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Shinji's Nightmare - Harry Leferts

Having returned from being absorbed into Unit-01, Shinji finds himself in a decidingly odd situation

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Chapter 2

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"Interesting..."- Nightmare talking.
"Why me..." -Ordinary speaking
'And so it begins.' -Nightmare thoughts
'Aw hay.' -Ordinary thoughts

Sighing as he walks beside Misato for the fourth day running, he gives her a slight glare as she smirks. "Aw, don't be like that Shin-chan!" She then wraps an arm around his neck and draws him close causing his head to be held against her chest. "After all, how many teenagers can say that they've gotten this much attention from women?"

Closing his eyes as he takes a breath to calm himself (and prevent those damned wings of his from reacting), releasing it, he glares at Misato. "Misato, personal space." She just chuckles as she lets go causing him to sigh as he gives her a deadpan stare. "As to the 'Attention' that I am getting, I'm getting that due to one, I'm a winged unicorn and for some reason women keep trying to hug me. The only ones not wanting to being... Dr. Akagi and... well..."

Her own eyes saddening, Misato lays a gentle hand on Shinji's shoulder. "She's just surprised and unsure of everything Shinji. I'm certain that she'll come around."

Swallowing, Shinji looks away before speaking in a soft voice. "That makes one of us at least..."

Clearing her throat, Misato gives him a smile. "And the other reason?"

Shinji gives her a slightly grateful look before continuing in a dry tone. "Dr. Akagi seems to think of me as some kind of science project."

Misato just gives him a nervous smile. "I'm sure that she doesn't." She sweatdrops as Shinji keeps giving her a dry look. "I'm sure!"
Shinji just raises an eyebrow. "Riiiight. And that's why this is now the fourth day of testing right? Which will be the same thing as it has the past three which is moving stuff around."

Misato just rolls her eyes. "Shinji, I'm positive that's not what's going to happen. She's going to do something different..."

************** A few hours later ***********

Tapping some keys on her keyboard, Ritsuko turns back and looks over her glasses at Shinji. "Now then, if you would now move the 1,000 kg weight we have set up?"

Shinji turns his head (and ignoring the wires running from the Electrodes on his body) to a facepalming Misato and gives her an look that's part annoyed and part "I told you so" causing the Major to shrug embarrassed. She then turns to her old friend and waves at Shinji. "Rits, isn't this enough? I mean, all you've had him do for the past few days is move stuff around with his magic psychic thing."

The doctor's eyebrow twitches as she scowls. "We have no idea as to the extent of his abilities! And until we do, we'll continue this!" She then turns back to Shinji. "Now, if you could?"

Grumbling, Shinji closes his eyes and is about to continue when suddenly he winces from a headache as he suddenly knows how to move objects outside his view. He scowls as he realizes how he knows this. 'What do you want now?'

A dark chuckle rings through his mind. 'Why, the same thing you want of course. Which is for this foalishness to end. I tire of these simple exercises.' He can almost feel her annoyance through their link. 'These simple tasks are beneath Us.' He can then feel her mentally smirk. 'I know that you too wish for these... tests to finally end.'

Grinding his teeth, Shinji mentally scowls. 'Fine. Now go away.'

His only answer is for Nightmare's dark chuckle to fade away. Outside his head, Misato and Ritsuko watches as his horn begins to glow, brighter then it has. Looking away, Ritsuko scowls at her computer. "Piece of junk."

Misato raises an eyebrow in amusement. "I don't know what all the fuss is about. Magic screws around with technology after all."

Ritsuko whips around and snarls. "Magic. Does. Not. Exist!" She then gestures at Shinji. "Whatever he's doing it is not magic! It's..." She motions with her hand a little. "Some kind of manipulation of Electromagnetism! And the amount being given off is interfering with the monitoring equipment!"

Misato just smirks as she gets a rise out of the doctor. "I say Tom-ato and you say To-mato."

Clinching her fist and reigning in her impulse to slug the purple haired woman, she turns to the weights and frowns a little. "Seems we've reached the limit." Feeling a little disappointment, she turns to Maya and nods. "Mark down that 1,000 kilograms is-" She's cut off as an alarm rings through the base. "WHAT NOW?!"

Misato jumps from her seat and is about to grab Shinji when a Communication window on a nearby screen opens up revealing the Commander's scowling vestige. "Doctor Akagi. Are you running any tests that I should be aware of?"

Gulping, Ritsuko shakes her head. "No Sir! Just what we agreed on."

Gendo raises an eyebrow as he watches her over his clasped hands. "Truly?" After she nods, his next words throws Ritsuko's. Misato's and Maya's heads for a loop. "Then would you mind explaining why the Destroyer in the Geofront's lake is currently 300 meters in the air and glowing purple?" He then glances to the side and nods. "Thankfully it seems to be back in the water now. Please inform me the next time that you do such a... test."

The window then blinks out of existence as the three women turn to a smirking Shinji who looks slightly tired and has a raised eyebrow. "Well Doctor Akagi? Was that heavy enough?"

At her slow nod, he sighs and turns to Misato as his stomach growls. "Can we go get something to eat? I'm famished."

Misato just laughs as she snaps out of it and waves for Maya to detach the electrodes as Ritsuko is still out of it. "Sure Shin-chan. Pretty impressive."

Maya walks over and shakes her head as she starts with the ones on his body. "She's right you know Shinji-kun. That is impressive."

Blushing a little at the praise, he looks away. "Um... thanks."

Misato just chuckles as he does so while Maya looks at him curiously until she has the last ones off. She then blushes a little herself while looking nervous. "Um, Shinji-kun? Do you mind if I..."

Thinking that she wants to hug him or feel his wings, Shinji sighs. "Go ahead-"

His eyes widen as she runs one finger along the length of his horn. "Wow... it's so smooth..."

Shinji's only verbal response is a choking sound moments before his wings shoot out stiff causing all the women to look at them (including Ritsuko who's snapped out of her shock). Sadly for Shinji, it's Misato who makes the connection and collapses laughing. "Oh God! I can't believe... your horn... wings..."

Maya blinks before she notices Shinji's almost glowing face through his fur and her own eyes widen as she pulls her hand away. "Oh, I am so sorry Shinji-kun! I... I... Eep!"

Ritsuko just facepalms. "Great... how am I going to write this into my report..." Shinji just covers his face with his forelegs as Misato howls with laughter even more and Maya looks like she would like nothing more then to vanish through the floor...

Just a few minutes later though, Shinji is hanging his head, as seconds tick by he slowly lowers it until it’s on the table. “Why did they have to get called away by the Commander now of all times.”

His statement is punctuated by his stomach growling as Maya giggles, setting up a kettle as she does so next to the table her and Shinji are going to be sitting at. “Well, you did lift a Destroyer out of the water Shinji-kun. No one knew that you were going to do it so…”

Shinji shrugs as Maya begins to get the items together to make tea. “I said I was sorry.” As the kettle boils, he starts waving his hoof through the steam coming out of it with a bored expression before turning towards Maya. “I just wanted all these lift tests to stop.”

Maya shakes her head as she grabs an instant ramen package from a cupboard, snorting a little as Shinji groans at the sight of it. “Sorry Shinji-kun, Ramen is not good for horsies.”

She looks away as he glares at her. “Really… I’m not really a horse as is since I have a horn and wings.” He then gives her puppy dog eyes nearly causing Maya to give in. “How about we call it an experiment to see what I can eat?”

Lips twitching, Maya shakes her head before placing her hands on her hips. “No Shinji-kun.”

Shinji just grumbles as he looks away. “I’m just getting sick of vegetables and fruit all the time.” He then sighs. “At least I can still drink tea.”

Maya rolls her eyes as she sets up the cups just as the kettle clicks showing that it’s finished boiling. “Well that… some… thing…”

She trails off as she stares at him noticing something causing Shinji to raise an eyebrow. “What?”

She just shakily points at his hoof above the kettle. “ Shinji… your hoof… the steam…”

Blinking, Shinji looks and raises his eyebrows in surprise as he notices that there’s a small cloud of steam gathered under his hoof looking much like a normal cloud. Pulling his hoof towards him, he turns it upwards to have a closer look, the cloud doing the same. “Huh. That’s interesting.”

As usual, Nightmare’s voice pops up. ‘Only to you. It’s simple Pegasus magic. Foal’s play for one such as we.

Shinji rolls his eyes and is about to think something back when he notices Maya rushing to the door. ‘Now what…?’

Opening it, Maya looks at one of the Section 2 agents and points at him. “You, I need you to go and grab several hot plates from the other labs along with… coffee pots.” Blinking at the odd request, the agent grunts before leaving to do as told. Maya then turns to look at Shinji. “Shinji-kun, I’m going to-“

She gets cut off by the Alicorn in question. “Need me to have those electrodes placed on me again so I can do more of…” He waves his hoof at the small cloud beside him. “Right?”

Maya nods before biting her lips as his stomach growls again, right before leaning out the door and pointing at another Section 2 agent. “I want you to head up to the cafeteria and grab several vegetable egg rolls. And maybe a tofu dish as well.” Grumbling, the agent heads out as Maya turns to give a shocked Shinji a smile. “Well, just because you are currently on a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you have to have normal vegetables and fruits you know.” A moment later her breath is knocked out of her as Shinji hugs her tightly. “Oof!”

She just pats him on his back as she blushes at the feeling of closeness. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Continuing to pat him, she smiles. ‘Well I guess that put him in a better mood…’ She then blushes again. ‘And his fur is so warm and soft…’ She snaps out of it as she hears the door open and looks over to see an agent looking in with a raised eyebrow before he leaves causing her blush to skyrocket. “Um… Shinji-kun…?”

Shinji finally snaps out of it and twists his head to find his face next to her’s with them looking at each other. The reaction… is predictable as his wings shoot out fully stiff. “DAMMIT!” Maya just collapses into giggles through her embarrassment as she watches Shinji go over to a table and bang his head on it. Though she does get a small ego boost...

Stomping back to the room, Ritsuko scowls at Misato. “For the last time Misato! MAGIC DOES NOT EXIST!”

Misato for her part just grins as she places her hands behind her head. “Neither do winged unicorns… oh wait.”

Still grumbling, Ritsuko walks past the agents outside the room and sees Maya typing at a computer. “Maya.”

Whipping around, Maya smiles. “Hello Sempei. I was just finishing compiling some data from several tests I just ran with Shinji’s help.” She then snickers a bit. “I think that he’s tired out though.”

Misato just waggles her eyebrows. “And what kind of tests did you run to tire him out? Hmm?”

At Maya’s blush, Ritsuko just rolls her eyes. “Ignoring the Major’s dirty mind for the moment, you know that you should inform me first.”

Maya winces a little and rubs her neck. “Well… I was thinking that I should do it now so you would have less work…”

Ritsuko just sighs. “Thank you. Just be careful…”

She trails off as she notices Shinji in the middle of the room, beside her Misato has her own jaw dropping. Because there in the middle of the room is Shinji sleeping… on a cloud hovering several feet above the floor. Misato just shakes her head. “I…” Snapping out of it fully, she sees Ritsuko staring emptily ahead. “Rits?” Reaching over, Misato snaps her fingers in front of the doctor’s face. She then gives her a small slap and gets no response causing her to look over at a confused Maya with a grin. “Well congrats. I think that you broke her…”

Sighing as he lays back in the room, Shinji shakes his head as he looks at a reflection of himself only for it to transform into a smirking Nightmare Moon. ‘What do you want?’

The reflection merely laughs before looking at him with a glint in her eye. ‘Why foal, it’s simple. I want control of the body for a bit. Not long as I am willing to accept one night a month.

Shinji’s eyes widen as his nostrils flare in anger. ‘WHAT!? LIKE HAY!’ He then scowls as he realizes what he just said. ‘This is all your fault and I am not letting you hurt Misato or any of the others.’

Nightmare Moon just smirks. ‘Who ever said anything about hurting them foal? I merely want out a for a bit.’ She sees Shinji is about to cut the connection and her next words stop him. ‘And I am willing to offer to help you heal that friend of yours… what was his name? Toji?’ Trembling as emotions war within him, Shinji’s mind flashes back to that horrific day as Nightmare’s eyes narrow. ‘In fact… I will even throw in his sister if that is what you wish…’ Shinji’s eyes are wide as he can almost hear her whispering in his ear. ‘Don’t you want that horrible, horrible wrong committed against him fixed? Hm? And for little Mari to walk once more?’ Her voice becomes even more silky as he’s frozen in place and can swear that he feels her breath against his ear. ‘I can make it all happen you know… all you have to do… is give me control for one measly night a month. I promise not to harm anyone you know. Just say the word…’ Shinji suddenly lashes out and strikes the mirror with one of his hooves shattering it. Shaking in rage, he looks down as Nightmare’s mouth appears in the shards on the floor, each one cackling madly. ‘Oh! Such a strong colt you are!

As it fades away, he turns as two agents bust in. They both back up though at the look in his eyes before his eyes soften as he looks away and shakes his head. “Sorry, some kind of… nightmare.” Without a word they holster their weapons and leave, only for a familiar blue girl to walk in with her arms full of paper and books. “Ayanami?” Setting the items down, she looks at him and then at the mirror. Seeing that, he looks away. “Sorry it’s…” He then looks at the shards and his horn glows as they reform into the mirror. “There we go.”

Walking up to the now repaired mirror, Rei runs her hand across it with a strange look on her face. “Fascinating…” She then looks at Shinji. “Does Doctor Akagi know that you can do this Ikari-kun?”

Shinji winces as he remembers doing the same to a glass that was dropped… only for Ritsuko to scream in frustration and grab the glass. She then locked it and herself in her lab for the next several hours. “ Er… yeah. She, um… was surprised?”

Rei just blinks and cocking her head to the side before nodding. “Very well then.” She then walks over to the couch with the papers on it and grabs some. “I have brought your homework with me.” Furrowing her eyebrows, she gives Shinji an inquisitive glance. “May I ask why you wished for me to bring them to you? I was under the impression from you and Suzuhara-san that neither of you were much interested in doing such things.”

Wincing at the mention of Toji and remembering Nightmare’s offer, Shinji sighs. “I’m… bored.” He makes a sweeping gesture with his hoof. “I’ve been stuck here for nearly a week now and I’m bored out of my skull and even schoolwork is better then that.” He then smiles at her. “Thanks for coming by to help me catch up by the way.”

Rei simply nods. “It is of no issue.” She then lays a hand on his shoulder. “Now Ikari-kun. Where do you wish to start?”
To her surprise, Shinji appears to grasp the concepts of the work easier then he did and asks less and less questions as they go along. Eventually, he stops while Rei makes a note of it. A few hours later, Shinji leans back and spreads his wings to stretch them. “Ahhh. There all… done?” He blinks as he notices that he really is done. “Okay…”

Hearing a book close, he sees Rei place the book on the desk and look at him. “Is there anything else you might wish to do Ikari-kun?”

Thinking it over, he gets up and walks over to a nearby cupboard before grabbing a deck of cards. “Want to play a card game?” Later that night, he sighs as he looks over the blue haired girl as she slowly sleeps. “Thank you Ayanami.”

Reaching down, he uses his mouth to pull the blankets up more to more fully cover her. He then steels his expression as he walks back to the mirror and stares into it, only for Nightmare to appear, once more smirking. ‘So then foal, have you thought of my offer some more? Hm?

Shinji stares at her for a moment before narrowing his eyes at her. ‘Do you swear not to harm any of my friends?’

Nightmare’s eyes light up at that. ‘Do not worry, I won’t harm any of your little friends. Especially not those delicious mares you keep.’ Seeing his wings flare a bit, she chuckles darkly. ‘Hit a sore spot did I? Very well. Just the same, you have my word that I will not harm any of them. But I will protect us.’ At Shinji’s slow nod, she grins. ‘Very good. Oh, and this will hurt.’ Shinji only has time to widen his eyes before a red hot piercing pain shoots through his head nearly making him cry out before blackness claims him.

Walking around and releasing magic, Shinji ignores the form of Nightmare in the mirror watching him curiously. ‘Now what foalish thing are you doing now I wonder?’ Shinji just shoots her a glare before a pulse of indigo erupts from him, blanketing the room in it’s glow for a moment. ‘Oh, and here I thought that a colt of your standing could tolerate a little pain.

Shinji just grits his teeth. ‘When the pain feels like something being jammed through your skull, a feeling that I am familiar with, I don’t think it could be considered a little pain.’ Nightmare just shrugs before he continues. ‘As for what I’m doing, Doctor Akagi’s equipment keeps malfunctioning whenever I use magic. And with the monitoring equipment that my Father installed…’

Nightmare’s eyes light up as she grins. ‘Oooo! Not such a boring little colt after all!’ She ignores the glare he shoots her in favor to leaning her head on her hoof. ‘Now then, are you ready?

Sighing and knowing that he might have made a deal with a devil, he nods. ‘Yes.’

A moment later, he vanishes and reappears in a flash of light. Looking around, he finds himself in a hospital room where a small girl is laying in a bed. Slowly walking up, Shinji smiles before closing his eyes and laying his horn on her as his magic does it's work. His work done, he turns only to stop as a small voice speaks up. "Pony...?" Turning, he sees the girl sitting up in the bed rubbing her eyes before looking again, a bright smile crossing her face. "Wow! This is a great dream!"

Thinking quickly, Shinji smiles before dropping the tone of his voice a little. "Hello little one. I am so sorry for waking you."

The girl's face lights up. "You talk! A talking unicorn!"

She moves as if to get up but stops as her face falls. Slowly walking up, Shinji gives her an inquiring expression. "Is something wrong Little One?" She slowly nods causing Shinji to smile. "May I ask what it is?"

The girl slowly nods still looking down as a tear drips. "I... I forgot. I can't walk..."

Giving into his new instincts, Shinji gives her a short nuzzle. "Why don't you try Little One? For me?"

Watching as the pony backs away from the bed, the girl bites her lips before slowly moving to the edge. Seeing the being give her a comforting look as well as motioning her to try, the girl closes her eyes before hopping off the bed, her legs supporting her. Opening her eyes, she smiles as tears drip from it. A moment later, she moves and hugs the pony. "Thank you."

Tearing up slightly himself, Shinji nods as he wraps his neck around her's. "It's okay Mari..."

His eyes widen as he realizes what he just did. Mari's expression becomes one of amazement. "How... how do you know my name?"

Thinking quickly, Shinji smiles. "One of your brother's friends wished very hard for you to be healed. So I came and did so." A few minutes later, he slowly tucks her back in and gives her one last nuzzle as she drifts off to sleep. "Have a good night Mari. Sweet dreams."

He turns and is about to leave when Mari whispers one last thing causing him to stop in his tracks. "Thank you Mr. Shinji..."

Blinking rapidly, Shinji's smile grows. "You're very welcome Mari." His face then becomes serious. 'Now... one left to see...' Finishing with Toji, Shinji nearly collapses from tiredness when he hears the door opens and he freezes as a familiar female voice performs a whispered shout. "What the!?" Whipping around, Shinji is confronted with the sight of Hikari standing there with look of incomprehension. "What... I... you..."

Looking around and knowing that he doesn't have enough energy for a teleport, Shinji shuffles first one way and then another. The whole time Hikari follows with her eyes until he walks up to her (which causes the class rep to lean back) and waves a hoof in front of her face. "You do not see a winged unicorn. This is all in your imagination."

Hikari just blinks before her eyes become hooded and she crosses her arms while tapping her foot. "Isn't your voice a little too horse for a Jedi Mr. Ed?" She then leans close causing Shinji to back up a step as he looks for a way out. "And why do you sound..." Her eyes widen and Shinji starts panicking until his ear is grabbed. "Ikari Shinji, is that you?!"

Shinji just hangs his head and nods. "Yeah, it's me Hikari."

Letting go of his ear, she looks him over in shock. "What... happened to you...?" Suddenly she blinks as she realizes something. "Is that why Asuka..." Seeing him flinch, she feels bad and hugs him, causing him to stiffen for a moment until he relaxes. "How...?"

Swallowing, Shinji sighs as he looks away. "Something... happened with the EVA and I turned into this. And Asuka... didn't take it too well."

Hikari just tightens the hug. "I'm so sorry Shinji." She then let's go and looks him over. "So why are you here? Is it because of..."

Shinji just smiles. "He's going to be okay Hikari. Don't ask how, but he is." Confused, Hikari just nods. Shinji however feels his magic is back enough and gives her a smile. "Anyways, I have to go." He glances around. "Can't be caught so if you could keep it quiet?"

Hikari smiles and gives him a nod. "Sure Shinji. See you around?"

Shinji sighs and shrugs. "Who knows?" Smiling, his horn starts to glow. "Anyways, have a good night Hikari."

Hikari's eyes widen as he vanishes in a burst of light before grinning. "Incredible...." She then notices something about Toji and her hand flies to her mouth as she can see his missing limbs have returned. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Hikari looks out the window with happy tears in her eyes. "Thanks Shinji..."

The next day, he awakes to find a slightly amused Misato standing before his cloud. “Oh, hey Misato… something the matter?”

Still crossing her arms, she sighs and shakes her head. “Rits wants to see you. Something about a medical miracle?” Gulping, he gets off only to be drawn into a hug as she whispers into his ear. “I am very proud of what you did Shinji. Very proud.” Once outside, Shinji looks at her nervously only for her to roll her eyes. “Toji had monitoring equipment in his room and we caught you. Also, nothing’s going to happen as the cover story is an experimental new treatment given to them because of Toji’s status as a former EVA pilot.” Shinji just nods as they continue on…

Sighing as he lays down after a battery of tests (or as he thinks of it, punishment) Shinji’s eyes slowly close when he’s interrupted by a familiar voice. ‘Well child. I do believe it’s time for you to uphold your end of the deal?

Grimacing, Shinji sighs. ‘Yeah, I guess so. But what are you going to do?’

Nightmare just chuckles. ‘Don’t worry foal. Leave that up to me. And do not worry, I won't do anything with our body that you would not truly approve of.’ Before he can say anything, he gets knocked out as his body rises, now with aqua colored eyes. Looking itself over, his body sighs. ‘A male. Oh well. Easily fixable I suppose.’ Shinji’s horn glows for a second and then there’s a flash and where Shinji was, is a beautiful woman with indigo hair and aqua eyes with a long black dress. Looking herself over, she smirks. “Very good… Much better.” Glancing down at the now empty cloud bed, she waves her hand a perfect double of Shinji appears. Chuckling, she glows. “Now then… time to see what this nightlifehas to offer..." And in a flash of light she vanishes. An agent pokes his head in a moment later and seeing Shinji, relaxes and closes the door once more while grumbling about needing to fix the monitoring equipment again...

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