• Published 15th Oct 2015
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7DSJ: Crazy Love - Former Unicorn

The love story of Compass Rose and Boysenberry. Maybe things'll turn out alright. Maybe. A love story in the World of Seven Days in Sunny June.

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So Nice to Be With You

“Octavia, dear, I hardly think this is funny,“ Rarity told her friend. The two, along with Fluttershy, were spending a pleasant evening at the mall shopping and enjoying each other's company.

“No you're right,“ the charcoal-maned beauty giggled while unsuccessfully trying to cover the manic grin on her face. “It's hilarious.“ The trio walked past a bookstore and the look on Octavia's face was that of a girl who very much desired to buy a book.

“But Tavi,“ Fluttershy asked, “don't you think it's mean to tease your cousins like that?“

“Not really,“ Octavia said with a shrug. “Twily's finally going through a much-needed rebellious phase and Sunny's a little too worried about it, if you ask me. Trust me, after Twily gets back from Italy she'll be back to normal and Sunny will be slightly embarrassed that she freaked out over nothing.“

“I do hope you're right about that,“ Rarity replied. “I'd hate to worry abou—” The fashionista did a double-take. “Wait – is that Compass Rose I see, ladies?“

“You’re right: it is,” Fluttershy pointed out. “I wonder what she’s doing here?”


“I think I’m doomed!” Compass Rose mourned as she arrived at Dates ‘R’ Us: The Number One Store in Town for Those Looking for Something for That First Date.

I cannot believe there’s a store like this! she fretted, completely amazed at the items within. There was a section for Guys for Girls, a section for Girls for Guys, a section for Guys for Guys, and a section for Girls for Girls. There was even a section for Gaggles for Gaggles.

“Gaggles for gaggles?” Rose asked aloud.

“Yeah - that’s the section for when everyone wants to date everyone,” a new girl said. “Ever heard of poly- or pansexuality?”

“Not really,” Rose admitted, suddenly having a very bad feeling about this.

The newcomer approached. She had short black and pink hair done up in a bob. She wore a lacy leotard for a top that just covered certain areas and strategically torn black jeans. She also gave Rose an appreciative look. “You look like a girl who’s ‘interested’,” the stranger said. “I’m always looking for someone.”

Um … I think you might have me mistaken, Miss….”

“Black Licorice,” the girl sighed in a husky voice. “And you know what goes good with black licorice?”


“You,” she sighed, putting her arm around Rose’s waist. She brought her lips close to Rose’s, cooing, “You don’t come in here unless you know what you wa—”

That was enough for Rose. She raced out of the store as fast as she could, ignoring Octavia, Rarity, and Fluttershy as the trio walked past the store.

Black Licorice popped out of the store. “Oh, hi Tavi!” she said with a wide smile.

“Heya Smile,” the black-tressed teen said. “Girls, this is Uncertain Smile. She goes to school with me and Twily at Zacherle’s.”

Rarity noticed Rose running away in the distance. “Er, Ms. Smile, Rose is a friend of mine. What did you do to her?”

Fluttershy looked up. “And isn’t this the sex store in the mall?” she asked, blushing.

Smile laughed. “Hey, my sister owns the place; I only work here because I need the cash. And it’s not a sex store; you want that kind of thing you go to Sunnytown - you won’t find it here. As to what your friend was doing? Well… part of my job is to filter out teenagers who come in with the wrong idea of the place.”

“You didn’t pull the ‘horny lesbian’ act again did you?” Octavia scolded. “You’re probably going to get in trouble for that someday.”

Smile held up a hand. “Tavi, I promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t do that again, so I promise I’m not.”

“Good, because you really freaked out Twily the time she thought you were coming on to her.”


In her room Boysenberry prepared for her date of dates. After tonight, she’d have herself a girlfriend and could finally relax. No more teasing about her being gay or things like that. She’d earned this moment and nothing could ruin it …

“You’re grounded.”

… except that. She looked at her father with a shocked look on her face.

“Berry, mija, you are too young to date - boys or girls, understand?” Her father, Cactus Agave, gave his daughter a gentle look. “I have known you were una lesbiana for a long time now, and I’m not like other fathers who look at that stuff like it’s wrong.” He laughed “You should’ve seen your Tio Viejos Valores when your cousin told him he was gay. Even though Bridgecross wasn’t, your Tio Valores grounded him for a week.”

“Then why can’t I?”

“Because you are too young, mijita. Because your brother—as old as he is—still doesn’t know how the world works. There are people that will hurt you; hurt all of us, because we are inmigrante,” Cactus said in hushed tones.

“Dad nobody cares that we’re quote, ‘illegals’, unquote,” Berry told him. “Trust me—you’re a single father with two kids. What is La Migra gonna do? Take you away and make me and Ward live with the Uncle Valores?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of. At least he’s here legally.”


“Sis, don’t be stupid.” Forward Pass walked into the room. “For one, how do you think Compass Rose will react once she finds out you lied to her about your name?”

“I didn’t lie! My name is Boysenberry!”

“No, your name is Mora de Boisen,” Forward pointed out, “which translates as ‘boysenberry’. I’m lucky; our parents gave me an English name because Dad loves the San Diego Chargers.”

“Not now,” Cactus told them. “Now I’m a Stallions fan all the way.” He then turned to Berry. “Mija, there will be other girls. But you only have one life and I don’t want to see you jeopardize it. You are not going out, and that’s final.”

“FINE!” Berry yelled. “YOU TWO DON’T CARE ABOUT MY HEART!” She then ran into her room, slamming the door.

Ward shook his head. “Kids” he grunted.

Cactus laughed. “You were once one too son. Let me make dinner before I go to work okay? I promise she’ll be over it by then.”


In her room, Berry quickly packed a bag with clothes. “Sorry, but my love life is at stake,” she said quietly. “They’ll understand.” Opening her window, she slipped the bag around her shoulders and jumped, catching the branch of the tree just outside the window. She let go and quietly snuck away from the house and headed to her friend’s place around the block.

Knocking on the door, she was happy to see Giftwrap open it. “Hi Berry! Thought you were going on your date tonight?”

“I am,” the girl in love insisted. Doing the finger quotes gesture, she asked, “Can I ‘stay over’ tonight?”