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Rainbow Dash had been fighting in the war since she was a teenager, who heard the call for willing soldiers. She thought, in her youthful stupidity, that she would get to do awesome stuff, like she had never gotten the chance to do when she was a filly. She had never imagined that she would lose a wing, have her ear split, or become caught in an unending mental torment. However, when herself and a fellow soldier are assigned to be Princess Celestia's personal bodyguards on a visit to Ponyville, by request of an Earth Pony by name of Applejack, the information that is brought to light sets the three on a trip through Equestria, on a search for an answer to their own lives.

Every chapter is going to alternate between each characters POV. Rated teen for very very very mild gore, (but not enough to consider it a tag), and Cloudsdale curses. Tagged dark for obviously war. No spoilers here, because I think I wrapped it up in the above description.

Cover art is created by me. The old cover art was ugly as heck.

Edited by German Empirebell.

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or its contents.

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Rainbow's eyes narrowed to a glare, tears still falling, as she looked up at Applejack. "You can't tell this to anypony." Applejack nodded. "Ah promise."


She turned to Pinkamena, who pointed down at the saddlebags. The farmer pulled the bags open, and stared in awe at a single gem, that flickered with a soft orange.

And the Element of Honesty has awakened, thanks to AJ being her honest self.

Can't wait for the next chapter, so we can see what happens next!

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Yay:yay: I'm very glad you like my story. The next chapter will be out soon.

Let the Pinksanity begin!:pinkiecrazy:
I really want to see Pinkie Pie start to break the 4th wall. I can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Let it begin indeed. I also have somethings planned on her breaking the fourth-wall. But, that's for her next POV chapter. That won't be here for a bit. The next chapter is already in the works:pinkiehappy:

Edit: Scratch that. The fourth-wall breaking is to come sooner. The next chapter in fact.


:rainbowlaugh: I feel really bad for Pinkie Pie right now, but her reactions to her new found powers are hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: I actually feel inspired to draw a picture with this Pinkie Pie in mind.

I'm glad you think they're funny. That was my goal, creating a hilarious reaction to her new powers (which the others will get too later) that still made you feel kinda bad for her.

I wonder how they are going too deal with finding Twilight?

My 2 guesses are they either find a way too bring back Alicorn Twilight, or they find out their universe's Twilight works for Sombra.

Oh, I have some plans with Twilight. You're very close with your guesses. in fact, your spot on. That's for the next chapter or so though.

Sigh. Oh, the attempts at Spanish. Your cool. I'm glad your enjoying my story enough to make guesses about the outcomes:twilightsmile:

I do as well. I've written a few AU stories, but I'll be posting them once I'm done with Leading the charge. It's only got about..........6 chapters estimated left.

Wow, my story suddenly feels very long:twilightoops:


Lol, at least you make chapters for your story.

Yeah. It really bugs me when people just don't update their stories anymore. It's always the good ones too:fluttercry:


Psssshh, Y-yeah I'm mean, who doesn't hate that.. He-he...


Don't worry. You're good:twilightsmile:

P.S. You accidently wrote "I'm mean"

You're okay. We all make mistakes:twilightsmile: But your story does look very intruiging. I know a certain pony who'd love to read it:raritywink:


I'm starting too get more interested in writing again, I already have the next chapter planned.

okay, how in the heck does Sombra even know to attack them? I also wonder how Nightamre Moon was handled in this timeline. I also find it strange that Dash and Fluttershy don't know each other. I honestly thought the reason why Dash defended her was because of their friendship

I'd be happy to answer all your questions.:twilightsmile: I'm going to spoiller block a lot of them though, because a lot of people won't want to see.

Question #1: The answer to how Sombra knew, will be revealed later. He was monitering the time space around their universe/timeline with a dark magic field, in order to ensure his reign.

Question #2: I made sure to mention that there had been other Element bearers at one point. These bearers defeated Nightmare Moon, and sent her back to her prison int the moon.

Question #3: This one was hard to deal with in writing, because I know it could throw a huge block in my story plans at the time if they knew each other, but this was my overall decision: In this timeline, Rainbow has been on the front lines of a war, that in fighting made her lose a sizable chunk of her ear, and her whole wing. That can tear a pony up inside, perhaps to the point of them forgeting an old childhood friend. Also, they are both at least 20 years old now, and they were just little fillys back at flight camp. I'm younger than that, and I know for a fact I have forgotten quite a few childhood friends. I know this one is less of an answer and more of an excuse, but it's all I have.

Well, I hope that answered your questions Mr. Admiral Q Ponyform:twilightsmile: I hope you like the rest of my story.

So, next chapter is Twilight?

In a sense. If you mean next chapter we meet Twilight, then you are correct. If by that you mean Twilights POV, then.....also yes, acctually.

Edit: WAIT!! Wait! I was wrong. I was very wrong. Think exact opposite of what I said. Nope nope nope.


You said two things, so which is the opposite?

I know I know. I'm sorry:fluttercry: To make things more clearer we will not be seeing Twilight for a bit. But we will have a POV of her before the mane six meet her. We will meet her once the current thing with the voices in the head and such (which the others will get too) is over.

Snap indeed. Well, not really. In fact, this could prove very helpful to our heroines.

The use of the elements seem so much more impactful in such a dark setting, but then I must give the show props for doing it in an up beat setting showing that it can be done in slice of life. But, regardless I love what you have done with it here. Thank you

And I greatly thank you for saying that:twilightsmile: It's these kinds of comments that motivate and encourage me to write, and write my best. Thank you greatly Victus:heart:

P.S. Thanks for the fav:pinkiehappy:

Welp I would have figured that at least rainbow dash would've been sent off to tell celestia but I guess a letter could work too, but very good chapter, i enjoyed this

I don't know where you got the letter idea from. They're not sending a letter. All six of them are going to go to Canterlot to tell Celestia. Gilda's going to tell Celestia in person. The other five are going because-as mentioned in the last chapter-it is risky to stay in one spot too long.

7450890 no no I was just saying that as an alternative because I think it is important that celestia be informed but I guess my wording wasn't the best

I've been thinking and I wonder if Pinkies new found ability to break the fourth wall could interact with where the Cutie Map was? Mostly just contemplation on my part. I can't wait for more chapters.:pinkiehappy:

I honestly wasn't planning on bringing back the Cutie-Map. But, that is a rather good idea. I was just planning to have Pinkie's fourth-wall breaking ability be just what it is in the show: just there for fun, and/or in this case Pinkie's annoyance. And I'm glad you like my story:twilightsmile: It may take a while to get the next chapter out, seeing as how some things have come up life-wise. I'll do my best to get it out soon.

this is AMAZING! I love the idea that not only did the other timelines have thier own story, but each was affected by Twilight's visit to that timeline, as well. ^^

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