• Published 23rd May 2012
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A Speck of Radiance. - Jaytee

A rogue jedi is ripped from his life, and thrown into Eqrestria.

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Chapter 4) The Return of the King

A/N Completely unedited. Sorry for all the errors. I've got things to do tonight, and I had to stuff this chapter out there. Have fun!

Vita sat up slowly and cracked his knuckles. he twisted around and cracked his back. His gaze was drawn to the stack of clothes, and it dawned on him.

He won't need those anymore.

He stood up and walked over to the mirror in his room. Tattoos riddles his upper body and his back, revealing only a slim amout of his white skin here and there. He sighed and looked into his own eyes. He knew Revan was coming that day, and he really had no power in himself to stop him. He sighed and began his walk towards the throne room, where he knew Revan would come in search of him.


Celestia was bored. She could listen to these damned political ponies talk for days on how they should be getting bits for the most idiotic things. She watched as she saw a tall and tattooed figure appear in the corner of the room, she tilted her head and it waved.


A small smile slicked it's way across her face, and she turned to the small brown earth pony still rambling on about how his crops were superior to something or blah blah blah.

She stamped her from hoof, and he immediately stopped talking.

"Sorry, but I must close today's court early. Come back tomorrow."

The brown pony opened his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by Celestia.


The earth pony's eyebrow twitched, and he stormed out of the room.

Vita walked up to her and chuckled.

"Politics. I hate politics." He said with another light laugh.

"I do what must be done, unfortunately. Where are your robes, Vita?" she raised and eyebrow at the fully tattooed body.

"In my room. I won't be needing them today." Vita shifted uncomfortably in place, much to the notice of Celestia.

"And why is that?"

Vita's face became slightly grim. "He's killing me today, I might as well go baring the tattoo's we shared." He forcibly chuckled, then turned his attention to the open window. He sighed loudly. "We've got maybe and hour."

Celestia stared at Vita in pure curiosity. How did he know so much? How did he know when he was coming? How?

"How do you know all that?" She said, breaking the silence.

"The vision I had last night. When one is connected to the force as strongly as I am, these things happen." He said, turning his attention back to Celestia. "I thought a god might know something like that."

Celestia coughed, caught slightly off guard by the statement.

"Obviously our two worlds work in very different ways." Vita said with a bit more sympathy. He sat on the floor with a slight thud, and turned his attention back to the queen.

"If you had one hour to live, what would you do?"

Celestia's face turned with a wicked smile. She motioned for him to come over to her, and she began whispering something into his ears. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"The guards?"

Celestia nodded, and Vita laughed.

"Ooooh they will never forgive me if I do that."


"Right, dying, forgot for a moment. Should we get Luna with this too?" Vita said, pointing towards Luna's chambers.

"Ooooh! Even better!" Celestia said with a laugh.

"Let's do it. I'll get ready." vita jumped backwards in mid flip, he stuck to the perch above one of the doorways, and he began to blend into his background with the help of a spell cast by Celestia. Now only she could see him.

He gave a nod, and mouthed the words: 'do it.'

Celestia drew in a deep breath.

"OH MY GOODNESS, LUNA! AUUUUUGH!!!! GUAAARDS!!!! ARRRUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" She began to move her hooves like she was choking. Luna burst through her door, no royal regalia on, and terrified at the sight of her sister.

A fleet of guards burst through, rushing to the Sun princess' side as fast as a guard could.

"What's wrong princess?!" One guard said, panicking in place.

"Ch-...chokin...vita... Auuuuhhhhhhh..." She faked passing out.

"What'd she say?" A trifle of hushed whispers came out as the guards quickly picked her up and began to rush out the door, only to be stopped by an invisible force.

"Not so fast, worm." The guards turned their heads to see the fleshy bald-ape like creature that stood, glaring at them. One tried to rush him, only to fail by not being able to move at all. A wicked smiled crossed Vita's face as he walked closer to the group. He turned his attention to the stunned Night Princess.

"Oh no, you don't get out either..." he said silently. He pointed his open palm at her, and she felt an invisible force wrap it's way around her.

THOU WILL PAY FOR THY TREACHER- Luna's mouth was closed with a firm snap. She could no longer open her mouth, nor cast any magic.

She was helpless.

Celestia watched from behind the group of guards as panic filled her sister's eyes. A cruel, cruel prank indeed. Her face grew a wicked smile as Luna was brought face-to-face with Vita. She could barely hear him whisper something along the lines of 'You will suffer the same fate as them.' She barely held down a giggle as her sister was placed inside the group of guards, all held down by Vita. Her part was coming up.

"Now listen all of you... You will all suffer the worst fate you can even imagine in a few moments. But I only have one word to say to all of you..."

He turned his attention to Celestia, who was standing behind all of them. She brought her head up behind her frightened sister.

".....Boo." She said.

The entire group yelped in surprise, Luna begin the loudest. Celestia's laughter then drowned out all noise the guards and Luna made.

"Oooh-oh my goodness- You should have seen your face..." She began laughing harder.

Luna's face turned a bright shade of red, and she walked up towards Vita and gave him a viscous slap across the face before storming back into her chambers. Vita had a stunned look on his face, but he couldn't help it any longer and he began to laugh himself.

Celestia and Vita remained like this for quite a while as all the guards went back to their posts.

Vita rolled onto his back and kept laughing, only to have his whole body lock up, and he quickly shifted onto his knees and held his head.

Celestia seemed to notice his odd behavior, and started to walk over to him. He shot out a hand and stopped her mid-step with the force.

His hands dropped from his face, and he stood up slowly.

He was shaking violently, and he hadn't opened his eyes yet.

"Are you ok?" Celestia said sternly.

Vita's eyes shot open to reveal two bright yellow eyes. He heaved one heavy breath before he cracked his knuckles and drew his two lightsabers from his belt.

"Two things.
One, he's on his way.
Two, the king is back." He said with a deeper voice than Celestia remembered.

"What do you mean?" She nearly whispered.

"The king is back. It means I've reached my full force-connection to my ancestors, and am pulling from their powers to do this incoming fight. It's a defense mechanism I learned long ago. I've only ever had to use it once before." He heaved a heavy sigh.

"I'm nearly unstoppable, but it taxes my body greatly."

"That's incredible." Celestia mumbled. "I'd like to know how that works, if you don't mind."

Vita simply shook his head. "You'd never understand, and I won't have the time to tell you." The entire throne room shook as Revan's drop ship filled with all of his combat-ready Dark Jedi descended next to the palace.

He turned to Celestia.

"Get all of your guards and your sister and get somewhere safe."

Celestia quickly nodded and ran towards Luna's room.

Dark Jedi were already hopping out of the cruiser and landing on balconies.

Vita mumbled out one last phrase before his eyes turned blood-red and he readied both his lightsabers for the slaughter that was imminent.

"I am the king, and I have returned for the end."

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