• Published 11th Jun 2012
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Lullaby - mareinthemoon

Some childhood nightmares are best left buried where they belong

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The lullaby

Hush now, quiet now, Its time to lay your sleepyhead..It's time to go to bed..

Come little Ponies one and all
I shall catch you, should you fall.

Come little Ponies , don't you cry
even as I take your sky.

Come little Ponies, into my cave.
leading you closer to the grave.

Come little Ponies, now don't you squirm.
The ropes that hold you may leave a burn

Poor little pony , ye hath died
no place left to go but inside.

In the darkness we will go
one by one they'll be a part of my show.

Don't cry little pony we shall be together,
you now belong to me forever.