• Published 1st Mar 2016
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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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See You Never

After finding what looks like an exit, Adagio and Sunset advanced down the dark corridor. They continued until they ended up at a door striped with wireframing. The room it led to seemed to overlook the bottom of an elevator shaft and in the middle was also a corpse. The body looked like a scientist or a doctor.

"Well?" called Adagio.

"This way" Sunset said, walking to the right.

There were open doors. They passed through them and went down another hall, this one a little brighter than the previous one. Desks blocked their passage, but they could jump on them without problems.
The next pair of doors were blocked by a stretcher; their only way was to the left.
There was a small office: the windows were broken and, as always, everything was in chaos.

"I hope we can get out of here alive" said Sunset.

"I just hope Aria and Sonata have left" Adagio said.

"I'm sure they got out. Come one, let's find another way out" Sunset said.

They found, once again, a corridor, longer and darker than the other two. They noticed that the corridor ended in an open mesh-striped door where they had seen the corpse of the doctor-scientist.

"Now where?" asked Adagio.

"There's nowhere to go from here, we'll have to go back" Sunset said.

Turning around in the corridor, behind the intersection they had just come from, they spotted a light in the background coming through an open wood door. They were finally back where they started.

"Did you notice the sun is rising?" Adagio asked.

"Yeah, that's good" said Sunset. "Now, I think we can continue without problems" she said, pointing to a stretcher blocking the path.

They jumped over it and followed the passageway. But they were too tired to walk, they had been running and jumping all night. They just wanted a moment to rest. The hall seemed to never end when...

"That's new" Sunset said.

"What?" said Adagio.
In front of them now was a long corridor, but the atmosphere of this one was different than the others. The floor was carpeted, the walls were made of wood, and the windows showed the dawn lights.

"It's like being somewhere else" Sunset said.

But the siren did not answer, she just moved forward.

"Adagio?" Sunset said confusedly after her.

Adagio walked very fast despite the injured foot; she did not stop until arriving at a very familiar place. Sunset saw Adagio enter a room. It was a normal room. It was clean, she noticed, and Adagio was watching distortion static on a television screen.

"Adagio?" Sunset called again. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"This... this place... here was where we came in" said Adagio.

"You came in here?" asked Sunset, surprised.

"Well, not here, rather, in the back room" Adagio said.

"Adagio, do you know what this means?" said Sunset. "In the other room, there in an exit."

"I know... but... my friends..." said Adagio. "Look, you can leave if you want, but I'll stay and look for them" she said seriously.

"I will not leave you alone, I told you I would help look for them. What was the last thing you said to them? To your friends?" asked Sunset.

"I... I told them to get out" Adagio replied. "I told them to get to the exit"

"When I found you, you told me that a huge, fat variant separated you and you ran back, right?" asked Sunset.

"Yes, I did" Adagio said, folding her arms.

"They could not go back where they came in because the fat one would block them," said Sunset, rubbing her chin. "Maybe they're looking for another way out, they might be outside," Sunset said, smiling.

"How are you so sure? What if you're wrong?" asked Adagio.

"I could be, but we should find out. Come on" said Sunset, extending her hand to the siren. "One more time, follow me" she said.
Adagio stared at the pony girl's hand.

"Mmmm... Well, one last time," said Adagio, accepting her hand.

They went out and they were in front of another door.

"It's locked" Sunset said, turning the knob.

"What?" said Adagio, confused.

"The door, it's screwed so no one could come in" Sunset said. "Now what do we do?"

"Maybe we can break it with something," Adagio said, looking around.

Luckily, she found something: a pipe with a sharp point at one end. Between the two, they managed to break through the door, creating a gap to slip through. Once inside, they went to the window, opened it, and went out onto the scaffold. But a part was broken and the could not pass.

"Great! And now what?" said Adagio.

"The wall, we press ourselves up against the wall and get to the other side," said Sunset.

"It's a bad idea Sunset, it's really far" said Adagio.

"I know, but it's the only option we have" Sunset said. "Follow me, we'll be fine." She moved down the wall and crawled against it.

"I guess we have no choice" Adagio said, following.

Now they were against the wall of the building, finding a way to get down.


Under the building, Aria and Sonata ended up in an underground facility of the asylum. Now they were in search of an exit. Some doors were their next road. Once they crossed them, they were in front of a corridor. Or rather, a tunnel. And at the end of it, other doors. The walls were like rock, white rock. Luckily there was light.

"Well, I don't think we'll need to use the camera here anymore" Sonata said.

"Good" Aria said, turning off the camera. "Because I ran out of batteries" she said, walking beside Sonata.

Then they went through the other doors and on the other side was the reception area. There were symbols on the windows. Blood splattered on the floor and wall.

"Looks like it's not safe here" Aria said, readying her camera.

"Oh rats!" said Sonata in annoyance. Why?"

They entered the reception, noting that there was not only blood but body parts, internal and external. Also their only way: an electric door with a pool of blood beside it and a darkness.

"Ready?" Aria asked, turning on the night vision.

"I guess" Sonata said, gripping Aria's shoulder.

They continued down another tunnel. Although it was a little long, the darkness did not last. As light returned to the path, it was followed by other doors. They peeked and saw rooms full of chemicals.

"So, this is the place where it all started?" asked Sonata, walking.

"I guess, the lab where it all started. This looks like a horror movie" said Aria, walking.

As they walked, they saw all kinds of things related to the corporation. They got back to the other doors; now the place was different. Pipes for a roof, gas tanks along the way, and all kinds of cables on the walls. They continued walking through the obstacles in front.

"Aria, I don't think we should go any further" Sonata said, stopping.

"Why?" said Aria.

"I don't think we will find Dagi here, we should go back" Sonata said.

"We can't and you know it" said Aria.

"We should try, Dagi needs us" Sonata said.

Aria was getting fed up. She knew that Adagio might have been dead for some time. But Sonata kept insisting on looking and Aria just wanted to get out of this hell. Then she came up with an idea.

"Remember what Adagio told us when we parted?" Aria said.

"Eh?" said Sonata, confused. "N-No?"

"She said: 'Get to the exit, I'll see you there" Aria replied. "She returned to where we entered, so we must continue and find the exit." She smiled, "Come on, trust me."

"Well, okay, I've always trusted you" Sonata said, smiling.

This time Aria would not let those words sway her, even if she felt bad for lying. As soon as she found the exit, she planned on hitting Sonata and taking her unconscious body out of here.

"Aria! Look!" said Sonata, stopping.

She saw what Sonata was pointing at. It was a transparent window that showed a kind of parking lot for large vehicles. But more than that, the door was open! The light of day illuminated the mountains in the distance and also a military car.

"It's the exit! Ari was right!" said Sonata, hugging Aria and crying with happiness.

"We can-"

"We can get out! Adagio is waiting for us! Come on!" Sonata said happily, pulling Aria's arm.

Aria looked at the room. It seems that the only way there was a door. The hallway before them connected to that door. They just had to go and turn left.

"Yes. At last. Let's get out of here Sonata" said Aria.

Now they both ran down the hall to the door. That was quick, Aria didn't think they would find the exit so fast. As they ran, Aria was thinking what she would do when Sonata saw that Adagio wasn't waiting for them. Once they reached the door, they crossed it and stood in front of the open gate.

"Let's get out of here Nata" Aria said.

"Yes Ari, with Dagi" she said, taking Aria's hand.

They walked outside. To the exit.


After a while of being dangerously pressed against the wall of a building and being about ten feet high, Sunset and Adagio found a way to get down. Then they were in front of a stone wall that was too high to climb.

"We have to jump, but how?" Sunset thought aloud.

"With that" Adagio said, pointing to a military car.

"It could work" Sunset said.

Then they climbed on top of the vehicle, but even with its added height, the wall was too tall for them.

"You're first" Sunset said, clasping her hands together.

"And why do you not go first?" Adagio asked, crisscrossing her arms.

"First of all, you can't blame me for your foot. And secondly, if I go before you, it will be difficult for you to jump" said Sunset, pointing at the foot.

"Don't think I'm useless Shimmer. You have strong arms to pull me up, you've done it before, remember?" said Adagio.

"Fine, fine, whatever you want, put your hands together" Sunset said.

Adagio did as she was asked and Sunset managed to climb. Now it was the siren's turn. She jumped a little to get to Sunset's hand. As Adagio had said, Sunset managed to get her up the wall. She was stronger than she looked. Luckily there was a way down. And once down, they looked for the way to leave the place.

"Finally, some fresh air" said Adagio, relieved.

"We need to get to the parking lot, I left my car there" said Sunset.

"Aren't you forgetting something? How are we going to find my friends?" said Adagio, starting to get annoyed. "Or did you change your mind and want to leave?"

"What?! No! I just said-"

"Finally! We are out!" said a voice.

A voice that Adagio recognized. She ran across the place to see two beings she had not seen all night.

"Yeah, I thought we wouldn't get out alive" said Aria, guarding her camera.

"Now let's go where Adagio told us!" said Sonata happily.

"Yeah whatever, but stop sounding like a crazy" Aria said.

"I'm not crazy!" Sonata said, annoyed.

"Yes, you are, being in this place affected your brain" Aria said sulkily.

"I'm not! You are!" said Sonata, pouting.

"Have you been fighting all night?" said a familiar voice.

They both turned to see where the voice came from. Seeing who it was, they were frozen in astonishment.

"I can't leave them alone for one night, right?" said Adagio, smiling as she approached.

Aria could not believe it. Adagio was here. And alive.

"DAGI!!" Sonata screamed, running to hug Adagio.

"Jeez, calm down Sonata" Adagio said, trying to breathe.

"I knew you'd be fine! I knew it!" said Sonata, weeping on Adagio's shoulder.

Then Aria joined the hug. Just at that moment, Sunset came to see that act of love and kinship. Watching the three sirens cry with happiness
and relief to finally be together, she couldn't avoid smiling.

"How did you survive?" Sonata asked, moving away from the hug.

"Yes, I had the camera, how could you see through the darkness?" Aria asked, moving away from the hug too.

"Well... I... someone helped me... and saved me too" Adagio said, looking at the hooded girl in the mint-colored sweater.

Who approached the three sirens slowly.

"Who is it?" Aria looked the girl up and down.

Sunset was surprised, but remember that she had her hood on. She took off her cap and revealed her face.

"You?!" said Aria, filled with hatred. "What the hell are you doing here?!" she said, dangerously approaching Sunset.

An awkward silence flooded the situation. Sunset felt uncomfortable by Aria's murderous look while Sonata looked scared hiding being Adagio.

"I...I came to find a friend" said Sunset. "But I found Adagio and she explained to me what you were doing here" she replied. "I worked-"

"Wait! You work here?!" said Aria with venom in her voice. "What kind of sick are you?!" she said, grabbing Sunset's shirt.

"Back off Aria" Adagio said, approaching.

"Are you defending her?!" said Aria, shocked and annoyed. "The cause of our misery?!" She was furious.

"Without her, I would have died, so calm down and let her explain" said Adagio.

"Grrr!... Fine!" said Aria, abruptly dropping Sunset.

"But first, we have to go. Where did you say you were parked?" Adagio asked Sunset.

"Well, if this is a parking lot, then I think I'm parked very close" Sunset said.

"Well, take us there" said Adagio.

Then Sunset went first, followed by the dazzlings.

"What the hell Dazzle?" Aria whispered angrily.

"Look, I know you hate her, but without her, I would not have survived" Adagio whispered.

"She's right Aria" Sonata whispered.

"Are you on her side?!" whispered Aria, annoyed. "Because of her, we have no magic!"

"This is our only chance to escape and whether you like it or not, we need her" Adagio said, hastening to stand by Sunset.

"Aria, I know you're very upset, but we don't have a choice" Sonata whispered.

"If it were up to me, I would leave her here with all these demented variants" Aria whispered, frowning.

"I know, but she has a way out. Please Ari, calm down a bit" Sonata whispered, pleading.

"Grr..." Aria growled. "All right. But I want to know why she's here" she said.

Aria and Sonata approached Sunset and Adagio.

"Well Shimmer, why did you 'come' to this place?" Aria asked

"Well, like I said before, I came here to find a friend. He worked here as a software engineer. I was his assistant but I never came here" Sunset explained.

"How can you work in a place you don't know?" Aria asked.

"He never told me what the job is about, I only helped him to create and repair some of the systems that he sent me" explained Sunset. "I wanted to know what I was working on, but he always told me the same thing: I'll tell you later" she said.

"So you didn't know anything about this? Now what they did to these humans?" Sonata asked.

"No, I had no idea. I decided to look for information on the asylum. I was surprised to find that I was working for a place of torture, full of cruel experiments" said Sunset.

"Nice story" Aria said sarcastically. "But what brought you here?" she asked seriously.

"That's what I was going to do" said Sunset, serious. "These people would do anything to keep the secret; they would even resort to murder. That's why I came, I knew that they would kill him. I wanted to help him, but I think it's too late" she said.

"Did you even look for him?" said Aria.

"I did, but I found Adagio first. I told her I'd help to find you two" said Sunset. "I thought he'd be fine, he's very slippery" she said.

"And what did you do?" asked Adagio.

"We were following your partner" Sonata replied.

"What? Miles?" Adagio said in surprise. "Where is he?"

"We lost sight of him" Sonata said.

Suddenly, the sky turned black.

"What the...?" said Adagio.

"What is that?" Sunset said, confused.

"Oh no!" said Sonata, hiding behind Aria. "It's the ghost!" she said, frightened.

"Ghost?" said Adagio.

"He's a variant who looks like a ghost!" said Aria.

"It's like a spectrum and has a tumultuous fog form that gets clear by letting you see its features?" Sunset asked.

"Exactly! How did you know?" asked Sonata.

"I found some archives that said what it was, it's-"

The cloud grew bigger.

"Leave your nerd classes for later!" said Aria, annoyed.

"We need to get out of here! NOW!" said Adagio.

They ran until they reached the right parking lot. Sunset got into her own red car and started the engine, Aria and Sonata climbed into the back and Adagio jumped in the passenger seat.
Sunset was about to go when she saw it in the distance, a red all-terrain vehicle. What more drew her attention was the driver. Even though it
happened very quickly, she recognized him.

"But if it's-"

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! DRIVE!" shouted Aria furiously.

That woke her from her trance and she put her car in gear, leaving the parking lot, leaving the asylum.


An awkward silence seized the car. Sunset wanted to try to talk, but she did not know how to start.

"So you saw Miles?" Adagio asked seriously.

"Yes, we followed his steps" Aria answered just as serious.

"We thought he'd be with you" Sonata said.

"Yeah, we did not expect you to be with her" said Aria, annoyed.

"Yes it was a surprise to me too, but after saving me from a cannibal, a fall of 10 meters, and a guy who castrated men, we made a deal" said Adagio.

"And what happened to that Miles? Did he get out?" Sunset asked.

"We don't know" Sonata replied. "Sorry Dagi."

"It's okay, I didn't know him very well" Adagio said.

"And you Shimmer? Did you forget about your friend for us?" Aria said, looking down at Sunset.

"Ha! I didn't forget him" Sunset said, smiling. "He escaped"

"How do you know?" said Aria.

"I know because I saw him" Sunset said.

"Then why didn’t you follow him?" Sonata asked in confusion.

"He had told me that is was better for us to not see each other again. He will tell the truth, ruin the company. Once he does, they will ruin his life - kill his wife, his children, to hurt him" said Sunset.

"And you too?" said Aria.

"I don't know. I never worked in that company. He told me he eliminated all connection that he had to me" replied Sunset.

"So... are you okay?" Adagio asked.

"I hope so" replied Sunset.

"Why the hell do you care?" said Aria, annoyed.

"Hey!" Sonata said. "I'm a little hungry, do you have something to eat Sunset?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"I have something in my backpack" said Sunset.

"Thank you" Sonata said.

Sonata tried to take the backpack from Sunset, but it moved.

"Ahh! Something moved!" Sonata said in a frightened voice.

"What?" said Adagio, confused.

"I'll take care of it" said Aria, taking the pack.

"No! Wait!" said Sunset.

As soon as Aria opened the bag, she got a bite on the nose.

"Argg! What the fuck?!" Aria said, trying to get the animal out.

Sunset stretched out her hand and took the ferret off of Aria's face.

"That is not good behavior, Onix! Bad boy!" Sunset said, annoyed. "But, I'm glad to see you're fine" she said, stroking the animal.

"That rat is yours?!" Aria said angrily.

"It's not a rat, it's a ferret and he's my pet" said Sunset.

"Well, that thing almost took my nose off!" Aria said.

"Sorry, he's usually well behaved" Sunset said.

"Let me see" said Sonata, taking Aria's face.

I'm fine" Aria said, a little flushed.

As Sonata tended to Aria, Sunset decided to speak with Adagio.

"So where do you live?" asked Sunset.

"We have no house, not since yesterday" said Adagio.

"Oh... well, if you want, you can stay in my house. It's pretty big" said Sunset.

"Mmmm... Fine, I'll accept your offer" Adagio replied.

"I know you said that, once outside, you didn't want to see me again, but I... Wait, you said yes?!" Sunset said, looking at the siren in surprise.

"Yes. Honestly, I forgot I even told you that in the moment, now I feel bad for it" said Adagio. "You saved my life more than once... when I tried to jump from that tower... when I couldn't get to the other side. You... jumped, on impulse, to save me. So thank you Sunset Shimmer" said Adagio.

"Oh... I ... it was nothing," said Sunset, a little flushed. "Then let's go" she said with a sincere smile.

Now they were on their way back to the city. Sunset was driving, she saw in the rearview mirror the sirens were talking to each other like sisters. And with her pet sleeping on her legs, she smiled.
She watched the sun rising in the distance, now she was thinking about how to help the dazzlings.

"This summer will not be so boring after all" said Sunset, stepping on the gas.

Author's Note:

THE LAST CHAPTER !!! :pinkiehappy: yes. This story is over
See? I told you that no one would die :raritywink:
Now Adagio, Aria, and Sonata are on their way to Sunset's house.
What will happen next? What will Sunset do with three sirens in your house? :rainbowhuh:
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