• Published 1st Mar 2016
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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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The Hospital

The Dazzlings were headed to the madhouse of the massive mountain.

"Traveling by bus is disgusting" Aria said.

"It's the only way to get there, stop whining," Adagio said.

"Luckily, no traffic" nervous Sonata said.

Aria was a seat behind Adagio and Sonata, who were sitting together.

There were other people taking the bus with them, but it was relatively empty, with empty seats everywhere. Adagio pulled from her pocket the letter that Miles had received. She did not understand why the 'client' did not write his name, but did not think much of it; she could find out later. If she could return Murkoff to its glory, then the only thing she lacked was her magic but she knew that would not be possible.
Although Aria suggested taking the train, Adagio wanted to get there a few hours earlier, hoping she could come soon as the letter had asked.
She had to admit she had not heard much on the asylum. Luckily she brought with her the letter from the informant and the information she had gathered.

The madhouse of Mount Massive closed its doors in 1971 due to scandals and government secrecy, but the Murkoff Corporation open them again in 2009 under the guise of charity. The Murkoff Corporation had a long history of profitability disguised as charity, but never on US soil.
She did not know what she thought she would find in this place, but it must be something important. The anonymous whistleblower seemed to indicate that there was more than it seems, no matter who would not let this opportunity pass.
The bus slowly was left completely empty until only three mermaids remained. Suddenly, it stopped.

"Sorry ladies, I can not take you any further" said the driver.

No choice, they got out the back door.

"Great" Aria said sarcastically. "And now that?"

"Let's walk" said Adagio, starting to walk.

"Awww, I don't like walking" Sonata said. "Ari, carry me?"

"No. You have legs, use them" Aria said.

"I do not want to!" said Sonata upset. "Carry me!" She jumped up onto the back of Aria.

"What-?! Sonata! Get off me!" shouted Aria upset.

"Quit it, you two!" Adagio cried, furious. "We're here," she said.

On the other side of the mountain was the Psychiatric Hospital of Mount Massive.

"That's the ugliest building I've ever seen" Aria said.

It looked like a castle, but it was much more sinister. It had four watchtowers at each corner, a fence of barbed wire and concrete walls. It seemed that if they entered, they never would come out.

"Girls?" Sonata call.

"What is it?" Adagio said.

"My phone has no signal" Sonata said.

"What?" said Adagio confused.

"Mine too" Aria said trying to find a signal.

Adagio check her phone but had no coverage.

"But the bus had signal" she said.

"This is not normal" a nervous Sonata said.

"Besides, I remember the radio the driver had on was failing" Aria said. "Perhaps mobile coverage suddenly gets lost a kilometer and a half from the hospital, and it's not a signal inhibitor thing" Aria said assuming.

"You're both overreacting, we're far from an antenna is all" Adagio said.

They stopped right in front of the entrance.

"Now what?" Aria said.

"Did you bring it?" Adagio said.

"Here" Aria said pulling out a video camera and three batteries.

"Perfect" Adagio said smiling.

"But what are you going to record?" asked Sonata.

"If we get in, that is" Aria said, looking at the gate.

"Simply jump" Adagio shrug said.

"What?!" said Aria and Sonata, surprised.

"Are you crazy? It's got to be at least three meters high" said Aria upset.

"You have a better idea?" asked Adagio.

Aria's only response was to sit idly by.

"I thought so, now help me up" Adagio said.

No other remedy, they had to jump the fence. First Aria helped Adagio, who had to climb up on her shoulders.

"You're heavier than you look" Aria said with effort.

"Shut up and push me" said Adagio upset.

Once Adagio could cross to the other side, Aria could help Sonata. When all three made it through to the other side, they saw a red car parked.

"Whose car is that?" Sonata asked curiously.

"That doesn't matter" Adagio said.

Aria approached the vehicle.

"Hey Adagio, isn't he from the place where you work?" Aria said.

"What?!" said Adagio surprised.

She ran to see in the rearview mirror of the car had a press card.

"Miles" Adagio growled angrily. "that idiot is here!"

"What now?" asked Sonata.

"Let's go" Adagio said.

Aria pulled out her camera bag and took a picture of the building.

"This is the ugliest building I've ever seen" Aria repeated, grossed out.

Sonata entered the control room and glanced at the assembled computer showing the many security cameras covering the building. Adagio look at the building, everything seemed deserted, except an open window.

"I wonder if there is a guard here?" asked a confused Sonata.

"It is" Adagio said looking around. "Come on" she said.

They walked to the bottom of it.

"It seems that also is closed" Sonata said.

"There is a door" Aria said.

Once entered, they felt a horrible chill.

"We have to do this? This place scares me" Sonata said, hugging Aria's arm.

"There is no turning back" Adagio said walking to the entrance.

They walked in silence to the main entrance, the breeze of the night was so cold that made them tremble, despite wearing sweaters it was not enough to avoid the cold. They could see that there were numerous army trucks parked at the entrance. Adagio went to the door, while Aria and Sonata waited by the cars.

"Aria?" Sonata call.

"What?" Aria said recording everything around her.

"Why are there are military cars here?" Asked Sonata.

"How should I know?" Aria said. "Besides, I don't care."

"If you are not interested, why did you come?" whispered Sonata.

"I'm tired of living in misery, if what Dazzle said is true, and there is a chance to live in glory once again then I'm coming with" Aria said.

"Damn!" Adagio said.

"What happened?" Sonata said.

"The damn door is closed, look for another way in" Adagio said.

The three inspected the place, looking for an alternative entrance, Adagio check on the right side and Aria the left. And Sonata, she stayed with Aria.

"You want to stop following me like a dog Sonata?" Aria said annoyed.

"But... I'm afraid" Sonata said shaking.

"Ugh!"Aria said.

It seemed that the place was completely sealed, but...

"Hey, I think I found an entry" Sonata said.

"Where?" Aria said.

"There!" Sonata said pointing to a window.

"That's the window I saw before" Adagio said.

"Well the door is closed" Aria said.

"If we can even get through that hole"Adagio said seeing the only small entrance available.

Below was a door with a hole. They had to stoop to enter, inside there was a marble fountain with some dry flowers around, there was also a door on their right. And a scaffold, right next to the window.
Adagio went to investigate the other door, but it was also closed.

"Closed for a change" said Adagio, upset and sarcastic.

"It seems that the only entrance is through that window" Aria said.

Then they climbed the stairs to the right, then left, jumped, then climbed the scaffolding, turned and followed the road more, left, and right, carefully and quietly walked along the edge of the window.

"I see nothing," whispered Sonata. "It's really dark!"

"Sonata, shut up!" Adagio scolded. "Aria, what do you see?"

Aria lights up the night vision to see in the dark room. What she saw left her surprised. The room was in chaos, the overturned chairs, broken TV, and blood... blood?...

"What the hell?! Why is there blood spattered on the floor? "Aria thought, feeling her heart speed up and her muscles stiffened at the sight.

"Aria?" Sonata call.

"Hey? What?" said Aria awakening from her trance.

"What do you see?" Adagio said.

"Dunked chairs, broken glass, and blood..." Aria said.

"B-blood?" nervous Sonata said.

"Stop joking" Adagio said, annoyed.

"I'm serious," she said. "Look" showing the camera.

Adagio approached to see if what Aria said was true, and it was.

"Maybe it's better if we go?" said a scared and nervous Sonata.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, really, but I'm with Sonata" Aria said.

"No. We have been in this world for centuries, don't tell me you're scared of a little blood?" Adagio said mockingly.

"I'm not afraid of anything" angry Aria said.

"Prove it, since you have the camera, you will go first" said Adagio smiling. "Now? Where?"

Aria examine every inch with her camera, peered around the overturned chair and saw a light source, which actually was light coming through a door left ajar.

"Over here" Aria said, inching open the door.

One after another, they moved toward the door, to the left was a grated door blocked by a few shelves of fallen books and files, and to the right there was a door, only some furniture and office equipment obstructing the aisle. They continued.
The next room was free of blood and was lit, but no one was there.

"At least this is not as scary as the other" Sonata said.

Returning her attention to the room in front of them, they moved inside, Adagio closed the door behind her.
The room was almost a replica of the other, but the difference is that this was completely clean. In a strange way, that only made it all even more creepy.

Aria recorded everything with the camera, even captured an old painting of a robust but creepy man. She looked for a moment and, seriously, for a moment his eyes moved. Trembling, she moved away from her.

Sonata, on the other hand, found something very interesting on the shelf. None of the books had titles on the outside, but she did not give much importance, and moved on.

Adagio looked along the other wall, which had two windows with the curtains torn apart. And also the sound distortion of television caught her attention. Static emitting seemed standard, and honestly, she did not know. On the other side, there was a door on the right.

"Walking" Adagio said opening the door.

Going through the door as quietly as possible, they stepped out. Adagio look through the other side of the room, To her right was the previous shelf, and left more shelves and furniture. Although it seemed they could pass through the narrow, so they did and then they followed forward.
In the corridor, they saw blood splattered. Not only on the floor, also on the wall.

"What the hell is this place?" said Aria surprised.

"Let's not waste time" Adagio said.

They investigated other rooms that were different from the previous ones. They were very small. They had a office chair and the equipment was much more interesting.
Adagio checked for information, under the table, on the computer, on open shelves. Nothing.

She sighed in frustration that she could not find anything in this room.
Aria and Sonata investigating the rest.

"Aria, look what I found" said Sonata, holding up a battery

"Hmm... seems to fit with the camera" Aria said taking the battery.

"Nothing interesting, Let's move forward" Adagio said.

She walked slowly, down the hall was a door directly in front of glass, Adagio tried to open it, but it was locked. Continuing, they had three options for progress.

Sonata tried to open the door to her left without success.


"Oh shit..." Aria said.

The door to her right made a loud screeching noise like metal as soon as they entered. The vent above the room swayed from side to side ... and there was blood dripping from the ceiling... Of course.

There wasn't much to see, only two soda machines, and a sign cleaning.

"Now what?" Aria said.

"There is no choice, we have to climb" Adagio said.

"But... the blood..." said nervous Sonata.

"We'll be fine, just help me up" Adagio said.

No choice, they entered by ventilation. One side was blocked, and the other was to another room.
One after another, they crawled through the duct. When they came out, they found another door that was blocked by debris. In front, a glass that made everything look blurry, but she could distinguish the downstairs lobby, or part of it. On the right, another door, which was her only option. The sign beside the door said "library".

As Aria had the camera, she stood in front; she opened the door carefully, when she had it half open, she saw the body of a man lying on the floor

"AAAHH!!!" they shouted terrified.

They ran as fast as they could to take refuge in a corner. Aria looked out the door again, the bloodied, mutilated body of the man seared into her vision.

Her camera's night vision freaked her out and she turned, trying not to get sick.

"Aria! ... No fences!" whispered Sonata as she clutched Adagio.

"There's nobody here!" Ari whispered in return.

Adagio and Sonata followed behind since Aria was the only one who could see where they were going. She had to make a supreme effort not to cry out to discover the decapitated bodies. She stopped looking at the bodies on the ground, to go through piles of books on the floor.
They saw another dead man the exact same way, the head had been split. The blood had accumulated on the floor as they found another man without head hanging from the ceiling! This seemed like the work of a butcher. The place looked like a maze of shelves, then...

"Agh..!" Aria said breathlessly.

"What happened?" Adagio whisper.

But Aria did not answer, Adagio decided to take a look through the camera, what she saw left her petrified. A man had been nailed from the bottom to the top of an iron pole. From her neck to her back. Adagio turned and found Sonata's face of astonishment, even without seeing the camera she could see the silhouette of the man by window light.

"D-Dagi...Can we go...?" Sonata said.

"For the first time... I wholeheartedly agree with Sonata..." Aria said.

"All right. Let's go. But we can not return the way we came, we do not know if those who did this are still here" Adagio said.

"Ari... Find us a way out... please?" scared Sonata said.

Looking around trying to find an alternative route, all she saw were heads on the shelves. The view of the camera began to fail, quickly changed the battery. Her vision came back, just in front of a door.

"Over here" Aria said, trying to sound as calm as she could.

Keeping her eye on the camera, she silently opened the door. The door led back to the glass room and she threw herself against the wall. Leaning against the door, Aria made sure the place was safe. To the left was the same pile of debris that had blocked the other side. To the right was an open area.

"It seems to be is safe" Aria whispered turning off the night vision.

They walked slowly, began searching. Sonata was next to Aria, holding her arm, and staying to one side watching the place.

"As much as I want to solve this sinister mystery... I will not risk my life to find out. Although that money would have been nice"Adagio thought, a little upset.

On the way there was not much to see, just as before, desks, chairs, a potted plant, and a few boxes containing documents that appeared damaged. And a double door they thought about trying to see if they were open. But they decided not to. Surely the doors were also blocked or locked.
Which left them only one possible path, another pile of rubble, fortunately it did not completely blocked their way. One by one they entered, first Sonata, then Aria, then...

"Little piggies!" A subject grabbed Adagio by the neck, pulling her back.

Adagio cried out surprise ... What was this thing. Hers body was swollen and he had massive muscles, surpassing even that Bulk Biceps boy from Canterlot High. He pulled her body screaming behind them, and then tossed her back behind.

"Adagio!" shouted Aria and Sonata frightened.

"I'm fine! Get to the exit! I see you outsaide!" shouted Adagio running back behind.

"Fuck! Let go Sonata! "Aria said grabbing her hand.

"Y-yes" Sonata shaking said.

They entered the nearest door.


Persued now by a deformed mastodon, Adagio ran back the way they came from and used the darkness to prevented him from seeing where she was going, even he faced with everything. Closing the door to take advantage, she arrived to the exit of the duct where they entered. She tried to reach the entrance, jumping even, the sounds of the door being battered in made her more nervous.
Just as the door gave a big sound, she climbed up to the duct, all she heard were the sounds of the snarling monster's fury.
She tried to get to the room where the soda machines were, but the sound of the door slamming stopped her.
She panicked, following the canal, but she had nowhere to go, desperately hitting the fence, the sounds were getting louder.

"Please..." Adagio whispered crying.

Hitting the gate with her fists, she somehow opened the gate, but as it support her entire body she ended up falling.



On another side of the building, a hooded figure entered the asylum.

"Let's see what hide those fucking sicks of Murkoff" whisper.