• Published 29th Jun 2012
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Angel of Darkness - *Squee*

The story of Luna, for better or for worse.

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At the Breakfast Table

The heavy wooden doors groaned against the floor. The hinges creaked and they slowly closed with a resounding echo.

I couldn't believe it.

Shadow Haze. He was here. After so many years!

I didn't think about why he was here. Or think about the reality that, eventually, he would have to leave again. I simply reveled in the fact that he was here. This wasn't a dream.

He hadn't changed much. He was taller, and more solid looking. But he was the same old Shadow.
My heart fluttered sporadically. A giggle constantly bubbled in my chest, threatening to betray my not-so-hidden joy. I hadn’t even moved out from behind the door. I almost squealed with excitement, the only thing holding it back was the sheer shock.
Usually I would raise the moon, then immediately return home and sleep. My appearance at the morning meal was rare, and if I did appear it was mandated by my sister and shortly lived. But I was aching to get to breakfast, and it was still about an hour away. There was so much to catch up on with Shadow, and I couldn’t wait.

I then realized something. I haven’t seen Shadow since the time just before I was sent to the moon….

Had he heard of that?

What would he think of me?

I swallowed hard, forcing down the lump now in my throat.
I had become a figure of evil. How could he possibly be friends with me now?

He would hate me.

I hated myself.
I found myself now nervously pacing the floor of my room. Why hadn’t I thought of that? What will I say now…? What will he say?

To my relief, Nightmare Moon remained quiet, though she was perfectly aware of my thoughts. Though it was nice to be free of her relentless taunting and contradictions of my thoughts, it scared me a little.

I didn’t want to go to breakfast anymore. I definitely didn’t want to go out of my way to see the look in Shadow’s eyes when he knows, if he doesn’t already, that I was a monster.

I had become Nightmare Moon.

I rebelled my sister.

And I had brought about what was meant to be, and could have been, eternal night. Stealing the light away from the ponies of Equestria.

I couldn’t even pace anymore. I was shaking. Tears stung my eyes.

I was a monster and he would hate me for it.

I struggled with my thoughts, as I forced myself to walk to the dining hall. The echoes of my hooves on the marble floors was a discordant rhythm as I couldn’t keep to a steady beat. I couldn’t tell if I really want to gallop or freeze on the spot. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, and shame flooded every fiber of my being. I had never felt so guilty for the crimes I had committed against Equestria than when I realized I had to face Shadow with them, but I couldn’t wait to see him.

The grand doors of the dining hall seemed to tower over me, showering me with the fear of facing the only pony I wanted to see. I waited there. Staring at the only thing now separating myself and my fate, though it remained undetermined. Each minute seemed to take hours. What would I say to him? It wasn’t me. I’m not like that anymore, I’ve changed.

That sounded like the vague and empty lies a colt told his marefriend after being caught red handed with another mare.

“In case you were wondering Princess, this giant object is called a door, you have to open it to walk through. Isn’t it amazing what good old pony engineering can do now-a-days?” Joked the voice that had consumed all my thoughts. I was wrong. The door didn’t separate me from Shadow. He hadn’t yet arrived, until now. I ducked my head unsure of how to proceed to tell him that I was a monster.

He cheerily walked up beside me. I couldn’t will myself to even look at him.
“Luna? What’s the matter?” he said, his voice suddenly filled with concern.
I noticed a few tears had already begun to stream down my face. I shook my head. I couldn’t speak.
In the corner of my eye, I saw Shadow lean in, his face much closer to mine.

"Luna, I'm serious, what's wrong?" Shadow asked, and in the small moment, the moment I knew I should have held my gaze on the ground. In the small moment I looked up and saw the painful concern in his eyes. I probably could have held my ground, and not said a word, but that look in his mist grey eyes crushed any resistance I had.
I took a deep breath, trying to swallow the aching feeling in my chest and speak clearly.
When I finally spoke, my voice was stronger than I expected.

“I was in my room.... And I was thinking.....” I said slowly. I looked down, swallowing hard again. “Shadow, do you know where I’ve been all these years?” I looked up to his gaze sheepishly.

He didn’t falter. “The moon.” he said with a shrug in his voice.

I, however, was taken aback. “So you know? You know.... What I was?” I asked.

“I believe they called you ‘Nightmare Moon?’” he said, once again, without falter.

I was stunned for a moment, but though he didn't waver at the knowledge of my past, he may have strong feelings about it and easily had the time to adjust to it.

"So......" I said looking back at the hard stone beneath my hooves, "Um.... I guess the best way to word this would be.... What do you think?" I waited for the cold and painful blow that was almost certain to happen now.

"Well, to be honest, Princess, at first I was sure that it was impossible. I never assumed that a spirit such as yours could be controlled by anything." Shadow sighed deeply, "But then, I really thought about it. And you had been slipping, little by little, since the first day I met you. There was something about the animosity between you and your sister that just.... Seemed like a little more than basic 'sibling rivalry.' And I knew that over time, it simply progressed. I saw it with my own eyes and never realized it."

"Then I realized it might have been my fault." he said now taking his turn at staring at the marble beneath us. "As I said, you had always been slipping little by little. But the day I left was when everything snapped into a break-neck acceleration, and it was my fault for not....." He paused. "I would say 'staying and marrying your sister' but that is definitely not what I mean. I guess just staying. I was being selfish and I ran, leaving you and your sister, now without the help of even your parents, to clean up the mess and deal with all the stress that is running an entire kingdom." he looked at me at the conclusion of this speech.

I was silent for a long moment once again. I wasn't sure what he had meant by a lot of what he said, but there was one thing I had to make sure was absolutely clear.

"What I really want to know is... Do you.... Hate me for it?"

He blinked, now his turn to be taken aback, "No." he said simply.

"But I was a monster." I said frowning. I could feel Nightmare Moon's indignant snort in my head.

"Luna, you were.... Possessed by a creature in a weakened state. It's not your fault. And I could never hate you." he said with a cheerful smile.

I returned his smile. I felt completely ecstatic knowing that I would not yet lose him.

"Now come on. Let's get some breakfast."

The dining room echoed lightly with the sound of three ponies eating.
"So, Prince Shadow, am I to be assured our accommodations are to your liking?” Celestia spoke up.

“Yes, Princess, I owe you both my gratitude for your hospitality and kindness.” Shadow said seemingly uninterested in maintaining a conversation with her. He looked to me as if he was about to say something but Celestia interjected.

“It’s no trouble at all, Prince Shadow, it is rather lovely to see you in Equestria once again. It’s been a rather long time since your last visit.” she said calmly, appearing unaware of Shadow’s attempt to change the subject.

“Yes it has. Speaking of, Princess Luna, you still owe me a lot of catching up.” he said smiling at me.

But again, just as I opened my mouth to speak, Celestia’s voice rang instead.

“Actually, I invited you here on rather crucial matters of State, Prince Shadow.” she said curtly.

“May I know what exactly?” he asked.

“I thought we would discuss it later, privately, being such matters of State.” she said clearly.

“We can send away the guards, I see no reason why we need move this meeting elsewhere. I do believe your sister and co-ruler would be interested in these matters before she returns to her chambers as well.” I knew Celestia would be offended by that, but I think Shadow was actually making an effort to keep me here, most likely he knew a little of exactly what matters my sister spoke of.

“Very well then.” Celestia said, clearly agitated by his remark. “Prince Shadow Haze, I called you here with the intentions to extend another invitation to you.”

“I wish to reinstate our betrothal, and marry.”

Authors Note

Hey guys, I am SO SORRY. I know it took forever and a day to get this dang update up but with the major move and work/school/whatever you want to call it, I've been insanely busy. Also, I don't have internet access in my dorm so finally posting was kind of a pain in the rear. Hope you guys like the new chapter! Not much input from Nightmare, but definitely some drama.

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