• Published 17th Apr 2015
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The Canterlot Transfer Student - Tank Drill

When Zephyr realizes that his parents are making him live in a new town by himself while they are working over seas. He immediately meets up with Pinkie Pie and the others making him like this place than before... Than before...

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My parents did what?!

You know living in Appleloosa isn't so bad. I mean sure it is a dried up place, but the apples, and cherries are to die for in this town. Even though these are the only type of food to eat to where everything is turned to a pie, pastry or even a drink. The school is nice and the teachers are decent to where I can understand what they're saying in calculus and other subjects. The classmates, when they want to be, are wonderful people. Even the bullies give me a fighting chance once a week, because I am considered as a geek in my whole class. With spring break here I can finally relax at my parents house away from the academic semester and annoying people. Though all of this relaxation was interrupted with one phone call from my parents that would of blew me out to the moon.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hi! Zephyr it's mom, I have some great news!" She said with excitement in her tone.

I groaned, 'This can't be good.' I thought. I didn't like my parents so called 'news' because it would end up a disaster for me. This happened once a month and there are several example of how their 'news' can make my life miserable. On my tenth birthday, my dad got some news that there was a discount on the cake to serve in the party, but little did he know that the cake was a hallow cardboard box with icing on it. This made me lose some of my gained friends and I was angry with them for the rest of the day. First semester as a 6th grader in middle school; I was in my first class and forgot to bring my packed lunch. Though I had money to get lunch on that period, my mom decides to enter the class room in the middle of a lesson. Calls out my name, gives me my lunch and pecks my cheek making me the embarrassment of the whole class. Those were alright in the past and I forgave them overall because my mom and dad are busy people. Dad is part of the military, who is sent to many cities to do certain jobs and my mother is a business women working to advance technology for the world.

"What's wrong Zephyr? Got a stomach ache?" Mom asked.

I am a Freshman in High school, third best in my class when it came to grades and not very popular with anybody. I was considered a joke because of my parents and don't get me wrong their nice people, but when I make a mistake they go 'baby parenting' on me. You know, the ones who basically just treat you like a child and I HATE it. I was nicknamed the 'Parent Baby' in my school which I never liked. I sigh inwardly and continued the conversation with mom.

"No it's nothing, what's the big news?" I said air quoting with my hands.

"I just got a call from Dr. OcSid, who is the main company up in the Crystal Empire that makes up-to-date technology, just hired me because of my achievement of making the first 16 Gigabyte memory card and Ram for a computer." She explains.

"Wow!" My face is in awe, "That is great Mom!"

"They also offered an apartment at Canterlot for you to stay at and already filled out the transfer papers for you to move!" Mom said.

I nearly had a heart attack, "W-What?!" I grabbed the available counter to support myself on what I was hearing.

Mom thought the 'what' was me getting excited about the situation and continued, "I know! It is exciting to see you moving from Appleloosa and Apple High to Canterlot and their high school! Most of all their giving you the apartment!"

I stood there silent; I am moving to Canterlot and there is nothing I can do until I graduate high school to get out of it. What can I do? Last time I said no to their news I got punished in a weird way; it was weird punishment of writing on a piece of paper and filling it with the same sentence: 'I will never say no to my parents again.' This was when I was fourteen and now I was wondering if I should risk saying no to mom over the phone.

"Zephyr?" Mom asked.

I sighed, "Sorry just a little tired is all. Anything else you want to mention?"

"You leave to Canterlot tomorrow." She said.

I lightly fell to my knees without much noise so my mom couldn't hear me over the phone, "Alright I guess I will start packing my belongings then?" I stated.

"Oh! This is so exciting! I'll meet you at the Canterlot station tomorrow afternoon, your ticket should be on it's way through priority mail. I need to go, my previous boos wants to throw me a celebration. Bye Honey!" She said hanging up.

I put the phone up back on it's stand and my rage was building up from the inside. My spring break is going to be cut short because I was moving to a different city and a major one at that. I clench both of my hands into fists and threw them in the air as I yelled a tremendous roar, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I didn't care who heard my yell, I just wanted to make sure that my feelings of the situation I was going through can somehow reach my parents.

-The next morning-

My internal alarm clock woke me up ten minutes before my real alarm clock goes off at 6:30 am. I gained this double edge sword from my Dad because he wanted me to go to the military in case I didn't have any other career. It's a double edge sword because one it works for me when I sleep around eight to nine at night, but works against me when I get to sleep around eleven or midnight, then I wouldn't have enough sleep. Though with yesterday getting me down, I finally got over what my parents said and looked at the positives. One, it would be a new fresh slate of people in a school; two, I wouldn't see anybody in my old school, especially the bullies, to show up at Canterlot anytime soon and three, I can finally look for that destined girl to become my girlfriend.

After I had my breakfast; I got dressed, grabbed my packed suit case and carry on, and headed out to the train station. It was still early in the morning around seven and the ticket says that the train will leave at eight. I still had time, but I lived close to the orchard and sometimes it took me awhile to get into town. I decided to pick up the pace towards town so I can have a quick rest at the station bench. 'Hopefully I won't run into anybody... Why did I just jinx myself?' I thought.

Alright I guess I didn't jinx myself because I have to say it out loud in order to happen, because I made it to the station without any fuss. I whip out the ticket that was given to me by the mailman and held it close to my torso. Then I heard the train whistle from the distance that made me jump a bit. I don't have a fear of trains, but anything that just pops up in front of me just scares the living hell out of me. Let's hope I can get that fear out or at least tame it to where I don't get scared every time.

"All aboard!" Shouted the conductor.

I sigh as I went inside the train that didn't get a repaint. It still looked like a little girls toy, but one that can fit humans and I wonder if this was a joke that became permanent or that the makers lost some sort of bet. I really don't know, but what really surprised me is that the whole country accepted this contraption as it is. I try not to think about it and I took my assigned seat which was my lucky number in a set of three, 777. I set aside my suit case in the shelf above, and put my bag on the empty seat. I see the people get into their seats and I look at my empty seat in dissatisfied look. 'Looks like they reserved the ticket for two seats than one... Again.' I thought. This happened last time when my Dad invited me to Las Vegas because he was tied to his work. the trip was pretty good and I had no complaints except there was no one to talk to while I was sitting there doing nothing. I sigh and put on my ear phones on and listen to some music as the train slowly headed out the station. 'Shadows fill an empty heart, As love is fading, From all the things that we are, But are not saying. Can we see beyond the stars, And make it to the dawn?' The Ticket Master asked for my ticket and I handed it to him. After a quick scan, he left my area and the song continued. 'Change the colors of the sky. And open up to, The ways you made me feel alive, The ways I loved you. For all the things that never died, To make it through the night, Love will find you.'

I scoff at that and turned off my music player to only lay back to catch up on some sleep I lost from last night. 'Let's hope this school is at least decent.' I thought.

-Sunset Shimmer's Point of view-

I put my book, that I contact Twilight with, into my backpack to get ready for Pinkie's slumber party. She did multiple slumber parties before, but this one was weird. Well if you look at it this way, she is 'sensing' something is going to happen. I look at the mirror for a moment and my looks haven't changed, but my personality has changed drastically. I was a she demon bent on getting Twilight's crown, but I learned from my mistakes and now I am with my new friends. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie and even Twilight became my true friends. After a the dazzlings incident, the students were now accepting me for who I was and now I feel I have been reborn. Like a phoenix somehow, but it made sense because I didn't care about the past only the future. I snap out of my trance and felt my phone buzzing instead of the book.

I answered it, "Hey Pinkie, whats up?"

"Sunset! Where are you?! The slumber party is going to start soon!" Pinkie said.

I chuckled, "I am just packing up my pajama's and getting a few snacks. Are the others there?"

"We're here sugarcube just get here soon, Pinkie's getting twitchy." Applejack shouted over Pinkie.

"Twitchy?" I asked.

"REALLY TWITCHY!!!!" Pinkie shouted.

"Um... Alright I'll be there soon." I said.

Rainbow spoke up, "You better hurry soon, she is trying to get to the cider!"

"Cider!-" The phone cut off when Pinkie said that making me raise an eyebrow.

I sigh as I put my phone away and look at my personal features. I have definitely grew a few inches in tallness and in cleavage, but my hips were still slim. I definitely need to get a different bra because this one I am wearing right now is digging into my skin. I definitely didn't have this kind of problem in Equestria, but at least I didn't have to go through heat cycles. Again I shook my head to not think about Equestria and tried to focus on what was happening now. I put my pajamas in my pack with a few snacks a side and headed out the door, locking it behind me. I walk down the flight of stairs away from the apartment complex and headed towards Pinkie's.

I knock on Pinkie's door and Rainbow answers it. Before I could say anything, she pulls me in and drags me towards Pinkie's room. Inside her room, she was tied onto a chair twitching like crazy. Fluttershy was against the corner unsure about the situation, Applejack just finished tying Pinkie, Rainbow was lying on the couch reading Daring Do, Rarity was looking at the mirror adjusting her hair until she saw me.

"Oh! I am so glad you can make it darling." Rarity said to me, but looked at Pinkie and continued, "Pinkie has been like this all day since she invited us to the slumber party."

"She just won't tell us what is wrong unti-" Applejack was interrupted.

"You show up." Rainbow said as she was lying on Pinkie's bed.

"What does Pinkie want with me?" I asked.

"I AM SO GLAD YOU CAME!!!" Pinkie shouted nearly breaking her own chair. Her hair, eyebrows, eyes, arms, legs and even her clothes were twitching. Twilight did say that Pinkie was really related to the one in Equestria. Though Applejack and the others heeded on her twitching predictions.

"What did you want to tell her sugarcube?" Applejack says putting her hand on my shoulder.

Pinkie takes in a deep breath and says it really fast, "Somebody is going to show up to transfer at Canterlot high when spring break is over and we're going to become friends with him!"

Her bodily twitches sudden stopped and she sighed in relief, "Oh wow... That was a strange twitch." Fluttershy said.

"You said it. I never heard of that one before." Rainbow says.

"Whew!" Pinkie said untying herself and getting up, "For some reason, my lips were sealed until Sunset shows up."

"Maybe it was meant for her?" Rarity said.

"I don't know, but listen ya'll." Everyone was looking at Applejack, "If Pinkie says it is going to happen then probably at the end of spring break we will welcome this so called transfer student."

"How much do you want to bet that there won't be any transfer student?" Rainbow asked.

"Pinkie has been correct every single time, besides I don't mind having another friend." Fluttershy said.

"If I am right you get no cider for the season." Applejack said.

"What?!" Rainbow said, but calmed down, "I am not betting that all I am just saying, we technically don't have a friend who is a guy."

"Uh... We have Flash as a friend." I said.

"Enough!" Pinkie shouted, "Let's not argue and let's have another round of Card Against Humanity!"

The rest of just groan in disbelief because the last game ended terribly, but I smiled, "Alright I'm game."

"If Sunset is going then I am too." Rainbow stated.

"Hang on, I ain't letting you get off that easily Dash." Applejack commented.

Rarity sighed, "Fine, but only one round."

"I'll join in too." Fluttershy said.

We all gathered up around the carpet and got ourselves ready for another round of the horrible game. Though one thing did still linger in my mind, who was this mysterious transfer student and why did Pinkie have to wait to tell me, but no her friends?

"Zephyr!" Mom says hugging me tightly, "It's been so long since I saw you."

"M-Mom... I need to breathe!" I try to say under my breath.

"Oh." she said releasing me, "Sorry."

I took a deep breath, "Anyway, I have to ask you something."

"What is it sweetie?"

I mentally flinched at what she said and thought, 'Go ahead, tell her that she ruined your life by moving to another school between semesters. Tell her and make her feel miserable.' I shook my head inwardly and sighed.

"What are we going to do about the stuff at Appleloosa?" I asked feeling glum about not telling my mom what I felt.

Mom thought I was glum about the furniture and items I couldn't take with me and said, "Your dad is going to take care of it. He is going to get rid of some stuff that we don't need and send the ones to your apartment."

I nodded, "Could we get going? I am pretty tired." I stretched.

The two of us begin walking towards the parking lot where there was a limo waiting at the pick up area. My jaw dropped, as my mother enters the limo without any consent.

"Come on in sweetie." Mom said waving her hand in.

I gulped and entered the limo very cautiously, "Who hired you again?"

"Dr. OcSid hired me, do you know who he is?" She asked.

"Refresh my memory in case I meet him?" I asked sheepishly.

The limo started to move and I looked out the window when Mom explained who Dr. OcSid was. He is a billionaire who invented the very first operating system for a computer, invented wireless and invented many products that got this world to accelerate to the future. He currently owns OcSid Industries where the best minds, or geeks, improve the performance of their product. Mom made a memory card and Ram to 16 Gigabytes, which is a big deal. A 16 Gig memory unit that we have now is the size of a hard disk drive, so this is what my mother achieved hence why were both in a limo heading towards my new apartment.

When Mom finished her eyes perk up, "Oh! There's the school!"

I look to my right and saw Canterlot High School, it was bigger than my old school and it certainly had a huge campus. There was a statue of a horse on it's hind legs and below it was mirrors reflecting the limo as we passed by.

"It looks nice." I said.

"I hope this doesn't make you feel bad about you leaving Appleloosa." Mom said putting her hand on my shoulder.

I sigh, "It's fine." 'I couldn't make any friends anyway.' I thought.

The limo stops and I was surprised that the 'apartment' was a complex apartment. It had eight total apartments at three stories tall, I stepped out when I heard my Mom getting something from the driver. I get my bags out the limo and look up at the apartment. It was around 3:00 pm and mother handed out the keys.

"Your room is 304, keep this key on your person at all times." She said placing the key in my hands.

I clenched the key in a fist, "Alright let's check it out an have some dinner."

-Sunset's point of view-

"Pinkie, please no more rounds." Applejack pleaded.

"Darling, I am mentally exhausted." Rarity commented.

"I am all laughed out." Rainbow said.

"Alright you heard them, time to put them away and let's eat some dinner." I said.

Pinkie crossed her arms, "Fine. What can we have to eat?"

"Pizza." We said in unison.

We all chuckled away, but Fluttershy interrupted, "Um... Isn't the pizza delivery guy's car broken down?"

"Oh that is right, somebody has to get the pizza by foot." Pinkie said.

"I'll go as long as I am not paying." I said.

Pinkie grabbed a wad of cash out of her hair which made me raise an eyebrow, "Is the exact change here?"

She shook her head furiously and coins flew out of her hair landing into her palm, "Here you go. Two Cheese and vegetable special pizza!"

Again I try not to question it, "I'll be back soon."

Before I could leave I heard Pinkie say something I made me glad I didn't want to go through the experience, "Let's play Monopoly!" I quickly head out the door as I hear a collective number of groans. I grab my phone and open the pizzeria's app to order the specific pizzas as I head towards the pizzeria.

-Zephyr's point of view-

I told mom that I was in the mood for pizza and she said it would be alright because we haven't had it in awhile. We decide to leave the apartment, which was slightly bigger than the the house I was in before, and head to the pizza place here in the city. The limo was causing heads to turn towards the limo which made me really uncomfortable. The limo parked in the lot and I quickly stepped out of it to get into the building fast. I didn't know what my mom said before I headed inside, but I did not want to get embarrassed.

Once I was inside, the aroma of warm pizza filled the air, which made my stomach growl. If I wanted, I could buy my own pizza, but I spent my allowance already on my 'last supper' in Appleloosa. I hear the door open and mother grabbed my shoulder.

"Zephyr, why did you leave the limo so fast?" She said.

"Um... I needed to use the bathroom fast?" I said sheepishly.

She nodded and looks at the menu, "What kind of pizza do you want?"

I looked at the menu that peaked my interest, "I think the vegetable special is in order."

"Alright, my little vegetarian." She pinches my cheek.

I flinch and stepped back as she giggles; luckily there wasn't anyone sitting on the tables, and the employees were oblivious of what happened. Though I still felt my face get hot as my mother orders the pizza's, but I hear the door open behind me. When my eyes set upon this person, my heart melted. This girl, who has red hair with yellow highlights, wearing a leather jacket under a red shirt, to compliment the shirt was a skirt with a sun pattern and to top it off she was wearing black boots. My heart was beating continuously and I couldn't pinpoint what it was. I noticed that she was looking at me and heading my direction. I didn't know what to say, but she passed me to wait in line to order pizza.

"I ordered two cheese and one vegetable pizza under the name The Rainbooms." She said.

Her voice made my ears quiver in delight. She looks beautiful and her voice makes my ear drums want to explode. Though it was cut short when the pizzas were handed to her and she made her way out the door. I tried to say something to her, but nothing could come out of my stunned vocal cords. When the door closed, she was gone. I felt my bodily state return to normal and I sigh, but someone tapped my shoulder.

"GAH!" I jumped away who tapped me.

Mom giggled, "Zephyr? You feeling alright? You seem out of it."

I shook my head, "I think I am getting a little tired from all the excitement." I lied.

Mom and I head to the nearest booth, by the window, to have our pizza. As I ate my pizza I look out the window and thinking through my head. 'Who was that girl and why did I act that way?' I thought. Then another question popped in my head, 'Who are The Rainbooms?'

-Sunset's point of view-

I finally made it back to Pinkie's when I hear some bickering. I put the pizza's on the counter in the kitchen and head to the argument. In the living room, Rainbow was arguing with Applejack about how Pinkie is cheating in monopoly. Rarity and Fluttershy were talking amongst themselves while their waiting for the argument to cool over it seems.

"Pinkie has to be cheating! She got both Board walk and Park Place in the second round. She even has hotels on them in the third round!" She exclaims.

"I am telling you that she isn't cheating because we all saw her that she played fair. Besides, you're just angry because you got bankrupt at the end of your turn." She smirked.

I sigh, "Pizza's here." I said.

"PIZZA!" Pinkie shouted.

In a quick succession, she neatly packs up all the monopoly items into the box and runs to the kitchen. Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow and Applejack rush after Pinkie so they can get their slice. I follow them and grabbed my slice of vegetarian pizza.

"Was there anything interesting at the pizzeria?" Rarity asked.

I shrugged, "Nobody was inside the restaurant and it was the same." I lied.

Applejack glimpses at me, but doesn't say anything.

"I tell you that pizzeria is going to shut down because it is only surviving on deliveries." Rainbow said stuffing her face.

Rarity scoffs at her display of eating while I took a bite of the vegetable pizza. The taste is delightful, but something else filled my head... That boy who was staring at me at the pizza place; I haven't seen him before in this town and he... Looked handsome. He had glasses, slightly shorter than me, brown hair with light brown highlights, slightly muscle toned, red shirt, and blue jeans. My heart was in ecstasy when my mind was thinking about him. I felt my face getting hot and everybody was silent.

"Um... Sunset? Are you feeling alright?" Fluttershy asked.

I shook my head, "Yes, it has been a long day for me it seems."

Applejack raised an eyebrow, but continued to eat her slice.

Rarity sighed, "I know the feeling darling, but tonight is the night to relax and let the worry's flow away."

I nodded, "I guess you're right. Anyone up for a game of Super Smash Brothers?"

Everyone in unison said, "Count me in."

I smiled, but my mind still lingered about the boy who was in the pizzeria. 'Who was that boy and why did I felt like I was in heat when I was around him?' I thought.

Author's Note:

Here you go my first fanfiction set in the world of Equestria girls. What do you guys think? Construction criticism is always welcomed and this story will be a short one because I am currently working on The Unexpected Adventure. This story is going to be on the side lines just in case I get a writers block on the main story.