• Published 18th Feb 2017
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The Second Pony to Become an Alicorn - Razor Blade the Unicron

Rainbow Dash has become an alicorn Princess, but there's still so much that she needs to do. A cutie-mark-removing unicorn, out of control vines that even Discord can't stop, and a power-hungry centaur are just the start.

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Princess Panic

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes tightly as the sun shined through her window and over one of her eyes. She eventually gave into the morning, and opened her eyes. She looked out the window at the sun, but noticed that the sky looked a bit odd. She flew over to the window and looked outside, and her mouth dropped open: both the sun and moon were in the sky.

"Wh-what?" asked Rainbow out loud. "The sun and moon in the sky?!?"

She jumped out the window and flew over to Luna's tower, where the usually guards weren't standing. She glanced inside, but didn't see anypony. Rainbow flew back to her tower, and ran downstairs, colliding with some guards on her way.

"Where's Luna?" asked Rainbow.

"Princess Rainbow! That's the problem," said one of the guards nervously, "We don't know!"

"What about Celestia?"

"She's gone, too!"

Rainbow's eyes widened in shock, before she spoke. "Do you have a team out looking for them?"

"Of course, your Highness!"

Rainbow nodded, and paused to think. "Alright, you head downstairs. I'll be down in just a minute."

The guards nodded, and Rainbow flew back upstairs. She quickly grabbed her Element out of her saddlebags, and put it on.

Alright, Princess Rainbow. she thought. Cadence is all the way in the Crystal Empire, and Luna and Celestia are gone. You need to be the Princess in charge so nopony panics.

Rainbow flew back downstairs, where there were several guards that appeared to be waiting for her.

"Princess Rainbow!" called a theresal guard, running up to her. "News from Ponyville!"

"What is it?" asked Rainbow nervously.

"The Everfree Forest is invading!"

At this, Rainbow froze with a look of worry.

"Okay..." she said, coming up with a plan. "We need to get a message to Princess Cadence so she knows about the situation. Right now, I need to get to Ponyville to deal with the Everfree invasion. For now, continue looking Luna and Celestia."

"Yes, your Highness!"

Rainbow nodded, and then ran outside, holding her Element in her magic as to not drop it. In a single wingbeat, she took to the snowy skies and flew towards Ponyville as fast as possible.

In the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight, Starlight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Spike were flipping through books to find something about the invading vines. However, the vines messed with unicorn magic, so Twilight couldn't look through her books at her usual lightning speed.

"Do you think the vines got to Canterlot and are affecting Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's magic?" asked Starlight. "That would explain why the sun and moon are both in the sky."

"That could be it." said Twilight. "Which means we need to find a way to get rid of these vines more than ever!"

"Ah hope that Rainbow's okay." said Applejack. "After all, she's in Canterlot, too."

Rainbow suddenly ran into the library, quickly shutting the door behind her. "Next time, could you be a bit more specific as to what way the Everfree Forest is invading?" she asked.

"Rainbow, do you know why the sun and moon are in the sky?" asked Twilight.

"Celestia and Luna are missing!"

"WHAT?!?" cried everyone in response.

"M-missing?" asked Twilight nervously. "As in they're gone with no trace as to where they are?"

"That's what missing means, Twi!" cried Rainbow, putting a hoof to her forehead. "Gyah! Everything is just so chaotic and out-of-control and-" she abruptly stopped, and he eyes widened. "Discord."

"What about Discord?" asked Fluttershy.

"This is all so Discord! Everything is nuts and the Princesses are missing and it's probably his idea of a joke!"

"That would be a good explanation for everything..." said Twilight.

"You really think it's Discord just like that?" asked Fluttershy nervously.

"We going to ask him if this is his fault first." said Rainbow. "And if it isn't, he's going to help get rid of all these vines! Everypony get your Element so we can get Discord here!"

"Who's Discord?" asked Starlight.

In the Everfree Forest, Zecora quickly grabbed as many items as she could and placed them into her cart. When she was sure that she had grabbed everything that could be helpful or was dangerous to be left alone, she hurried outside and ran towards Ponyville. She struggled to avoid the vines.

"Everfree has gotten far too crazy!" said Zecora as she ran. "Even for somepony as resilient as me!"

Unbeknownst to her, a small vine had grabbed a small box out of her cart, and slipped it away to parts unknown. A strong magical signature was coming out of the box, as it held none other than the dreaded Alicorn Amulet.

"Everypony ready?" asked Rainbow as she and her friends stood in formation. "Then let's go!"

Rainbow's horn flared up, and she activated her Element. A rainbow stretched out to the ajacent Elements, until a full hexagon had been formed. The rainbow then pointed out from each Element to the center of the six ponies, and there was a bright flash of light. Discord appeared lying on a couch with a a deck of cards in his paw.

"Oh, and I was just about to deal the deck!" said Discord, the couch vanishing and him floating up into the air. "Ponies, it's so good to see you!"

"Discord-" started Rainbow before her interrupted her.

"My dear Fluttershy, it's best to see you." Discord flew over to Fluttershy and gave her a flower that matched her eye color. "A little present just so you know that I care."

"Thank you, Discord." said Fluttershy with a smile.

"And let me introduce myself to the new mare!" Discord teleported in front of Starlight and shook her hoof. "So nice to meet another reformed villain!"

"I- What?" asked Starlight in confusion.

"Nopony has told you about me? Well no matter! I'm Discord the reformed spirit of chaos and disharmony!" There was another flash of light, and Discord held a medal out to Starlight. "And here's a medal for you, since you have 'reformed' status, too!"

"Discord!" snapped Rainbow, flying over to him. "We didn't call you here to mess around! Now tell me the truth: are you behind the cause of these vines?"

"The truth can be so boring sometimes, Rainbow Dash! Or should I call you Princess Rainbow Dash?"

"I'd prefer if you didn't. Just answer my question! Are these vines your doing?"

"Well, I'm reformed! Surely you don't think-"

"Give me an answer or you won't be meeting with Fluttershy for your weekly tea."

"Oh, Rainbow Dash, always so harsh!" Discord teleported over to Fluttershy. "You couldn't possibly take me away from my dear friend, Fluttershy!"

Rainbow glared at Discord. "If you keep avoiding answering, I'm going to assume that this is your fault."

"But why would you automatically think that I would do something-"

"Okay, so this is your fault. Fix it."

Discord suddenly was holding a hammer and wearing a hard-hat. "In that case, what should I start on?"

"Just get rid of the vines!" yelled Rainbow, her temper snapping.

Discord was about to say something else, when Fluttershy gave him a quickly glare. He sighed, and his hammer and hard hat vanished.

"Oh, alright then." said Discord, snapping his claws.

There was a flash of light, but nothing happened.

"That's odd.." muttered Discord, snapping again, but still nothing happened. "That normally works..."

Rainbow finally landed on the ground, her eye twitching slightly.

"Rainbow, are you okay?" asked Starlight nervously.

"Just peachy." said Rainbow, sounding very panicked. "Celestia and Luna are missing, it's day and night, the Everfree Forest has gone insane and Discord can't do anything! Everything's fine!"

"Why don't you go ask your zebra friend for help?" asked Discord, pointing at Zecora as she hurried out of the forest.

Rainbow glanced over at Discord before running over to Zecora with the others. They helped her set down her stuff gently on the ground, before Zecora spoke.

"From my home, I have had to flee!" she said, sounding somewhat panicked. "The forest has grown too wild, even for me!"

"Any idea why all this is happening?" asked Rainbow.

"I'm afraid it is a mystery to me as well, but I may have something that, if combined with a spell..." Zecora pulled out a container with a purple liquid in it from her cart. "I do not dare to use it myself, the results would be tragic. It only responds to alicorn magic. Princess Rainbow, you can turn the potion from purple to white. After a sip, you may see why the sky is day and night."

Rainbow carefully grabbed the potion in her wing, and frowned nervously.

"I don't know if I can change it..." said Rainbow. "Twi, can you help me out?"

"Definitely." said Twilight.

Rainbow's horn glowed with her red magic, and Twilight with her dark blue. Twilight carefully crossed over her magic with Rainbow's, and the potion with lifted up in red and blue magic. Using Rainbow's alicorn magic as a channel, Twilight's horn flared up brightly as she forced the potion to change. A moment later, the potion was placed back down on the ground, now a pure white.

"Thanks." said Rainbow, before grabbing the potion and taking a sip. "Uh, is something supposed to-"

Rainbow was cut off as her eyes glowed bright white, and everything around her faded away. Her eyes flicked open, and Rainbow found herself standing in what looked like the interior of an old castle.

Where am I? thought Rainbow, looking around in confusion. And why is only the sun in the sky now?

"Not another step!" cried Luna, walking out in a front of a throne on the far side of the room.

"Luna!" said Rainbow, running over to her. "You're okay! But I don't understand... Where are we? Why did you and Celestia disappear?"

"Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all basked in your precious light?" asked Luna angrily, seeming to ignore Rainbow.

"Luna? What's going on?"

"There can only be one princess in Equestria!" she cried, stamping her hooves on the ground and her horn flaring up. "And that princess..." She became engulfed in dark blue magic. "Will be me!"

Nightmare Moon appeared where Luna had been standing, and let out a cackle. Rainbow's eyes widened in shock, as the sun was covered by the moon in the sky.

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