• Published 2nd Jul 2016
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Leading the charge. - Watercolor the Pegasus

Rainbow Dash has been fighting in the war for years, but when she is called to Ponyville as a bodyguard for The Princess, a pony named Applejack brings some troubling information to light.

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Panics and Whimpers.

Rarity sat on the single couch along with Rainbow and Applejack, staring with a mix of sympathy and terror at Pinkie, who continued to struggle with her now impossibly poofy (and frankly unruly) bright pink mane. Her efforts were, or course, to no avail. She had been struggling with it all day, but it now seemed to have a mind of its own. So far, she had seen it flail randomly, move as if it was a drill, become a complete and utter pile of frizz, pull multiple random items that had no physically possible way of being in there that they didn't even know were in there out of itself, explode, move in ways none of them knew it could, (nopony's mane should be able to move like that. Noponys!), so forth, so on. Her mane's abilities troubled them, but the one most troubled by it seemed to be Pinkie, due to the fact it was her mane.

Rarity looked around the wooden den. It was Braeburn's home, where he had offered to let them stay in a guest room while they worked out their "roadblock" as it was, with Fluttershy. He had been incredibly suspicious, since they had come to his door with Applejack hauling a crying and screaming Pinkie Pie. Braeburn was out of town on a delivery for the rest of the day, however, so they had the house to themselves.


Rarity looked back down at Pinkie, who had now collapsed on the floor, hooves over her head, screaming as if she was in pain. However, it looked like nothing was happening. "What is it now, darling?" "VOICES IN MY HEAD! VOICES IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!" "What are they saying?" Rainbow asked, casually reclining against the couch. "RAINBOW ASKED, CASUALLY RECLINING AGAINST THE COU-OU-OU-OOOOUUUCH!!!! AHHAAH!!!" Rarity looked at her friend suspiciously. "AHHHHHHHH!!!! THERE IT IS AGAIN!!!!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!!!"


"AHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT KNOWS MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!"

...........oh sweet cheese. Pinkie?


Ignore this. Just...ignore it. Trust me, this is the least of your worries.


"Well, on that note, I think I need some fresh air." Rarity said, getting off the couch and heading for the back door. "I'll be out in the orchard if you need me." She pushed the door open, letting it close softly behind her. Ignoring Pinkie's cries through the door of, "WHAT DID IT MEAN BY THAT!?!?!?!?!? WHAT'S THE MOST OF MY WORRIES!?!?!?!?" she proceeded forward through the orchard.

Rarity walked through the trees, taking in the refreshing shade, and the comforting smell of apples. She felt the soft grass beneath her hooves, and finally sat down, leaning against one of the many apple trees, relishing in the quiet.

She flinched, as a soft sound caught her ears. They swiveled, searching for the source of the sound. "Is that....whimpering?" Rarity got up, moving towards the direction of the sound. She searched through the trees, until a soft voice was heard. "I *hic* I-I-I'm sorry Rarity. Oh. She *hic* she probably h-hates me. I-I *hic* I should have just *hic* told her I-I *hic* remembered. Oh...." Rarity peered around a single tree, and saw a butter yellow pegasus, wearing a Wool Harvesters uniform. She had her head in her hooves, curled into a ball. She sobbed and whimpered, tears streaming down her face onto her hooves. Her eyes were squeezed shut, so she didn't notice when Rarity came closer. "You remembered?" Fluttershy immediately looked up at Rarity, her eyes raw from crying. "W-W-What are you doing here?" "I was about to ask you the same thing." More tears began to stream from Fluttershy's eyes, as she stuttered. "I-I-I-" "Don't worry Fluttershy. I forgive you. But tell me, why did you act like you didn't remember?" Fluttershy whimpered softly, before sighing as Rarity took a seat next to her. "Oh, Rarity, I was scared. Wouldn't you be worried if two soldiers came to you and said they needed you? I was worried you guys thought I was a spy or something." Rarity placed a hoof on her friends shoulder. "Oh darling, no. Didn't you here what Pinkie said?" ".......the pink pony scares me too." Rarity sighed understandingly. "Yes. To be honest, she scares me too. Especially now." Fluttershy wiped her eyes. "What do you mean?" "Do you remember when her mane exploded? It wasn't supposed to do that. It seems to have a mind of its own now." Fluttershy looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean?"

Rarity then proceeded to explain all the abilities, that Pinkie's mane now had.


Rarity nodded. "Now, are you willing to aid us in possibly saving Equestria from Sombra?" Fluttershy looked down at her hooves, tears softly welling in her eyes. "What's wrong darling?" She whimpered. "Oh, Rarity, what if I can't help? What if I can't do anything? I'm just a simple Wool Harvester." "And I'm just a simple Uniform Maker. Fluttershy, you are the kindest, most considerate and caring pony I have ever met. And you are a mare of many talents. You will be more help to us than you could ever imagine. Will you help us Fluttershy?" The Pegasus looked up at Rarity, who held out a hoof to her. Fluttershy reached her hoof up, and placed it on Rarity's. "Okay." Rarity smiled. "Thank you Fluttershy." She said, getting up. "Now, come on. It's time you properly meet the others."

In that moment, a scream rang out from the direction of the barn. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! MY IMAGINATION JUST RAN AWAY FROM ME AND CAME BACK WITH CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rarity stood still, before turning to Fluttershy with a nervous chuckle. "Eh, heh heh. Don't worry. She hasn't hurt anything.


Author's Note:

And, here it is. The next chapter of Leading the charge. I want to take a moment to thank all of my newfound friends here on FIMfiction. You have all been so nice by making me feel welcome here. You have motivated me, and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you friends:heart: