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What's up everypony? The name's Jay from somewhere in Europe and I create stories surrounding an OC who originates from Earth


Returned from hell · 10:07pm Jan 25th, 2019

What's up everypony,

I have returned from the hell that is college, but it's uncertain whether I still post stories or not.

I had in my time off a lot of practice in English writing and literature(mainly due to a long distance relationship with the most wonderfull girl and rn we are having a break from each other and will in time start with better written literature if my time consumption is allowing it(Not free from college yet)

Jay Cyber,


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2112502 No it's not. But it's shorter for my name.
I don't fricken' care if I show the internet my real name, They would'nt fricken' dare to use it.
And I don't see any reason to use it anyway...

2009810 Oh snap, Stalker confirmed! :rainbowlaugh:. Nah I'm from south-east Netherlands, if you are asking


hmmm you saying "somewhere from Europe" may I ask from where :rainbowwild:

1936268 Unfortunately, I did not make it into the Audio drama, so more time to write!

Hey guys, Jay here.

For the upcoming period of time, I'll be focusing more on the new school year and my FanFiction page, on which I got some stories open that are actually pretty late on schedule.

When I'll upload new stories on FimFiction is currently unknown. See this as halfway break(this doesn't mean that I'm halfway through writing. I'm almost halfway my Season 6 Line, that's what I mean.)

Also, I did audition on DisneyFanatic23's audio drama, so if I get to be in the cast, that'll be my focus as well.

I'll be mostly working in weekends on FanFics and FimFics, so be sure if there's any new story.
I'm currently working on a second multiple chapter story, so mind watchin' out for that.

That's all,

Jay the Cyberpony, writer of the Legend and Cyberpony sagas

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