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Lullaby - mareinthemoon

Some childhood nightmares are best left buried where they belong

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The Laughing place

Time is not linear, the river does not flow only to halt at the end. No.
The current of the tide is steadily circulating around the obstacles of our days, around the strings that hold our realities we call fate.

Eternity is a circle
with no beginning and no end.

For those who find themselves before the eyes of the watcher, ye who lurks behind the wall and gently pulls the strings.
Within the flow of eternity, within the cycle.
Until the lesson is learned they become lost in the inner circle, doomed to repeat the past mistakes time and time again until they find the right path on their own.


ATTEMPTS: 300,000


Into darkness you will go, one by one become a part of my show.

A stallion of ivory white watched carefully as the pink filly grew in poverty once again, her life feeling like scant seconds before his gaze.
She was bound to repeat the mistake again, she would abandon herself.

The natural order prevented him from leaving the dark of his own realm, from intervening.
If he had not made her try again and again she would grow to develop a split persona capable of darkness and eventually rampage with 'baked bads' of a rather insidious nature.

He had seen the possible future, the joy she could create in others and the fear she could inspire should he let her be.
When the moderator cares not for her subjects sometimes it is up to darkness to forge the light once again.

Pinkamina shuddered at the breakfast table, unable to look anypony in the eye. She had spent the rest of the night attempting to rid herself of the filth but no matter how much she tried she could rid herself of the stains on the outside but never of the one within.
Inkey and Blinkey looked at upon her, their eyes brimming with sorrow for their beloved elder sister.They knew something horrifying had happened to her but alas could not speak of it for fear of being next on his list.

Pinkamina would gladly rid the world of her parents before subjecting the filly's before her to the travesty that was their horrid lives. She wanted so badly to find employment so she and her sisters could escape this wretched place.
They had made a special promise silently to one another, no pony left one behind and one day soon they all would find their laughing place.

The small meal before her was some flowers and a piece of bread, her stomach growled silently in protest but the fear of a repeat of what had already transpired because of this hunger prevented her from eating. Carefully she timed it, awaiting when their mother and father would leave to great the stallion from the bank who more than not demanded bits that did not exist. They got up from the table and she jumped into action, dividing her food between Inky and Blinkey quickly. She knew that if she had spoken up with spare food on her plate that their father would not hesitate in devouring the contents and their mother would be the one to feed it to him to boot.

She silently urged them to eat a little faster, Pinkamina herself was thin as a rail but she refused to have her reasons for living suffer for a moment.
'Were going to get out of this place....I promise.'
She mouthed in silence to them this gentle prayer for a happy not too far off tomorrow.


He had expected her to do many crazy things in her life time but confronting him while he taunted her under the bed was rather unexpected.

He had begun to make the noises that would cause the madness, the warning he placed for her to know when her father would be drunk again. To his surprise the sheet surrounding the foot of her bed was lifted quickly followed by the small pink filly crawling under with a smile.

Every time before he had to lull her in but somehow...she defied her fate, she broke the odds..
the power of 0.2% proved incredible indeed.

She looked on bravely as she had done many times before but this time she feared death and was after a new type of bargain.
"Excuse me....mr monster....sir..."
Her voice softly spoke, unsure as to what she was supposed to say.
He looked down upon her, the glowing of red eyes appearing before Pinkamina followed by the fanged smile.
'Silly Filly you wish to forget? only to live a life of regret..'

To this she shook her head from side to side." No....I can't leave them here in this place....We made a promise. No pony gets left behind or forgotten." Her eyes swelled with tears as his smile widened. At last she had learned her lesson, or so it seemed.

" I want to know mr monster.....would you get rid of the real monsters for us? Im sure your very hungry." She smiled eagerly at him.

He was beyond delighted, perhaps she belonged in the dark after all. After all the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
She was now on his level, an act of horror can create boundless light.
Pinkie was quick, Pinkie was clever.

No, This time she would leave her home as Pinkamina and this time not alone.

Pinkamina was working the counter of sugar cube corner happily as always, Inky and Blinkey were quickly icing the last cupcakes beside her. Today was a special party for the three hostesses, they were going to be greeting royalty into Ponyville and open the new shop in Manehaten next week with all their friends.

The element of laughter had found her very own laughing place, and the once forgotten sisters finally allowed to blossom in the light of their joy.

The hushed cries of the broken home burned and died, and from the ashes the flowers of joy grew.

Pinkamina, you finally found the reasons why.
Hold your head up high and do not cry,
Smile in the blue of the purest sky.

Never forget who you are,
The terrible wound is now a scar.

The party of one is now three
forever a family, finally free.

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738684 i sing that song to the kids i babysit when they go to bed:pinkiehappy:

I understand a bit more now. They better have Pinkie's sisters in season three!

760124 yes, they must. They also have to have Scoot's parents and Dashie's parents

Wow, I wasn't really expecting a continuation on this. This was great though. But i have one question, is she free of the cupcakes persona now, or was the 'she will leave as Pinkamena' her leaving with it? Cuz i can see her being Pinkie leaving room for Pinkamena to be a diff side of her, but at the same time I'm conditioned to see Pinkamena as her dark side.

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