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Shinji's Nightmare - Harry Leferts

Having returned from being absorbed into Unit-01, Shinji finds himself in a decidingly odd situation

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Chapter 8

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion is owned by Gainax and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

"Interesting..."- Nightmare talking.
"Why me..." -Ordinary speaking
'And so it begins.' -Nightmare thoughts
'Aw hay.' -Ordinary thoughts
'Shut it, Naoko.'- Evangelion telepathy
Misato just smirked at her friend's exasperated expression before she became serious once more. "Do we have any idea how far this has spread?"

After a moment, Maya leaned back and gestured at the screen. "If we assume that the... Sonic Rainboom deposited this energy pattern wherever it's travelled, then it's possible that there's a small amount of it covering the entire Earth, but we'd be unable to sense it due to the field strength being so low." She then held up a finger. "But I did order some weather balloons sent up under the explanation that we were investigating what may be going on as the weather was fixing itself. In reality, they were carrying sensors to map out how far the strengthened field has travelled." Maya then typed a command. "Have a look for yourselves."

Both the Major and Ritsuko watched as it zoomed out and felt their eyebrows raise. Ritsuko slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette before she lit it. "Amazing... its reached as far as Tokyo-2 already... at this rate..." She then frowned before she typed in some commands which seemingly did nothing.After she spotted the other two look at her, she frowned. "I'm putting this on special lockdown. Until further notice, you report this and all of it to me and me alone, understood, Maya-chan?"

Maya's jaw just dropped for a moment before she shook her head. "But Sempai, what about the Commander."

The blonde doctor took a puff before she smirked. "The Commander does not need to know about this until we've gathered more data on it. Right now, it's all inconclusive to say the least. And being that it does not have to deal with the Angels, the Evangelions, or is a health risk, it's of no concern to NERV officially." Ritsuko then gestured at a surprised Misato. "And a member of the Command Staff already knows besides me." She then reached down and wrote something quickly on a piece of paper. "Read this and memorize it."

Still nervous, the tech did so and after several moments nodded. Maya was then surprised to see Ritsuko hold it against her cigarette as it slowly blackened and burned. "That's how you'll be able to access this still after you log off." She didn't look surprised as Misato gripped her shoulder. "Yes?"

Her eyes narrowed, Misato jerked her head a distance. "I need to talk to you." After Ritsuko nodded and moved to where she wanted, the Major hissed at her. "What the hell are you doing, Rits!?"

Ritsuko gave her an even look as she continued to puff her cigarette before she answered. "I'm protecting Shinji." Seeing as Misato was about to blow, she held up a hand. "Listen. What exactly do you think might happen if the UN finds out that Shinji is spewing an unknown energy everywhere? One whose total effects are not yet well known and they only have us telling them that its harmless?"

As she peered into her friend's eyes, Misato nodded. "I can see the wisdom of not informing the UN, considering our relationship they might do something to Shinji in the name of 'Safety'." She then frowned. "But what I don't understand is the Commander and why him."

The silence stretched for a minute before Ritsuko sighed. "Misato, I have no idea as to how much Kaji told you or what he told you..." Ritsuko held up a hand as she spotted that Misato had been about to reply. "And I don't want to know. It's safer for you that way. However, you know that NERV has some... dark secrets within it. Trust me when I say that I do not trust the Commander not to use this against Shinji at the moment."

Misato searched Ritsuko's face for a moment before she frowned. "Won't you be in danger if you keep it secret from him? Because considering..." She blinked back some tears before she continued. "Well..."

Touched by her concern, Ritsuko reached up and squeezed her shoulder. "Don't worry about me, Misato. I'm far too important at the moment to worry much. Until the Angels are defeated, I have use-"

Ritsuko was surprised by the slap and slowly brought her hand up and touched where it had hit her face. A moment later, she was pulled into a hug. "Don't. Don't you dare talk about yourself that way."

She only sadly chuckled. "Its true though." Ritsuko then pulled away and looked her into the eyes. "Besides... I'm already a dammed woman walking." She then sighed. 'After all, one way or the other, I'm going to die. If not in Third Impact, then when the UN finds out and I get tried and suffer an accident...' Ritsuko then shook it off and patted Misato on the back. "So don't worry, I can cover for a while yet so we can figure something out."

Unknown to either women, Maya had overheard and frowned as she closed her eyes. 'Sempai thinks that the Commander can't be trusted?' She then remembered the rumors and how cold the Commander was before she shook her head. 'Okay...' Maya then stifled a chuckle. 'I feel like I'm in some sort of spy thriller...'


Shinji slowly sipped his can of juice before he put it down and picked up one wrapped object. "So... this is my new plugsuit then?"

Across from him, Ritsuko nodded as Rei curiously looked over the package. "Correct." She then gave him a smile as she leaned forward and placed her chin on the back of her clasped hands. "Just do me a favor and don't destroy this one. They can get rather expensive."

The alicorn nervously chuckled. "I'll try my best."

He then looked over at the clock on the wall which Misato noticed as she nursed a beer. "She's coming Shinji. Don't worry about a thing." She then chuckled. "Kodama-san is a very good PR specialist and I know her quite well." As she saw the looks, the Major shrugged. "When I can't head out with Rits here, I take her." Misato then smirked. "She's kind of like a younger version of me..."

Maya just nodded. "Yes... just one who drinks a lot less and does not have the same... appreciation for the male form, that you do."

The Major then slammed her fist down. "What was that!?"

Shinji just watched amused at the byplay as Rei got up and headed for the door. A few moments later, she opened it and turned back. "Shinji-kun, Kodama-san is here." She then tilted her head. "And she has brought company."

Surprised, Shinji turned to look as the argument stopped and frowned as he saw the brown haired woman in the doorway. "Wait a moment..." He tilted his head some. "Kodama... You wouldn't happen to be related to Horaki Hikari, would you?"

Kodama grinned at that. "Well, not too surprising as she's my little sister..."

It was then that Hikari's voice drifted in. "Though sometimes I have to wonder whom is taking care of whom." She then poked her head in. "What with me taking care of all the chores..." Then Hikari focused her attention on Shinji. "Hello, Shinji-kun."

His eyes widened some. "Hikari! What are you doing here?!"

As she snickered at his response, Kodama shook her head. "As she already knows about you due to a hospital visit, I brought her along as she can give a younger viewpoint then I can." She then looked him over with a thoughtful expression. "Though she was right when she told me that all sorts of girls will be all over you now... something that we can work with actually now that I think about it..."

Shinji just blinked at that with confusion written all over his face. "What?" He then turned to Hikari and his confusion only grew with how red in the face that she was as she looked him over. "Er... something the matter, Hikari?"

She stuttered a bit before she pointed out something. "You-you're naked!"

His own face now heated, Shinji shifted a bit. "Well... yes." He then sighed. "Most clothing just doesn't... feel right with my fur, which hides everything anyways."

Hikari was about to say something when Ritsuko interrupted. "And he's right." She sipped at her coffee before she continued. "Shinji-kun's fur is more like that of a polar bear with the thickness of it. All clothing actually presses it right down and in this case, it would be like pressing a pillow flat." The doctor then reached over and poked his leg, her finger sinking in up to the second knuckle before it stopped. "It's actually rather fascinating considering that it's made up of two layers." She didn't notice that the others eyes slowly glazed over as she continued until Misato jabbed an elbow into her ribs. "Ow! What was that for Misato?"

The Major just rolled her eyes before she turned back to Kodama. "Well, come have a seat then." After the two newcomers had sat down, she turned to Kodama. "Well, what's first then?"

Kodama looked at her and sighed as she placed out a package that showed it held a blue uniform. "Here we go." She turned to Shinji and shook her head. "Your dress uniform for tomorrow."

He then surprised the two Horaki sisters as he picked it up with his magic and examined it. "Uniform? I have a uniform?"

As she grabbed a can of pop and opened it, Kodama rolled her eyes. "Of course you do!" She then gestured with a hand. "All Evangelion pilots have a dress uniform and I doubt that your old one would fit." She then noticed his confused expression. "Er... you did receive a dress uniform when you joined up... didn't you?"

Shinji shook his head. "No, I actually haven't received one before." He then frowned. "I actually thought that the plugsuits were them."

All was silent as the PR Officer digested that before she turned to him. "No... they're not." She looked at Rei. "You have yours, right?" Rei nodded and replied that she kept it in her locker at NERV. Kodama ignored Shinji's surprise as she turned to Misato. "So, Major Katsuragi... mind explaining to me exactly how it is that your charge never received one?"

As all eyes locked on her, Misato chuckled nervously as she rubbed her neck. "We-well... see... I, um... forgot..."

Ritsuko facepalmed and groaned. "Misato..."

As the Major wilted, Maya shook her head. "I'm guessing that she never explained the rest of it then?" At his blank look, she sighed. "Just great..." Maya then pointed at him. "Besides your rank of 'Pilot', you also hold an Officer's Commission within the UN and NERV. NERV Pilots hold the Warrant Officer rank." She then tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Though with all the action that you have gotten, you might be up for a promotion to Second Lieutenant..."

Shinji just stared. "I... what?"

The purple haired Major turned away from her conversation. "Well, yeah Shin-chan. All of you got an officer rank, though with your record you should be up for a Promotion... except for the two instances of insubordination, though those have been dismissed thanks to the circumstances around them."

Hikari then reached up and squeezed his shoulder, though she found it hard to do with his size. "That's actually pretty great Shinji-kun!"

He smiled down at her. "Thanks." Shinji then frowned as he looked at the uniform. "Anything else I should know about."

As she took another sip, Kodama jerked her thumb at Misato. "The Major here will have to give you a very quick rundown on how you wear the medals and awards you have gotten. Even though you never publically received them, you should still have had them given to you and therefore need to wear them with your uniform tomorrow."

Shinji wracked his brain for a moment before he nodded. "Yeah, I got some at home actually." He then frowned. "Though usually I got them in a package with a note."

For just a moment, Kodama scowled before she got it under control. "Anyways, we'll be having you up in front of the cameras tomorrow with in full dress. That should help a lot." She then shook her head. "And your father actually wanted to let you come however you wanted... you showing up in just your fur would have reflected not just badly on you, but on all of NERV."
For a few moments, Shinji stared down at his juice can before he sighed. "This... is rather more complicated then I had thought that it would be."

The PR Officer beside him snorted before she placed a briefcase on the table top. "It usually is." She then frowned as she looked at the fridge. "Would you mind if I have a drink?"

Shinji just shook his head. "Of course not." He then turned to Hikari. "Er... would you like one too?" At her look of surprise, Shinji flushed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I just realized that I was being a rather bad host by not having asked either of you if you had wanted something so..."

As she giggled some at his expression, Hikari nodded. "I wouldn't mind some iced tea if you have any."

After Kodama made her own choice Shinji nodded and to the surprise of the two sisters, he didn't get up. Then his horn began to glow as did the refrigerator door before it opened and the two requested drinks came floating out before they came to a halt in front of the two stunned women. Feeling a little bit like being amused, Shinji showed off as he then brought over two glasses and filled them with ice cubes before he poured their drinks into them. "Your drinks, miladies."

While the two boggled, Misato snickered before she teased him. "Aw... why didn't you do that for us?"

Shinji snorted before he shot back at her. "Oh? Considering how often I do so for you, one would think that it shouldn't have bothered you so much."

Hikari just shook her head as she snapped out of it. 'Is this the same Shinji?' She then smiled at him before she gestured at her glass. "That was amazing!" The Class Representative sipped at her drink before she smiled. "I mean, after what you did for Touji and Mari, I shouldn't be surprised, but still!"

As he rubbed the back of his head, Shinji cleared his throat. "Well... I have had some practice..."

The older of the two sisters smirked. "Still impressive." She then frowned as she placed her chin on top of her crossed hands. "Before we go any farther, anything else that you might want to know?"

Shinji frowned for a moment before he looked up at the ceiling. "Um... if I'm an Officer, then why I getting paid so little?"

It was Misato who answered this. "Actually, you're not." As he looked at her, she continued. "You're monthly stipend is actually only a part of your actual pay, most of it is simply set aside in a separate account as a trust fund for later on in life." The Major then looked at the ceiling. "In fact, if memory serves then you got a rather large amount seeing as NERV's accounting section has been investing some in the stock market. Same with the other pilots."

Hikari looked between Shinji and Misato before she cleared his throat. "Um... shouldn't he have access now?" At their surprised looked, she blushed before she looked down at her glass and winced. "Well, in horse years, Shinji-kun is an adult..."

As she thought it over, Ritsuko slowly nodded. "You might be right... though we still don't know his lifespan, all signs are however pointing to it being much longer then a normal horses though..."

Misato grinned. "Well, certainly something to look up then to see if it makes any difference!"

Once again, a while after the Day Shift had left, the eyes of the EVAs lit up as they generated passive AT Fields which when they touched, allowed them to talk. The strength of the Fields themselves was so low, even a fly could pass through them, but it was all they could do without their pilots and with the energy that they had. As it was, it was more then enough as Unit-00's eye lit up. 'I have a question for you two, have you noticed anything... odd lately?' After having heard snickers, she sighed and rolled her eye. 'I mean besides the pegacorn.'

Yui blinked as she thought it over. 'Not really... why?'

However, Kyoko answered differently. 'Actually, I have.' Having felt Yui's curiosity as well as joy at how the recently depressed and traumatized EVA was once more speaking, she continued. 'I have been trying to communicate with my daughter, much like how you tried with your son...'

As she frowned mentally, Yui continued. 'And?'

The spirit within the red EVA sighed. 'I think that I can somehow talk to her... as in, she can actually hear me speak in her head...' Kyoko mentally gritted her teeth as the other two asked how she knew this. 'Because, when we're Sync'd, I can hear her thoughts and she sometimes jolts in her seat, wondering why she heard me...' Her voice then quieted a bit. 'It scares her and she keeps pushing me away...'

Naoko mentally nodded. 'Which in turn lowers her Sync ratio...' Feeling the other two as they focused on her, she gave them the equivalent of a shrug. 'It's much the same for me since I'm starting to be able to communicate with Rei. Not much right now, but I know that she can hear me whispering when in fact I am shouting.'

It took a moment, but Yui realized something. 'Wait... Rei? She was always "That Ayanami girl" or "The Commander's little robot"...' Yui then let out a small release of air from the EVA. 'What changed?'

After a moment, the soul in Unit-00 snorted. 'What else? Your son.' Having sensed her confusion, she continued. 'Ever since his transformation, she's drifted away from the Bastard.' Her restraints creaked as she gave a shrug. 'So I am willing to work with her more now.'

All was silent for a few moments until Yui exploded. 'WHAT THE HELL, NAOKO?! HOW THE HELL WERE YOU ABLE TO MOVE?!'

Kyoko agreed with her as well. 'Yes, how was that possible?!' She then titled her head some toward Unit-01. 'Yui has always been able to move her EVA but...' It was then that she realized what she had done. 'We... have never... been able... how did I just...?!'

Inside the core of her EVA, Naoko gave a snort.'That was what I mean. Somehow, I found that I am able to move just a little bit. It's exhausting and needs almost all my focus for even a small bit, but it's possible...'

As she hummed thoughtfully, Yui mentally shook her head. 'Now I wonder how this even possible?'

Within Unit-00, Naoko smirked. 'It possibly comes down to, as have many recent things, your son's transformation.' Having felt the curiousity from the other two, her smirk widened. 'You see, my daughter's assistant, Maya, has been doing some sensor readings. Your son has been pumping massive amounts of that...'

Yui helpfully answered. 'Magic.'

Silent for a few moments, the EVA gave a slight nod. 'Yes... magic.' She then coughed a bit. 'It seems that the EVAs have all been absorbing it like a sponge does water. We're positively saturated in the stuff.' A small bit of pride entered her voice as she continued. 'My daughter of course used some of the tricks that I left behind to make sure that, the Bastard is unable to find out about it until they wish.'

After a few moments, Unit-01 gave a small shake of it's head. 'She's taking an awfully big risk... if he should happen to find out what she's doing...'

Naoko shook her head. 'He'll likely punish her, but not kill her. With her knowledge of the MAGI, she's far too important to kill.' She then frowned. 'Though I am hoping that we're correctly predicting him...' She then focused in on Kyoko. 'It's good to hear you again. Having Yui for a conversation partner gets real old, real fast. At least with you, I can look forward to an actual intelligent conversation.'

Within Unit-01's mindscape, Yui's eyebrow twitched as she growled. 'Fuck you.'

The spirit within Unit-00 simply smirked. 'As interesting and fun as that sounds, while I am able to move, I'm not able to move that much.'

Kyoko just snorted. 'You two...' She then sighed. 'But thanks, I know that I haven't been exactly the... best company recently.'

Her heart lightened, Yui smiled. 'Well, it is understandable, old friend.' Naoko echoed her sentiment. 'Though your daughter...'

Unit-02's head tilted a bit. 'I know... that is part of the reason for me trying to communicate with her.' She then growled. 'That damned Angel... and that damned ex-husband of mine.' Kyoko shifted her eyes so that she could look at Unit-01. 'For all his faults, at least your husband actually waited until you were dead before he began to fuck around. And at least he didn't start trying to force your child to call their stepmother "Mother" within weeks of your death.'

Yui grumbled a little. 'A lot of problems might have been solved if he did remarry.' She sighed. 'None of us have exactly chosen the best for our men, have we?'

After there were murmurs of agreement from her and Kyoko, Naoko felt a little mischievous. 'I suppose that is why me and Kyoko wish that we were flesh and blood. After all, your son is more a man then those we were with.' She ignored Unit-01 as it growled. 'Why, just the things that I could teach him being a grown woman...'

Kyoko rolled the upper rows of eyes on her EVA. 'Oh come off it Yui, not like anything can actually happen. Besides... even you have to admit that your son is someone that most women would kill for if they had a chance.' As Yui grumbled, she sighed. 'Honestly, I hope that my daughter realizes what she has before it's too late...'

She got nods from the other two as Yui spoke up. 'Agreed... at least as a friend.'

Unit-00's one eye rolled. 'Oh come off it, Yui. Are you really going to raise a voice if your son gets together with someone? Really?' She gave the other two the impression that she would have swept her arm in a wide arc. 'I don't really see a lot of choices for him after all.'

Yui grumbled. 'I know, I know...' She sighed. 'I just wish that I could talk to him... face... to... hmm... I forgot about that. I wonder if he can dreamwalk into my mindscape...'

She felt Unit-02 and Unit-00 focus in on her as Kyoko asked the question on both their minds. 'Wait, "dreamwalking"?'

Unit-01 gave a slight shrug. 'He can enter others dreams now and talk with them. I wonder if he can do the same with me...' She continued in a quieter voice. 'I would dearly love to hold him in my arms again, even if he's a pegacorn and it's not in reality...'

Kyoko gave a small grunt of agreement. 'I, too, would love to hold my tochter again and tell her that I love her...'

The final mother of the three chimed in. 'Mmm... And to tell Ritsuko how proud of her I am with how far she has come as a scientist...' The three lapsed into silence until Naoko thought of something. 'You know... this brings a whole new meaning to realistic wet dreams...'

Unit-01's eyes glowed with unholy rage. 'YOU PERVERTED OLD BITCH! FUCK YOU!'

As the two descended into their usual scrabble, Kyoko sighed as she listened in. 'Ah... I missed this...'


Leaning back against the concrete wall, the fourteen year old auburn haired girl sighed. 'Tomorrow, huh...' She then opened her eyes and looked to where various technicians were working on the massive T-RIDEN-T. 'Guess I'll be fighting the Angels sooner then I thought.' She was clothed in what looked like an average G-Suit, though upon her head and shoulders sat what looked like a high tech version of sports body armor. Her gloves too showed that it wasn't a normal pilot's suit as the area between the wrist and second knuckle of her fingers was thick and padded while there was a bracelet-like device around her wrists, from which a single plug socket extended. She then picked up her helmet and examined her reflection in the visor. 'I wonder how the pilots of the EVAs will react...'

She straightened though as she heard a voice. "Lieutenant Kirishima."

She jerked around and threw her hand into a salute at the JSSDF Officer who was walking toward her. "SIR!"

He shook his head as he waved her off. "At ease, Lieutenant." He then stopped to watch the work being done on the colossal mech. "An impressive sight."

Mana nodded for a moment. "It is..." She then frowned. "Sir? Is something going on."

The Colonel sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Have you been fully debriefed on the pilots? Or on recent events?" Mana even more and slowly nodded. "All that has changed."

As she blinked, she noticed the folder with him. "Sir? What has changed?"

He simply handed her the folder. "Read." As she opened it, the Colonel watched her eyes widen as she read. "As you can see, that strange rainbow explosion was not, as NERV told us, a new prototype weapon against the Angels, but rather a... transformed pilot of theirs, who used a weapon in orbit to kill the 15th."

Mana just shook her head in shock before she looked up. "A... winged unicorn though?"

With a grunt, he shrugged. "I know, I know. I was wondering what our agents in NERV were on myself, but we got confirmation on this from various sources." The Colonel then grimaced. "As to what he is... I got some calling him what you did, others saying that he's a pegacorn, and a few calling him a alicorn. Me? I think that he's a bit of a freak myself."

The auburn haired girl did not show how much she disliked that on her face, years of training having come in handy at that moment. "And my... secondary mission, Sir"

He snorted. "It has not changed. Get close to the pilots and try to find out what they know. Especially Ikari. No doubtthat he knows more with his father being the head of NERV." The Colonel then gave her a slight glare. "Use any means necessary to do so." He was then quite a few moments. "I will note though that it is very likely that NERV may try to promote him to a rank above yours, if only because they will not allow one of ours to have a higher rank. Most likely Major Katsuragi will also get a promotion."

Having for a long time known of the Colonel's disdain for NERV, Mana just nodded. "Of course, Sirl" She then looked through the folder again. "May I ask when the actual debrief will be?"

The Colonel frowned. "Tomorrow evening at 19:30 hours. Which is after the news conference that NERV will be putting on, which according to our analysts will likely be to reveal the status of the Third Child."

Mana just nodded as she looked down at the folder, two pictures in particular which showed a human Shinji and next to that photo showed his current form. 'I wonder what you're like...'

As he walked toward where the press conference was going to be held with the Section Two agents alongside him, Shinji shifted some before he grimaced. 'I can't believe how uncomfortable this uniform is...' He shrugged his shoulders some only for it to not be any better. 'I think that they made it too tight.'

Shinji's ears suddenly flicked and he looked around before he started walking in a different direction. Having noticed, one of the agents looked at him. "Third Child, you are supposed to proceed directly to the press conference."

He just looked at them and then the clock. "I still have a half hour and I can hear crying..."

Shinji then kept walking until he turned the corner and found a young, five year girl sitting against the wall as tears fell from her eyes. "Mo-mommy..." She then heard someone ask her if she was alright and turned while she wiped her tears. "No..." Her jaw then dropped as she lit up as she saw what it was. "A unicorn..."

The alicorn just chuckled as he felt his lips twitch. "Well, yes." Shinji then frowned before he brought his head down to her level and spoke gently. "So then little one, why are you here and crying?" Seeing as she sniffled, he bumped her with his muzzle as his instincts had told him. "Go on..."

As she rubbed her nose, she looked at the ground and shuffled a little. "Well... Mommy left me with the other kids because she's a reporter. But these two older boys were being meanies and trying to take my toys, so I ran and they chased me and..."

Shinji nodded as he thought it over before he noticed that she stiffened some and turned to see one of the agents walk toward them, the man exuding menace as he did so. "Third Child, if you would proceed to the press conference I shall... return, the child to the others."

Having felt her as she grabbed his foreleg and tried to hide, Shinji frowned. "I don't think that will be needed agent." He then gave a nod toward the girl. "After all, if her mother is a reporter here then she is likely already at the press conference. We can just drop her off there and she'll be safe." He then bent down and looked at the awed girl with a smile. "Would that be okay with you, little one?"

She just nodded and a moment gasped as she was lifted off the ground by a glow before she noticed a similar one on Shinji's horn. "You're magic!"

He grinned some as he set her onto his back and nodded. "I am." He then frowned. "By the way, I didn't catch your name...?"

The girl giggled some. "I'm Miyuki!"

Shinji nodded some. "Miyuki, a lovely name for a lovely little girl. I'm Shinji, Ikari Shinji at your service, Miyuki-chan." Miyuki then dug into her backpack and pulled out a large stuffed bunny. "And who is this now?"

She just giggled. "This is Usagi-chan!"

Having tilted his head to the side, Shinji gently took it from her with magic and held it in front of him before he shook it's paw. "And it is lovely to meet you as well, Usagi-chan." He got a little mischievous look in his eyes as he manipulated his magic to cause the stuffed toy to nod it's head to the pleased squeal of the girl on his back. He then handed it back to her. "Well then, shall we go find your mother, Miyuki-chan?"

As she clutched the doll to her, Miyuki gave a wide smile as she nodded. "Yes please!"

Shinji just smiled while a part of him (as well as Nightmare) took some enjoyment from the fact that the Section 2 agents were looking distinctly uncomfortable and annoyed. "Let's be off then..."

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