• Published 29th Jun 2012
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Angel of Darkness - *Squee*

The story of Luna, for better or for worse.

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Rise of the Moon

As Celestia's sun went down, I prepared to raise the full moon. My wings beat rhythmically against the sky as I hovered miles above Equestria, floating in the twilight sky. I felt slightly exhilarated as the day was coming to a close.

And wouldn't it be nice to feel this nocturnal adrenaline all the time? a voice that only I could hear whispered tauntingly. I shook my head closing my eyes to try to dispel the voice.

I was grateful for my sister's ignorance towards my emotions sometimes. If she would pay attention, she would realize that our old friend, Nightmare Moon, wasn't gone. No, just like Discord she merely lay dormant, whispering to me from time to time. Attempting to seduce me into her dreams of Everlasting Night. Of blocking out Celestia's sun for eternity, in solitary rule of Equestria.

I love my sister, but everyday it grew harder to repel Nightmare Moon, and sometimes I'd find myself agreeing with her. Hating my sister's holier-than-thou semblance, and complete disregard for me. Why is it she carries herself as a god, and through her tyrannic reign influences ponies to rejoice in her sun, while the shun the beauty of my night with their slumber dreaming of another day?

And whilst I lay perishing on the cold surface of the moon, she allowed; even encouraged, the slander of my name. The inattention of my status as her equal, and the use of my image to frighten the hearts of little foals. I was a laughing stock, as well as something to be feared. I wasn't to be regarded as a serious monarch, or trusted alone ever again.

And it would be worse if she ever discovered the remaining existence of Nightmare Moon in me.

And if that wasn't enough, she even had the audicity to elicit the praise and recognition for the night I still produced, as I wasted.
But, her ignorance shall be her downfall. For she didn't realize that banishing you to the moon could not stop you. She could not trap you in the core of your power, or even stop you from returning to Equestria. Thus, even before the final escape on the longest day, we were here preparing to take back what is rightfully ours.

"What is rightfully mine." I said threateningly, "None of this was ever yours, and as far as I am concerned, it never will be."

You shun me so thoughtlessly, she hissed, But if not for me you would have sat and rot on the moon for a thousand years, of which every second I was the one there with you.

"I would have never been banished there if not for your greed. Your own gluttonous desire for power, preying upon my weak mind in hard times, is what sent us there in the first place. Hardly chivalrous of you."

I have made you way more powerful than you could ever have been on your own!!! she screamed indignantly.

"I am Luna. Princess of the Night. I control the moon and millions of stars. I create meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and the beautiful night sky for all of Equestria to behold. I'm immortal." I said angered by the ever present voice.

So, her calm hiss had returned, Explain to me why exactly you are made a mockery, and banished by the sleeping eyes of ponies, while your sister rules on high. I have made you so much more! With my help, you could be the sole ruler of Equestria.

"Nothing a worthless parasite like you could make me more powerful!!!" I said finalizing the end of the argument. For now.......

Fighting with a voice in your head to keep sane. I've reached an entirely new stage of insanity.

It was finally time and I rose the full moon to shine above Equestria. It was time for me to go visit the ruins.
My sister flew to me, looking slightly tired as she usually did after setting her sun and returning to the absence of it.

"Hello sister." I said with a small smile.

She smiled wearily, "Your moon is beautiful tonight, Luna. Quite a sight to behold."

It has been a long time since my sister has complimented any element of my night.

"Thank you sister, it brings me joy to hear that." I said bowing my head in thanks.

She sighed, "But now I must rest. As I remember you had business tonight, yes?"

I nodded, feeling slightly ashamed now. She was kind enough to praise my moon, and here I am, off to the ruins to greet my secret followers.... How could I do this to my own sister? Why is it she can't just see me as her equal, and we can once again rule together in perfect harmony? Why must it come to this and I be the one to bring it about?

Because she has changed, just as much as you have. Nightmare Moons voice echoed quietly in my mind.

I didn't change. I said in return. But the second I said it, I realized the lie. I had changed, not just at the fault of Nightmare Moon's control. I had lost a little of myself from the hurt of Celestia's ignorance, from the cold and empty surface of the moon, and from my own weakness; my foalish jealousy and adolescent pain had created the rift whose dark depths now separated my sister and I. Nightmare Moon, had merely risen from that schism and taken advantage, preying on my weak constitution and mind.

"Rest my sister. I will return before the rise of your sun." I said calmly, holding my head high.

She nodded and began her descent to Equestria, to our castle in Canterlot.

Again, the feeling of shame filled my heart, making it heavy. Tears silently trickled down my face, and I found it somehow difficult to breathe as I flew swan dive, letting myself fall towards the ground for a few moments, before gliding in the direction of the castle ruins of the Everfree Forest.

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