• Published 1st Mar 2016
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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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Outside of the prison

Aria and Sonata hid under a bed, waiting for a chance to advance. But the doctor kept walking. After waiting for an hour, finally no noise is heard.

"I think he’s already gone" Aria whispered.

"I do not want to leave" came Sonata’s frightened whisper.

"If we stay here, he’ll catch us. We must follow" Aria whispered. "Do it for Adagio."

"F-Fine" whisper Sonata.

Both got up and went up to a ventilation duct by the door.

"I hope that this subject will not find us" whisper Sonata.

"I hope so too, but he seems to be more interested in that companion of Adagio."

"What was his name?" asked Sonata.

"I don't know, Adagio never said. I think it was Upshur, or something like" Aria said.

Once they reached the end of the duct. They ended up in another dark hallway and to her right was an unlocked door.

"Come on" Aria said.

Suddenly they heard steps and hid behind a wall. Then there were voices

"Aw, buddy. What are you trying to do? I gave you a chance, didn’t I? Didn’t old Rick try to give you a hand? Well, I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. You’re fired."

Once it passed...

"Let's go...!" Sonata whispered slowly.

They moved through the rooms of the place, being very careful not meet the doctor, Trager.
They found another duct and went up. Aria climbed first. Sonata was missing.

"Oh, come on, we're not safe yet..."

Quickly, Sonata pulled herself up, before he saw her.

"Don't stop" Aria whispered.

They followed the canal, ending up in a bathroom. They found a destroyed door with something sharp.
They went on a little longer, not knowing where to go now.

"Aria?" Sonata called.

"Stop bugging me Sonata, let me think" Aria said.

"Am not. And it’s not that. There is an elevator," Sonata said.

"Where?" asked Aria.

"Out there" Sonata said, pointing to a dark hallway.

They went to the elevator and tried to turn it on when they found it.

"It doesn’t work" Aria said.

"But the lights say that it does" Sonata said.

"It must be stuck on something" Aria said.

"What shall we do?" asked Sonata.

"We have to go down" Aria said.

"But how? No stairs here" Sonata said.

"Then here" Aria said looking at the elevator cable.

"WHAT ?!" said Sonata surprised.

"It is the only way Sonata, we must go, we can not stop here" Aria said.

"Okay" Sonata said.

Both went down the elevator cable. When they got to the end, they saw what stopped the elevator.
The body of Richard Trager.

"At least we can breathe calm, a little" Aria said

They entered another room, taking the only possible path, following corridors to rooms to walk down stairs Then they found another narrow path, just wide enough to enter. Once inside, they were in another of the thousands of offices and out another corridor, went ahead a door blocked by wood obstructing his path.

"Over here" Aria said.

After two hours of walking, they ended in a dining room.

"What smells so bad?" Sonata said.

"It smells like wet wood" Aria said. "But this wood is black as if it had a fire" she said.

They went straight on to end up in a kitchen. On one of the tables were fingers and mutilated bodies.
They left the kitchen, the hallway was dark, could distinguish only light at the end, they followed until finishing up a huge corridor, the main entrance to the elevator.

"Ari? Look" Sonata said, pointing to her back.

Aria looked in that direction to see a huge gate with a red sign that read "Exit".

"This is the end!" said a happy Sonata.

"It is" said Aria, surprised.

"Come on! Dagi should be waiting" Sonata said, pulling Aria's arm.

"I don't know Sonata, but yes, we must leave" Aria said.

They left the building in the dark, cold night. Suddenly it began to rain.


Sunset and Adagio were down the drain, visiting rooms and offices.

"This place is making me sick" Adagio said.

"Me too," Sunset said. "I can not believe what they do to these people" she said.

"Don’t you find it strange that we have not seen any women?" asked Adagio.

"You're right. There are only men here" Sunset said.

"Mad Men and sickness" Adagio said with disgust in her voice.

"Listen. Perhaps they were not when they arrived; maybe some of them worked here" Sunset said.

"I'm surprised that you work here" Adagio said.

"I told you I was not working here! I work at home, for a person who worked here. They never wanted to bring me here, and now I understand why" Sunset said.

"What kind of work did you do?" asked Adagio.

"It was his assistant, kind of, like a software repairman" said Sunset.

"I did not know you were fond of computers" Adagio said.

"A bit. I like them. I must seem like some kind of nerd" Sunset said.

"I don’t think you look like a nerd" Adagio said sincerely.

"Thank you," said Sunset smiling. Then she saw…. "Look!" she said, pointing out front.

Both saw a door that said “Exit”.

"Is it possible...?" Adagio said in shock.

"Come on. Maybe your friends are waiting for you" Sunset said.

"But..." said Adagio.

"What’s up?" Sunset asked worriedly.

"What about your friend...?" asked Adagio.

"Maybe he is already out" Sunset said. "Come on" she took her hand.

They ran to the door to get to the next room, a reception area. On the right was a corridor with the same sign, but the door was blocked by a locker.

"Damn!" Adagio said.

"I thought we had it" Sunset said.

"Now what?" Adagio said angrily.

Luckily, there was an alternative way. It was very dark, but it was the only option since the other side was blocked by chairs and lockers.

"Over here" said Sunset, motioning forward.

They walked down the hall, everything was very dark, their only guide was Sunset's camera. At first the hall was filled with open and empty lockers. Later, another passage with a single path to the left.

"Follow me" whispered Sunset.

"I hope this time we can get out" Adagio whispered.

Suddenly pungent gust blew and they heard what sounded of steps.

"What was that?" whispered Sunset, looking back.

Then she heard a roar.

"Oh no..." said Adagio in a panic.

Recoiling back, she looked at the camera Sunset held. It was the same monster that separated her from her friends. Who was walking toward them. Annoyed.

"What is that...?" said Sunset, confused.

"RUN!!!!" Adagio cried pulling Sunset by the arm.

They fled the huge variant, jumping and bumping some objects, but soon they were down the road all the same.

"Now what?" said Sunset exhausted.

Adagio try to find an alternative. Bingo!

"This way!" she said, jumping from a window and pulling Sunset with her.

They avoided another encounter with the patient called Walker, they left the building, reaching the roof of another. Then they fell to the floor of the inner courtyard.

"What was that?" said Sunset in shock.

"The same eyesore that separated me from Aria and Sonata" Adagio said.

"That fat thing separated you from your friends?" asked Sunset surprised.

"Yes. I thought that was following them. I think I'm wrong" Adagio said.

"Well, we're at least outside" Sunset said looking around.

"Where are we?" asked Adagio.

"We are in the inner courtyard of the building. This place is quite large, finding the exit will not be easy" Sunset said.

"Thanks for the encouragement" Adagio said sarcastically.

"Sorry" said Sunset with a wince. "We can't argue about it here, we must continue" she said moving forward.

The darkness of the night was horrible. The place left them shivering, not only for the climate but the environment around them. They walked forward, avoiding any sound they heard. They continued until a grid covering an entire power plant. There was an entrance to the building to their right, but the door was locked.

"Is everything locked in this cursed place?" Adagio whispered in annoyance.

Sunset stared at the door when she saw someone move. A man, two meters tall, black hair, and wore fingerless gloves on his hands. She focused on him more, it seemed that the subject was wearing a wedding suit.

"Sunset?" called Adagio.

"Eh?. Oh. It's nothing. Let's keep going" Sunset said, walking.

They continued around the courtyard, but there was nowhere to go. Or so they thought until an electrical control tower came into view. Once inside, they closed the door. This time, they had two halls to choose from.

"Where now?" Adagio said.

"I don't know... Adagio. I do not know" Sunset said, turning off the camera.

Author's Note:

Aria and Sonata escaped the Trager doctor.
time will come out to the prison yard, following almost the same steps as Miles Uphur

And now Adagio and Sunset also went by another court
now they do not know who will have to deal this time.

I wanted to climb the new part on 23 August for my birthday. but he can not.
but it's okay.

I hope this fanfic liking them. I still do it with love for you.

See you next time! See ya!