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A Cog in the Machine - Zoom zoom

A 2nd person story where you are a child being raised by Pinkie Pie.

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Lame Party (Fixed)

The sound of so many ponies in Sugar Cube Corner has drowned out your own thoughts. Though the fact that your own caretaker is throwing the biggest party she has ever planned for the place, and not to mention that she’s one of the most popular ponies in town makes it so you’ll already have a lot of guests tonight. It seemed like despite you being new half the town was there, meaning there were quite a few ponies all about coming to hang out with each other rather than you. Not that it hurt you at all since you had just spent the last half hour greeting ponies since Pinkie insisted it would help and be polite.

Now you sat at your own table with Featherweight and Truffle Shuffle. The Cutie Mark Crusaders had somehow not shown up yet, which was more a relief if anything since it gave your mind some time to do what it did best, think. If those three were here, Featherweight would be too out of it over Sweetie Belle to help you with the mission of figuring out Pinkie’s new job. Not to mention the last few times Applebloom showed herself your brain suddenly seemed to fumble the ball it was holding for some reason, metaphorically speaking but to you it always seemed literal.

“I’m not convinced,” said Truffle taking a bit out of his fourth slice of cake. “She seems fine to me. I think you’re just over thinking things.”

“I’m not,” you insisted. “She was really depressed about something. This jobs got her stressed, I NEED to at least find out what it is and why. Why else would she not just tell me what it is then?”

“Well,” chimed Featherweight, “considering it is Pinkie I think it might be she’s more embarrassed for you then for herself on it. Maybe she thinks you’d think less of her if you knew. She does seem really fond of you. I’d hate to have a bad image for myself to somepony I’d care about.”

Featherweight had a point. For that you felt a slight sting, but it was understandable. Pinkie was so friendly nearly everypony knew her as well as you did, in fact more so. In time you’d be able to get to know her better, learn from her, take comfort in what care she could to offer to you. But right now you were basically a dunce.

You knew Pinkie was actively avoiding you, she was doing everything she could to keep busy during the party. In fact you had not even seen her in the last few minutes. She had gone in the back with a Pegasus friend of hers with pink hair, hopefully that was a friend.

“I know,” exclaimed Truffle, “let’s go bob for apples. Pinkie always make that more interesting. During my last birthday she put some jaw breakers in there. Despite the confusion I had over the jawbreakers on how they didn’t just break down it was an awesome time. Well, until Featherweight here had to go to see Ms. Minuette after he chipped his tooth. I’m not sure how she can do things so fast but she didn’t get that cutie mark for nothing. It was the best birthday ever!”

Featherweight winced at the memory before turning to Truffle. “Nah, darts is a heck of a lot more fun than that. Besides, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you thought it was a great birthday because of Ms. Minuette. I think some pony has a crush.” carrying the u syllable in a sing-song tone.

Without missing a beat Truffle looked up with his blushing cheeks, “N-No I don’t. Besides what about you and Sweetie Belle, I’ve seen what happens when she comes within ten feet of you, care to explain that?”

Not wanting to start talking about crushes here of all times, you all agree to play some of the games set thanks to yours truly. You made a mental note to yourself to bring this Pinkie situation up with Scootaloo when she showed up. She’d be the easiest to convince to help you out, which is only if she knew though. But on the plus side you could be more popular with the other colts and fillies in town.

Starting with darts was easy enough. Another classmate of yours, Archer was playing there already, every shot landing on a bulls-eye much to her friend Dinky’s irritation as she tried to match it. No wonder Featherweight wanted to play that, somehow he was really good despite his skinny frame not appearing to be much weaker than that of Archer. Darts wasn’t as physically demanding as shooting arrows but you had to have keen eyes and just as keen precision to get the darts to where you want them, the bullseye. Something you and Truffle were sadly missing even with the filly’s assistance. You left that game feeling defeated, but hey! You’re at least getting to know Archer better because of this game.

At the bobbing for apples game your group came across two others, Snips and Snails. Somehow the two had gotten themselves stuck with gum and were struggling to get it off each other. They were both unicorns but you supposed they weren’t even smart enough to use their magic to find the solution to their dilemma. It was sort of amusing to watch but what made it odd was how they didn’t seem all that panicked by it. Truffle however, was laughing his flanks off at this sight.

It was Featherweight who noticed your confusion and cleared it up, “Ever since they got popular once in the paper for doing that they keep trying to make that their entertainment routine. Just chuckle a bit and move on, they can get out of it themselves at this point.”

You did as instructed and made a note that even though they may seem pretty cool to hang out with, they would make horrible project partners for school. It was distracting hearing them grunt to get unstuck now that their little gimmick was over. As the five of you made a single file line for the game with you going first, you look down into the murky by clean waters to see where to plunge your head in.

Many red delicious apples stared back at you as you did so. At the bottom however were a few dark objects that you couldn’t make out. Dare you go after those instead? The risk factor did outweigh the apples at first glance. But this was your party and Pinkie seemed to have you pegged pretty well already. Could something in there be a thing you’d enjoy the most? The possibilities were absolutely limitless.

“Hey don’t hold up the line,” called Snips. “I wanna do other stuff after this ya know!”

That got you going and you went in for one of those dark prizes. Only now do you realize something is wrong. You’re frozen with your head under here. This feeling, something about this feeling froze you on the spot. Thinking back you only took showers ever since you were able to do things on your own. This is the first time in your life you can remember having water all around you. But if it’s really the first time, why can’t you seem to move?

Sound, you were hearing something while you were under. It was a familiar voice, one that used to calm you, the voice however was panicked. Somepony is holding you under. You can feel it now, he was doing this. The feel of his magic is unmistakable. This wasn’t the first time this happened. There is a crash, and then you can only see your mother lying with her eyes wide upon the floor.

You can feel somepony shaking your back but you can’t respond. You haven’t been holding your breath and you weren’t taking in the water into your lungs as even breathing escaped you. What was going on? You felt a tug and gasp as your face stop being submerged, coughing furiously. Your two friends were patting your back as you spluttered. Lucky you didn’t have any water past what went up your nose from being under that long.

“What happened?” That voice. Oh not that voice. Why does she always seem to show up lately at the worst possible moments? You don’t respond and just take slow breaths as you hear several voices muttering various things, you couldn’t tell what they were saying but you could tell it was about what had happened. You had to calm yourself. Your heart was leaping in your chest.

“I don’t know. He just stopped moving when he went bobbing in the tub, I just pulled him out.” said Featherweight.

“Wow Featherweight, you’re a hero!” exclaimed Sweetie Belle, her big, adorable eyes lighting up to what Featherweight saw was brighter then the stars themselves.

“We’ll I just- I…I…I.” stuttered Featherweight.

“What he means to say is that it was nothing. But that isn’t the point, somepony get Pinkie, he isn’t talking to us.”

Perfect,” you thought trying to calm your racing heart. “I didn’t exactly plan to do this, but at least the up side is I can talk to Pinkie sooner.”

“I’ll go.” said Scootaloo.

“Oh great,” you think as you here her trot off. “Why did she have to be the one to go out of seven foals to start looking for her?” So just as expected, with Featherweight gone stupid from seeing Sweetie Belle and Truffle Shuffle still too far away to stop it, Applebloom raises your face to see her’s so she can check on you herself.

You’re filled with even more confusing and conflicting thoughts than ever before. First off, unlike everypony else -which included Sweetie Belle- Applebloom is in a dress. At the same time while your brain is asking why she is even in a dress, your eyes are darting all over now making part of you compliment the designer since it made her look… nice. This in turn caused an epiphany that it must have been Sweetie Belle’s sister, but then if that was the case why wasn’t Sweetie in a dress?

And all this was to avoid looking at the worry in her eyes. Your brain was shutting down from all this since you were also still trying to figure out what to say to Pinkie first, and why exactly you froze while under the water. That combined with the shock from nearly drowning and you were crashing. In other words, you’re faking being silent and unresponsive had become real. Yet another reason you didn’t like being around Applebloom was now added to the tally. Things got blurry quick as somewhere you decided to reboot your brain with a quick snooze.

By the time you were able wake up, it was Nurse Redheart who was looking you over. “Oh, back to reality I see. Well you don’t seem to have anything wrong with you physically as far as I can tell. I’d suggest more of a psychologist Pinkie, I suggest looking into one in Canterlot if this happens again or if you have the time.”

“Okay Doki nursy,” chimed the Pink mare. “Oh, but I really have to get back to the party prep so please enjoy yourself while he rests.”

You still couldn’t process everything that was just said and junked it as you collected the important thoughts. Applebloom’s dress, no get that out of your head. Pinkie, that’s right you were going to talk to Pinkie. Now you two were alone and you could get everything out in the open.

Looking around however you don’t see her. But she was just here. How in the world could she just leave and ditch out on you yet again?

“So… yah need anything?”

Pinkie’s head popped in front of you so fast that you fell back off the counter, and bumped your head as you landed on your horn. Why were you even a unicorn was your only thought as you rubbed the pain out from it.

Strangely however of all things that set you right again. “What just happened?” you found yourself saying.

“Oh I just noticed you had some kind of moment of shock,” Pinkie explained, “happened all the time to me as a foal, so a good bonk of the head solves it usually. I really didn’t wanna hit you so I figured that would be the best way to get you out of it.”

You really did feel better somehow, what were you freaking out about again anyways? Something about water was it? All that stuck with you was another image of Applebloom in that dress, why of all things did that have to stay in your mind? “How long was I out?”

“A good hour,” said Pinkie Pie, looking you over. “You seem okay now but based on your reaction I think I’d better retire the old Bobbing for Apples game for a while in case you fall in or something. Gotta check taking you to the beach and lake off the list too which is a bummer, but your needs come first after all.”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Oh sorry, did you hear from Redheart? I used to have a part-time job as a counselor some time ago. It was fun but no steady paycheck so I only do it when I notice a pony in need now. You obviously have some trauma a real psychologist has to look at, but for now you should be okay.”

You were taken aback by this. Pinkie had that same ability to know ponies only better sure, but this? You were really impressed by this. Why couldn’t this be the job she had? Wait, that’s right, you were alone with her now, and it was perfect to ask her here and now. “What’s your job now then? It can’t be as good as these two you’ve had that I know about.”

“Oh I thought the cakes told you,” she said with a smile. “I’m a hostess!” She could see that you were very concerned about her. She plastered on a big smile and said, “I just had a little issue yesterday is all, that’s why I looked so down. And I have plenty of other jobs both now and before you got here thank you very much.” Now that was interesting. But Pinkie didn’t continue. “Now I believe you have some guests to entertain yourself. Go on, it isn’t right to leave them worrying even if you were not the host of this party.”

Wait…then it all clicked. “Hold on. How in the world are you making money being a party hostess?”

Pinkie just winks at you and said, “You’d be surprised. Now go on.” And with that you’re pushed back into the main customer area of Sugar Cube Corner. The transition is helped a bit by the fact Scootaloo and Archer is calling you over to a table with them, Applebloom, Truffle, and Dinky.

You were about to ask what happened to the rest of the gang, until the sound of Snips and Snails arguing about who got to bob for apples next instead of just going at the same time, and Sweetie Belle over at a karaoke box set up solved that mystery.

“So why aren’t you guys over with Sweetie Belle?” you ask as you pull up a chair. You did your best to completely ignore the nagging in your eyes to turn your attention to Applebloom. Who for the moment you did look at her to show you were NOT avoiding her you could actually notice what the dress was this time.

It wasn’t as covering as you remember. In fact in reality without the half drowned brain warping things you could see she was in a very simple dress any foal would be in when at some sort of occasion like a birthday of a friend or a fancy dinner. Still the fact she was the only one in one was still odd and you didn’t want to bring it up and thus decided to keep your attention on Scootaloo and barring that getting to know Dinky and Archer better.

Small talk was annoying, but not completely unpleasant as you got to know the home lives of everypony interspersed with greeting a new mare or stallion that came in to welcome you to town themselves before leaving the party. For something made up by Pinkie you were surprised your little crash seemed like the biggest thing that happened this day. Only other thing was a mare with gold covering all over his legs giving you a box with a hole in it as a gift to open later and to take good care of it. She left soon after before you got to ask what it was about.

And then the lights dimmed. Next a spotlight seemed to appear out of nowhere to shine down on the entrance to the kitchen. Everypony who remained had gone quiet aside from the goos of the cake twins and the other babies their age that were still there.

You spot Pinkie working the light and somehow the drums on the ground as the music build for the big reveal. Nothing happened. The drums build again, nothing. Once again she plays, and nothing. Everypony is starting to wonder what the point is and this time Pinkie plays yet again and dashes into the back and pushes out a pony dressed in a very odd costume indeed.

The entire thing was purple of different shades, the brighter being in hat and cape. She was covered head to hoof with cloth. The thing is fur tight and thus is the only way you can tell she’s a mare based on her jaw line. You couldn’t tell who exactly it was under this but the instant she appears something happens. For a moment she’s shaking, but the cries of joy around her cause her to gain confidence.

Blinking you look around, all the foals are calling happily at her. Apparently she is some sort of idol to them. You didn’t see why, especially when all she did for the rest of this presentation was fly around like any pegasus could and chase foals around the room when the lights came one. Still the parents seemed happy and most of your friends went off to interact with her.

In the commotion you notice Pinkie sneaking off. You smile as you decide if nothing else you’ll get to see what exactly she’s been doing with your own eyes. You take your package from the gold footed mare with you and move to go after her. As you leave you hear trotting behind you. It couldn’t be. You turn your head and see that it is, Applebloom was following you.

“Why are you here?” you couldn’t help but get annoyed with her at this point.

“Well ah just though ya’d need some help. Besides Scootaloo’s here too.” From out of the bush nearby, Scootaloo hops out with Sweetie Belle.

“I told you to hide with us Applebloom,” shouted Scootaloo. “How are we supposed to get our cutie marks in sneaking around if you won’t even hide?”

“But ah didn’t want to mess up the dress,” Applebloom replies holding up the frills of the thing that was barely over her back legs.

“I don’t get why you even came in that thing in the first place.” Just what you were wondering. A silent thanks to Scootaloo is in order for keeping you from asking. However you can’t stay. If Pinkie get’s too far from sight it will be worse. If these girls didn’t give you away first.

“We can talk about this and how you guys snuck out later. Pinkie’s getting away.”

“Oh that’s who you were following,” said Sweetie, “Did you have the same idea as us?”

“Not the point,” you correct, “I gotta go.”

Off you went with the sound of the girls following you ringing in the background. You hoped they didn’t give you away already as your mission began.

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