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Cloudy Skies and Distant Lands - J-Webb

Applejack & Rainbow Dash end up in a jungle and must find their way back to Equestria.

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Bon Voyage

Cloudy Skies and Distant Lands

[Shipping | Adventure | Grim-dark | Sad]

Chapter 1: |

*Note* This is the second fic in my series, if you have not read the first story this one will not make sense! Please read "Fading Colors" before reading this one! Fading colors can be found under stories on my page here on Fimfic.

Day 1

Celestia's sun was just starting to peak above the horizon, their rays cast out across Equestria bringing forth the dawn of a new day. However, Rainbow Dash was already out of bed. Today was a special day for the cyan Pegasus and she had made sure to be up early for it.

Rainbow Dash dropped her saddlebag onto her cloud table. Flying off to her bedroom, the cyan Pegasus returned carrying a nice sized brown pouch and little box matching the color of her coat. She placed the items into the saddlebag, before tossing the saddlebag over her back and fastening it tightly.

"This is it!" Rainbow Dash told herself aloud.

Months of planning and preparation all boiled down to today. For today was, the day she would put to action plan 'Big Apple'. Rainbow Dash had been waiting for this day to come for a while now. It did not take the Pegasus long to realize that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Applejack. She wanted to tell Applejack months ago, but being an awesome pony, Rainbow Dash constantly tried to find equally awesome ways to purpose. She thought about writing it in the clouds, only to find it to hard spell with clouds. It seemed like no idea she came up with was good enough for her liking. That is until a couple months ago, when Applejack mentioned to her about going back to Manehattan for a vacation. Dash knew right then, just how she was going to propose. Ever since that day, Dash had been planning non-stop and saving every spare bit she could.

Here was the day, one day before their one-year anniversary. Dash had finally raised enough bits to put the plan to work. However, to put her plan to work, Rainbow Dash needed a method of transportation and the all-important wedding ring. However, Rainbow Dash was a step ahead, already having it all planned out. The cyan Pegasus had asked Rarity to make her the ring a month ago. Unfortunately, the cyan Pegasus could not find the time to ask Twilight about a teleportation spell. She would have to find out today.

Opening the door to her cloud castle, Rainbow Dash stepped through. She took in a deep breath, allowing the crisp morning air to fill her lungs. The sweet aroma of apples filled her nose, washing over her every being. She enjoyed waking up to the smell of apples every morning; she had been doing it ever since moving her house above Sweet Apple Acres months ago.

Dash looked over the cloud's edge, directly below was the roof to the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse. The Pegasus knew that her mare would already be at work on the farm. Rainbow Dash tried carefully to be sneaky; she would not want Applejack to ruin her own surprise. Dash leapt off the edge, spiraling into a downward dive. The cool morning air rushed past the Pegasus, blowing her rainbow mane frantically in all directions. Dash loved the feeling of the wind; it made her feel completely free. Seeing the ground approaching fast, Rainbow Dash pulled out of her dive, leveling off just above the treetops. No signs of Applejack, Dash thought to herself as she flew off towards Rarity's Boutique.

Applejack had just finished loading the last bucket of apples onto the cart. The sudden rushing sound of wind stole her attention. Glancing to the sky, Applejack could see Rainbow Dash flying off towards town in a hurry.

"Just where is she headin' off ta so early?" Applejack questioned aloud.

"That is strange…," answered Big Mac, from beside Applejack.

"WAA!" screamed the earth pony, as she tripped over her own hooves. "Don't scare me like that, Macintosh…" hissed Applejack, as she pulled herself back on all fours.

"Yer worried Aren't ya AJ?" Mac asked calmly, returning his gaze from the sky to his sister.

"Ah, don't wanna lose her Mac… This last year has been great. Ah just don't want it ta end." confessed Applejack, sadness clearly present in her tone.

"Ah, wouldn't worry about it, she cares a lot about ya sis." Mac told the earth pony, keeping his calm but stern tone.

"Yer right Mac, yer right…," replied Applejack, as she watched the rainbow trail disappear into town.


Rarity was sitting at her workstation. A new order had just come in from Canterlot. Business certainly picked up in the last year for the dressmaker, more or less because of word getting around about her fabulous Gala dresses from last year's Grand Galloping Gala.

A knock at the door drew her attention away, causing the dressmaker to miss a stitch.

"Oh, just great…" complained Rarity, knowing she would have to start work all over again.

Regaining her composure at the possibility of a new client, Rarity fixed her mane as she walked to the door.

"Come in," she called, opening the door with her magic.

Rainbow Dash stepped through the doorway to Carousal Boutique, saddlebags around her flanks allowing her room for wing use.

"Hey Rarity," exclaimed Dash cheerfully, hugging the unicorn.

"Hello, Rainbow Dash," replied Rarity, returning the friendly gesture. "I take it you're here to collect the ring?" the unicorn asked, lowering her tone.

"Yeah! You have it done right?" Dash exclaimed, unable to hide her excitement.

"Of course, dear. Wait right here." replied Rarity, walking over to her workbench.

After a couple seconds of searching, with many items flying about, Rarity returned. "Here it is dear." Rarity dropped a case lined with black fabric into Rainbow's hooves.

Dash opened the box. Inside was a hoof ring. The ring itself is 24 karat, pure gold, infused with magic to make it glisten and shine brightly. Engraved On the side of the band read the words "Applejack and Rainbow Dash". On top of the band rested a big heart-shaped gem. The left half of the gem was pure emerald, matching Applejack's eyes. The right side of the gem was pink sapphire, perfectly matching Rainbow Dash's eyes. Just when Dash thought she had seen the best ring ever, Rarity reached over and tilted the ring. The light rays caught the ring in such a way, reflecting back a rainbow of colors from the gemstones.

"Oooh…" expressed Dash, lost in pure amazement at the ring's intense beauty.

"It is definitely my best work," confessed Rarity, complimenting herself.

"Rarity… it's beautiful…" replied Dash, returning the ring to its case and placing it in her saddlebags. "How much do I owe you?"

"Oh, for you darling, it's nothing. Just make me proud. That's thanks enough dear," Rarity insisted.

"Really? Wow, Rarity… thanks so much,"

Reaching out, Dash pulled the unicorn into a crushing embrace.

"It's, ugh, really n-no problem, dear," sputtered Rarity, as the Pegasus crushed her in a powerful embrace.

Dash released her death grip, dropping Rarity back to the floor.

"Well I would love to stay and, uh… help you work. But I have to get to Twilight's." admitted Dash.

"Twilight's? Whatever for?" questioned Rarity.

"I'll tell you and the girls later, it's a surprise," Dash called back to the unicorn from the doorway. "Bye!" the Pegasus yelled, as she shot out of the door towards the library.


"Step one, Acquire ring from Rarity. Check," announced Dash, as she flew towards the marketplace. "Step two, tell Applejack to meet me later." the cyan Pegasus retorted mentally, weaving in and out of the city streets.

Coming into view up ahead was that familiar apple stand Dash had come to know so well. The cyan Pegasus' face came alive with joy at the sight of the mare behind the stand. Dash doubled her efforts, her patience having long left her behind. The cyan Pegasus felt so close now; as she watched the apple stand grow larger.

"Hey, Dashie!" shouted a joyful pink pony, stepping in front of the speeding Pegasus.

With a powerful beat of her wings, Dash put on the brakes. The backward thrusts of her wings managed to slow her down quite a bit before making impact with the party pony. The force of impact sent the pair tumbling through the marketplace, crashing to a halt inside Sugarcube Corner. During the tumble, Dash's saddlebags came open, spilling its contents on the floor of the sweet shop.

"Ugh…" cried the dazed voice of Rainbow Dash, as she shook her head, trying to regain her composure.

The force of impact had sent the cyan Pegasus skidding across the floor, smacking headfirst into the front counter of Sugarcube Corner.

"Oh dear, would you like some help?" questioned Mrs. Cake, peaking over the counter at the cyan Pegasus lying on the floor below.

"I'm fine," replied Dash angrily, as she righted herself back on four hooves.

"Hey Dashie! What's in this bo-?" sang Pinkie, stopping mid-sentence as she began to shake violently.

At the sight of Pinkie's sense, Dash knew something big was about to happen. Taking her opening, she lunged towards the box, only to find that Pinkie was now finished her spasms, and stood ready to catch her in her arms. Pinkie caught Dash mid dive, swinging her around and pulling her into a tight embrace.

"Oh Dashie! You and Applejack are getting married!" Exclaimed an overjoyed Pinkie Pie, as she jumped up and down still holding Dash tightly.

"Pinkie! Let me go!" Dash urged, as the familiar dizziness feeling begun taking over her mind.

The pink earth pony did as asked, dropping the Pegasus to the floor. Rainbow Dash scrambled to collect the contents of her saddlebags, which were now scattered over the establishment. Pinkie Pie was once again hopping around, clearly overcome with excitement at her discovery.

"This calls for a super, gigantic, humongous, enormous, mega party!" Exclaimed the pink pony, hopping so high her head almost hit the ceiling.

Returning the last of her belongings into the bags, Dash turned to look at the bouncing pink pony. "Pinkie! You have to promise me not to tell Applejack about this, alright?" explained Dash, her face showing just how nervous she was.

"And just what in tarnation are ya keeping from me?" Applejack questioned, stepping into Sugarcube Corner.

"A-Applejack?" Dash stammered, turning to face her mare.

"Are you alright sugarcube? That sure was some tumble ya took," asked Applejack, walking over to her mare, offering her a gentle nuzzle on the cheek

"I'm fine, thanks," replied Dash, returning the loving gesture to Applejack.

Applejack broke the embrace, causing Dash to offer the earth pony her attention. "Dash, what are ya keeping from me? Ya'll know ya can trust me, sugarcube," the earth pony offered.

It was clear to Dash that the earth pony was feeling hurt. The Pegasus looked Applejack in the eyes as she spoke, "Applejack, meet me on the hills outside your farm tonight. I promise that I will explain everything there." begged Dash, hoping to cheer up her filly-friend.

"Alright, sugarcube, but it had better be worth tha' wait." teased Applejack, giving Dash a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Oh, it will be!" replied Dash, flaring her wings and taking a confident stance.

"I love surprises; do you love surprises, Applejack? Huh? Huh? Do you?" interrupted Pinkie, as she bounced in between the couple.

"Ah reckon, ah do love surprises," answered Applejack, glancing towards Dash with a sly smile. "Ah'll cya tonight, RD." Applejack stated, stopping in front of Dash. Applejack planted a hard kiss against Dash's lips, catching the Pegasus off guard. The earth pony broke the kiss prematurely, causing Dash to become more flustered. The earth pony continued towards the exit, glancing back one last time from the door and giving Dash a wink before stepping out.

Rainbow Dash felt her nerves calm, now that Applejack was gone, the Pegasus did not have to worry about her surprise heading astray. Dash looked around, by this point, Pinkie and Mrs. Cake had disappeared. Shrugging it off, Dash collected her saddlebag, fastening it tightly to her flank. Bursting through the door of Sugarcube Corner to the marketplace, Dash rocketed off towards Twilight's library, leaving behind a cloud of dust.


"Coming!" called a voice from behind the library's oak door.

The door opened a couple seconds later, revealing a baby dragon.

"Oh, Hey Rainbow Dash," acknowledged Spike, motioning for the cyan Pegasus to come in.

"Hey Spike. Is Twilight around?" asked Dash, stepping into the library behind the dragon.

Dash quickly glanced around the library's main floor; surprisingly the library was clean today. Instead of the usual mess of books from Twilight's study binges, the shelves were all in order. The cleanness putting Dash on edge, the Pegasus was not used to seeing the library in such a good state.

"This way," commanded Spike, leading Dash down a few steps towards the guest bedroom.

Spike opened the door to the bedroom, motioning Dash forward. The cyan Pegasus complied, the door shutting behind her. Dash jumped at the sudden sound of the door closing behind her, nerves completely on edge.

"Hello, Rainbow Dash. What brings you by today?" questioned Twilight; the lavender unicorn was sitting at the end of the room behind a giant oak desk. Piles of books littered the room, covering the bed and most of the floor.

"Gees Twilight, and here I thought you had cleaned up the library." laughed Dash, her nerves having calmed down.

"Well seeing as how this room never gets used, I thought it would make a great study room." Twilight answered happily, having made a clear observation.

Dash rolled her eyes at her friend's demeanor. Pushing a stack of books aside, the Pegasus sat down on the bed.

"So, uh… Twilight, see the reason why I came here is… to ask you for a favor." Dash admitted nervously, tapping her hoof against the bedpost trying to keep calm.

"A favor? Well sure, let's hear it," insisted Twilight, the unicorn's curiosity clearly having been piqued.

"Well, I was hoping you could teleport me and Applejack to Manehattan, tomorrow...," urged Dash, scratching the back of her head. All of her plans were riding on Twilight's answer; she needed the unicorn to say-

"Sure, I can do that." Twilight happily replied.

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much Twilight! You have no idea how much this means to me!" exclaimed Dash joyfully, flying over to the unicorn and crushing her in a constricting embrace.

"N-no, prob-lem, R-Rainbow." stuttered Twilight, struggling to get air from the death grip she found herself lock in.

Just when Twilight thought she would pass out from lack of air, Dash released her. Twilight fell to the ground, desperately grasping for any air her lungs could get.

"Hehe… Uh, Twilight? Are you ok?" questioned Dash, helping the lavender unicorn to her hooves.

"I'm fine, Rainbow. But I do have a lot to prepare for this teleport, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave." instructed Twilight, digging through the piles of books.

"Alright, no problem. Thanks again Twilight!" exclaimed Dash from the doorway.

Once clear of the library Rainbow Dash flew towards home, she still had a weather shift to work after all. Good thing for Rainbow Dash, clearing the clouds came natural to her. The cyan Pegasus estimated it would take her until dinnertime to finish.


Rainbow Dash walked into the doorway to the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse, her estimation was spot on. Applejack had just finished placing dinner on the table. Rainbow Dash walked over and joined the rest of the Apple family around the Table.

Over the last year, the Apple family became accustomed to the cyan Pegasus. All of them have been more accepting to her and Applejack's relationship than Dash would have thought. At first Apple Bloom had many questions, Dash did not mind though. She liked how curious the little earth filly was. However, Applejack found her little sister's questions to be very annoying, and often sent the filly on her way.

Rainbow Dash found herself still trying to adjust to her new residence, it was however just temporary. She and Applejack started building a new home for themselves six months ago. The house, which sat on the far side of Sweet Apple Acres, close to Fluttershy's cottage, was set to be completed in just a couple of weeks. Until then, Dash kept her belongings in her cloud castle, which she and Applejack relocated to the farm. On most nights, the cyan Pegasus would stay with Applejack here in the farmhouse. Dash could not complain though, every moment she spent with the earth pony made her feel complete. No matter what happened, as long as Applejack was around Dash felt invincible.


Dinner was over quickly, the general topic of conversation being about the day's antics. The couple stepped out of the farmhouse, Celestia's sun hung low in the sky casting shadows far across the ground in front of them. Blue sky danced and intertwined with the bright pink and orange dying rays of sunlight. At the end of the sky, opposite the sun, Luna's moon was just starting to peak above the horizon. The late afternoon air had turned cold, but still held with it that clean crisp scent of apples. Beauty was of the essence tonight, Rainbow Dash had made sure of that.

"Applejack, you go on ahead, I have to get something," insisted Dash, turning to look at the farmer pony beside her.

"Alright, sugarcube, don't keep me waiting too long," teased Applejack, leaning in and nuzzling the cyan Pegasus.

"I'll be a flash! They don't call me Rainbow Dash for nothing!" the cyan Pegasus boasted, taking to the sky with a back flip.

"Hehe, yer silly ya know that?" stated Applejack, a huge smile plastered upon her face.

Staring up at the floating Pegasus, the couple locked eyes. Each becoming lost in the other's soul, it was magical. The connection their soul's felt was beyond comprehension, a mystical euphoric feeling crept up on the pair. As the moment started to pass, the couple was able to get a grip on reality.

"You know you love it!" Dash exclaimed flirtatiously, giving the earth pony a wink as she started to fly off towards her cloud castle.

"That ah do," Applejack mumbled to herself, as she watched Dash disappear into the cloud house.

The earth pony started towards the hills that lie just behind the southern part of her orchard. Applejack's stomach was doing rolls, she was clearly nervous. Dash had been acting different around her for the last couple of days and it worried her. Applejack tried to play it off; however, her mind had different ideas for the earth pony. Often making her think the worst, she had come so close to losing Dash a year ago. Thoughts of that night came flooding back to the earth pony. Applejack could remember it so vividly; she had never felt so lost in all of her life. The thought of Dash being gone, tore her up inside.

Before she realized it, Applejack found herself atop of the hill where she confessed her love to Dash just over a year ago. In all honesty, the hill had not changed much. Flowers covered most of the little knoll, grass growing freely having long been un-kept.

Rainbow Dash touched down across from Applejack, somehow the earth pony could not help but remember the familiarity of the situation at hand.

"Applejack, before I give you your surprise. I want you to have this," explained Dash, reaching into her saddlebag and pulling out a little cyan blue box.

Applejack took the little blue box in her hooves, her head buzzing with wonder as to what could be contained within.

"Are you gonna open it? Or just stare at it all night?" Dash questioned. Looking beyond the box, Applejack could make out the sincere look of curiosity upon Dash's brow.

Taking in a deep lungful of air, Applejack opened the box. Inside sat a small, fragile looking cyan feather. The feather itself seemed to glow faintly as the sun's fading rays encountered it.

"Dash… It's so beautiful," stammered Applejack, lost in the feather's intense beauty and color.

"It was the first feather I shed; I never thought I would pass it on." Dash admitted, intently staring at the feather Applejack held in her hooves.

"If it means so much to ya sugarcube, I couldn't possibly take it," the earth pony insisted, offering the feather back to Dash.

"That's just it Applejack, its Pegasus tradition to pass it on when we find our true love." Dash explained, gently pushing Applejack's hoof back.

Dash noticed tears forming at the corner of the earth pony's eyes, the cyan Pegasus opened her mouth to speak. Only to find her voice cut off, Applejack sprang forward pressing her lips tightly against Dash's own. A brief moment of shock washed over the Pegasus, the feeling was quickly forgotten as a new feeling, one of pure bliss washed over the Pegasus.

Time felt forgotten; moments turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. In all reality, the kiss had only lasted a few seconds. They broke the embrace, staring at each other, a flaming passion burning deeply inside the couple. The couple stayed that way for minutes, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Ah know just the place for it, sugarcube," announced Applejack, placing the small cyan feather securely in the rim of her hat.

Rainbow Dash smiled, a weight felt lifted from her shoulders. Applejack had accepted her feather; the simple gesture meant so much more to the Pegasus.

"Alright, on to the main event!" exclaimed Dash, performing a quick back flip.

"Hehe, let's hear it RD!" replied Applejack, her tone alive with excitement and curiosity.

"Well, I just so happen to have planned us a three day vacation to Manehattan!" boasted Dash, standing confident with a hoof raised to her chest.


"Is something wrong Applejack?" Rainbow Dash questioned her expression full of concern.

Before Dash could react, the earth pony leaped forward. Arms wrapped around Dash, pulling her into a constricting hug.

"It's perfect, Dash." Applejack admitted, softly nuzzling the cyan Pegasus' mane.


As the fading rays of the sun lit the sky before them, Applejack and Rainbow Dash cuddled together upon the hill. They stayed that way until Celestia's sun was far below the horizon and Luna's moon shone brightly in the now darkened sky. Reminiscing back on what was surly the best year of their lives.


The air was cooling, almost soothing against their coats as they walked toward the farmhouse. As the couple approached the farmhouse, they could make out Big Mac talking to two tall pegasi.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash closed the distance; slowly Applejack was able to pick out the features of the two pegasi. The Pegasus on the left was a stallion, with a deep purple coat. He had a short half-green, half-orange mane. The other Pegasus was obviously a mare, she had a dark blue coat, and her mane was a mixture of red and yellow. Applejack could not help but feel like she knew that mare; she just couldn't put her hoof on it.

"Here she comes now." Big Mac announced, pointing his hoof towards the couple.

The two pegasi swung around, Mac returned inside, closing the door behind him.

"Dashielle!" called the blue-coated Pegasus, stepping forward towards the approaching Rainbow Dash.

Dash stopped in her tracks, frozen in shock at the sight of her parents.

"M…mom, Dad?" stammered Dash, lost in the many thoughts her mind was now producing.

"Princess Luna told us you were living here in Ponyville. Your mother and I just finally got the time to drop by." Dash's father explained, his tone stern, almost military like.

"You seem to have found yourself a nice stallion too. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you came around." Dash's mother added, smiling softly at her daughter.

Applejack found the thought of Dash being with Big Mac to be hilarious. Failing to hold in her giggles, the earth pony burst into a fit of laughter.

"What is so funny, young lady?" questioned Dash's mother, she was obviously not amused at Applejack behavior.

"Ah'm sorry ya'll, my head just got the best of me." Applejack chuckled, covering her face with her hat to hide her embarrassment.

Dashielle! Is that feather what I think it is?" yelled Dash's father, spotting the feather on the brim of Applejack's hat.

Rainbow Dash slowly nodded her head in agreement, tears slowly making their way out of her eyes.

"And here I thought you had changed dear. Why can't you be more like your sister?" demanded Dash's mother, glaring daggers at her daughter.

"Do you really want to disgrace your whole family by going through with this? What did we ever do to you?" Dash's father scolded, the anger in his tone seeming to jump out and strike the distraught cyan Pegasus.

"What did you ever do? You hated me for who I am! And right when I needed you the most, you left!" snapped Dash, tears streamed down her face as she flared her wings towards her parents.

"Everypony just calm down." pleaded Applejack, stepping in front of Dash.

"Stay out of this earth pony," sneered Dash's mother, threatening Applejack.

"Don't you buckin' talk to her like that!" shouted Dash, rocketing towards the blue Pegasus.

Applejack predicted Rainbow Dash's move, catching the Pegasus' tail in her mouth.

"Ah, suggest ya'll best be leavin' now, if ya know what's good for yerselves," insisted Big Mac, as he stepped back out of the farmhouse.

"He's right dear, let's get out of here." demanded Dash's mother, taking flight.

Without saying a word, Rainbow Dash's father took after his wife, flying away into the distance. Before they were too far away, he cast one last look back towards his daughter. Just like that, the two Pegasi disappeared into the night sky.

Applejack released rainbow Dash's tail from her jaws, the cyan Pegasus immediately flew straight into the farmhouse leaving Applejack alone with Big Mac.

"Ah haven't seen her worked up like this, since ah was in that dreamland." Applejack stated, trying to push the thoughts of what happened a year ago away.

She could not stand to see Dash upset, it felt like somepony dug a pitchfork into her heart.

"What do ya reckon they meant, bout the whole disgrace the family thing?" Big Mac asked his sister, casting his gaze towards the open farmhouse door.

"Yer guess is as good as mine, Big Mac," Applejack muttered, dropping her head. "Ah'm going to go check on her." Applejack sighed, walking towards the farmhouse.


As Applejack approached her bedroom, she could make out the soft sobs coming from behind the closed the door. The earth pony stopped before the door, put on a strong face and entered.

"Dash? Sugarcube?" called the earth pony, as she slowly stepped into the room.

Lying on Applejack's bed, head buried deep into the pillow was Rainbow Dash. The earth pony walked over to the bed, hopped up and cuddled into the crying Pegasus.

"Let it out Dash, ah'm here for ya." Applejack whispered into the Pegasus's ear. The earth pony returned to nuzzling the back of Dash's neck.

"They hate me so much, Applejack. I wish they never came back," sobbed the cyan Pegasus, turning over to face the orange earth pony.

Applejack locked eyes with Rainbow Dash; she could see the sadness resonating from deep within the Pegasus. Applejack knew she had to do something to cheer Rainbow Dash up.

"Shh, forget about them sugarcube. Focus on me" Applejack whispered calmly, blowing out the lantern on the nightstand.

Applejack's bedroom plunged into darkness; the soft sounds of crying swiftly changing to those of lips meeting in a passionate embrace.


Day 2


The first rays of dawn broke the darkness, casting a shimmering beam of light to penetrate the window of Applejack's bedroom. Dash's sleeping face intercepted the beam of light, causing her to stir from the newly felt warming sensation. Rainbow Dash's eyes fluttered open, squinting hard against the blinding light that had awoken her. Dash rolled over, blocking the sun from her eyes. Applejack still slept soundly, her chest slowly rising and falling with every calm breath she took.

As rainbow Dash waited for the earth pony to wake, she could not help but feel nervous. Today was the day that she would purpose to Applejack. Dash felt mixed emotions about the whole situation; on the bright side, she was happy, excited, and just plain thrilled. On the other hoof, however, she felt like a nervous wreck.

"What if it doesn't work out?" the cyan Pegasus thought to herself.

"Don't worry, it will." encouraged her mind.

"Thanks- hey! Wait a minute, your nice to me now?" Dash mentally questioned herself.

"Yeah well, you're happy. That's all I want."

Applejack stirred, causing Dash to cut the conversation short.

"Mhm, good morning sugarcube." yawned Applejack, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

Giving the earth pony no time to recover, Rainbow Dash found her chance. Pressing her lips hard against Applejack's, leaving her no room for oxygen. Applejack's heart missed a beat at the spark of passion delivered from her lover, sending shivers up her spine. Their tongues intertwined, dancing back and forth in a passion only true lovers knew.

Breaking the kiss, Dash could not help but giggle. "This reminds me of last night," whispered the cyan Pegasus flirtatiously, drawing a giggle from the earth pony.

"Ah'm glad ya came around sugarcube. Just try not ta be so loud next time," teased Applejack, smiling slyly at Dash.

"Oh please! If you hadn't buried your face in the pillow, you would have woken the whole house!" exclaimed Dash, lightly punching the earth pony on the shoulder.

Applejack blushed; there was no point in hiding it. Dash knew all of her buttons and every time she would take them to their limit. Knowing she lost this argument, but not wanting to admit it, Applejack changed the subject.

"Well sugarcube, today's the big day. Happy one year, sugar," the earth pony announced, reaching over, pulling Dash into a tight embrace. "Ah love ya, RD,"

"I love you too, AJ," Dash replied, throwing her hooves around the earth pony, returning the gesture.

"What should ah pack fer Manehattan?" questioned the earth pony, breaking the embrace and hopping out of bed.

Applejack made her way to the closet, digging through its clutter to find her saddlebag.

"I was just going to bring money and a few snacks." Dash replied, sitting up in bed to get a better look at Applejack.

"Well, ah guess ah'll do tha same," the earth pony thought aloud, finally finding her saddlebag.

"Well I'll leave you to it AJ, I have to pack myself." Dash admitted, hopping out of bed and opening the window.

"Alright sugarcube, ah'll be waiting,"

Rainbow Dash nodded to the earth pony; jumping out the window, she took flight. The morning air felt damp against her ruffled coat, desperately in need of a shower. Flying up towards her cloud castle, Dash remembered something. Setting her new course for the library, Dash double-timed it.


"Twilight, wake up!" shouted the cyan Pegasus, as she shook the unicorn.

"Ugh, not now Spike!" commanded Twilight, looking for that extra beauty sleep.

"Twilight, it's me, Rainbow Dash,"

Dash continued her onslaught of rabid shaking; the unicorn was starting to break consciousness. Twilight's eyes fluttered open, staring straight up at the Pegasus.

"R-rainbow Dash?" Twilight screamed, falling out of bed at the shock of seeing her friend.

"How did you get in here?" demanded Twilight, picking herself up off the floor.

"Your window was open," explained Dash, smiling nervously.

"Ugh! Fine, I'm up! Now, what is so important that you had to wake me?" questioned Twilight, obviously annoyed from being awake at such an early hour.

"You have to teleport me and AJ today, remember?" asked Dash, her tone showing more nervousness with every passing word.

"Of course I remember Dash, how could I forget about two of my best friends?" questioned Twilight, becoming annoyed with the nervous Pegasus.

"Hehe… Sorry Twilight, I'm just…" Dash paused, lost in thought for the best word she knew to describe her feelings.

"Nervous," finished Twilight. Walking over to her dresser mirror, the unicorn began brushing her hair.

"Yeah, nervous," repeated Dash, scratching her head with a hoof.

"I don't see why you're so worked up over this trip anyway, it's just a vacation right?" asked Twilight, putting the brush down and retuning her attention to her friend.

"Well… I'm planning on asking Applejack to marry me," revealed Dash, chuckling nervously.

"Oh, Rainbow Dash! That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard," exclaimed the lavender unicorn, clapping her hooves together in excitement.

"Yeah, well, just make sure this teleport goes smoothly," urged Dash, making her way back to Twilight's balcony.

"No problem Dash, I will start preparations immediately!" assured Twilight, levitation a spell book out of the bookcase.

"Oh and Twilight, please don't tell AJ about my plan," pleaded the cyan Pegasus, poking her head back in the balcony window.

"You're secret is safe with me, Rainbow!" reassured Twilight, offering her friend a smile.

"Thanks," called Dash, taking to the air back towards her cloud home.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash approached the library, saddlebags adorning both of their flanks. Packed and ready for their adventure to the Big Apple, the couple continued towards the library.

Rainbow Dash knocked on the familiar oak door, turning to Applejack she smiled. The earth pony returned the expression, topping it off with a quick nuzzle to Dash's cheek. The oak door opened, revealing a small purple and green dragon.

"Come in you two!" insisted Spike, motioning the two ponies inside.

"Surprise!" five voices cheered in unison, their respective bodies popping out from behind various pieces of furniture.

The unexpected shock sent Rainbow Dash and Applejack flying into the air, crashing to the ground with a loud thud.

"What are all you girls doing here?" questioned Dash, regaining her composer. The Pegasus climbed back to her hooves, turning to help Applejack up.

"We wouldn't miss this for the world, Dashie!" Pinkie pie exclaimed, hopping around the room joyfully.

"Honestly darling, of course we would come to see you two on your way," insisted Rarity, fluffing her hair.

"Well thank ya'll, for coming," grinned Applejack, joining the others in the middle of the library.

A large white circle was drawn on the floor in the center of the library; two lines ran through it, creating an 'x' pattern inside the circle.

"Hey Twilight, what's with the freaky cult circle?" questioned Dash, poking at the circle curiously, drawing a giggle from Applejack.

"It's part of the teleport, for your information," Twilight indicated, levitating a book over to herself.

"Alright you two, step in," instructed Twilight, flipping through the book to find the correct page.

Fluttershy pulled Dash aside, whispering into the Pegasus's ear.

"Umm, is that your first feather on Applejack's hat?" questioned the timid Pegasus, her voice barely audible to Dash's ear.

Dash nodded in response, all eyes in the room now fixed upon her and Fluttershy.

"Oh I'm so happy for you!" exclaimed Fluttershy, forgetting her usually quiet demeanor.

"Thanks, Fluttershy," replied Dash, joining Applejack in the center of the circle.

"What was that about sugarcube?" whispered Applejack, curious as to what could have made her timid friend so excited.

"You will find out later today," promised Dash, giving her mare a wink. Turning back to their friends Dash continued, "We will be back in three days, gals,"

"Bye Dashie! Bye Applejack!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie, madly bouncing up and down in place.

"Goodbye, darlings," cried Rarity, whipping a teardrop from her eye.

"Oh, please be safe," urged Fluttershy, a look of concern plastered upon her brow.

"Alright girls, stand back!" instructed Twilight, pouring forth magic from her horn.

Twilight shut her eyes, concentrating hard on the teleportation spell. As the lavender unicorn gathered more magic, a ball of magical energy started to form upon the end of her horn. As the intensity of the spell grew, so did the ball of magic.

Rainbow Dash watched as the ball doubled than tripled in size. The light became too bright for her to bear, closing her eyes, the cyan Pegasus tried to shield herself from the blinding light.

The ball of magic shifted forward towards the circle, making contact with the two ponies inside. Twilight yawned as she gave one last pulse of magic, sending the couple off to their destination.

Twilight collapsed to the ground, panting heavily, the spell had taken more magic than she had expected.

"Applejack and Rainbow Dash are getting married!" Pinkie Pie screamed, throwing confetti above her.

"Darling, you knew?" Rarity questioned, following the bouncing pink pony with her eyes.

"Dash told you gals also?" questioned Twilight, finally making it back to her hooves.

"Why of course darling, who else would have made her such a beautiful ring?" Rarity boasted, tossing her mane aside with a hoof.

"This calls for a super, mega, awesome, spectacular, gigantic party!" shouted Pinkie, as she continued hopping circles around the room.

"Oh yes, they deserve a party," added Fluttershy, smiling at the thought of Rainbow Dash and Applejack getting married.

"Alright girls, let's get to planning!" instructed Twilight, levitating a massive book on parties over to herself.

The remaining Elements of Harmony gathered around the book, flipping through the pages, they picked out the very best ideas, cramming them together into one mega party.


Far outside Equestrian borders, deep down within the earth, the darkness stirred.

"Do you feel that? Master?" hissed the darkness.

A deep rumbling came from inside the earth; the sounds of rocks grinding against one another boomed and echoed throughout the cavern.

"Who awakes me from my slumber?" the demonic voice boomed, shaking the ground as it spoke.

"Master, it's the Elements of Harmony, there are new bearers," the darkness whispered.

"Yes, I sense it…" boomed the voice, as it focused hard on the faint trace of magic. "The bearers of Loyalty and Honesty are close by. Yes, very good, the time is nearing, awake the others." commanded the voice, smiling softly to itself.

Knowing that the time was nearing, the voice sat patiently, waiting for the Elements to make their next mistake.

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