• Published 2nd Jul 2016
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Leading the charge. - Watercolor the Pegasus

Rainbow Dash has been fighting in the war for years, but when she is called to Ponyville as a bodyguard for The Princess, a pony named Applejack brings some troubling information to light.

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Train rides and Rescues.

Rainbow stared out the window of the train, watching the trees and hills roll past quickly. The group had decided that, since they had no idea where their Twilight was, they would go back to Ponyville for now since they all agreed that it was risky to stay in one place. She glanced over at Applejack, who also stared out the window, but with a troubled look on her face. Rainbow let out a tense sigh. She was there when Applejack explained the new-found voices in her head. First Pinkie Pie-but that was a lot more than voices-now Applejack. Apparently, she could tell when someone lied or told the truth. More had tested it. Well...more specifically, Pinkie tested it. She didn't believe it, so she kept asking things. Her questions were...interesting. To say the least. That thought out of the way, Rainbow suspected that they wouldn't be the only ones to get voices and abilities. What would the others get? It couldn't have something to do with a pony's interests. Pinkie had no interest in being like...this, ever. And Applejack had never shown any interest in truth or lies. However, Rainbow still couldn't help but wonder: who would be next to get these abilities?

The train suddenly screeched to a halt, throwing everypony forward. Rainbow shot up, looking out the window for what was wrong. She couldn't see anything, but she soon noticed that everypony was getting off the train and looking outside as screams of panic rang out. Rainbow went outside, followed by her four friends, and she now saw what those who had excited the train had seen.

A winged figure was falling from the sky.

Rainbow didn't even think. She just shot up towards it.

Rainbow flew forward, blasting through the air faster than she ever remembered. She loved how it felt. The wind in her mane. The air pushing against her wings. It was all wonderful.

Then, for a moment, she remembered a time she had gone this fast.

She remembered a troubling memory of a time at flight camp when she was a filly. She was racing. She was going fast. She could feel the air pressure closing in around her. She felt it stop. She felt herself stop. She felt herself straighten against her will. She watched as the colt she was racing burst through the finish line, and she didn't. She felt herself frozen. She could remember how she stayed frozen for days on end. She remembered how nopony noticed. How nopony realized she was there because she was too close to the ground. She stayed there for days. And days. And days. And days. Just waiting for the magic force around her to wear off.

She felt her wings lock up, leaving her gliding lifelessly. She winced, trying to will her wings to move before gravity caught up with her. She felt as gravity caught her in its grip, slowing her glide to a halt. Rainbow cringed.

No. No. I won't let you do it again!

She shot forward, catching the figure. She flew back down, resting it on the ground. She stood still, realizing she did not feel exhausted like she used to when she flew. She felt rejuvenated. She felt like she had set free an ability she never had. She felt good.

Rainbow let out a breath, and smiled. She looked up as the Equestrian Emergency Response Team-also known as the EERT-flew in with a stretcher. They came over, and began to lift the figure onto the stretcher. Rainbow finally took a moment to look at the figure she had rescued.

She gasped in shock. Rainbow knew her.

She tried to examine the figure further, but the EERT had already lifted the stretcher into the air, taking it to the nearest hospital. Rainbow ran back onto the train. They had to get moving.

"What's wrong, Rainbow?" She turned to her four friends, and saw Fluttershy watching her. "Change of plans. We are going to that hospital. Now."

Rarity looked at her, curiousity in her voice. "Whatever for, darling?"

"...I know that Griffon. She's my old friend from flight camp."

Author's Note:

Here is the next chapter everypony:pinkiehappy: I hope you enjoy it. Edited by Lyric the wandering bard.