• Published 11th Jun 2012
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Lullaby - mareinthemoon

Some childhood nightmares are best left buried where they belong

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Words about Lullaby

This is the authors note to Lullaby.

I explore many dark themes in writing this one mainly deals in rather unpleasant experiences in pinkies life as a child.

However the last verse of the story refers to an interesting element that I may have not flushed out too well and I would like to explain it further here.

It refers to that Pinkamina's life is in a constant circle effect. her childhood is hellish and each time she is presented with the option of taking the deal or refusing it.
It hints that Pinkie (thus the different name) has always taken the deal and always will meet her end at the hooves of her forgotten family and abandoned identity until she gets it right.

Its supposed to be used as a type of punishment for trading ones identity for ones hearts desire even if it seems to be the only way out.

The ending if you notice is differently written than the beginning . the beginning is high detail while the end is very bare
this is intentional and meant to leave you with a feeling of the luster of pinkie has vanished and in the end even the words become bland and colorless.
I find for some parts less is more and its supposed to also make the story feel broken and incomplete.
I was going for that.
It makes the whole endless circle aspect more effective by the flow trickling at the end into nothing.

If my lack of detail came off as dare I say lazy, be aware it is intentional.

A later released counter story will be released depicting Pinkamina's life as if she had not taken this deal and had infact learned the importance of her own identity and the fact that we all have scars that we must bare.

I hope you enjoyed the fic for the darkness and understood the message I was hinting at.