• Published 28th May 2012
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Pony Prom - Moxypony

The ponies of Luneria attend the pony prom in Canterlot

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Chapter 4

“Mox!” Moxi groaned, set down the glass of punch she’d been about to down as Dreamcatcher came tearing into the dining hall. The earth pony stallion slammed his hooves down on the table between Moxi and Volty, the latter of whom continued eating the banquet food as though this interruption hadn’t even occurred.

“Moxi,” he said, panting and looking desperate, before pausing and eyeing her drink, “Have you had anything to drink?”

“No,” Moxi growled back at him, “They don’t serve anything alcoholic in here, I have to wait to get a proper drink until I get to the dance hall. For now, I’ve got this punch.”

“I wouldn’t suggest drinking that,” came the voice of a passing stallion, “I’ve seen at least three of the ponies who drank the punch come down with peculiar ailments so far tonight. I think somepony may have spiked it with Poison Joke.”
Moxi groaned and poured the glass out into a nearby potted plant, whose leaves turned orange with pink polka dots moments later, “What is it, Dreamcatcher?”

Catcher watched the plant for a few moments with a befuddled expression before seeming to remember the urgency of his situation. “It’s Snowy,” he shouted, running a hoof through his mane nervously, “I think she’s into me!”
Moxi eyed Dreamcatcher in surprise before raising her empty glass to him, “Well, good on you.”
“You don’t get it!” He shouted desperately, “Snowy and I came here as friends! I’m not interested in starting a relationship or anything! I don’t have much time, she’s in the bathroom right now, but she could come out at any minute! You’re a mare, right? How do I fix this!?”

“I’m going to ignore that,” Moxi said, clamping here eyes shut in annoyance, “but don’t you tell me you’re actually considering breaking that poor filly’s heart at prom!”

“Err…” Catcher stammered, “Well, better sooner than later, right?”

Moxi scooped up the soup spoon from the table in front of her and whacked Dreamcatcher on the head with it. “No,” she said, whacking him again, “bad Dreamcatcher! You do not break a filly’s heart on what’s supposed to be one of the best nights of her life! You will be a proper gentlecolt and treat that filly like a princess then find a way to gently let her down at a later date!”

“But I—”

“No excuses!” Moxi shouted, whacking him a third time with the spoon, “Now go find your date and show her the night of her life!”

Dreamcatcher nodded with a sigh and trotted back out of the dining hall.

“You know there’s like, literally no chance at all that Snowy’s romantically into him,” Volty spoke through a mouthful of potato, “right?”

“Oh of course,” Moxi murmured, watching Dreamcatcher leave the room as she took a bite of carrot, “this is payback for that question about me being a mare. Plus I’m curious how far he takes this before Snowy lays some truth on him.”
“Nah,” Volty shook her head, “Snowy might not be into him, but she’s a sweet filly, I bet she plays along until Catch gets too uncomfortable and spills the beans.”

There was a pause between the two as they each looked one another over before breaking into devious smirks. “20 bits to whoever called it right?” Moxi said, extending a hoof to Voltage.
“You’re on.”

True Blue shooed Zest and Cherry Bloom toward the dining hall, wrangling in the eccentric little filly each time she attempted to wander off. As he passed the mare’s powder room, the door swung open and Snowdrift emerged, peering around the corner and looking nervous. When she caught sight of Blue here eyes lit up in relief.

“Blue,” she sighed, “thank Celestia, a level-headed pony I can talk to.”

Blue grabbed Cherry who was once again attempting to wander off, scooting her back to his side before looking back to Snowy with a nod, “Snowdrift.”

“We’ve known each other long enough that you can call me Snowy, Blue,” she shook her head with a smile, “but I’ve got a problem. I’m getting the distinct feeling that Dreamcatcher doesn’t get that we were just coming to prom as friends… I mean, he’s a sweet colt and all, and I won’t deny that he’s handsome, but I’m just not interested in dating him. I don’t wanna break the poor buck’s heart, what do I do?”

Blue paused to consider for a moment before responding. “You may not have a choice in the matter,” he spoke in a well-reasoned tone, “if Dreamcatcher’s feelings are not going to abate, you may be forced to break his heart sooner or later, but if I may be so bold, I don’t think it would be appropriate to do so tonight.”

“Huh?” Snowy said in shock, “You mean I have to lead him on all night? Why!?”

“Romance, or even the lack-thereof is a personal matter,” he said directly, “it is not something meant to be shared with the public as a whole. It should be kept personal, between two ponies and perhaps their most intimate of friends and family. If you should break Dreamcatcher’s heart here, it would become a public spectacle and do more harm to the colt than the act itself could ever do alone.”

“Great,” Snowy groaned sarcastically, “oh well, thanks Blue.” After a pause she said, “Hey, weren’t you watching Cherry Bloom?”

True Blue blinked at her for a moment before turning to regard the hall around him, now distinctly bereft of Cherry Bloom. “Oh damn it all,” he growled, tearing off down the hall again, passing through the door to the dining hall just as Dreamcatcher emerged from it.

Catcher watched Blue gallop into the dining hall with a bemused expression, then trotted back down the hallway, nodding at Kimono as he passed her on his way to Snowy. She gave in a smile that felt a little strained, which he returned before offering his hoof and leading her back towards the dance hall. This is going to be a long night…

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