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Outlast Dazzling - Darkness Moon

After the battle of the bands, the Dazzlings seek ways to make ends meet by paying a visit to Mount Massive's psychiatric hospital

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Stop Blaming me!

Sunset and Adagio came to the crematorium. Some of the crematorium ovens were open, and a few were on. Sunset found a hole in the back wall of an oven.

"Over here," Sunset said.

"Are you crazy? You're kidding, right? "Adagio said.

"You just have to turn it off and go," said Sunset, turning off the oven.

Once the oven was cool enough, they followed the path until they reached the other side.
They parted trying to find a way. On the one side, Adagio entered an area where they kept the bodies. And Sunset entered a kind of chapel. But there was no way out.

"Now what?" Adagio said, annoyed.

Sunset looked around trying to find another way. Luckily, she found one and started climbing up a pipe that had broken loose, possibly to a gas leak.

"Over here," said Sunset, up the stairs.

Adagio had no choice but to follow. As they climbed over pipes and boxes, Adagio kept looking at Sunset in disgust. Of all people, why her!?
Being with the cause of her loss of magic sickened her. Because of Sunset, they had fallen into total poverty. It was her fault they could not feed on magic. If it was not because I needed to leave, surely she had struck her. Her thoughts were cut upon seeing Sunset stop.

"Now what?" Adagio said.

"It's impossible to keep going," Sunset said trying to find another way. "There," she said pointing to a conduit.

"I will not go there," Adagio said.

"You have a better idea?" asked Sunset with an annoyed tone.

Adagio did not respond.

"That's what I thought, I'll go first," said Sunset entering the canal. Adagio followed.

The conduit was not very long, the only option was to go down. Now they were in a dark corridor. Sunset lit the night vision and advanced. They passed through corridors and rooms, hoping to find a way to find a room with a few shelves of books. While trying Sunset sought a way out, but breathing and grunts Adagio, not the left.

"You want to stop making so much noise?" whispered Sunset, upset.

Adagio did not realize that her anger was so intense that she had made loud noises.

"What do you care what I do?" Adagio said angrily.

"If you make noise, we'll be found by that cannibal," Sunset whispered.

"Well, let him come and eat you. I would call it a favor "Adagio said, deeply annoyed.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Sunset was upset. "I know I'm the last person you want to be around, but it should not bother you much," she whispered.

"It shouldn't bother me so much?!" said a furious Adagio.

"Shhh!! Shut up!! "Sunset whispered frantically.

"Because of you, I lost everything. My magic, my voice, my life! "Adagio cried.

"You can't blame me. You did this to yourself, "said Sunset.

"You're saying this was my fault?!" Adagio said.

"Yes! Your fault! I'm sure you're the one who decided to go to Canterlot, who wanted to steal all the magic. Only you wrecked you! "whispered Sunset, upset.

"NOT! If you had not intervened! If you had not helped your stupid friends..." Adagio trailed off.

"And what did you expect me to do?! Stand idly by while your friends take over the school and destroy my friends?!" Sunset asked furiously.

"Yes!" Adagio said. "If it were not for you, w-"

Sunset did not resist anymore and slapped Adagio.

"Shut up now! I was not the one that banished you here! Your hunger for power is what ruined you! And by yourself, you condemned you and dragged to your friends too! The fault is yours! So stop blaming me!" shouted a fuming Sunset.

Adagio was silent, replaying the scene of their fight and Sunset's involvement.


Suddenly the sound of a power saw was heard. It was getting closer.

"Move," whispered Sunset, darting forward.

But she stopped when she saw that Adagio did not follow.

"Adagio?" called Sunset.

"Fuck yo-"

"Hello, meat!"

The cannibal appeared before them and pounced on Adagio. With the faint light of a window, she could only see the eyes and mouth of the cannibal.

"You are mine. Forever…"

Adagio was too paralyzed by fear to do anything.
She could not believe this was the end. And all she could think was what Sunset said to her. She was right, it was all Adagio's fault. She felt the power saw get increasingly close, about to touch her... But Sunset intervened, pushing the cannibal down and knocking over a bookcase in the process. She took Adagio by the hand and ran.

"Feed me! Feed me! Feed me..."

The large man threw his saw at Sunset and grazed her arm. Even through the pain, Sunset ran. They ran as fast as they could, jumping by dodging desks and office furniture.
They managed to reach a narrow hall and fortunately the cannibal could no longer follow.

"Agh!" Sunset said, holding her arm.

Adagio saw Sunset's arm was bleeding.

"Why?" asked Adagio.

"Eh?" said Sunset.

"You could have let me die," Adagio said.

"Yes. I could have done that. But I didn't," Sunset said.

"Why?" asked Adagio seriously. "Out of pity??"

"No. because I'm better now" said Sunset, serious.

"What the fuck do you mean?" Adagio was confused.

"I will not just let you die. Not when there are people who need you," Sunset said.

Adagio said nothing, she still did not truly understand what Sunset meant.

"Right now there are two girls trapped here also looking for you, you can't die when they need you as much or maybe even more than you need them," Sunset said.

"Stop fooling stupi-"

"Maybe you want me dead, but I'm not you. Like it or not you survived and I plan to get you out with your friends," Sunset said.

"And then what? We forgive you for what you did?! "Adagio said.

"Don't care. You just have to live with that," Sunset said solemnly. "Live with your past mistakes. Now, if you do not want to die pathetically in this fucking insane place, follow me," she said, heading forward into a bright room.

Adagio only clenched her fists and followed Sunset, her words in her head.
They entered the room: another room where everything was broken. They went ahead through yet another door. They found another series of hallways, but the walls seemed to be some kind of plastic. On one side, there was a glass door to the exit. They walked through it. Now they were on the outside. They went down some steps. Outside was no better than inside, everything was covered in fog, even with the camera's light, Sunset could not see anything. They walked down the outdoor patio with fog to reach that part of the building.
Again they heard the power saw.

"No. No! You were mine!"

Both watched as the cannibal peeked out from one of the upper windows.

"One less problem," Adagio said, noticing that he could not follow.

"We must continue," said Sunset, walking. "You coming?"

Adagio stared at Sunset a while before catching up with her.

"Yes," Adagio said.

"Good" said Sunset, moving forward.

Avoiding more encounters with the man-eater, they faced their next road: it was a striped door.


Aria and Sonata took two hours touring the asylum, trying to find the man they saw before, or to find Adagio.

"Aria, I'm tired," Sonata said.

"Don't stop, not yet, keep going," Aria said.

Along the way they found some batteries for the camera. They also toured the cellblock, avoiding any encounter with others. One of the cells had a hole overlooking the next floor below. They went down, but did not have many options to go. The stairs took them to an empty room with some lockers, but what was in the fourth was blood. The floor was full of red liquid and on the walls strange symbols and confusing words.

"Walrider? What's that mean?" said Sonata, confused.

"I don't know, and I'm not sure I want to find out," Aria said. "Come on."

They moved farther and ended up in the prison showers, there was not much to see, only scattered broken floors and lockers. They also found another hole in the ground that led somewhere.

"I don't know if I want to go there," a scared Sonata said.

"We have to go, we must find Adagio, and also we can not stay stranded in one place for so long, do not want more encounters with that damn big fat" Aria said.

They entered the space with no alternative. Unlike the other hole, it was very tight to move. Still down they went without knowing where it would end. At last, they came to a collapsed brick wall, passed, and ended up in sewers.

"I don't like it here, it smells really bad," Sonata said with disgust.

"Yeah, I know, also I do not see anything," said Aria, night vision lighting.

They walked through different tunnels, some were blocked by rocks and others with corpses. Sonata could not see anything, and tightly gripped the arm of Aria. It looked like a maze that had no end. Until finally they reached a light part. It seemed distant and some boxes were in the way.

"This does not end," a tired Sonata said.

"Calm down, nothing can be worse than this," Aria said.

Suddenly the sound of a knock was heard as if something heavy had fallen.

"What was that?" Sonata said nervously.

Aria adjusted the camera and looked for their stalker.

"SHIT!" Aria said.

"What?" Sonata said.

"It's the fucking fat!" Aria said.

"WHAT?!" Sonata said.

The fat man was running toward them, but they were struck by fear.

"Aria! What we do?!" scared Sonata said.

Aria kept going, trying to find a way out until she saw a hand was pointing to some stairs down.

"Who's there? Come out!"

"Come on!" shouted Aria.

First under Sonata and then Aria, they continued to fall away from the ugly fat thing.

Author's Note:

Finally here! the num part. 5 of Outlast (MLP version XD)

since no one asks me for information about the events. :applejackunsure:
I guess we all know the story of the game. :eeyup:

I just hope that this liking them the story :pinkiehappy:
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