• Published 30th May 2015
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The cyberponies Part 1 & 2 - Cyberponychronics

A young boy from an alternate universe ends up in Equestria

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Cyberponies part 1

It's late outside as a 17 year old boy returns to a Italian restaurant called 'Filomena Ristorante', when the owner, leaves his restaurant from the back The boy, mid-tall, blonde hair, wearing a grey jacket, dark blue jeans, dark green sneakers and a black and green NY cap, dismounts his motorcycle as the restaurant owner hugs the boy and says with an Italian accent:
''My Jamy, you are my savoir. Your driving skills saved my restaurant many times. I owe you much.''
Jamy says:
''I owe you nothin' Alfredo. You know I love to ride my motorcycle fastly through narrow routes.And besides that honor till the end! See ya tommorow!''
As Jamy rides away, Alfredo waves him bye and a 16 year old girl watches through the window.
As he rides on the Whitehurst Road, his wheel suddenly starts to spin, and Jay falls into a dark pit of nothing.

Jamy wakes up when a butterfly lands on his nose. And the first thing he sees is a grey Pegasus mare with googly, yellow eyes. Jamy rises on his feet but falls down on his hands. But they aren't hands. The grey mare asks:
''You okay?''
''You...You're a talking pegasus?''
''You can call it that.''
And she smiles. Jamy looks around and sees lots of coloured fields, houses and other ponies with strange marks on the flanks.
''Where am I?''
''You're in Ponyville, Equestria. Household of the Elements of Harmony.''
''Wait? Ponyville, Equestria? That means,'' Jay looks up to the sky, ''that I've travelled to another universe.'' The grey mare looks at Jamy. ''You see, where I'm from, Equestria is a fictive, drawn world from a show.'' The grey mare dazes at Jamy for a small while. Then she says:
''My name is Derpy, what's yours?''
''The name's Jamy.''
''Jay?'' She asks
''Then Jay it is. Let's go meet the other ponies.''

Jay and Derpy walk towards the Town Square where a lot of Ponies are held up by a speech. A purple pony with wings and a horn speaks: ''...And yet we haven't whatever fell out of the sky. If there's any damage to anypony's house, now is the time to tell.'' It remains silent.
''I guess no one has damage then. Any questions?''
A pale white hoof raises. ''Yes?''
''Where in the Ultiverse am I?''
''Who asks that?'' the purple pony asks as Jay walks up towards the Purple pony and says: ''I'm Jay and I'm..''
''A STALLION ALICORN!'' The ponies who stand in front of the Town hall starts yelling things.
Jay looks in a window and sees a white pony with a horn, wings, green mane with a grey stripe in the middle. He looks at his flank and sees three gears colored in green, blue and yellow, with 'JLP' loosely written in black on it. On his mane he wears a black hat with a circle cut out on the front. ''I don't look like an 'alicorn' at all. I think the word 'Unisus' fits better.''
Then the purple mare says: ''I've read about something like that in my books. Come with me''

When the purple mare and Jay enter a gigantic tree-like crystal castle, Jay gets cheerfully greeded by a pink mare with puffy hair that frequently keeps shouting: ''Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, what's your name?''
Then they enter the throne room which has eight thrones. Pinkie Pie mentions:
''Oh, that throne appeared right after you left Twilight. Still, what's your name?'' Jay says:
''The name's Jay. And I think that 'throne' is mine, looking at the picture on the throne.''
Jay is right, the 8th throne has the same picture as his mark.
Then a blue Pegasus mare with rainbow colored hair lands on a throne with her picture on it. As Jay tries to sit on his throne, which is next to the throne with apples and the purple mare's picture. When Jay sits down the blue mare tells: ''So, you are the pony whose cutie mark is on the 8th throne? What's your name?'' Jay responds:
''I'm Jay, and I have no clue what I'm doing in this world. Let me recall something.''
Jay closes his eyes and a few seconds later he says:
''You...are Rainbow Dash, right?''
''How did you..?''
But the two are interupted as the purple mare walks in with a book holding with her magic. ''This book tells your story Jay. Listen:
Before our known time began, before even the birth of Star Swirl the Bearded, there was a race of ponies, called the Cyberponies. These were the most powerful ponies ever to exist, as they were able to let things such as raising the sun and the moon go manually, which turned into the ability of the two Alicorn sisters Celestia and Luna. Three generations of cyberponies were spread through a mysterious wormhole in the sky. For three generations they lived in harmony, until a tribe of cyberponies now called the 'Cybergrounds', wanted to take control of everything the eye could see. Their leader, Xialor Earth, went on to fight the other tribe, called Cyberflare. Cyberflares leader Jaycone Blaze defended everything with his tribe. A war of 250 years raged upon the lands. Everything was destroyed, due to cyberponies ability to 'weaponize' themselves, because of their robotic skeleton. In order to defeat Xialor, Jacone made Twelve crystals, which he called the Elements of Harmony. He gave them the names: Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Magic, Laughter Generosity, Fairness, Happiness, Liberality, Gentleness, Smartness and his own Element: Creativity. In the Final Fight, Jaycone used the Elements of Harmony to fight Xialor, and both fell together. After the Cyberponies era, the three Tribes, Unicorn, Pegasi and Earth ponies, were formed. and they build up Equestria as it is now.'' Rainbow Dash says:
''Wow! Jay is an ancient pony?'' Then a voice asks:
''Who's an Ancient pony?''
As Jay looks up from the book the purple mare gave him, he sees three ponies entering the throne room: a white unicorn with dark blue mane and a cutie mark of three diamonds, a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and three butterflies as her cutie mark, following a orange Earth mare with blonde mane and a light brown hat, similar to Jay's.
The Earth mare's Cutie mark is the three red apples on the throne next to Jay, as the purple mare says:
''Girls, this is Jay. He's an ancient pony from an age before our own.''
''Actually, I'm from Washington DC, USA.''
Pinkie Pie starts freaking out:
''Washington DC? Is that near Manehattan?''
Jay says: ''Manhattan lays within New York, and that's like 4 hour drive. Philadelphia is closer.''
''I still need to get used to those ponified names.''
The Purple mare then says:
''Anyway, my name is Twilight Sparkle, you already met Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. The orange mare is Applejack, the white mare is Rarity and the yellow mare is Fluttershy.'' Jay looks around.
''Oh, that explains why the yellow mare, I mean, Fluttershy is hidin' behind her hooves.''
Fluttershy makes a small squeaking noise as her name falls. Then Rainbow Dash asks:
''But that Seventh Element thing, what is that supposed to mean?''
Twilight says: ''I'm not sure, but it could mean there's more towards the Magic of Friendship than we'd originally believed.''
''Well, I dunno 'bout you galls, but I'm gonna scout the town.''
And Jay leaves the Castle.

Jay exits the castle and sees Derpy standing next to the path. Jay greets her and says:
''Have ya been waitin'for me?''
She nods.
''Then let's go scout town. Together. I'll see how far my wings take me.''
As Jay opens his wings, Derpy already hovers above the ground. Jay lifts off and flies with speed.
But after a second he gains control and flies towards Derpy.
''Well, show me the way.''
After a while Jay and Derpy stop at a small restaurant. Jay says:
''Let me guess. Fast food restaurant in Equestria.''
Derpy smiles: ''It is. We call it the Hay Burger. Wanna eat?''
Jay nods. But as they enter The Hay Burger, Jay regrets his choice as many ponies start looking at Jay and start shouting
Jay, irritated by the shouting, shouts: ''CAN YOU PONIES JUST BE CALM FOR SOME HOURS WHEN YA'LL SEE ME?''
It remains silent.
''Thanks, my ears are almost bleeding because of all this shoutin'.''
Jay and Derpy walk towards the counter and they order a Hay Burger. After they're done, Derpy says:
''Let's go to my house. It's not far.''
As they fly over to Derpy's house, Jay tells:
''Back in my world, I flew with mechanics attached to me. I had several machines to back me up.''
Derpy smiles. ''That's pretty cool! Did you make them yourself?''
''Not just by myself. I had an entire crew to back me up. We called ourselves JLP, short for Jamy Legend Productions. We were originally Game and Software Designers but we turned into a spec ops squadron for the US Navy. My task was simple, lead them. As they fight, you fight with them. While on duty I invented a lot of machines, verhicles and tools to aid us in a everlasting...'' Jay sighs.
''Forget that last part.''
Derpy is amazed by this as she seems enjoyed by Jay's story.
Then they are at a little house at the other side of Ponyville and Jay says:
''Nice house you got here. Mind if I stay with you here as long as I'm in Ponyville.''
Derpy smiles and says:
''Sure. You're the coolest pony I've ever met.''

In the Castle Twilight talks to herself:
''How is it possible? Six more Elements? Why hasn't Princess Celestia told me yet?''
Then a small purple dragon walks in and says:
''Twilight, Celestia send a letter.''
Twilight opens the letter and reads: 'To my faithful student Twilight: The pony you told me about is a reincarnation of Jaycone Blaze, thus his powers are beyond all the magic in Equestria. Hold him in your sight, or he can become an incredible threat to the magic of friendship. I'm sending Shining Armor and Cadence to help you girls if he becomes a threat. Love Celestia.
As Twilight stops reading, the dragon says:
''That was quite short for a letter from Celestia.''
''It was, Spike. She didn't even ended with her casual sentence. But there's something about that Stallion that we've missed but what?''
Then a loud bang followed by heavy footsteps sound throughout Ponyville as a giant metal thing comes out of the sky and starts attacking the ponies. Twilight stares out of the window and says:
''Spike, get the girls.''

Jay and Derpy are drinking a smoothie when the loud sounds occur. Jay immediately rises on his hooves and says:
''Derpy, go home.''
''But what about you?''
''You trust me right?'' Derpy nods.
''Good, I'm gonna gain the trust of everypony else.'' And he flies off...


Author's Note:

Due to Jay having just arrived in Equestria he doesn't know about cutie marks yet. That explaines the word choice 'pictures'.

Just mentioning: If you read Jay's words, think of Applejack saying it(same texan farmer accent)

Cyberponies are even more powerful than Twilight when she fought Tirek. And that was really powerful.

The text written in this form are shown to be parts of stories within the chapters, this will appear often

Jay's hat originally going to be a snapback similar to mine in reality, but due to limitations in Ponycreator it turned out to be a black version of Applejack's hat( yeah this one)

Words written in Caps-lock are ment to be shouts and high volume talking.

Oops, i'd should've mentioned that this is a crossover of the JLP storyline. It'll be on fanfiction. Like always, i spoil things.