• Published 29th Jun 2012
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Angel of Darkness - *Squee*

The story of Luna, for better or for worse.

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A Call to Arms

I dragged on, sluggish, feeling exhausted. I couldn't tell if the pain in my chest was the aftermath of my sobs; my lungs raw with each raking breath and shaky dry hiccups, or the shattering feeling in my heart.
I had never before notice just how much of a toll this was placing on me. Taxing on my nerves.

I trapped myself in a small box in my mind. A blank void that seemed endless, but then again the walls were very clear, the barriers keeping Nightmare Moon's haunting voice and my own thoughts at bay as I neared the ruins by foot.

The silence was nice, but at the same time suffocating. I had no idea why, but the thing I wanted most, peace from the vicious onslaught of memories and Nightmare Moon's incessant thinking, wasn't enough. Like I was trapping myself within my own imagined sanctuary.

But my silence was broken as soon as I heard a twig snap. My head whipped around to see a pony. As soon as the pony stepped into the moonlight, I relaxed as I saw navy, silver-lined armor that was gifted to my army.

“The commander sent us to find you. You were late and we began to worry. The others will arrive shortly. Our messenger has already announced to the others of your arrival.”

And soon enough, more ponies all donning the same armor came out of the flora around me. I was going to speak to them, but no sound came out of my mouth. I hesitantly looked at everypony surrounding me, taking in their confused looks.

I’m assuming you don’t look your best right this moment. You probably look like you went to gates of Tartaurus and back. It’s no surprise your subjects are beginning fidget.

I snarled at Nightmare Moon, imagining the smug look on her face. Noticing the ponies around me had begun to panic, I realized that I was not alone and had accidentally directed the snarl at my loyal ponies instead. I began to breathe heavily as they all began to slowly back away from my prone form.

Speak to them you fool! Show them you meant no harm and are all right! You can’t have them disappearing into the woods at such a crucial time!

I watched the distraught ponies in utter helplessness. It was the right idea, to speak, but there was a small problem. If there was one trait that my sister had that I didn’t, it was public speaking. The lack of strength in my body refused to let me calm my nerves enough to address the crowd of ponies before me.

They were muttering to themselves, doubtful of my power – and in my current state, who could blame them? How could I hope to win this war if I was causing my soldiers to lose faith? Weakened as I was, there was no chance of even appearing strong to boost the morale of my troops.

I have to. If I don’t, they’ll just give up. How can they have trust in me if they don’t have in themselves?

Right as I was about to open my mouth to address the tense crowd with a shaky voice, a soft yet strong voice filled the air.

“ Silence!”

The restless crowd all suddenly turned to attention before parting to reveal a single, white, pegasus mare clad in red-lined armor. I knew that mare. There was only one pony I knew to be able to have such an influential voice, and it was one of my commanders, Silver Tongue.

“We cannot spend our time fretting over trivial matters. The time has come to take back what is rightfully ours. The sun has blinded everyone, mares and stallions alike. We need to show each and every one of them that it ends now. We’re here to make them regret – to show them what happens when you go too far. “

Silver Tongue stood from her seated position on the floor before lifting her helmet and placing it on its resting place atop her head.

“They have all reduced our beloved Princess to a mere joke, a story to tell foals at night to behave. This ends now.”

The mare began to slowly walk towards me. I began to notice that every pony who was expressing doubt was beginning to straighten, eyes hardening.

I could feel the power as well, energizing me. Placing a hoof firmly on the ground, I tried to stand but was more drained than I previously thought. Almost toppling over, a firm force pressed against my left side, straightening my posture. Looking down, I saw my other commander, Clover Spirits. Her face was stoic as she stood next me, holding me up. I then turned to watch Silver make her way closer.

“We are all different, but we have one thing in common—we never believed the nightmares. We knew, deep in our hearts, that the truths given to us were merely lies. We knew that one day, the supposed horror of Nightmare Moon was going to guide us into a new era…an era free of the tyranny of Celestia.”

She stopped on my right before turning towards the silent crowd. I could feel the underlying excitement to my troops. A grin began to grow on my face as I saw Silver’s red eyes flash with resolve.

“We are here for one purpose, and one purpose only. We are here to support and stand by our Princess despite the lies and slander thrown at her. She gives us purpose, and we in turn shall give her strength and honor.”

My eyes began to water. The determination these ponies had to make me feel proud of them was overwhelming. Even Nightmare Moon had no biting remark to say as she silently observed.

“We may be outnumbered, but it doesn’t matter. We are skilled and want to achieve our goal. We’ll show them what we’re made of, and we’ll show them on our terms. We have come together to show them the strength of our minds and of our bodies. No more running, no more waiting. It’s time that those of the sun understand that the night is to be forever cherished and loved!”

With a stomp of her hoof, Silver Tongue had ended her speech, sending every troop before her to roar their approval.

Not a soul was left to doubt, but was instead filled with a desire to fight.

The War had begun..........


I'm totally impressed with this Chapter.
And most of the credit goes to my friend Silver Tongue, a.k.a. Yay~! Thanks Silver!
And for the readers, let me know if you can spot the reference!!!! :D

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