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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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What are you doing here?

Sunset attempted to enter through a door that led inside. But it was locked, so she took her knife and tried to force the lock. Luckily she succeeded; when she entered, she froze in horror. There were five bodies everywhere. They seemed weak and malnourished, their clothes were dirty and torn, they looked like prisoners. Some of the bodies were fresh, one looked like he broke his neck, another had his intestines taken out. Sunset contained her urge to vomit, but it was hard, with great effort, she explored the place.

"What the hell happened here?" Sunset said.

Apart from the bodies, the place was a mess: thrown chairs, an overturned desk, and some papers.
There were also some strange metal tanks which were perhaps some kind of gas. Examining behind them, she found another body, but this one was different, it was a security guard, and right in front of him was a battery. Carefully, Sunset bent down and took it.

"Useable" Sunset said. "Now where?"

She moved forward and found a corridor, on the one hand, there was a closed door, and on the other, another identical door, but it seemed broken. It was one of those automatic doors, but for some reason, next to it was a green light with an open padlock. Sunset took a deep breath and entered, not knowing where it would take her.


Having fallen through a duct, Adagio kept trying to find a way out, but the darkness of the place did not help, few red lights illuminating her path. She had fallen into a completely different place than where she was before. The corridors appeared to be an underground laboratory. Suddenly she heard screams of agony and the sound of an electric saw, which made her increasingly nervous.
She had to find a way out, Aria and Sonata are exploring this horrible place full of psychopaths.
After much walking, she found a room, or rather it was a cafeteria. Everything about it seemed like the other rooms, there was blood, guts, bodies, as usual. Suddenly she hears strange noises. She went to check and found a semi naked man, killing a patient with a saw. Now she understood the noises from before, seeing the man appear to get a piece of skin and devour it. Trying not to vomit, Adagio slowly backs away from the kitchen. If that guy found her, it would not be good. She crossed a bathroom that was next, at the end there was a corridor with rooms. There was no visible light, Adagio did not know where to go.
Suddenly, she hears the sound of a saw. Followed by a voice.

"I have to feed..."

She quickly ducked and hid behind a desk. He peered over the edge. There was that cannibal.

"I know you're close..."

The cannibal had her surrounded, there was no place to go, Adagio began to mourn, closing her eyes tightly to wait for the end. She hears the steps again but does not hear the power saw.
She opened his eyes and froze, a dark hooded figure was right in front of her. She could not see who it was, but she noticed a little light, looking at her with a camera in hand.

"Aria...?" Adagio whispered.


"This place is suck!" Sunset thought, uneasy.

After touring several rooms, Sunset began to discover more of her work. Murkoff was actually a corporation founded by Dr. Rudolf Wernicke and Alan Turing as a company that experimented with nanotechnology, but owning several asylums where torture and secret scientific experiments made patients sick. But big investors and senior government officials bought the company, to host cruel experiments.
She found some files of an experiment called "Project Walrider". She didn't know what it was, but more she advanced, more she discovered, and also about her boss and friend, Waylon Park.

When she came to this world did not know anything about it, one of the first people she met was Waylon Park. He helped her survive, have a home, and learn their human customs.

Sunset never confessed she was otherworldly.

Park began working for the Murkoff Corporation as a software engineer at the Psychiatric Hospital of Mount Massive. Sunset helped him with menial jobs for some reason, he did not give much information.

"Now I understand everything Waylon" Sunset whispered. "You could not stand to see all these tortured people, so you decided to tell the truth, even knowing the price" Sunset thought.

Suddenly she heard the sound of a power saw.

"Shit! It's that guy again! "Sunset thought, hiding behind a door.

"I have to feed..."

Sunset did her best to remain silent. When she looked out into the hall, she saw someone hiding behind a desk.
It was too dark to see who it was, but she used the camera and could see that figure had seemed to spot her, also seemed to be hiding from the subject with the saw.

Sunset walked slowly toward her and saw that her eyes were closed and she was crying.
Those eyes suddenly opened, Sunset could see her face but could not believe it.

It was Adagio Dazzle! Leader of the sirens! They had not heard anything about them since the battle of the bands.

"Aria..?" Adagio whispered.

Sunset was shocked. Her friends are also here?

"I know you're close..."

The cannibal's voice was closer than before. Without thinking, Sunset grabbed her hand and ran away, followed by man.

"MINE...! YOU'RE MINE...!"

They ran as fast as they could, until they reach a door blocked by furniture, but with an opening on top.

Adagio rose first, then Sunset.

"I'll find another way..."

Once safe....

"Aria! Where is Sonata?" Adagio said, catching her breath.

There was no answer.

"Why aren't you talking to me?" Adagio said, watching her.

But she realized it was not as she expected.

"W-Who are you?" Adagio nervously said.

Sunset removed her hood and revealed her face.

"SUNSET SHIMMER?!" said Adagio, voice full of hatred.

"Keep your voice down!" whispered Sunset.

An awkward silence drench, Sunset felt uncomfortable under the glare of Adagio. Until Sunset broke the silence.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sunset.

"What are YOU doing here?" Adagio said with venom in his voice.

"I came to find someone" Sunset said. "And you?"

"How is that any of your business?" Adagio said.

"Look, I know you hate me, but there's a man out there who is eating human flesh, I propose a truce until we get out of here" Sunset said.

"Truce? With you? I don't think so" said Adagio crossing her arms.

"You want to stay here and face that cannibal?" Sunset said.

"I do not need you" Adagio said.

"I think you do, I have a camera so I can see where I'm going. A moment ago, you said Aria's name, you separated from your friends? "Sunset said.

Adagio did not answer, only looked annoyed.

"Both of us can look for your friends. Let me help you" Sunset said sincerely.

Adagio thought. As much as she hated to admit it, she could not go out there alone.

"All right. But once we get out of here, I do not want to see you again. Got it ?!" Adagio said.

Sunset nodded nervously.

"Okay, where do we start?" said Adagio serious.

"Over here" Sunset said.

To her right was a door. The sign said "crematorium" and Sunset opened the gate and entered, followed by Adagio.


Aria and Sonata had escaped the ugly fat man. Now they were in the lobby of the asylum.

"Aria? What do we do now?" Sonata said crying.

"Let's find Adagio and then leave this place" Aria said.

"Are you sure? What if that guy found-"

"Hey, calm down" said Aria, kneeling beside her. "We are talking about Adagio, surely she ran to another part of the building. We will find her. But I need you to calm down, okay?"

"Okay, where do we go now?" Sonata said a little quieter.

"Let me see" Aria said, looking around. "Over here" she started walking.

The lobby did not seem quite as messy as the rest of the place. It was a room filled with computers and papers on the floor, as they go they discover a lift to the upper floors. A wheelchair lying next to a large pool of blood, and footsteps leading into the basement.
Next door had a map of different parts of the first floor: Security room, electrical room, library, recreation hall, cafeteria, and chapel. The only one who could go, would be to the electrical room.

"C'mon Sonata" Aria said.

"I-I'm scared to walk" said Sonata nervous.

"Calm down, nothing can be worse" Aria said.

Suddenly, the power goes out. Sonata hugged Aria's arm, who turn on the night vision, and behind them came a damn big guy.
Fast but silent, they hid behind nearby furniture. Once the misshapened, fat man left, Aria leaned over.

"Be careful" whispered Sonata.

"I know" Aria whispered.

She wait for a few minutes.

"I think it's safe" Aria whispered.

But she heard other footsteps coming.

"Do not move" Aria whispered hiding.

She watches as a man came up from the basement, but there was something different about him. He did not look like the rest of the patients.
He seemed "normal" although it was hard to tell. She remember that the electrical room was downstairs, maybe this man was trying to turn the lights on again.

"Ari?" whisper Sonata.

"Wait a moment Sonata" Aria whispered.

After about 10 minutes the lights came back. The man climbed back up and turned to the right, toward the security room.

"I didn't think, I was right" Aria said.

"That thing?" Asked Sonata.

"Did you see that guy and that thing from down in the basement?" Aria said.

"No?" replied Sonata.

"I think he's like us, a sane person who is trying to get out of here" Aria said.

"But, what is he doing here?" asked Sonata.

"I do not know" Aria said.

"You think it's the guy Adagio works with?" Sonata said.

"I doubt it, but maybe it is" Aria said.

"And we do now?" asked Sonata.

"We will follow him, and get out of here" Aria said.

"But what about Dagi?" Sonata said.

"She is also heading for the exit, we'll all be fine" Aria said.

"Okay" Sonata said.

They came out of hiding, and on the right, they saw an intern had located the mystery man.

"That bald man took him" Sonata said. "What we do?" she asked, taking Aria's hand.

"Follow him. Come on" Aria said walking behind them.

Author's Note:

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Now that Sunset and Adagio are together, they go through almost the same path as waylon park.
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