• Published 29th Jun 2012
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Angel of Darkness - *Squee*

The story of Luna, for better or for worse.

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Royal Pains

I had always stood second to my sister. As I did now, sitting patiently by her side as she addressed the court.

"Everypony, as your princess....." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. It was shocking she still referred to herself as a princess! She nearly declared herself queen the moment Mother and Father left, now that they are missing in a world untravelled by anypony, Celestia took complete control.

I imagine it's just a way to keep in touch with the public, everyone is misting over the fact that their King and Queen have been missing for years with blank, heartless smiles and wishes of their safe return. But Celestia announcing herself Queen would be a direct assumption of unproven death of the King and Queen, this would also raise suspicion that she herself conspired the disappearance or is power-mad and anxious to take the throne.

I felt as if I were the only one who truly did wish for their safe return, but I knew chances were slim a "few" years ago.

In my wonderings I forgot to pay attention to what Celestia was saying, and before I knew it we were rising to leave.
I knew I hadn't missed anything important, so I didn't fret about it at all. I merely stood and walked out.

In case you hadn't noticed, yes I do speak "normally" now. For a few weeks after Nightmare Night, Twilight Sparkle and her Ponyville friends caught me up to speed with time that I had missed while in banishment. A thousand years is a few pony centuries and most common-ponies had no knowledge of a second Princess, except in a few dusty old storybooks, let alone a King or Queen, the only ones who did know were the immortals of the court. This means that I was severely left behind.

I hate to admit it but I was scared of simple objects around Equestria that were merely new inventions, such as electricity and all that came with it, and I knew nothing of the current goings-on. So I spoke traditional (practically medieval) equine, and was a little lost around the towns that now looked so different. The only thing that hadn't changed too much was the castle.

The garden was different but on it's edges remained my favorite tree, the statues (with only a few new additions) remained the same, and the castle layout was similar, having to be changed slightly with the few refurbishments that occurred over the years. I enjoyed walking through the Hall of the Elements, with the beautiful gems and stained glass windows.
I was slightly upset upon finding my sister and I no longer connected with the Elements, but we had six very brave ponies that did.

They had saved me from Nightmare Moon, mostly, defeat Discord returning him to his marble prison, defeat the changeling Queen Chrysalis, and after saving all of Equestria three times, they had even shown enough kindness to plan a wedding and help me learn to adjust to this new world.

I respected them, seemingly appreciated them more than the rest of court who did nothing to acknowledge these heroics other than have the craft ponies create stained glass windows in their honor, in a hall rarely seen by common-ponies.

It was worst with my sister. She completely ignores the fact that she has grown weak since we lost the Elements. She herself can no longer stand as the almighty goddess of Equestria and protect her subjects.

I have grown weaker as well. I feel like a failure to my people, how I cannot simply protect them as I once did alone.
And yet my sister is still honored and looked upon, by even the strongest and bravest of Equestria, as untouchable. And she alone is worshipped like this. Even with the knowledge of a second princess. Not that I deserve that amount of devotion.

But the fear, fear of me. Is excruciating. I know I was once a creature of darkness, of jealousy and..... hate. And I will never live that down. It haunts me every night, in all of my dreams. I see it in everyponies eyes, wishing I could take away what I had caused, what I had become.

But I fear something worse than my own descent into darkness. Worse than the idea of Changeling's conquering. Worse than anything Discord could create. Alone, as of course no other pony wants to think of it. But I fear that even in the absence of Discord, Equestria is losing Harmony, the one thing that separates this land from others and keeps it a strong empire. Faster than anypony is willing to imagine or believe. And it has been since I became Nightmare Moon. I've been trying to study this, find it's cause and how to stop it, but I fear just as many strong empires before, after, and around us; Equestria will fall.

Sadness...... Lies...... Mistrust..... Greed...... Hatred.


And just think, we were the spark. Nightmare Moon's voice rang in my head.

The irony. Twilight Sparkle preached about a spark, right before attempting to destroy me. But she didn't see the real spark. she laughed menacingly.

In my mind I saw images. Everything I knew and loved, drowning in flames. Ponies, even tiny foals, running and screaming as their homes burned. As their loved ones died in battle, blood staining every blackened and ashy inch of ground in Equestria. The sun seemed to never shine, the night darker than ever, without the moon or stars. Everything going up in smoke that enveloped and suffocated us. Death and plague ravaging to quickly for ponies to be buried, their bodies laying in the streets.

I was the spark to those flames. I was the cause of the deaths soon to come. Everything would be my fault. Everypony's death, their blood, was practically on my own hooves.

It's better than I ever imagined!!! Nightmare laughed deep in mind, where only I should be......


Intense first chapter. Hope you like it. :)

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