• Published 28th May 2012
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Pony Prom - Moxypony

The ponies of Luneria attend the pony prom in Canterlot

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Chapter 6

Moxi and Volty watched Snowy and Dreamcatcher eat subtly, stealing glances between bites of buffet food. The pair had come back into the dining hall shortly after Moxi had sent Dreamcatcher off and ever since they’d been seated at a table, avoiding each other’s eyes and blushing a lot.

“Better be careful,” Volty muttered, turning her attention back to her plate, “they might just catch fire if they move above a glacial pace.”

“Maybe we could find some way to encourage them to speed things up?”

“Like what,” Volty eyed her skeptically, “you wanna just walk over there and tell them to get their romance on?”

“No,” Moxi blushed in embarrassment, “but I’m sure there’s more subtle ways we could encourage them…”
Both mares paused for a moment, Moxi absently letting her spoon hang from her lips. After a short time, Voltage gave Moxi a look which momentarily set her about imagining a light igniting over the electric blue mare’s head. Without a word she took Moxi’s hoof.

The move was so sudden, so unexpected, that Moxi’s heart literally skipped a beat. She felt her cheeks heat up as she turned her eyes to regard the face of the mare opposite her, Volty’s expression was the same as ever, her mouth spread in a wide grin, Moxi hadn’t noticed before how the grin made her eyes crinkle. Such fascinating eyes, so uncommon, red irises set on a shining mass of yellow and touched with that special hint of the madness which lay beneath. As her cheeks began to burn even hotter, Moxi turned her eyes back to her plate, unable to hold Volty’s gaze.

“Ooh,” Volty murmured, “that’s good, really sweet looking.” Moxi’s eyes widened and she looked up to Volty in confusion. Her back to Dreamcatcher and Snowy, she darted her eyes to one side to shift Moxi’s focus. “Did they notice? It’s only a matter of time,” she winked, “lead by example, yeah?”

Moxi felt as though her face was going to combust and she forced a smile, murmuring, “Good idea…”

They’re getting awfully friendly, Dreamcatcher thought, seeing Moxi’s face turning crimson over Snowy’s shoulder, Volty must move fast… I know Mox isn’t pushing anything near that fast.

“What’re you looking at?” Snowy said, turning to look behind her.

“Nothing,” Catcher said, “How’s the food?”

“Oh it’s good,” she muttered with a wary smile, “it’s good… I wish I had something to drink though…”

“Yeah,” Dreamcatcher muttered, looking over at the punch bowl where an earth pony was trying to get his date down from the ceiling, her horn seeming to have taken it upon itself to levitate her out of reach, “something tells me that it wouldn’t be a good idea to drink anything that’s been left out here though…”

Snowy giggled, taking a bite and smiling at the colt. Dreamcatcher chuckled himself and returned the smile, well, she is cute when she smiles.

He felt his mane tingle and peered around to see Moxi staring at him, she titled her head towards Snowy in a “go on” gesture. He shot back the wide-eyed stare of “no way, I’m not doing that.” To which she mouthed the words, “she wants you to.”

Dreamcatcher rolled his eyes and once again, Snowy cocked her head, watching him. She turned around just late enough for Moxi to have turned her attention back to Volty. She watched the couple for a few moments before turning back to Dreamcatcher with a hint of pink touching her cheeks. “They seem to be hitting it off,” she muttered, peering at Dreamcatcher from under her brow, “don’t they?”

“Yeah,” Catch murmured. Snowy’s hoof was lying midway across the table beside her plate and Dreamcatcher felt as if it was staring at him… Sweat started to form on his brow and he felt a lump forming in his throat. Okay, Dreamcatcher, he thought, if this is what she wants, give it to her for tonight…

Dreamcatcher reached out slowly, measuring his movements as though he was walking through a minefield, when his hoof passed his own plate and utensils, he knew he’d passed the point of no return. With a heavy gulp, he reached out and took the mare’s hoof in his own. He felt his face start to burn as she blinked at him in surprise, chuffing out a single, breathy laugh and giving him a lopsided smile.

Well, he thought as he returned the smile, it could be worse…

“How could this possibly be worse!?” Blue roared, slamming a hoof into a nearby wall hard enough to grab the attention of several nearby ponies, Kimono smiled reassuringly at them, encouraging them to go about their own business.

“Dear,” she said, looking Blue dead in the eyes, “You are causing a scene. Perhaps you should take a few calming breaths?”

Blue scowled but at a look from his wife he stopped, took a few deep breaths and then continued at a more reasonable volume, “Celestia knows where Cherry has gotten off to, I have no trail to follow!”

“Cherry?” came a voice from down the hall, “As in Cherry Bloom? The little alicorn filly?”
Blue turned to see a grey, bespectacled pegasus pony, his shaggy mane and scruff of beard teal, melding into yellow at its tips. “She ran into my date and decided to start following her,” he said, with an annoyed look on his face, “and neither of them saw fit to wait for me while they did it.”

“And you are?” Blue said, eyeing the pegasus skeptically.

“Grimlock,” he said, offering Blue a hoof, “and if you’re tracking Cherry Bloom, I guess that’d make you True Blue. Tria’s mentioned you.”

“Here, take this,” Tria had barely shouted the words at Dream Weaver before she slammed the raggedy, patched teddy bear down on the table in front of her and took off at a gallop. It took Dreamweaver longer to recognize that Cherry Bloom was still wrapped around the toy than it took for Tria to be out the door from the dance hall.

“What in Celestia’s name?”

“Hey!” came a voice from the table and both Dreamie and Magpie jumped, the voice was very clearly not Cherry’s, “Get this foal off of me, would you!?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Dreamie said, plucking the toy from Cherry’s hooves, the filly refused let this dampen her mood and immediately began hopping about the table shouting something incomprehensible, “Despair? Why in Equestria would Tria bring you to prom!?”
“I didn’t give her much choice,” the teddy bear growled, “I stowed away in the luggage rack of the train, I knew she wouldn’t just leave me on there. Now take me back to her!”

“Forget it,” she groaned, “I don’t think I’m going to get up from this spot for the rest of the night.”

“Argh!” Despair shouted, “Move your flank, impudent mare! You’re talking to your spiritual better here!”

“No,” Dreamie bonked the doll on the head with a hoof, “bad Despair.” Despite whatever spiritual presence might exist within the doll, it was still physically a doll, the head was momentarily squashed under the force of her hoof.

She set the doll on the table where it immediately stood up and turned to face Clair. “You,” it shouted, “bar-creature!”
Clair leaned close and growled, “Ooh, you really know how to charm a girl.” He laid his chin on his hooves and eyed Despair with flat eyes, “Before you say anything, I’d like to point out my scientific curiosity. How do you think without a brain? I’d like to dissect you to find out.”

The bear watched Clair in silence for a moment before turning to regard Magpie, who appeared to have fallen asleep, it was about to speak when Clair cut it off, “Oh give it up, would you, they’re too tired to take you anywhere and I simply have no interest in doing so.”
“Very well,” Despair muttered, “then I shall go find Tria myself, I have to keep an eye on that colt she’s with, I don’t trust him…”

“Good luck keeping up with them, stubby legs,” Clair said, scooping up the bear and depositing it in Magpie’s hooves, she immediately wrapped around the bear and continued sleeping, “you wouldn’t be able to keep up with anypony anyway. Best you stay tucked away, eh?”

Clair felt Cherry Bloom tugging at his coat and turned to eye the filly, “my turn on the dance floor is it?”

Cherry nodded vigorously.

“Does Blue even know where you are?”

She paused for a moment before shaking her head and tugging harder on Clair’s coat.

“Fantastic,” Clair smirked, and then he trotted off with the little filly back onto the dance floor.

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