• Published 23rd May 2012
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A Speck of Radiance. - Jaytee

A rogue jedi is ripped from his life, and thrown into Eqrestria.

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Chapter 5) I am the King! / Epilogue

Vita watched with blood-red eyes as a countless amount of dark Jedi hopped out the cruiser and landed in the room.

They began to part, and Vita saw just the two people he wanted to.

Malak and Revan.

Vita smiled, and turned his attention to Luna and Celestia who were sitting in the corner.

"You might not want to watch this..."


Celestia and Luna sat down on a couch that Luna had drug out, and surrounded themselves with a magical barrier reinforced by the both of them. Not even the strongest blast of magic could break through it... or so they hoped.

Celestia levitated a bag of popcorn over to Luna.

"Want some?"

"No thanks."

"The entire guard is ready just in case, right?"

"Correct. Now let's watch."

The pair of sister watched as Vita turned his attention to them.

"You might not want to watch this..."

The pair chuckled quietly, and prepared themselves for the most action they will have seen in ages.


Vita turned his attention to the entire group of Jedi. His hands began to glow blue, instantly shot out what he called a 'Lightning Storm.'

Unfortunately for them, only Revan and Malak were able to draw their lightsabers in time to deflect it. The rest of the entire army fell to the ground like ragdolls.

Vita looked at Revan with all the hate he had left in him. He knew he was going, might as well take one of them with him.

"Come at me bro." He said, barely loud enough for them to hear.

Malak decided to charge the man. Much to the dislike of Revan.

"NO YOU FOOL!" Revan yelled, as his apprentice charged the master Jedi, only to be met with a parry, and having himself sent across the room with a force push, knocking him out completely.

Vita smiled a wicked smile that he had only worn once before. Revan knew he was in for a shitstorm.

"Revan, I'd like you to see something I invented. I call it..." All of the fallen dark Jedi lightsabers began to tremble in place, and all of them activated at once. "...BLAAAAAAAAADE STORM!" A endless amount of lightsabers instantly took to the air, and began rigorously attacking the lone Sith Lord.

A million white flashes a second appeared from where the Sith Lord used to be, he was simply deflecting each lightsaber, a cut barely grazing him per every few hundred.

Celestia was watching in awe, her jaw nearly hitting the floor at the spectacle. That many light-sticks floating all at once, she could barely do that.

Luna closed her sister's jaw as the kept watching the events unfold in front of them.

Revan's voice boomed through the throne room.


"You're right, Revan." Vita's voice was like a whisper to the mind, not reaching into the ears, but the brain, breaching all zones of comfort.

"I think I'll...cut this short... heh."

All of the lightsabers instantly withdrew, and fell to the ground in a loud.

"Long live the king." Vita drew both his lightsabers, and charged Revan.


The fight was up to an hour, the two humans simply fighting it out right there. Neither seemed to be winning, only a few nicks here and there.

Luna turned to her sister.

"This bores me. I'm going to retire to my chambers, call for me when this gets interesting."

Celestia nodded, and turned her attention back to the two fighting figures.

Celestia herself began nodding off while watching the fight, neither one seemed to be gaining ground.

As if on cue to wake her up, a blood curling scream was let out.

Celestia turned her attention and saw that Vita had a lightsaber right through his abdomen, protruding out the other side.


Luna instantly appeared next to her sister.

"What is..Oh."

Vita was still screaming, and Malak, who was holding the lightsaber stuck in his back, was laughing like a maniac. He pulled it out only to have Vita pull a quick 180 turn and attempt to behead him like he should have before. rage build up inside Vita as he no longer left the pains of his cuts, let alone the hole in his stomach.

He let out all of his fury on the apprentice, reaching strike after strike, beating down the apprentice's one lightsaber with his two.

He stood no chance. As soon as it started it was over. With a terrible squishing noise, and a crack, Vita Cut off Malak's lower jaw, and kicked him in the dead center of his chest, breaking all of his ribs.

He watched the apprentice fall to the floor in a bloody heap, then his eyes shot open as he felt a lightsaber just in front of his neck.


"Should we stop him, sister?"

"No, he is just as powerful, and we would stand no chance. Besides, you heard him, he will leave us when this is all over.."

"You doubt this?"

"I'm hoping I don't have to."


Revan had Vita now. It was finally over. Vita was in his grasp, about to die. He heard Vita take a deep breath, then quietly whisper.

"Are you going to make it painful, Revan?"

Revan chuckled. "Not for you, my old friend. And one last thing..." He put the lightsaber directly next to Vita's neck, and prepared to end it all. "Happy birthday to you, too." He pulled the lightsaber back.

It was all over now.


Many years later...

Revan's lone ship landed on the balcony of the castle, and he stepped off and into the throne room.

Celestia looked at him, and her horn instantly began to glow.

"Relax, your majesty. Much has changed in the past years... I've come to say the proper goodbye to my old friend."

Celestia visibly relaxed, but she still didn't trust him.

"The grave is underneath the castle. Go there."

Revan nodded, and returned to his ship.

I'm going to make sure you don't pull and shifty moves this time... Celestia though, before opening her wings to follow and spy on Revan as he said his 'final goodbyes.'


Revan landed underneath the castle, and he found exactly what he was looking for. Right there, was the gravestone of his long-lost friend. He walked up to it and knelt down before it. It read:

"Here lies Vita, though his time here in Equestria was short, he kept us safe from an evil that we couldn't have possibly stopped.


Revan sighed.

"I'm sorry this had to happen, Vita. I miss you already, but I have to tell you... I did it. I did it like you said. I finally returned to the light... I'm back on the council I once sought to destroy. I know you'd be proud to hear that, so I'm sorry you can't... I truly miss you. So I've got one last thing to say.. Or few things..."

Revan took a deep breath.

"I keep searching for something that I never seem to find.
But maybe I won’t, because I left it all behind.
Now I’m stuck with this, and that’ll never change
Always a part of me, until the very last day.

Where to go from here? What road to travel on?
I spent my whole life choosing, and I always chose wrong.
Will I try to have the will to be alive?
Will I try because I’ve never seen the light?
Blow it to the ground and it’s now you see,
You spent your whole life taking the best of me.

Where’d you go? Where’s your home?
How’d you end up all alone?
Can you hear me now?
There’s no light, there’s no sound.
Hard to breathe, when you’re underground.
Can you hear me now? Hear me now..."

Celestia watched in awe as Revan broke down to tears, simply wrapping his arms around the grave, before taking out a small knife and etching something into the gravestone, and leaving something small stuck into the gravestone with the knife.

He immediately ran to his pod and took off, heading back out where he came.

Celestia walked over to the grave stone and read aloud what Revan had written.

"Long live the true king of the force

long live the king

I am the prince, he is the king

god save the king."

A small tear ran down Celestia's face as she picked up the object that was hung on the gravestone.

It was a small, round, golden locket.

Inside was a picture was a younger looking Vita and Revan, smiling and giving the thumbs up.

The engraving on the inside of the cover read:

"I'll never forget, Vita. Even if you've left before I did."

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Comments ( 10 )

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed it. The ending was really depressing to write, but I got it done. Hope you enjoyed it.

Name the two songs I referenced to in this chapter, and I'll give you something special. :pinkiehappy:

I think that I'll just go and jump off a bridge now...

:fluttercry: Aww jeez, now Fluttershy's sad too, come on man! How could you!

But in all seriousness, great story. It was really fun, if not a little short. Good work and keep writing! I'll like to see what happens for you next!


the ending was sad but great story:twilightsmile: and i almost cryed:twilightsheepish:

Damn awesome. Also touching.

Very touching man.:fluttercry:
Btw Dat WoW refrence


You know the difference between a tragedy and a comedy?
In a tragedy you only realize what you have once its too late...

By the way, I just noticed that this has both 'Sad' & 'Tragedy' tags, which are mutually exclusive and they ask authors not to label stories with both...though it doesn't seem like they enforce it?
Sad is just a good tear-jerker. You know little Timmy's dog gets hit by a car, or X pony comes down with an incurable disease.
Ex. The Unread Letter

Tragedy is when your (main) character's life is torn apart around them, usually because of their own failings or shortcomings - a true, classic Tragedy will always end with them worse off than when they began.
Ex. TAC: The Fall (Yes, this is a shameless plug...)

From what I have read here, this story could be labeled as either...personally, I would call it a tragedy, since the main character ends up fighting to the death and only after does his friend realize what he's lost.

Sad story makes me sad :fluttercry:

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