blinks a little, the confusion apparent on his face. "Well… that was unexpected." He then looks at the shadows and gives a lady killer grin. "Of all the people I could have expected… you never made the list Akumu."

Nightmare in her human form steps out from the shadows with a raised eyebrow. "Normally I might ask how. But right now I have better things to do."

As he watches her walk over to the body, Kaji opens his mouth only for her to grab the gun and in one movement (using Shinji's memories of training) pulls the gun up and shoots Kaji in the arm. Staring at his arm in shock as he grabs it, Kaji turns and looks at her. "You shot me!"

Nightmare raises an eyebrow before dropping the gun and walking over with a smirk towards Kaji, who's trying to back up. "Of course I did foal." Before he can move however, she's right there with her fingers digging into the wound causing him to bite back a scream. "Oh do be quiet. Tis' only a flesh wound." She then gives him a raised eyebrow. "I'm trying to save you."

Biting back another scream as she pulls the bullet out and throws it into the nearby furnace, he snarls. "The hell! You shoot me and then rip open the wound and that's supposed to save me!"

Her expression shifts into one of amusement before walking over to the unconscious gunman and laying her hand on his head. "Yes." With her other hand, she gestures at the gun and the blood on the floor. "He'll think that he shot you and then dumped your body into that furnace over there."

Kaji just snorts. "Yeah, sure." He then gives her a deadpan look as she starts walking towards him through the beams of sunlight coming through the spaces in the building. "He's going to know that he didn't shoot me…" He trails off as he catches something from the corner of his eye and looks at it. Turning back to her, he frowns. "You're like the kid, aren't you?"

Stopping for a moment, Nightmare turns to where he was looking only to see that it's her shadow cast in the sunlight. But where it should be a human woman, instead it's a winged unicorn's shadow. Shaking her head, Nightmare laughs. "Ah! I had forgotten about how her light could burn through my illusions." She then smirks at the frowning triple agent before snapping her finger as the gunman raises from the floor, his eyes unseeing. Then with a flick of her finger, some of the blood pooled on the floor gets transferred to the man's clothing. "Now then… time to go."

Laying a hand on Kaji's shoulders, she soon vanishes with him. A moment later, the gunman blinks before snorting as he salutes the furnace. "Burn in hell you bastard." Turning, the man smirks as he throws the gun in the furnace as well and starts walking away…

Sighing as he lays back, Shinji looks over at a nearby clock with a frown. 'She's running late...' Suddenly releasing a breath he did not know that he was holding, he walks into the bathroom in time for Nightmare to appear. "... How did it go?"

Giving him a steady stare, Nightmare looks away with a sigh. "There was a gunman there and as soon as he had left, there was no sign of Kaji except for some blood near a open furnace." Not glancing at him as she can feel the sadness radiating from him, she internally shakes her head. 'You're not yet ready to know the truth Child. You are too open and it would place you and those close to you into danger as well as him.' Seeing him stiffen, she raises an eyebrow. "Problem Child?"

Looking around, he takes a breath. "Nightmare, I thank you for trying, but I need to leave now."

Smirking, she recombines with him as his horn lights up. 'Well now Child, are you truly going to tempt them?'

Scowling, Shinji closes his eyes. 'Let them try and stop me.' He almost stops at the dark purr, but continues on and in a flash of light, reappears inside the now messy apartment. Looking around, he has to suppress a moan. 'Misato...'

He then stiffens as he hears something, a fact that Nightmare comments on. 'Seems that one of your mares has found something out. Are you not going to go to her? Hm?'

Shinji mentally glares at Nightmare. 'She's not mine, she's her own person!'

His only answer is for Nightmare to laugh. 'Believe that if you will foal! But I know that she is, or will be, yours...'

Angered, he starts walking towards the kitchen where he can hear the sobbing when he notices the answering machine's light is on. An ominous feeling clinches around his heart as he presses the replay button to listen to the message. After it's done, though, it's all he can do to not throw it against the wall. 'That... that...'

Feeling the rage from her host, Nightmare sneers. 'That... was designed specifically to hurt. To fuel her anger.' Privately she adds: 'Perhaps I should not have spared him... but then, he has unintentionally done the work we needed...'

Coming to grips with the emotions rushing through him, Shinji starts walking to the kitchen and stops. Before him is a shaking Misato surrounded by various bottles of beer. Swallowing, he takes a step forward before whispering. "Misato...?"

Her head snapping up, Misato's eyes widen in surprise. "Shinji..." Realizing that he's not a hallucination brought on by too much alcohol, in a flash she's there hugging him. "Shin... Shinji... Kaji... he..."

Wrapping one forelimb around her, he pulls her close as he gives into his instincts and nuzzles her neck. "I know... I heard the answering machine." Misato's answer is to merely try to burrow even more into the embrace as she falls to her knees. Shinji just holds her closer as he sits, wrapping his wings around them both...

Sitting on a bus bench, Gendo watches the various shoppers as they go about their business until the man who was to shoot Kaji appears from the crowd and sits beside him. "Kaji is no longer an issue."

Blinking rapidly, the man scowls. "Yeah, the bastard's dead. And thanks again for telling me where he was. He told those fucks where my brother and friends were hiding years ago. Too cowardly to hold out." Spitting to the side he snorts. "World's a cleaner place without him."

Once more not actually acknowledging him, Gendo continues to watch the shoppers. "And the evidence?"

Leaning back, the man smirks. "All gone into the incinerator. Even the gun. I heard the building caught fire." He glances at the stone-faced man next to him for a response only to get none. Sighing, the man shakes his head. "Anyways, don't worry about the pay. Keep it." Pulling out a cigarette, he lights it before continuing. "Putting that bastard in the ground is payment enough.

Gendo just grunts. "Very well." A moment later the man shrugs before getting up and leaving Gendo there. Only once he's disappeared into the crowd does Gendo reach up and tap his ear, activating the ear piece. "Liquidate him at the earliest opportunity. He is no longer an asset but a liability."

There's a hiss of static before he gets an answer. "Yes Sir. We're following him now and will wait until he's outside city limits." There's another pause. "Also, the Third Child has left the base. We managed to track his energy signature to Major Katsuragi's place of residence."

A moment passes. "Is the area secured?"

Through the ear piece the agent's voice once more comes through. "Yes Sir. As soon as we realized where he had gone, we sealed off the area."

Getting up, Gendo readjusts his glasses. "Then it is of no farther consequence."

"Yes Sir."

Slowly coming to the next morning, Misato winces from the headache she has as a soothing dull thumping sound nearly lulls her back to sleep. 'Wait... dull thumping... that sounds like...' Her eyes snapping open, she nearly closes them immediately, but it's enough to tell her what she needs to know: She's sleeping in bed next to Shinji. 'Okay Misato... don't panic. Now... let's see.' She does a mental checklist as she goes over her condition. 'Okay... well, Shinji's still sleeping next to me, and in my bed. However, the fact that I'm still fully clothed is good... Though I can't see Shinji taking advantage. So what happened last...' And like that, the floodgates open as she remembers last night as the floodgates of her memory opens. 'Oh... Kaji...' Fighting back tears, she buries her face into the soft fur of her former charge, his wing over her like a security blanket...

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