• Published 23rd May 2012
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A Speck of Radiance. - Jaytee

A rogue jedi is ripped from his life, and thrown into Eqrestria.

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Chapter 1) The Crash

Celestia was just lowering her sun, sighing quietly as it passed under the edge of the pink and crimson horizon. Her lips curled back in a smile as she turned to the opposite window and saw the moon rising ever so slowly.

To normal ponies, this would have been nothing, but to Luna and Celestia, the giant mammoths of objects were connected to them. They could feel their every movement, every slight change, they could see it and feel it. Celestia began walking towards her sleeping chambers, planning to turn in for the night. On her way back, she saw her sister.

"Good night, Luna. I'll see you in the morning."

"Likewise." Luna said calmly, walking past her. Odd. Celestia thought. Luna was usually a lot happier and peppier than that. She shrugged it off as simply a mood, and headed for her bedroom


Luna just wasn't feeling right. Something was wrong in her heavens. She walked past the guards at her door.

"No Night court tonight. Tell Alex he is off duty."

"Yes your majesty."

Luna walked towards the balcony that she sat on every now and again to enjoy her night. She walked out onto the moonlit balcony, shutting the curtains behind her. She let out a hefty sigh, and turned her attention to her stars. Something was wrong out there, but she could not tell what. She squinted as she saw a distance star grow brighter. Her eyes shot wide. That is no star! She quickly shot up, and pointed her head in the direction of the object flaming in the atmosphere.

Her horn shone bright, and she attempted to locate this thing falling from the sky. It was like a boat of some kind, and some other kind of creature in it. her magic could not stop it, nor grab hold of it. It was like it was immune to any kind of magic. She watched for a few more minutes as it slowly got brighter and brighter. And bigger. It was getting bigger. Luna sat up in a panic. It was coming straight for the castle, and it was immune to magic.

Luna galloped through her castle, heading straight for Celestia's room. She was darting left and right to the surprise of the guards and other ponies in the castle. She found herself at the doors of Celestia's private rooms. She shot it open with her magic and ran in, looking at a very surprised looking Celestia sitting at her desk.

"Luna?! What do you need? What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"T-Thing! Falling from the sky! Immune to magic! Can't stop, heading right for castle!" Luna blurted out, not being able to complete a coherent sentence due to er mind being scattered. Celestia began to put two and two together and her own eyes opened wide.

"Let's go." She said as she sat up and ran to her balcony. She looked up at the sky, and there was none other than a giant flaming object heading straight for the castle. Celestia let out a little yell, before tilting her head in the direction of the object. Luna looked on as a bright white shield was placed in front of them, and the large object. Celestia's face twisted with pain and anguish as the object refused to bend to her will.

Then it happened.

The entire object burst into a million pieces. The explosion shook Celestia from her concentration, causing the barrier to dissipate. The object literally shattered in the air, sending chunks of flaming material in every direction. It was much like a meteor shower, and that's what the princess' would tell the press. But for now Celestia watched on and on as more and more of the flaming chunks were put out. She slowly backed up. A tear came to her eye.

"There was somepony on that thing.." She said silently, sitting on her haunches. Luna walked over a draped a wing over her sister, leaning her head on her. Celestia closed her eyes and let her head droop a little. She sniffled and looked up. A majority of the burning chunks were gone, savor a few large pieces. Fortunately for the sisters, these large pieces were heading in the direction of the ocean. Celestia scanned the chunks for signs of life.


She sighed, and pushed her head into her sisters. "They didn't even have a chance here..." Celestia whispered quietly.Luna looked up to the spectacle. Only to see her stars disappearing. Her eyebrows pushed together in confusion. What? She watched as a few more disappeared. Only then to realize, only moments before it was too late.

"TIA!" She yelled, teleporting the two inside. They both looked up as a large black object crashed into the balcony. It did not break through, luckily, but only sank a few feet into it. It was steaming from heat, and it appeared as if it were holding something. The two sisters looked at each other and nodded. They began walking towards it cautiously, only to arrive a few feet from it before it began hissing. The two sister stopped mid-step as they witnessed something not even the best witch-doctor or psychic could predict.

A large chunk of the object hissed, letting out a white substance. The hissing end of it suddenly sprang out, and a large creature fell out, lading flat against the ground. It groaned.

Luna let out a rather feminine yelp, and jumped behind her sister.

"Get it Tia!" She said, pushing her sister further forward towards the steaming creature. Celestia turned her head around and gave her sister a death stare.

"Sorry." Celestia slowly stepped forward, her horn glowing ever so slightly, searching the strange creature for life.

"It's alive..." She whispered. She walked up next to it, and poked it with her hoof. It groaned again, and rolled into a small ball. She crouched down next to it.

"It'll be ok, you're safe here..." The object suddenly sprang to life, rolling over it's sides and drawing two weapons. They seemed to be made of light. the made a louder Pshhh sound as they drew to full length. The creature sprange to it's hind legs, balancing on them skillfully. It was covered head to toe in cloth, and it's face was fully hidden. The two weapons it was hold were odd in shape, much like colored sticks. One was a bright red, and the other a defying blue. The creature pointed the red one at Celestia.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" It yelled quite loudly. It was clear to the sisters this thing was male.

Celestia brought her head back in surprise, she was speechless. Nopony had yelled at her like that in ages. She sat there with her mouth gaping open at the spectacle before her. It brought the blue stick to the ground of the balcony, slicing right through it in a spectacle of sparks. Celestia's eyes opened wider. Nothing could cut through that stone, it had to be shaped by magic. Whatever weapon this thing had, it was dangerous.

Her horn glowed as she tried to constrain it. She fell backwards as another, seemingly invisible source of magic pushed her back. The thing was pointing it's hand at her, the red stick still pointing towards her.

"ANSWER ME! WHO ARE YOU?!" It yelled again. It's hood turned to Luna, who was beginning to flee. It's hand reached out and pointed at her. Luna suddenly found herself being pulled up next to her sister, much against her will.

The creature took a step forward.

"Answer me." It said in a menacing tone.

"I'm Princess Celestia... and... And this is my s-sister Luna..." Celestia barely managed this sentence. Nopony ever had a magic mroe powerful than hers, much less both hers and her sister's at the same time. She watched as it drew the weapon back, pointing it off to the side. She could hear it sigh.

"I'm Vita. Sorry for being so hostile, princess. From where I'm from... It's more necessary." He said, not putting his glowing stick weapons away. He pulled his hood back to reveal a white head, two clear-as-day white eyes, short brown hair, and a long scar running from his forehead to the base of his chin. A small frown appeared on it's face.

"I would hate to impose, but you wouldn't have a spare starship would you?" His voice got a lot softer, and quieter. Luna rather like this ...thing?... It was direct and to the point when necessary, and kind and soft when not.

Celestia, however, was not. This thing had just threatened her and her sister, and now it's asking for a...a...

"What's a starship?" Celestia said out loud. She watched as it's face became good friends with one of it's front appendages.

"Oh boy, are we in deeeeeeep shit then."

"And what are you?!" Luna blurted out, now scooting out from her hiding place behind her sister.

"Yes, what are you? You're immune to my magic, and seem to have a kind of magic of your own."

She heard it sigh again.

"I'm a human, and a Jedi. I'll have to explain all that later."

"How did you get here?" Luna blurted out again.

Vita's face turned to the blue...unicorn...pegasus...thing.

"Oh, that is a story you're going to love." He said, finally putting his glowing sticks back into his robe.

"So get this..."


Vita was on the run. Again. He shifted the large Sith starship into pre-lightspeed state. He was biding his time with these meddlesome Sith. He set his trust lightsabers, amare and odio, in the holders to his right. He stole a starship from the Sith. Stole it. By himself. He had taken well over two hundred dark Jedi Knights, Two dark Jedi masters, and well over a thousand armed guards.He was the single most powerful Jedi in existence. Then he heard the holocommunicator click on from behind him.

"Cease the running, Vita. We have a tracker on your ship. Running away in it would only be foolish." Vita laughed.

"Fuck you, Revan. Fuck you and all of your Sith. Be happy I didn't kill you while I could, master." He said the last few words in spite.

"Now, now Vita, that's no way to treat me... We will find you." Vita pulled amare from the wall, and drew it's blue blade out. He turned around and shoved it into the holocom, which caused it to burn and fizzle, breaking instantly. He sighed and turned to the controls, aiming at a random planet that seemed like it could sustain life. Plenty of green, some blue. He set course to it, and hit the launch button. He felt his back smack firmly against the pilot's seat and the light around his cockpit turn to streaks of blue. They came to a stop and he watched as the planet rushed into view.

Beautiful. That was all he could think of. This planet was beautiful. He couldn't let Revan destroy this one. It had life on it, undisturbed life.

His thought process was interrupted by a loud crash, an explosion, followed by many bells and sirens. He looked up to the status system. Knocked out power, and he was heading straight into the planet's atmosphere. He turned the video transmitter on, only to see Revan's ship far in the distance. He flipped on the comm once.

"Follow me and die, Revan. Same goes for everyone that follows you. I will never join back up with you, and dare you try to pull me back, I will end you. Without a second thought, lest you run again, pitiful being. I let you live once, and I don't want to kill you. Now Get the fuck off my case." He grabbed his lightsabers, and cut the comm to pieces. He ran to the drop pods.

The ship was quickly falling towards the planet. He ran into the pod, and switched on all the systems. The pod system chimed on. Welcome back, Master Irae. He poked the red button underneath the comm.

"Don't call me that. Now drop the pod as soon as it's safe, aim for civilization."

Yes, Master.

Vita sighed, and set his head against the headrest. Suddenly a voice ran through his mind.

I'm coming for you, young one. You won't live this time. His eye twitched as he recognized the voice.

Revan, for the last time. If you come after me, the only way you will live is if you run like a pansy.

Nothing more. Vita felt his cabin beginning to heat up. He pushed the view system on the drop pod, and was watching the cockpit. It was filling with fire. he braced himself for what was about to happen.

Exiting. He heard the A.I. chime in, and he braced himself. The pod launched out of the main ship, mere moments before exploding. He looked outside the main window as a large castle was coming to view. The A.I. had aimed him at it.

"A.I! When I said civilization, I didn't mean aim for a probably highly-populated castle!" Vita yelled, taking the controls in the pod cockpit. If he was going to hit it, he was going to land with no injuries. He aimed for the least populated area, quickly gaining too much speed to pull back out. He saw a white and a dark blue figure on the balcony he was aiming for.

"Sucks to be them." He said, bracing for impact. The pod hit the ground with a bone-shattering crash. If he had no been a fully trained Jedi, and had many implants, he probably would not have survived the crash. Thought it did nearly knock him out. He pressed the exit button, and it hissed to life. He was quickly losing consciousness. The front door shot open, and he simply just rolled out onto his stomach.


"...And that's how I got here." He said, sitting on his butt with a soft thud. "Sorry for disturbing you two. I know being dropped in at night isn't exactly ideal, but my...situation isn't either."

Celetsia walked over the the small human. His head was in his hands, and she could barely hear him crying. She crouched down next to him. He was taller than her, but she had much more size on him. She heard him sniffle, and that confirmed her suspicions, the poor thing was crying. To Vita, this was all overwhelming. Besides the very strange fact these ponies could speak galactic standard, they were ponies. He had seen weirder, but that was just plain out of place. The two sisters brough back memories...
Painful memories...

"What's wrong?" She said, setting herself down in front of him.

"I don't want to..." He looked up at her, looking at her face. The stare she was giving him told him she wasn't going to take any kind of 'no' for an answer. "I..."

"Come now, I am a princess. I'll understand."

Luna then sat herself next to him. He was comfortable with them next to him. He had no reason to trust them, and had hadn't yet. He then concluded he won't tell his full story. But it had been so long since he had someone to talk to...

"They've been after me for so long. I've been through everything alone, dealing with them alone..." He sighed and returned his hands to his face. "I miss him so much..." He began to cry. "They killed him. They killed everyone... Only seeing you so happy and close to your sister..." He trailed off. he brought his hands to the floor, and pushed himself up. The two princess' tried to move closer, but with one wave of his hand, they were expelled a few feet away from him.

"No." he said, putting a hand to the side of his head, and the other on amare. A look of panic rushed over him. He turned to the two sister in front of him.

"If you two are princess' go get everyone to safety." He said sternly, drawing out the blue blade, turning his head to the night sky.

"Why?" Luna said blatantly.

"They're coming."

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