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The Canterlot Transfer Student - Tank Drill

When Zephyr realizes that his parents are making him live in a new town by himself while they are working over seas. He immediately meets up with Pinkie Pie and the others making him like this place than before... Than before...

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Meeting new people

-Zephyr's point of view-

I hated when I had to move away from Appleloosa, but I think something changed my mind. This is something that turned into a somebody and this person happens to be a girl. A gorgeous teen who looks my age, has features that stole my heart and most of all, I don't even know her name. This pondered my mind for some time, the whole 'love at first sight' subject wasn't real, but how can I explain why I felt this way? Though I know this, my English teachers would be eating their hearts out if I said this to them. They were Shakespeare enthusiasts rather than a hard core fan when the subject about one of his stories came into question. Hence why I am trying to think this 'love at first sight' through my mind and heart.

All of this thinking led my head to turn a few gears and overall, I got a headache. Mom dropped me off at my apartment and told me that she will be here with Dad in about half a month. Which kind of surprised my beliefs because they never really have any time to spend with me when they were at work. This lead to me to believe that they were never going to meet up and spend time with me because their work time schedules will clash. Another example is when my twelfth birthday party came and I was all alone; Mom and Dad did promise me that they will show up to set up the party so I could just send invitations to my.... Friends. Which I didn't have any and when my party came, I silently wept on the table. No friends, no siblings (I was the only child), and most of all no family came to my party. Being a preteen at the time, I still had a hard time understanding why my parents were so busy. It was that day that I had learned how hard life was and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"Zephyr?" Mom asked.

I internally slapped myself out of memory lane and spoke, "Y-Yeah?" I choked.

"You're crying... Are you sure you're alright?" She asked.

I was so deep into my memories that it made me stream tears down my cheeks. 'You knuckle head, you're letting your feelings get into this!' I shouted internally. Not wanting to make Mom concerned I wiped the tears off with my forearm, "I am fine, Mom, I am just so happy that we'll be together again." I lied.

She smiled, "Oh! Now that I think about it; it has been awhile since we have been together as a family."

"Yeah, it has been awhile. Definitely awhile." I said.

Mom looks at the time on her watch and clicks her tongue, "I need to go honey. I have to catch this train."

I waved at her while I turned to face the apartment complex, "Don't let me wait you up on your time schedule. You're a important person working with Dr. OcSid. I'll see you next time."

I didn't hear what Mom said, but all I heard was the limo driving away as I headed to the flight of stairs. The Apartment Complex is three stories tall with four apartments on each floor; bottom floor was 100-104, second floor was 200-204 and repeat for the third floor. I grabbed my key from my pocket when I approached the room 304 and saw my neighbors name next to 303, it was a last name saying 'Shimmer'. It was either a women or a big muscle man is next to me which didn't bother me, just as long as they're friendly. I unlock the door, enter the Apartment that I was going to live in when I became a legal adult.

The Apartment itself is an open concept type of home, the living room was to my right and across from the front door was a kitchen with an Island/breakfast bar, and to the left was the hallway leading to the bathroom and one bedroom. The whole entire place is bigger than the last house I was at. The Living room had installed thirty inch Television, with a black leather four seat couch waiting to be sat on, the Kitchen has white granite counter tops with the finest appliances installed (Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, Sink, installed coffee maker and others), and most of all the floors were hard wood.

In my mind, I thought this place was great, it was better than the other house altogether, but there was a small issue. Me. I felt small in this apartment and the counter tops were standing at my belly button. Other than that issue, I had no other problems. I lock the door behind me then head to the kitchen and tried to reach for the glass cup, but no dice. I opened one of the drawers, stood on top of it and quickly grabbed what I desired, a glass of water.

-Sunset's point of view-

It was the middle of the night and I felt cold sweat sliding on my face. It wasn't hot or too cold, it was something else... For some reason I just can't stop thinking about that boy at the Pizzeria. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see him and it bothered me. Not in an annoying way, but I just wanted to get some sleep. I sigh in defeat as I slowly slid out of the sleeping bag and crept over my sleeping friends thinking, 'I need a drink of water.'

I closed Pinkie's door behind me and made my way to the familiar kitchen. The light above the island reminded me about that conversation I had with Twilight when she was trying to figure out a counter-spell against the Dazzlings. I reached up into the cabinet for a cup, but got a confetti cannon fire upon my face. The familiar squeaking noise startled me, making my body go backwards, but someone caught me before I fell to the ground.

"Whoa there sugarcube!" A familiar farmer voice said pulling me back to my feet.

"Thanks Applejack." I said grabbing the plastic cup in the shelf. Though when I turned around she had her arms crossed and looked a bit serious. I didn't think of anything about the situation as I filled up my cup at the sink.

Then she spoke, "Sunset, I know we're friends, but you're hiding something aren't you?" I froze. I knew she was the Element of Honesty, but I never thought it would work here. My heart quickens for several reasons: thinking about the boy I have a crush on, and getting to be honest with one of my friends who caught me when lying.

Despite all of it, I sigh in defeat, "I can't hide from the Element of Honesty, can I?"

She nods, "Eeyup."

"What would you like to know?"

"What really happened at the Pizzeria."

I bit my lip, "I wasn't the only one in the Pizzeria and I have found a boy who is very..." I took a deep breath, "Who is very handsome... I don't even know his name, and every time I think about him, my heart tightens... I just don't know what is wrong with me." I stated leaning against the island while taking a drink of water.

"Sugarcube, why didn't you say so? We're your friends and if you have any issues you can talk to us." She stated, but continued, "Anyway, who is the lucky guy? Does he attend Canterlot High?"

I shook my head, "I haven't talked to him, though he looks like my age, but he looked like he was new in town.... I did see a limo outside the Pizzeria."

Applejack slightly put her hand on her temple and rubbed it, "It's that bad isn't it... Wait! He must be the new Transfer-!"

I covered Applejack's mouth, "Shh! You'll wake up everybody."

She nodded and I released her mouth, "Sorry, I overreacted back there."

I landed my hand on her shoulder, "It's alright. I feel a lot better talking about my problems and I think it's time for me to get back to sleep." Applejack yawned and nodded at the same time as she headed back to Pinkie's room, but I continued, "Just make sure you keep this to yourself until I figure out things."

"You can count on me sugarcube." She said heading out the kitchen.

I finish my water and cleared my mind from today. 'I need to know more about this boy in order to come to a solution.' I thought, but the images of him catching me into his arms and about to kiss my lips... I shook my head. "I need to know... Soon."

-Zephyr's point of view-

For the next three days, I did some planning, and reviewing of what my classes had gone through the past quarter before transferring to the new School. Mom talked to the Principal of the school, named Celestia, got all of the course work I needed to get finished and it was pretty simple. The majority of the assignments were worksheets of the chapters and some extra credit on the side. After those were finished, I did some research about the school and it's mascot. It was a wondercolt which reminded me about the soccer match we had against my old school, Dusty Buffaloes I believe they were called. The more I forget about Appeloosa, I will benefit from hinting to my new classmates that I miss my old place, but in reality I don't.

I finished the homework, researched and reviewed the school as I day dreamed throughout the afternoon. Majority of those dreams were about that girl that I saw at the Pizzeria and they were so dirty that I think I should go to dream jail for a day. It is the typical kind of sexual content that I was imagining and I had some shame about it. For one, I don't even know this girl and second it made me feel guilty. What is the one thing that will get me out of this guilt? Get out of the house... Er... Apartment to get some fresh air and to get groceries for the kitchen.

I got myself ready and was mentally checking what I needed to do for today when I get out. One, go to the bank; two, go to the grocery store; three, go to the clothing store for some new attire; and four, head back home to get ready for the weekend. I slip on my sneakers, put on my windbreaker, and locked the door behind me as I headed out. Something caught my eye, it was the neighbor, I didn't see him/her, but I did see the door closed. I looked at the time and it was around ten in the morning, maybe I'll get the neighbor some of fresh baked pie as a gift of friendship? 'Now I am starting to think like mom.' I mentally face palmed, but continued, 'Though it wouldn't be a bad idea.' I walked down the flight of stairs and headed to the bank which was very close to the school.

I withdrew around one hundred fifty dollars which I put into my wallet and headed towards the grocery store. To my amazement, I found out this big city had everything close by and it was fantastic. The bank and grocery store were on the same street, the clothing store was close to the cafe and the clothing store led to a park that leads all the way back to the apartment complex. 'A very convenient town with simple ways of getting around.' I thought.

I enter the grocery store and took it all in. The lights were very bright, there was barely anybody inside which made me comfortable, and the sounds of items being scanned echoed in the air. I picked up my basket as I headed towards the fruit and vegetable aisle. There were barely any more fruits or vegetables other than Apples or cherries at Appleloosa, and it was a huge relief that there was at least a dedicated fruit and vegetable aisle. I picked up celery, mangoes, carrots, peaches, and oranges without a care in the world. Though I had a hunch that someone was watching me.

"Hi!" Said a loud pitch voice.

"GAH!" I jumped out of my skin and turned around to see who was right behind me. I saw a pink haired girl who wore a blue jacket and a purplish skirt, which had three different color balloons, complimenting her white shirt.

She giggled when I got my feet back on the ground, "GAH! Yourself!"

"Who are you?" I asked catching my breath, but I blinked and she was in front of my face.

"I'm Pinkie Pie!" She said, but continued, "Are you new here? What's your name? Where are you from? Most of all, how are you doing today?!" I realized that her talking was echoing through the entire empty aisles.

I recollect my thoughts, "I'm Zephyr, I just moved in yesterday and I'm doing fine... Just getting groceries." I lifted the basket to show Pinkie.

She gasped, "You're the Transfer Student!!!!" Without a word she just sprints away leaving me with a permanent raised eyebrow.

"Weird...." I said aloud, but I shrug it off and continued to get the essentials that will last me for the whole month.

After purchasing the items, I glance at my receipt:

Items Unit Price Total Price

2 pound peaches $0.10 $0.20
5 pounds oranges $0.18 $0.90
6 pounds celery $0.16 $0.96
2 pound bread $0.05 $0.10
1 pound butter $0.27 $0.27
5 pounds carrots $0.13 $0.65
2 pound coffee $0.16 $0.32
3 dozen eggs $0.23 $0.69
2 half gallon milk $0.10 $0.20
2 bushel of potatoes $0.61 $1.22
3 pound rice $0.07 $0.21
2 pound sugar $0.06 $0.12
6 pound mangoes $0.13 $0.78

Subtotal $6.62
Tax 5.00% $0.33
Total $6.95

'Taxes seem to be going up these days.' I thought, stuffing the receipt in my pocket. The news has been telling the people lately that the military in Crystal City is increasing, which is causing some taxes to be raised. There is no reaction to society... Yet... Also, this didn't matter to me because my parents are being paid the maximum wage and I am just enjoying the allowances that they're giving to me. Now that I think about it, my bank account did increase by one hundred dollars. Must be Mom's new job.

I walked out the Grocery store and took in the fresh air. The sky was getting a little cloudy and in the far distance, to my right, is this cluster of dark clouds. I sighed, 'Need to go to the clothing department, get myself clothing and an umbrella.' I mentally put into my list of things to do. I walked across the street, but my nose caught the scent of sugary pastries.

Looking to my left, I saw a store named Sugarcube corner and it reminded me to get the greetings gift to my neighbor. The store itself was just connected to a building, where the people who bought the place would live in the second floor of it. I decided to get inside to get what I wanted and to get to the clothing store, with the storm heading this way.

Inside, there were people that filled the booths and were talking amongst one another. I got to the counter and behind the cash register was a woman with pink hair, that looked like frosting, wearing a yellow shirt and white apron. I looked at the name tag and it said 'Mrs. Cake'

"What would you like dear?" She asked.

I looked at the display case to my left. It was full of pastries that would make me go to the gym for a day to burn it off. Though I decided to get the Apple pie that caught my eye. "One apple pie, please." I said.

The women opens the case, grabs the pie, and puts it away in a pastry box, "That will be 50 cents."

I complied and gave her a five dollar bill, but replied with, "Keep the change."

I grabbed the bag, but was stopped by a light pink haired girl. I didn't get scared, but I did back up for her to get some air. She had a white shirt, a green skirt, a pair of green boots, and had a butterfly pin to hold her hair up.

I spoke, "Oh, I'm sorry about that. Are you alright?"

She only nods, "I'm fine..." She mumbles.

I couldn't hear what she was saying, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

She didn't respond, but took a deep breath, "Yes I am fine." She said more clearly.

"Oh that's good. I'm Zephyr, what's your name?"

"I'm Fluttershy..." She said almost whispering.

I glanced at the window and the storm was getting closer, "Well Fluttershy, lets meet again soon, alright?" She only nodded in response, but was slightly smiling.

"Good bye." That was all I heard from her as I powered walked out the door.

I made it to the clothing... er 'Carousel Boutique', but at what cost? The storm was getting very close and I am running out of time, but while I'm here, I will get my clothing and get an umbrella. I scan my surroundings and saw two women bickering about something.

"Applejack, what I'm telling you is that this dress will make you fabulous!" Said a purple haired girl. She was wearing a blue skirt, a white shirt and had a black belt around her waist. I could tell that this girl was all about fashion, because she was trying to convince the other girl to wear it.

"Like I said Rarity, I ain't a girl full of fashion! I just want a simple dress for the next Prom; none of these sparkling doohickeys!" Applejack said.

'Looks like they're in a heated argument. I'll just mind my own business.' I thought as I browsed through the men's clothing. One sweater, a pair of shorts, five pairs of socks, and one Umbrella. When I picked those out, the two women were through with their argument and I decided to cough to get their attention.

"Um... Where do I purchase these?" I asked.

"Why through me of course; my name is Rarity and my 'lovely' friend back there is Applejack." She said. I handed her the selected clothing and she gave me the price of the items.

Items Unit Price Total Price

1 Sweater $0.95 $0.95
5 pairs of socks $0.35 $1.75
2 shorts $1.48 $2.96
1 Umbrella $3.00 $3.00

Subtotal $8.66
Tax 5.00% $0.43
Total $9.09

"Keep the change." I said giving her ten dollars.

She smiles, "Thank you."

"Are you happy now?" Applejack spoke making our heads turn. She was wearing a dress that had apples surrounding the edge which made me blush a bit.

"You look fantastic my dear," She said, but caught my blushing and continued, "And I believe that you've attracted one of my customers." She puts my clothing into a plastic bag to which I carried.

She puts her hands on her hips, "Is that so?" She looks towards me and smirked, "The name's Applejack, what's your name partner?" She asked.

I mentally slapped myself and spoke, "My name is Zephyr; it's nice to meet you both."

"Oh dear, the wind is picking up quite a bit out there." Rarity said, which I panned my head to the window. It was true, the wind was tossing around the pieces of garbage in the air, which made me dash for the door. "SorrystormgettingheresoonerthanIthought! NeedtogethomeBye!" I said really quickly as I ran out the door heading towards the park for a short cut.

I decided to cut through the park instead of walking the path, because it would be a faster route. The one thing I didn't notice was that I was cutting through a soccer field. The wind wasn't helping at all, it was pushing against me, away from my home. I look up as the storm clouds were heading right towards my direction. 'Mother of all things that are holy.' I thought. I didn't curse because it wasn't my cup of tea and I thought that it was just plain rude to use.

"HEADS UP!" I heard a girl shout.

I turned my head and saw a soccer ball heading towards my face. My perception saw a goal to my left and I decided to headbutt the ball into the goal. When the ball impacted my head, all the memories of when I was eight passed through me. I used to be in the soccer league, but slowly lost interest at the age of fourteen because my parents were neglecting me for their work. A gust of wind snapped me back to reality, making me look to my left to see that I made the goal.

I felt a slap on my back, "Dude! That was amazing! How did you do that? I was way off by ten feet and you made the goal while the wind was against you."

I felt my head was pounding, plus my back was hurting as well, "It has been a while, but I was in the soccer league when I was younger." I said.

"That's cool man; The name's Rainbow Dash, What's yours?" Rainbow asked. She had rainbow hair, wore a shirt with a Rainbow lightning bolt in the center, while she wore a skirt over spats and had sneakers on. I felt a raindrop land on my nose which made me look up and across the horizon was the Apartment Complex.

"I love to chat, Dash, but the storm is here and I need to head home." I said.

She looks at the storm and smirks, "Fine by me, but promise me that you'll show me some moves you learned in your league." She said.

I nodded and started to walk away, "I promise!" I said picking up the pace. I didn't look back to see Rainbow when I passed through a group of trees and bushes because I needed to get back home without getting drenched. I saw the apartment complex was several yards away as I put my hood over my head. I sprinted as fast as I could; I passed the park, crossed the street, didn't feel my feet while going up the stairs, grabbed my key out of my pocket, and unlocked the lock when I slowed down. I opened the door, I slammed it behind myself and calmed my panting.

When I recovered from my sprint, I heard the rain and hail coming down on the roof. I sighed in relief, 'I am finally safe.' I thought. It was literally minutes before all hell broke loose and I just hoped that the girls I met made it out alright.

-Sunset's point of view-

Staying inside the apartment alone was enjoyable, I was able to get a lot of the homework finished I'd been given for spring break. Though when I looked out the window, a storm was brewing outside. I sighed at the sight, the wind was pushing against the trees, rain and hail causing noise on the ceiling, and most of all it was dark as night, but it was only 4:00 pm at the time. I was currently sitting at the dining table, putting away the final assignment and got out of my seat. I stretched my limbs out because I was trying to complete all the work in one day. I heard a knock on the door and I wondered who would be here at such a time during a storm.

I turned on the light in the living room and walked towards the door when there was a set of banging on the door. "I'm coming!" I shouted. The apartment complex hallway is open to the outside which is a big bummer because the floor can be affected by the weather. I unlock the latch, opened the door to find Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy drenched in rain water.

"Come in before you get a cold!" I said as they flooded into the living room. I went to the bathroom, grabbed some towels, gave them one each and had an extra to put on the floor.

"The S-Storm got us good." Fluttershy stuttered getting the towel to dry her hair.

"I was heading back from Rarity's, but the storm got here so fast that I couldn't make it to the barn. I ran into Rainbow and we headed straight for your house." Applejack said taking off her boots and hat.

"Yeah, then we ran into Fluttershy who was heading to your place and we decided to have one more sleepover at your house for the second last day of Spring break." Rainbow said as she finished drying her hair with her towel.

"I suppose it wouldn't be too much trouble and besides I wouldn't let you guys head back out there while its storming." I said, but continued, "Let's get you guys changed into my extra set of clothing and I'll throw the wet clothes in the dryer, OK?"

They all agreed on changing clothes and I got my spare clothes from the closet of my room.

After a few hours, the girls and I were having girl talk in the living room. Applejack and Rainbow were sharing a couch, Fluttershy was sitting on a bean bag, while I was sitting on the recliner. Applejack said something that peaked my interest.

"Anyway, I was at Rarity's when one of her customers came into the area to buy some clothing. He did like the way that I was dressed." She said.

"What's the guys name by the way?" I asked.

"His name is Zephyr, I believe." She replied to which Rainbow and Fluttershy's eyes widen.

"Applejack, I also met a guy named Zephyr holding a grocery bag at Sugarcube corner. He seemed like a nice, friendly guy to me." Fluttershy spoke up which made Rainbow cross her arms.

"Well, I also ran into him at the soccer field as he headbutted my ball into the goal because I missed the shot." Rainbow said smirking at Applejack.

"He seemed new around here." Fluttershy said.

Then there was a knock on the door, "I wonder who that could be." I said getting up.

I walk to the door, opened it to see a dark figure standing there and it said, "He has come..." Then there was a flash of lightning to reveal Pinkie in a brown coat that touched the ground.

This made me jump, "GAH!" I shouted.

Applejack walked up to the door, where I was leaning on the frame to recover myself, and spoke, "Pinkie, what in tarnation are you doing here at this time of night?"

Pinkie stepped inside as I closed the door behind her, "I met this guy at the grocery store and I found out that he is transferring to Canterlot High." We headed back to the living room area while Rainbow and Fluttershy listened to what she said.

"Are you sure? I'm not even sure what this guy looks like." I said.

Fluttershy spoke, "He had glasses, he was about my height, has brown hair with light brown highlights, slightly muscle toned, wearing a blue shirt, and blue jeans." When she finished, I realized that that was the guy who I have been crushing on since I saw him at the Pizzeria.

"Look's like we're not the only one who saw this guy." Rainbow said smirking and everybody was looking at me. The reason was obvious, I felt my cheeks burning in response of Fluttershy's description.

I recomposed myself and tried to change the subject, "Are we still going to perform at the stage near the park?"

Rainbow was still grinning, "As far as I know, unless Rarity has planned something else."

She looks at Applejack, which she spoke, "Nope, Rarity is free tomorrow to play with us in the band."

"Well that's good." I glanced at the clock and it was 8:00 pm, "Oh, would you look at the time; how time flies, I need to get some rest so I can focus for tomorrow. You girls can sleep where you want. I am going to my room. Good night." I said escaping from the curious glances from the four of them.

"Good night." Fluttershy said.

"Sleep tight." Applejack commented.

"Dream of handsome guys tonight." Rainbow added.

"Don't forget to have some warm milk before you sleep!" Pinkie said.

I was already in my room when I heard Pinkie's comment and closed the door behind me. I needed to calm down my feelings about this boy because this was getting ridiculous. I was getting a crush on this guy because of love at first sight. I don't even know about this person, all I know is his name and looks. Sweet Celestia! I was never like this in Equestria! I never talked to guys that were my age because I wasn't interested, but now I...

I fell to my knees, "I need to know soon... What is my heart trying to say?" I whispered out loud. I decided to try to shake the subject out, but my heart still held onto the feeling. I took off my clothes and got myself covered with the blanket. 'Just sleep it off and you'll be fine... Besides I need to rest for the Rainboom's performance for tomorrow.' I thought as I drifted away into a deep sleep with the boy's face in my memories.

Author's Note:

Chapter 2! Yay! This story is doing so well! I hope this continues because I have a bit of a writers block for The Unexpected Adventure and I need a little break from it. (THAT STORY IS NOT GOING ON HIATUS!) Anyway hope you like the chapter I'll get cracking to break my writers block!