• Published 4th Aug 2016
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The Living Cloth - Dark Nightshade

Twilight and Fluttershy have a third kid, who is able to talk to spirits, and the spirits say bad things are going to happen soon.

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Coming to life again

In the dragon lands, there is a cemetery. A veteran cemetery. There were two specific graves that were important: Spark and Tinder's. At that moment, the dirt around them started to shake. Finally, a emerald green clawed hand sprouted out of one of them, quickly followed by an arm and the rest of the body. Spark gasped as he finally emerged from underground. Spark was mostly a black color, with his wings a fire orange, and his hands, for some reason, were green.

"AIR!" he shouted as he panted. He glanced at Tinder's grave, and smiled. "Wow, I actually beat him!"

"No you didn't," Tinder called from a rock he was hiding behind. "I just covered it up really well." Tinder was an oak color, whereas his wings were more of a birch color.

"Aw, come on man!" Spark cried. "Why are you so good at getting back into your body?" Tinder shrugged.

"I don't know," he said. "Anyway, we should probably find Slam now that we're in the physical relm." Spark nodded.

"Yeah, who knows how much damage he's already done?" he asked.

Meanwhile, back in Canterlot, Slam had gotten an impossible amount of damage done: except no one knew that it had been done yet. Slam cackled as he watched some thugs build a weapon that could even take Celestia's soul.

I wonder when those two dragons are going to get here, Slam wondered. I think I'm going to torture them for a little before I absorb their souls. After all, living for eternity has to start with a little fun!

"Tinder, hurry up!" Spark complained. "I finished eating a long time ago!"

"Yeah, I know," Tinder said. "But just because food helps regenerate our skin and all that, doesn't mean you can have bad table manners."
"I think you can!" Spark said. "People are staring at you, you know?" Tinder nodded.

"Maybe they've never seen a dragon before!" he said. "We are in Equestria, and dragons aren't too common here!"

"Just hurry up!" Spark groaned. "And I think their staring because of your skin. It still looks rotten."

Finally around two hours later, Spark and Tinder where making a plan.

"We should get Twilight's help!" Spark was arguing.

"No! We shouldn't put any innocent's in danger!" Tinder said.

"Yeah, but knowing Slam, he's going to have some kind of super weapon, and Twilight is an alicorn! They are the most powerful ponies! And most likely, we'll need that fire power!" Spark said.

"Yes, but we've taken out his weapons before! With infiltration!" Tinder said.

"Yes, but we had help!" Spark

"Yeah, but they weren't actually there! And besides, the less there are infiltrating the base, the less suspicious we will seem!" Tinder said. Spark sighed.

"Ok, fine. We'll do it your way," he said.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Tinder asked, grinning.

"We'll do this one your way," Spark groaned, not liking to admit his idea was inferior.

About ten minutes later, they were in, acting like janitors.

"I could've done so much better," Tinder grumbled. "Honestly, janitors?"

"Don't complain, it makes us seem suspicious," Spark said. "And come on dude, no one suspects the janitors." Spark had barely finished that sentence when something swung out of the shadows at Tinder's head. Spark gasped as who he guessed to be Slam stepped out of the shadows. The pony had green skin, slicked back black hair, and a goatee of the same color.

"Finally!" he said. "I've been waiting for you!" He swung the shovel he was holding at Spark, who managed to doge just in time. He swung it again, but Spark caught it and snapped it. He grabbed onto his shoulders, lifted him into the air and slammed him into the wall.

"Leave the innocents body!" he yelled. It was then he noticed that a crowd was gathering.

"What are you talking about?" the guy in his claws asked. "I was ordered to take you two down!"

Oh, I'm screwed Spark thought as he dropped the guy. "You're not Slam, are you?" The guy shook his head.

"I am just a minion of his," he said. "Call me Wraith."

"Well, then, this is awkward," Spark said.

"Why?" the minion asked.

"Because I just relised that I have somewhere to be!" Spark said as he started flapping his wings.

"Get him!" Wraith shouted. Spark, however, had other plans. He whipped his tail around some pony's neck, picked him up, and threw him at some of the other minions. Spark dived towards Tinder and barely managed to grab him as Wraith swung his shovel down at Tinder's face. Spark continued to flap his wings and rose above the crowd of minions until he reached a conveniently opened window and flew out, his wings (and Tinder) just barley fitting thru.

I need somewhere to go, Spark thought as he glanced at Tinder's head and saw him bleeding. And I think I know where I can go.

A few hours later, Spark landed in front of a castle. Twilight's castle. Spark arched his back and heard it crack.

Now, to find the door, he thought. He started dragging Tinder's body as he looked for the door. Finally, he found it.

Dang it! he thought. I landed on the wrong side! He continued dragging Tinder's body to the door. Finally, when Spark had put Tinder in a position that wouldn't be suspicious, he knocked on the door. After waiting for about a minute, he knocked again. Finally, he just opened the door and came face to face with Twilight.

"Oh, there you are!" Spark said. Twilight blushed and frowned.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

"Yes, both of us," Spark said.

"Both of us?" Twilight asked. She looked past Spark and saw Tinder lying on the ground. "What happened to him?"

"Shovel to the head," Spark said. "But you know us thru Twill Weave, your new daughter." Twilight gasped.

"Tinder?" she asked.

"Spark, actually," Spark said. "Can we come in? Tinder needs to get his head fixed before we go."

Author's Note:

Yes, I know, this chapter was a little fast. I apologize for this, and I hope that the next chapter or two make up for it.