• Published 4th Aug 2016
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The Living Cloth - Dark Nightshade

Twilight and Fluttershy have a third kid, who is able to talk to spirits, and the spirits say bad things are going to happen soon.

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Spirits and kids and a new story, oh my!

The sun was coming up, and some of its rays struck a sleeping couple thru the window of the Castle of Friendship and landed on Fluttershy's face. Fluttershy cuddled closer to Twilight and nuzzled her, waking Twilight up.

"Hello beautiful," Twilight murmured as she kissed Fluttershy, neither of them having opened their eyes yet. Fluttershy giggled.

"Good morning," she said. As they snuggled, Twilight's horn lit up and casted a beam of light out the slightly opened door, which ricocheted of off a mirror and hit a pice of cloth hanging on a lantern, grazing Fluttershy as it did so.

Whispering. That's the first thing I heard. As I opened my eyes, I was blinded by a sparkling stone hallway.

What the? What happened? Who am I? I thought.

Your destiny is yours to create I heard someone say.

"W-who's there?" I called as my eyes finally started to adjust to the light.

"Did you hear somepony?" Fluttershy asked as she opened her eyes.

"No," Twilight murmured. "If there is, one of the drones can handle it."

As my vision cleared, I heard a popping noise and a metallic-looking pony with wings and a horn appeared. The pony then glared at me with its crimson red eyes before asking "Who the hell are you, and how did you get in the castle?

"I...don't know. I don't really remember anything, actually," I said.

Well, duh! You were just created! another voice said. I frowned.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked the voice.

"Hey!" said the metallic pony. "That's what I'm supposed to ask! Who are you talking to?"

She's an alicorn. She's a lot stronger then a pony from any other tribe, the voice said again. And the fact that she was designed for war makes her a lot stronger.

"Who are you talking to?" the alicorn repeated.

"Can't you hear them?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Hear who?" the alicorn said as the voice said She can't hear us. Don't tell her about us just yet.

"Oh, intresting. What's you name?" I asked.

"Tell me your name, and I may tell you mine," the alicorn said.

I am Spark, the voice said. Or at least thats what my name was when I was alive. Tell her your name is Twill Weave.

"Ok. My name is Twill Weave," I said hesitantly.

"I'm One. I have to take you to the princess now," One said.

There was some nocking on the door.

"Yes?" Twilight called, not wanting to get out of bed yet. One opened the door to reveal herself and a young mare with long purple and pink hair grasping a lantern with her tail.

"I found her in the hallway. What should I do with her?" One asked.

"Find her parents, I guess," Twilight said. "Who are your parents?"

"I..I don't know," the mare said.

"One, scan her DNA," Twilight said. One looked at the mare with intense concentration, and a few seconds later, she looked at Twilight.

"You two are her parents," she said. Fluttershy gasped.

"Really? You used the animation spell?" Fluttershy asked Twilight. Twilight shrugged.

"I don't remember using it," she said.

"That's because the spell has been known to be casted when asleep," the mare said. "And occasionally has responded to stray thoughts and feelings." Twilight tilted her head.

"It does? How do you know that?" she asked. "And what's your name?" The mare hesitated and tilted her head.

"My name is Twill Weave, and I know that because Spark is telling me," she finally said.

"Who's Spark?" Fluttershy asked. Twill Weave frowned.

"I'm not actually sure. Who are you?" she asked what appeared to be thin air.

"A dragon?" she said a few seconds later. "What happened?" Fluttershy nudged Twilight.

"I think she's talking to a spirit," Fluttershy said.

"Really?" Twilight asked. "That explains why we can't hear anything."

"Oh. I'm sorry about that," Twill Weave was saying. "At least you went down honorable."

"Are you talking to a spirit?" Twilight asked, needing to satisfy her curiosity. Twill Weave nodded.

"And he or she was the first spirit to talk to you?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Twill Weave said. "I had just been created and wasn't exactly focusing on voices. Beside, Spark is the only one that talks to me."

That is true, another voice said. But I was technically the first to speak to you.

"Oh," Twill Weave said. "Never mind, he wasn't. Who are you?"

I am Tinder, the voice said. Me and Spark are friends. We fought in the same war.

"There's another spirit?" Twilight asked, getting excited. "What's his name?"

"Tinder," Twill Weave said. "He was the first to talk to me, actually, not Spark. Coincidentally, they are friends."

I have never seen Twilight seen so excited about something, Spark said.

Normally, wouldn't she be questioning the existence of spirits? Tinder wondered.

Maybe, but she has two other kids who she created with a spell. And Taissy was a DimTech rifle before the spell! Spark said.

"I have sisters?" Twill Weave asked. Twilight nodded and frowned.

"How much do these spirits know about us?"

We know a lot about this family. We are like guardians in a sense, Tinder said.

"Really? Intresting," Twill Weave said.

"What's intresting?" Twilight asked. Twill Weave told her what Tinder had just said.

"That is intresting," Twilight said. "Well, we should introduce you to your sisters now. And Tinder and Spark as well."

Author's Note:

I have decided to do something different and write this one from Twill Weave's point of vie