• Published 4th Aug 2016
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The Living Cloth - Dark Nightshade

Twilight and Fluttershy have a third kid, who is able to talk to spirits, and the spirits say bad things are going to happen soon.

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The Soul Exchange

Author's Note:

Yeah, this chapter was too fast. Fortunately, I am getting over this case of writers block, so don't worry! It should be over soon! I hope!

Many miles away, in Canterlot, a phenomenon had occurred. Multiple people had suddenly fallen unconscious at a bar. Of course, they had already had multiple drinks, so no one had really thought about it much, until the barkeeper started closing up.

"Hey, wake up," he said, shaking one of them. The pony being shaken jerked upright and gasped. He looked all around the room, and then at himself.

"I'm back!" he said as he stood up. "And this time, I will not fail!"

"Uh, what are you talking about?" the bartender asked. The previously unconscious pony looked at him, and grinned.

"And you shall be my new lieutenant," he said.

"So, what happens when a spirit breaks one of your laws?" Twill Weave asked.

They go to jail, Spark said. And before you ask, yes, we have a jail.

"That's cool," Twill Weave said and relayed the info to Twilight, Fluttershy, Taissy and Candy Burn.

"That is cool," Candy Burn said. She looked out of the window. "Oh, sorry, I've got to go. A friend of Mom's has set up a training regime for me." Twill Weave raised her eyebrow.

"Does this have something to do with you being made out of candy corn?" she asked.

"Yes," Candy Burn said with a light blush. "Basically, the exercise helps keep the candy corn part of me from rotting. Anyway, see you later!" Candy Burn trotted out of the door and was gone.

Wait, did you just feel that? Tinder asked.

Yes, Spark said.

"What?" Twill Weave asked.

Something just happened Tinder said.

"Yeah, I know that," Twill Weave said. "But what?" Spark and Tinder were silent for a few seconds.

Whenever a spirit enters a already inhabited body, they let out a shockwave of sorts. The eviler they are, the bigger the shockwave, Tinder said.

And we just felt the biggest shockwave ever, Spark said.And that can mean only one thing: He is back

"Who?" Twill Weave asked. Twilight and Fluttershy glance at each other.

"I think something bad is happening," Fluttershy said.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that something bad is happening," Twilight said.

Probably one of the most evil spirits ever, Spark said. He's been sentenced to prison for several thousand years because of some of the things he's done.

"What has he done?" Twill Weave asked, concerned.

The better question is what hasn't done? Spark said. But the most important thing is that he's just taken control of an inhabited body.

"Wait, what's this guys name?" Twill Weave asked.

No one's sure, Tinder said. Everyone calls him Slam.

"Ok," Twill Weave said. "Is there some kind of task force or something that will go after him?"

Yes, that's the thing, Tinder said nervously. Me and Spark are that task force.

"Really?" Twill Weave asked. "Wait, will that mean that you two will get into your old bodies or something?" There was a pause.

Yeah, Spark finally said. Honestly, things are happening so fast!

"That is true," Twill Weave said. "So, what happens now?"

Now, we leave. Bye! Tinder said.

Bye! Spark said. We shall meet again soon. But this time, we will be physical! There was silence.

"Huh, interesting," Twill Weave said.

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked.

"Apparently some super dangerous villain has escaped from a prison and has taken control of a body. And now Spark and Tinder are going to take on physical forms to battle him. It's all happening so fast! I was just created! It's like some higher power can't figure out some small details and that's why!"

"What?" Fluttershy asked.

"Um, ok," Twilight said. "So, how do we help?" Twilight grinned as she said this. Twill Weave shrugged.

"Wait until they get here, if they want our help," she said. "Other than that, we could get to know each other."