• Published 1st Mar 2016
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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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It was the last day of school, all of Canterlot High had plans for the summer. In the corridors there were a lot of students talking about what they would do on their vacation. Even the Mane 6.

"At last! I thought this day would never come" Rainbow said.

"Don't overdo it, Dash" Applejack said.

"I'm not exaggerating, who puts tests on the last day?!" Rainbow said.

"I agree with Rainbow on that," Rarity said.

"T-the good news is that we can now go," Fluttershy said.

"And it's time for the super farewell party holiday!" Pinkie said out of the Rainbow locker.

"What are your plans for vacation?" asked Sunset.

"I'll go visit my family in Appaloosa," said Applejack adjusting her hat.

"I'm going with my parents to a place called Mexico," said Pinkie Pie jumping.

"I'll go with my father to a camp of extreme sports," said Rainbow excited.

"I'll go with my family to Paris, which will give me a lot of inspiration for my designs," Rarity said.

"And I'm going on a safari with my parents," Fluttershy said.

"That sounds very exciting" said a happy Sunset.

"Are you sure you do not want to go with one of us, dear?" asked Rarity worried.

"Yeah, why not come with me and Dad? We got a place to practice motocross," Rainbow said.

"Sounds great, but no thanks" said Sunset.

"Are you going to stay here ALL summer?!" Pinkie said plunking down to Sunset.

"Eh... yes" Sunset said.

"Do not you get bored?" Applejack asked worried.

"I'll be fine girls, anyway I have work" Sunset said.

"Sounds boring" Rainbow said

"A little, but seeketh how to entertain" Sunset said smiling.

But her friends showed worried faces.

"Girls seriously. I'll be fine," Sunset said.

"Okay, if you say," Rainbow said.

"If Sunny is okay, then let's go party!" Pinkie said happily.

After leaving school, they went to the house of Pinkie to celebrate. Pinkie had everything ready, there were streamers and balloons everywhere, also pizzas, soda and cupcakes. And it was all set up in the living room.

Rainbow and Applejack played video games and ate pizza.

Rarity, Fluttershy talked of their plans.

Pinkie ate the rest of the cupcakes.

And Sunset ate the rest of the pizza.

Honestly she wanted to go with one of her friends, but her boss asked her to stay this summer. She had never spoken to her work with her friends, she wanted to tell, but her boss asked her not to tell anyone.


Once the party ended, each went to her house. Sunset and Fluttershy went together to their homes, as they were in the same direction.

"Were you serious?" Fluttershy whispered.

"Eh?" said Sunset confused.

"About not w-wanting to go with one of us" Fluttershy said.

"Oh. Yes, but don’t worry, I'll be fine" Sunset said smiling.

"B-but you might get lonely," Fluttershy said.

"Since I've been with you girls, I don't feel like that anymore, Fluttershy" said Sunset happy.

Along the way, they crossed over a bridge, and followed the river. As they continued, the river grew more and more, until it became a lake.

"Well, here we part" Sunset said.

"Take care of yourself Sunset, be careful" Fluttershy said hugging her.

"I will, you too" Sunset said returning the hug.

Fluttershy followed the path by the river, while Sunset followed by the bridge. Sunset Shimmer was on her way home, but her mind was elsewhere. Although her life has improved since the battle of the bands, she really wanted to go with one of her friends, but needed to work this summer to have enough money to stay, living alone was not easy. Sunset sigh with annoyance.

"I suppose it's the most boring summer I've had, maybe I can visit Twilight. Oh right, she also went with her family. Since she transferred to Canterlot High, she's been adapting better than me, I'm glad it did not bother at school"Sunset said.

And arrive, after crossing the river, she came to some nice houses around, there were freshly mown grass, in general, a very nice neighborhood; Simple but very spacious. In a small two-story house, of light black color, and with a small porch, lived the girl pony. His lawn was cut and the bushes too. She climbed the stairs to the porch, while looking for your keys in your pocket.

"Home Sweet Home" Sunset said.

She opened the front door, and closed it upon entering. The walls were painted a mint color, and the furniture was yellowish. She had a couch that faced the wall where a TV set with a game that Rainbow had given her; she also had some pictures hanging on the walls of her and her friends doing things together and a wooden coffee table in front of the couch with a red carpet laid under it.

She left her backpack on the couch and up the stairs straight to her room, then opened the door. Like all the other rooms, the walls were colored mint. A white wardrobe with a mirror, pictures of her and her friends on the walls, a wooden bedside table with a laptop, a table lamp, and some books. The bed was colored wood, the pillows were purple, the quilt was red, and there was a small animal who was sleeping peacefully.

"Hey buddy, wake up, I'm back" said Sunset approaching the animal.

It was a little male ferret black with gray, pink ears and nose, with an orange collar with mint color gems. He awoke to hear the voice of its owner.

"How are you? You hungry?" asked Sunset petting the animal.

In response, the ferret gently bit her fingers.

"I'll take that as a yes" Sunset said smiling, raising the animal on her shoulder. "Come on" leaving the room.

Later that night Sunset was in the kitchen, making a good dinner. Spaghetti with vegetarian meatballs. For a while, when she first came to this world, had problems with the feeding this, because here ate meat. Of course, she did not know what it was at first, but when she found out, had difficulty eating, then she preferred to stay with his vegetarian food.

When the spaghetti was ready, she took a plate of the cupboard and put it on the table, also took out a plate and a box of food for ferrets, when each dish was full, she walked toward the kitchen door and knocked.

"C'mon Onix! Dinner's ready," with hand cupped around her mouth.

The little ferret up on the table and began to eat his plate, Sunset sat and did the same. People think it's strange dinner with an animal on the table, but not Sunset. Onix has been her pet since the fall of formal dance.

It was a gift that Fluttershy. Since Sunset was reformed, she help each of her new friends. One day at the animal shelter, Sunset goes with Fluttershy helps animals.
Suddenly Sunset see a group of ferrets playing together, but one of them was away from the group, all were white, except one, who was black.

Fluttershy told Sunset that ferret is special and unique. The ferret grew fond of Sunset and Sunset him; Fluttershy saw that connection, and decided to give him to Sunset. Since then, Sunset and Onix live together. Always with Sunset, either in a backpack or on her shoulder when she is sad, he gently bites her fingers playfully. Keeping him company at all times.

When they finished eating, she picked all, keep the food in the refrigerator, took his plate and glass, and washed in the kitchen sink. She then made her way to her room again, with her pet on her shoulder. Then she sat in her chair and turned on her computer.

"Let's see ... that's from my work," Sunset said reading an email.

September 17, 2013
From: 10260110756@mutemail.com
To: sunsetshimmer@gmail.com
Subject: Work

Dear Sunset Shimmer

I regret to inform you that we will no longer work together.

You've helped me a lot as my "assistant" software engineer at the Psychiatric Hospital of Mount Massive.

But things I've seen are not of this world or any other.

It is dangerous that you continue helping me. I do not want you to get hurt.

I decided to reveal the truth.

Just I wanted you to know, and do not worry, I've put a huge sum of money to your bank account, and will spend no economic problems.

Forgive me for having to do this.

It was an honor to have met you... Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset did not know whether to be shocked or angry. She was completely in shock, she could not believe it. Suddenly, a lick on her cheek roused her.

"Eh? Oh, sorry Onix," said Sunset stroking the animal on her shoulder. "It's just... I can't believe it."

In response, Onix stroked her cheek with his nose.

"Thank you buddy," said Sunset smiling. "But now I'm going to do?" she said.

It was very strange that her boss would fire his right hand, when he told her would he would promote her. She opened a drawer of her desk, pulled out a USB memory stick which belonged to her boss, she had forgotten to give it back the last time they met.

That contained all the information about their work. She knew this was wrong, did not want to invade her boss's privacy. But her curiosity won, she connected the USB and entered private files.
She found a lot of documents, opened them one by one, and read.

The Murkoff Corporation is a corporation, owns several asylums, where torture and secret scientific experiments make patients and sick. Founded by Dr. Rudolf Wernicke and Alan Turing, as a company that experimented with nanotechnology. But big investors and senior government officials bought the company, to host cruel experiments.

"What ...?" said Sunset surprised, continuing to read.

The years passed and the Murkoff Corporation was forgotten, continuing to work in secret under the madhouse of Mount Massive.

Sunset could not believe it, the place where she worked, was a place of torture. "Now I understand everything, your boss probably could not hide it anymore and decided to confess. But these guys are true psychopaths, and would do whatever they were to keep the secret, even if....

"Oh no! They will kill him!" Sunset said nervous and scared.

Shutting off her computer, she calmly got up, opened the closet and changed her clothes as fast as she could. Now her outfit was totally different, she was wearing blue jeans, black shoes, and a mint color sweatshirt.

The little ferret looked worried.

She took her old backpack, and watcher her pet.

"Come on, I can not leave you alone," Sunset said.

Onix jump with happiness to the backpack.

She left the room and went to the kitchen to pack food for herself and Onix. Just in case. Also a video camera, and left the apartment.

Sunset ran to his garage. She could not call her friends, it was too late, and they had their own plans. Came to the garage, and entered his car, a sporty bright red, once inside, she went out.


Two hours later she looked upon the Hospital Psychiatric of Mount Massive.
It was definitely the scariest place she had seen, including in Equestria. She entered a private parking area, the place was completely deserted, hiding her car with two larger vehicles.

"You better stay here Onix, I be back soon," Sunset said out of the car.

She approached the barbed wire and from her pocket pulled out her knife and cut the wire. Once inside, she put on the hood of her sweater and stood a few meters from a door.

"Let's see what those damned hide Murkoff" whispered Sunset serious. "Hold on, Mr. Waylon Park, I'm coming for you" going forward.

Author's Note:

Things start to get interesting ~! :pinkiehappy:
for people who have not seen the game, I recommend you go to play, or you can see in gameplay.
and for those who know the game, if there is a doubt who want to know, please tell me and I will explain
This fanfic is to see and analyze things. Outlast is one of my favorite games, because everything happens in parallel everything.
a game highly recommended, though scary in parts.
I hope you like it
all criticism and comments are accepted :twilightsmile: