• Published 17th Apr 2015
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The Canterlot Transfer Student - Tank Drill

When Zephyr realizes that his parents are making him live in a new town by himself while they are working over seas. He immediately meets up with Pinkie Pie and the others making him like this place than before... Than before...

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Tour and sudden first date

-Zephyr's point of view-

Last night I had a dream, a dream that made me see the future. These kind of dreams would happen to certain people and would give them a deja vu experience. This particular dream was specifically about Sunset Shimmer and I going for our first date. It was a dream date mind you, but again it felt so real that I would love to experience it. This date was just a walk around the park, hanging out in the local arcade and having dinner before heading home.... When I awoke from this dream, I immediately look at the clock and it was 6:29 am before my alarm goes off. I took off the covers to get up to turn off the alarm clock, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and sprayed on deodorant before getting dressed. I decided to wear a nice plain blue polo, that I got from my dad, and the pair of shorts that I bought the day before. Once dressed, I went to the kitchen to have some breakfast, but to be interrupted by a knock on the door. I decided to walk towards the door and upon opening it, was a newspaper nicely rolled up with a letter next to it. I picked up the letter and proceed to reading it:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your arrival to Canterlot brings us to introduce our Canterlot Daily newspapers. There is no money involved in subscribing to our services to give the best of the best news articles that are up-to-date. We are happy to announce your first newspaper that will be coming to your door (and our other customers) every Monday morning. Our staff will deliver your newspaper with a knock or door bell and will leave the newspaper, no questions asked and no interaction so you can go on with your morning as you see fit.


The President of Canterlot Daily,

Velvet Column

For more information call...

'Well that was a good thing to start the morning.' I thought. Appleloosa didn't have a lot news in the area, but did have a magazine to keep up with the current events. This will actually give me a reason to read the newspaper every Monday and most of all it's free because I live in Canterlot now. I picked up the Newspaper and unrolled to see the title as well as the date.

Canterlot Daily Newspaper

Date: April 20th 1910


Criminal still on the run... Pg. 1

School Starts Once Again For Canterlot High Pg. 2

Mysterious Unicorn with Wings Appears and Disappears in the Open-air Concert Pg. 3

I took my eyes off the paper and proceed to have my breakfast, which was an egg sandwich, cereal, orange juice and an apple. As I ate my breakfast, I read the contents of the Newspaper: The criminal that caused a bank robbery, heist at a local grocery store (apparently by himself), assault on women, was still at large and he was last seen at Van-hoover; Canterlot High is starting school again with some new staff to help out the students for their needs; the economy was doing great in a sense that some of it was being put into the military; though I skimmed the weird 'Unicorn with wings' article and eventually made it to the comics.

I glance at the clock, it was 7:00 am. I sighed as I put away my dishes in the dishwasher and packed my backpack with my school supplies for my new classes. I put on my windbreaker, shoes, hat and sunglasses as I opened the door to head out to School. 'School should start around 8:30.' I thought. I liked to head to school early because I didn't want to deal with people until I was in class. As I headed out, I saw the neighbors door and it just donned on me: Shimmer... Sunset Shimmer. It could be a coincidence that a different family might be living in the apartment right next to me, but I just wanted to see if I was wrong for once. I walk up to the door as I knocked it three times. I waited for a little while, but the door opened and I saw Sunset Shimmer, in her pajamas, and her hair all ruffled up.

"How may I help, you..." She looked at me and dragged out the last word.

"Uh, hi Sunset." I put my hand behind my head trying to act cool, but in reality my heart was going to bounce out of my chest. Her morning 'look' was so cute and so irresistible that I might die from it.

I saw some blush coming from her cheeks, "H-How did you know I lived here?" She asked.

'Try not to make this awkward.' I thought. I cleared my throat, "I-I happen to be your n-neighbor."

Her eyes widened, "You mean you live in 304?" She stated.

I nodded, "Uh, yeah."

Our eyes stayed glued to one another, due to the fact that the girl that I liked lives right next to me. I think I might have broke her mental state because I saw that she was blushing, and she was silent for most of the time. I finally was able to speak after our long 'stare' session.

"Uh, Sunset?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Yes?"

"Uh..." 'Think of something you bimbo!' I shouted in my head. "How long until you head to school? I would like to take a walk with you while we chat." I said.

Good! That's good to ask a girl if she wants to take a walk with you to the school. Its the first steps of having a relationship from Friends to an intimate one. The thought of me having an intimate relationship made me blushed and might of shown that I was slightly embarrassed, which I was not.

"That sounds nice." Sunset said. "Would you like to wait inside?" She offered.

Time seemed to stop at that moment, my heart was now beating so fast that it could run a marathon without a sweat. I nod without thinking as she walked inside and I followed to close the door behind me. When I was inside the apartment, I was nervous. Even though I was her neighbor and our apartments are similar, I still can't believe that this is happening to me. The girl who I like, love, crush on, whatever, has invited me into her house. In her pajamas no less!

"Y-You can hang out in the living room, while I get ready alright?" She said grabbing her left elbow.

I nodded as I sat into the couch that was available to me, "Um... Did you have breakfast yet?"

Sunset shook her head, "Not yet, but I think I'll get it on the way." She stated.

"Oh, OK." I said smiling a bit. I was currently getting myself an idea to impress her.

"I'll be right back." She said walking down the hallway and closing the door when she got into her bedroom.

I got up and browsed her kitchen. I don't think it's rude for a guest to do this sort of thing, but I was getting cold feet while I was doing it. I opened the fridge to find eggs, an assortment of fruits and vegetables. I smirked at this, 'Omelet's would be perfect for her.' I thought. I examine her stove, it was the same as mine, and I started cracking when I heard the shower turn on. The movie cliche where the Protagonist is in this embarrassing situation when the Heroine is in the shower while he's currently alone in the house. I try to shrug it off, but I couldn't help it when I imagine her in the nude while hot water hits her chest, belly and...

I sigh and grabbed a pepper bell, an already cut onion, and cheese. I was trying to get into the cooking mood because the fact remained that Sunset is taking a shower while I'm here. I found the cutting board, cut the pepper and onion into nice pieces. I grabbed a bowl from the shelf and proceed to crack the eggs into it. I pulled some drawers to find the whisk to mix the three eggs to a fine liquid. I found the pan and set it on the hot area as I poured the eggs into the pan. Once the egg was on the pan, I grabbed a spatula to move the omelet when it's ready. After a few minutes, I put the peppers, onions, and cheese on top the omelet. I turned off the stove and found a plate in the shelf. I got the spatula as I moved the finished omelet and put it on the plate.

As soon as I was done with making her breakfast, the shower stopped and it calmed my perverted nerves. I put the omelet in the microwave and I hear the door open. I looked at Sunset and she was wearing the same outfit when I first saw her. I'm pretty sure she has other outfits, but I'm really not complaining.

"Um... Why do I smell cooked eggs?" She asked.

I pulled the plate that had her breakfast and placed it on the counter, "I made breakfast for you, if you don't mind." I said.

She was unsure of what to say, but Sunset smiled as she happily grabbed a fork from the drawer. She grabbed a seat and proceeded to eat, but stopped and frowned a bit.

"Didn't you make yourself some?" She wondered.

"Um... I already had breakfast, but I would like a carrot." I said.

She waved her arm towards the fridge, "Help yourself and thank you for making this. I really appreciate it."

"Y-Your welcome." I stuttered as I opened the fridge to grab a carrot. She and I ate our provided food, but she happened to finished first and sighed with satisfaction.

"That was delicious, I didn't know you could cook." She said.

"It was something that I picked up when my parents were away because of their work." I said scratching my head.

"I never knew that your parents are at work. Are they important?" She asked.

I sighed as I finished my carrot, "Mom now works for Dr. OcSid because of a new technological break through and my Dad still works for the military on many different mission across the world."

I noticed her hands her slightly clenched, "That must have been hard on you, with your parents not spending time with you."

'I wonder why I'm having this conversation.... Oh, that's right I mentioned it.' I thought. "It's no big deal, besides, it gives me enough freedom to do many things I couldn't."

"Such as?" She wondered.

"Traveling to many places by bus when school is out for the summer. I went to Las Pegasus, Van-hoover, and so many places from here that I want to visit as well that I can't think of the names." I explained.

She nodded, "Well you may have someone to take with you..." She blushed, "If you want."

I scratched my chin, "That could be arranged." I feel my cheeks turn red.

She suddenly gets up, puts her plate away and grabs her bag from the living room, "Shall we get to school?"

I smiled, "Yes, let's go."

-Sunset's point of view-

Zephyr and I talked about traveling while we headed to Canterlot High. It was actually quite convenient that he and I were neighbors. Since I was going to give him the tour of the school, I minus well tell him some pointers about the town in general. I knew that I would have to tell him about who I really was, but that would have to wait. Why couldn't I tell him now? My heart was having too much fun at beating at a trotting's pace.

"I suppose you know where things are around town?" I asked.

He nodded, "Yes, I been to the grocery store, Sugarcube Corner, the Pizzeria, and the bank. Though I haven't been to the Dr. OcSid's store before, there wasn't any over in Appleloosa."

"So your from Appleloosa?" I asked.

He sort of winced when I said it, "Uh, no... I was born in Manehatten, but I moved before I could call it my home town, now it's my birthplace." He chuckled, "You could say that every town became my home town."

I giggled, "Yeah, your home town is the whole country."

We laughed as we entered the Canterlot High Campus. There weren't many students around as we got close to the entrance. He opened the door for me and smiled.

"Here you go Sunset." He said.

I giggled and played along, "Why thank you, Zephyr."

We made our way toward the Principles office and I opened the door, but stopped Zephyr in his tracks. "Sorry, I need to get some things done. I hope you'll understand." I said.

He put his hands behind his head, "No worries. I'll wait." He replied.

"I won't be too long. I still got to give you the tour." I said as he nodded. I closed the door behind me as I happily sighed.

"Look's like someone had a good Spring Break." Said a familiar voice.

"Yeah, I had a great time with my friends." I stretched the truth.

I look to my right to see Vice Principle Luna with Principle Celestia having coffee at their own desks. I smiled and hummed as I headed to the filing cabinet that has the maps, brochures, and menus for future meals in the cafeteria. For some reason, there were some blueprints on buildings that haven't been built yet. I pulled out the Canterlot brochure and the Campus map of Canterlot High.

"Anything interesting happened? Other than that storm that nearly tore the school's roof off?" Celestia asked.

"N-No." I lied.

"Really? You seem happier when we last met you." Luna said.

"I... Made a new friend and he happens to be out here for me to give him the tour." I explained.

"Ah, you're talking about Zephyr?" Celestia asked.

"Yes, and if you would excuse me, I need to give him the tour before school starts in twenty minutes." I informed them walking out the door.

"Make sure you properly introduce us after your done. Oh! Don't forget his locker number is 216." Celestia said quickly.

"I'll make sure I do that." I said closing the door.

"... Sunset will you go out with me?" Zephyr said.

I felt my face heat up and I took a deep breath, but the tactic that Rarity taught me was fading really fast. I took another deep breath and said what was the truth. "Yes." I said closing my eyes.

"Wait... You said yes?" He asked.

I opened my eyes to see he was blushing, "Uh... Yes. Yes I did." I confirmed.

"So your OK with that?" He asked.

I grabbed my chest through my shirt, "I'm pretty sure."

He scratched his chin, "Should we go on our date after school?"

"That's perfectly fine." I said as I recovered my composure and cleared my throat, "Let's give you the tour. Here, have these." I handed him the map and brochure.

He smiled, "Thanks."

After that, I gave Zephyr the tour. I showed him where his classes were, I guided him to the gym, cafeteria, park, soccer field, and the tornado room. As soon as the tour was done, the first bell rang and I guided him to his assigned locker which is next to mine. Huh, that is weird. Were neighbors and locker mates. Also, the classes that were on his schedule were similar to mine, but we had different math teachers. So we have the same classes, even though I'm a sophomore and he's a freshman. Was there something going on in the background? Or is this a huge coincidence? I really don't know, but I don't think my heart can take it.

"Wow, we're even locker neighbors." Zephyr smiled.

"Y-Yeah." I said opening my locker to get my books for the first few classes.

"So, I'll see you at lunch?" He asked.

"More like, I'll see you in class." I smirked.

"Wait, we have the same class?" He asked.

I winked at him, "Yep." I cheered.

"Let's get seats so that were next to each other." He said.

I blushed, "That's fine."

We dodged many students on the way to our first class and it was still early when we got to the classroom. We picked our seats that were next to each other and once we sat on the seat, everybody started to flow into the classroom. Then the bell finally rang for the first day of class and Miss Cheerliee came into the room to begin her lecture.

Eventually, lunch happened and before we headed to the Cafeteria, I stopped Zephyr. I needed to talk to him before we meet up with our friends.

"What's up?" He asked.

"We need to keep the dating thing a secret, so we can understand each other better." I said.

He was first bewildered, but nodded, "Ah, I get it, you want it to be a secret until we know where this is going."

I nodded, "Pretty much."

"Though, Applejack might be a problem." He commented.

"Horse apples. You're right. Though, Applejack doesn't flat our yell out that you're lying." I smiled to reassure him and myself.

He chuckled, "I suppose you're right."

We made our way to the cafeteria to get our lunch and to sit with our friends. Though I heard some students talking about me behind my back about when I was a demon of the school. By the Maker, I will never let that down. At least it wasn't as bad before the Dazzlings tried to take over. Everyone still hated me when I repaired the entrance of the school. After my friends and I saved the school district from the Dazzlings, I gained more respect around school, but some people still hold a grudge and that's their problem. I've already moved on from that and I'm focusing more on the future.

In any case, lunch went perfectly, my friends, Zephyr and I stayed on the safe side about us dating. Even though we haven't been through our first date. We talked about The Rainbooms are going to the OcSid Industry mall for the weekend and Zephyr was all for it.

"So, Zephyr, you never told us why you moved here in the first place." Rarity asked.

"Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Why did you transfer on the last quarter of the school year?" Applejack wondered.

It was never my place to ask that sort of thing, but I really wanted to know and since I was sitting right next to him, I looked at his face for him to response.

He sighed, "My mom made a break through on making the first 16 Gigabyte hard drive and ram for the computer." Everybody, including myself, gasped when we first heard of this and he continued, "When that happened, she got hired to work for Dr. OcSid Industries to improve their technology and since I lived in Appleloosa, I moved here to Canterlot so that way my parents can meet me when they're not traveling. They said it would be easier for them."

Pinkie stood up, "So your saying that our current 16 Gigabyte, which is the size of a head, is small to the size of a hand?" He nodded and she gasped again, "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?" She shouted.

"Um... Pinkie it's not sorcery, it's computer science." Fluttershy said.

"Correct Fluttershy." Zephyr chuckled, "So yeah that's why I'm here for the last quarter of the semester."

"Alright, so your mother's an egghead, but what about your dad?" Rainbow asked.

"He works for the military and works on missions around the world." He said.

"That's cool man." Rainbow said taking a bite of her apple.

I glance at the clock, "It's almost time for class again."

"Oh!" Fluttershy said, "One more question: Are you a vegetarian?"

Zephyr smiled, "Yes, but with some exceptions such as eggs, and a bit of sea food."

'Oh thank the Maker he's not a meat eater.' I thought. "I happen to be a vegetarian myself actually."

Rainbow smirked, "Yeah, it was like you guys were made for each other." She teased.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment and I glance at Zephyr to see that he was the same way. Just then the bell rang and we said our good-byes to only scatter to our final classes. Zephyr was still following me until he made a different turn towards his math class.

"See you next class." He waved.

I waved back, "Definitely!"

-Zephyr's point of view-

After some boring math, my final class of the day was Physical Education or P.E. for short. As I made my way to the gym, I couldn't believe what was going to happen after school. I'm going on a date with Sunset Shimmer. It was a complete accident as well because I was practicing to ask her out after school, but I said it out loud when she came back. I saw Sunset and waved at her. She noticed me and waved back as she walked into the Girls locker room. I sighed as I entered the Boy's locker room and I found my locker that had my P.E. kit inside. I got changed around the other guys who were talking about sports, but that all changed when I got a tap on the shoulder. I got a shiver up my spine and looked behind me. Two boys: one had orange skin with green hair and one with green skin with orange hair. They were slightly shorter than me as they stared at me and looked a bit worried.

I sighed as I put on my shirt to finally speak to them, "Can I help you?"

The look at each other then back to me, "You're not mind controlled are you?"

I looked at them like they're some sort of alien, "What do you mean 'mind controlled?'" I air quoted.

Before they could say anything the gym teacher whistled his bell and everybody left the room immediately. I was left alone with the gym teacher, he was big muscle guy, had yellow hair buzz cut and a hat with tiny wings on the side. I felt tiny when I was in front of him and in fact he was taller than me, leaving me to be intimidated.

"You're new here aren't you?" He asked in a gruff voice.

I gulped, "Y-Yes sir... I just transferred here." I stuttered.

"Hmm." He hummed, but smiled, "Well, I'll give you a pass for looking top fit." He said.

D-Did he just approve me? "Uh... Thanks, you can thank my Dad for that." I said scratching my head.

"Ah, now I remember you! Your Derick's kid!" He laughed slapping my back like my dad does which didn't surprise me.

"Wait... You know my dad?" I asked.

"Yeah!" He shouted proudly, "He and I were on a mission, but due to an accident-" He lifted his left pants leg and showed that he had a prosthetic leg leading up to his knee, "-I wasn't able to continue on the military, but I have to tell ya, your dad is some guy."

I smiled, "Yeah, he sure is."

He suddenly put his arm on my shoulder, "I like you already kid, the names Snowflake and don't let that name fool you." He chuckled as we headed out the locker room and into the Gym, "ALRIGHT YOU LADIES AND GENTS! LADIES RUN A MILE AROUND THE GYM!" The females, including Sunset, bee lined to run around the gym because of the intimidation, "GENTLEMEN!" He shouted and it got their attention, "YOU'RE GOING TO CONTINUED THE EXERCISING VIDEO WE DID BEFORE WE LEFT FOR SPRING BREAK!" They groaned and I slightly sighed. I looked up at him and he smiled as well, "Don't worry, you'll join them for the next day, for now you need to fill out some paper work."

'Well at least I'm not exercising right off the bat.' I thought. I felt some eyes going my way and Snowflake spoke up, "GENTLEMEN!! HUSTLE!!!" They got to the center of the gym, where the TV was and one of the students pressed play on the DVD player to get started.

I sort of smiled at their misfortune, but it faded away because I was going to be with them very soon. Snowflake handed me a small stack of papers and a pen. He smiled and told me to fill it out as best as I could. I agreed as I wrote down all my information, parents information, etc... Once that was finished, I handed the papers to Snowflake and he told me to relax for the rest of the class or join up with the guys. I nodded and stayed put for the rest of the hour, I didn't want to exercise on the first day. The other reason, however, was that I stared at Sunset as she ran around the gym.

I blushed when I saw Sunset, running in her P.E. kit (a white shirt with the High school Logo and a pair of shorts), and she looked amazing. Not only was she ahead of all the girls while running, but she was trying to keep it elegant. When she came around towards the bleachers, where I was sitting, something happened. I don't know who did it, but someone tripped her and she fell on her side on the ground.

I immediately stood up and jumped to the ground after I pushed myself over three bleacher seats. I jogged towards Sunset as she was trying to get up and when I stopped, I knelt down to offer my hand.

"You alright?" I asked.

She nodded slightly, "Yeah, though I kind of twisted my ankle a bit." She takes my hand and I lift her up to her feet.

I looked across to see the girls, who were still minding their own business as they ran around the gym. I took Sunset's hand and we made our way towards Snowflake who saw the whole ordeal.

"Taking Sunset to the nurses?" I nodded, "Go ahead then, I don't want to see my students get injured." He said.

We walked away from the gym as I held Sunset's hand. Luckily the nurses office was close to the locker rooms. Since it was almost time to go anyway, we went our separate ways to change. I got my P.E. kit into my backpack and once I was changed, I walked out of the door to see she was right next to the entrance.

"Hey." She said.

"Hey... How's your ankle?" I asked.

"A little sore, but moleskin should be able to take care of it." She blushed, "Um... Thanks for getting me up back there." She said.

I scratched the back of my head, "I-It's nothing, I just did what was natural."

"To help girls and take them to the nurses office is natural?" She smirked.

I blushed, "Um.. Uh... What I meant was." She put a finger over my mouth.

"I'm just teasing, what you did was noble." She smiled.

My heart was beating really fast, not only did she complement me about what I did for her, but the she touched my lips with her finger. I felt my world coming to a stop, this is actually happening. I took a deep breath, trying to recompose myself, and walked with Sunset to the nurses office.

Sunset got her ankle patched up and the nurses told her that it would heal after a week. It was after school and we decided to go for a walk around the park for our first date. I wanted this relationship to be nice and slow since I asked her suddenly. We had a nice conversation about our favorite subjects, such as we like to read books, we like about astrology, and most of all we loved music, specifically our genre's of music.

"So did you know that I used to play the saxophone?" I told her.

Her eyes lightened up, "What? You played the saxophone?" I nodded, "That's awesome! What made you stop?"

I sighed, "Well I kept on moving to different places and I never got to practice much."

"Oh, so do you want to practice now that you're here? I wouldn't mind to listen to you play." She said.

"Really? I never thought you like jazz music." I wondered.

She blushed, "I like all sorts of music, as long as they're played right." She stated.

"I-I see." I stuttered and saw a restaurant towards the exit of the park. "Why don't we go to that restaurant over there to end the day?" I asked.

"Uh... Sure." She confirmed.

"You don't want to go anywhere different?" I asked, making sure she is comfortable with going to the restaurant.

"N-No, it's fine, just next time let's go to Sugarcube Corner for our next date." She said trying to hide the fact that she didn't want to go.

I sighed, "Alright, lets go to Sugarcube Corner."

"I-I..." She sighed in defeat, "Fine, let's go to Sugarcube Corner."

We walked back into the park and headed to Sugarcube Corner for dinner. Once we got inside, there was no one inside, but the employee's of business were still here. Sunset asked the women, Mrs. Cake, where everybody was.

"There is a homecoming football game going on at the school. If you hurry along with your meal, you can dodge the crowd of people when the game ends." Mrs. Cake said.

"When does the game end?" Sunset asked.

"The game ends around 6:30 pm." Mr. Cake said picking up some empty boxes.

"Thank's for the heads up." I thanked her.

Sunset and I ordered an oven cooked cheese pizza and a small pie for dessert. As we ate, we talked some more about our lives and how Sunset is fascinated with fantasy. It was like she was there herself, of course I played along and shared a bit of my Science Fiction fascination to her. She liked that subject and when I asked her what she was like growing up, she got silent.

"Sunset?" I asked for her attention.

"Huh?" She snapped out of her daze.

"Are you feeling alright?" I wondered.

"Uh... Yeah, just going through memory lane." She slightly smiled.

"Oh..." I said. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She waved her hands, "N-No, I'm not really comfortable to talk about it."

"Alright." I said finishing my slice of pie.

After that, we looked at the clock and it was already six when we finished our meal. I paid the meal for both of us, which was around $10.00, and headed back to our apartments. The sun was setting in the distance as the street and park lamps lit up, illuminating the pathway. Sunset held my hand as we walked through the park.

"Did you have a great time?" I asked her.

"Yes, it was a good first date." She replied.

My mind mentally fist pumped in a victorious manner which I smiled in response. It was my first attempt to have a date for my first girlfriend since I've never had any to begin with. The walk through the park was reasonably fast and we walked up the flight of stairs quickly towards our apartments. Once we got to our apartments, we stood between our doors to say good-bye to one another.

"I had a great time." I said.

"Me too. " She replied as she suddenly hugs me.

At first I was surprised about this, but I put my arms around her and we hugged for a few minutes. It really didn't matter who was watching or not, the warmth that radiated over her body was sensational. Then she let go and smiled a bit. I noticed that she was blushing and my cheeks were flaring up as well.

Finally I spoke, "Do you want to go on another date tomorrow?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded, "I would like that very much actually."

"After school then?" I asked.

"We could do that or you can get up early so we can have breakfast together?" She wondered.

"That sounds great actually. What time do you want me to show up?" I asked.

She and I got to our doors and unlocked them with our keys, "Around the same time when you first surprised me."

"So, 6:30-7:00 in the morning?"

She nodded, "Sounds like a plan."

We opened our doors as we said our good nights and closed the door behind us to end our first successful date. 'Am I dreaming? Did I die or get in a coma because if it is, I don't want to wake up.' I thought. This is perhaps the greatest experience I've ever had and I'm not going to waste it.

Author's Note:

Alright, just to let you know there are two chapters left in this story. Just a heads up.