• Published 12th May 2012
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Soarin' with Apples - Allonsbro

While spending the day at a fair in Ponyville, Soarin' is injured and stays at the farm for a while

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Chapter 3: A Change of Plans.

Chapter 3: A change of plans

Having cleaned themselves up, Soarin’, Clover and Applejack exited the tent. It would be a few hours until Applejack had to be back for the next contest and Clover had insisted that the three of them enjoy the fair together. Soarin’ was hesitant at first, not wanting to be a third wheel, but the couple had insisted on showing him around Ponyville.

Soarin’ was also quite relieved that nopony had recognized him as a Wonderbolt yet. It felt good to just be a normal pony for a little while. Whenever he went anywhere as a Wonderbolt, ponies just wanted to talk to him because he was famous. He loved his adoring fans, especially when a foal would tell him they wanted to be just like him. Sometimes, though, all he wanted was for somepony that wanted to talk to Soarin’ the pony, not Soarin’ the Wonderbolt. He hoped he could keep his cover for the whole vacation.

“So, Soarin’, where ya from?” asked Applejack, breaking him from his reverie.

“I’m from Cloudsdale,” he replied.

“Really? Ah’ve been ta Cloudsdale. It’s a pretty nice place.”

“Yes it i- wait, you’ve been there?”


“But, how? You’re not a pegasus.”

“Mah friend, Twilight, took a few of us up there and used a cloud walkin’ spell on us so we could watch our friend in a flyin’ competition.”

“Oh yeah,” said Clover, “you told me about that. Didn’t Rarity fall after her wings burnt up?”

“Wait a minute,” said Soarin’, realizing what they were talking about. “You mean you were at that competition? The Best Young Flyer’s Competition where the winner pulled off a Sonic Rainboom?”

“Yup. That was mah friend Rainbow Dash that did that, and mah friend Rarity was the one that fell. Were you there too?”

Soarin’ bit his lip. He couldn’t tell them what he was doing at the competition or he would blow his cover. “Uh, yeah, I was there. I went with some friends to watch the competition. The Wonderbolts were judging it and we’re all big fans of the Wonderbolts.”

“Now, I’m wonderin’ somthin’,” said Clover. “AJ was tellin’ me about how the Wonderbolts were at that show, and her friend Rainbow talks about them all the time.”

Soarin’ suddenly got nervous. Had his cover been blown already?

“Anyway,” Clover continued, “she was sayin’ that whenever she sees them, they do this thing where their tails leave a trail of smoke. I always wondered how they did that. Is it some kinda machine hidden in their tails or somethin’?”

Soarin’ breathed an inward sigh of relief, glad his cover was still intact. He could answer this question in detail. It was a fairly well known fact among the Cloudsdale populace. Whenever new cadets were initiated into the Wonderbolts, they held a ceremony. During the ceremony a unicorn hired by the team enchants the cadets’ tails. When flying, all a Wonderbolt has to do is click their back hooves together twice and their tail will start streaming smoke.

He was just opening his mouth to explain when Applejack looked up and shouted.


Soarin’ saw she was looking up at something and had a look of pure fear on her face. He looked where she was looking and could see why she was horrified. About a hundred feet away from them, two fillies were standing on the edge of the railing on a very high balcony. They had tied tablecloths to their legs and, as the three adults looked on in shock, they leapt forward off the balcony.

As the fillies hung in the air before being taken by gravity, they spread out their legs to increase the surface area of the tablecloths. Just before they began their downward decent, however, the orange filly was pulled back. Her tablecloth had caught on the railing and pulled her back while gravity pulled her down, leaving her hanging upside down from the railing of the balcony. The yellow filly, however, continued her decent. A look of fear overshadowed her face as she realized that the tablecloth had not been the best of choices for a parachute.

Before he even knew what he was doing, Soarin’s body kicked into high gear. His wings spread wide and his legs tensed as his brain sent a flood of adrenaline through his veins. With a push and flap, he was off and shooting towards the falling filly. He closed the distance and quickly snatched her in his forelegs.


He had no time to revel in his victory, though, as he realized he was headed straight for the tree the fillies had jumped from. He quickly tilted his wings and veered to the left, narrowly avoiding a collision. This move, however, left him heading towards the ground, still at a high velocity. He tried to break, but immediately saw he wouldn’t be able to slow down in time. He had to improvise.

He jerked himself around so he was falling backwards, the little filly clutching tightly to his chest. He folded his wings around his front, doing his best to protect her and braced himself for impact. He hit the ground hard and dragged for a few feet before coming to a stop. The two earth ponies came running up to help.

“Apple Bloom!”

“Soarin’, are you alright?”

He looked down. The little filly was still clinging to his chest and crying in fear, but looked otherwise unharmed.

“Yeah, we’re okay,” he replied with a grunt.

Applejack scooped the little filly up and held her close.

“Consarn it, Apple Bloom. You coulda gotten hurt. What in Equestria ever gave you the idea to jump off that balcony?”

“A-Ah’m sorry, Applejack,” the filly cried. “We were tryin’ ta get our cutie marks in parachutin’.”

Clover extended a hoof to help Soarin’ up. As he went to fold his wings, he felt a sharp pain going through his left side.

“Ah!” he winced.

“You okay?” asked Clover.

“Yeah," he grimaced. "I think I might’ve sprained my wing, though.”

“Come on, Nurse Redheart set up a medical tent near the middle of the fair. We’ll go and have her take a look.”

“Hey!” called Scootaloo, still hanging upside down from the balcony. “Somepony get me down from here!”

The five ponies sat in the medical tent waiting to see Nurse Redheart. The tent had been divided into several rooms by using bed sheets draped over ropes. Clover had procured an ice pack and was helping Soarin’ hold it on his wing.

Apple Bloom’s bow was drooping almost to her back. She had apologized over and over as they made their way over to the tent. Soarin’ had repeatedly assured her that it was alright, but she still felt bad for being the reason he was hurt. The little filly didn’t know much about pegasus anatomy, and was really hoping that Soarin’ hadn’t lost his ability to fly.

Scootaloo had gushed and raved about how awesome Soarin’ rescuing Apple Bloom had been. About the time they reached the tent, though, she fell strangely quiet and was just staring at Soarin’ with a thoughtful look on her face.

The curtain to the room they occupied opened and a white earth pony mare with a pink mane stepped in.

“Hello, everypony,” she greeted in a pleasant voice, “what seems to be the problem?”

Before anyone could answer, Apple Bloom leapt forward and started pulling Nurse Redheart over to Soarin’ by the hoof. “Please, Nurse Redheart, ya gotta help him. Scoots and Ah were tryin’ ta get our cutie marks in parachutin’ and Ah was fallin’ and he saved me but then he crashed and now his wing’s hurt and he thinks it’s sprained and it might be really bad and if you don’t help him, he might not be able to fly again so you gotta help RIIIIIIIGHT NOOOOOW!!!”

“Alright, alright, Apple Bloom, calm down,” the nurse replied, patting her on the head. “Let’s have a look.”

She went to Soarin’s side and began examining his wing. She asked if he could move it. When he tried, he couldn’t extend it very far and it hurt even to extend it how little he could.

“Well, it’s definitely sprained, but it should heal in about a week. Until then, no flying whatsoever; I wouldn’t even recommend moving it.”

“But, he’ll be able ta fly after that, right?” asked Apple Bloom.

The nurse smiled down at the little filly. “Yes, Apple Bloom, he will.”

The little earth pony breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hang on,” said Soarin’, “I live in Cloudsdale. How am I supposed to get home?”

“You can stay with us,” said Apple Bloom, giving the Wonderbolt a big grin.

Applejack gave her sister a look. “’Scuse me, missy, but don’t Ah get a say in this?”

“Please, Applejack,” begged the filly, hugging her sister’s leg. “Ah’ll sleep in the barn and he can have mah room.”

The orange cowpony hugged the little filly. “That’s mighty generous of ya Apple Bloom, but we have a guest room he can use, so space ta put him ain’t the problem. We’re gonna need ta talk ta Big Macintosh and ask if he can stay.”

“Oh no,” said Soarin’, “I don’t want to impose. I’m sure I could just find a hotel.”

“No can do, sugarcube,” replied Applejack. “We Apples always help a pony that needs it. Besides, you saved mah sister from fallin’ off a buildin’ and A’m mighty grateful. Ah ain’t takin’ no fer an answer.” She turned to her little sister. “Go find Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom.”

“Alright,” said Apple Bloom. The red maned filly dashed off to go ask permission for Soarin’ to stay with them.

“Who’s Big Macintosh?” asked Soarin’.

“Big Macintosh is mah big brother. Don’t worry, he’ll most likely agree ta let you stay with us, he just needs ta know what’s goin’ on.”

“I’ll go get a sling to put your wing in so you don’t move it too much,” said Nurse Redheart. She left the room and the four remaining ponies sat in silence for a bit.

Throughout the whole conversation, Scootaloo had been staring at Soarin’ in a funny way and now Clover took notice.

“You okay there, Scoots?” he said, rubbing a hoof through the filly’s mane.

“Huh?” she replied, “oh yeah.” She turned back to staring at Soarin’. “What did you say your name was?”

“Soarin’,” he replied.

She stared at him for a few more moments and gasped, her eyes getting as big as dinner plates. “I’ve got it! I knew you looked familiar! You’re Soarin’ the Wond-mmmf.”

He quickly covered her mouth with his hoof. “Shh!”

“What the hay is wrong with you?” said Applejack, frowning as she pushed his hoof away from the filly’s mouth.

The two adult ponies in the room were staring at him and he knew there would be no way he could get out of this one without lying. Scootaloo, however, beat him to the punch.

“He’s a Wonderbolt!” she squealed.

“SHHH!!! Look, I’ll give you as many autographs as you want! Just please don’t say that so loudly! Okay?”

The filly bit her lip and nodded, bouncing with unbridled excitement.

“Is that true, Soarin’?” asked Clover.

He looked around to see if anypony was listening in. “Yes,” he said in a soft voice. “I’m a member of the Wonderbolts. I’m on my vacation and I would really appreciate it if you kept this quiet. I really don’t want to get hounded by a bunch of fans.”

“No problem, buddy,” said Clover, placing a reassuring hoof on Soarin’s withers. “We won’t tell a soul, Pinkie Promise.” He placed his hoof over his heart, waved it in the air and placed it over his eye.

“Huh?” said Soarin’, confused by the strange display.

Applejack explained. “It’s a very special kinda promise. If ya break it, ya face the wrath of Pinkie Pie.” Her face suddenly went a little bit pale. “Believe me, ya don’t want ta break it. A Pinkie Pie promise is kept-”

“FOREVER!!!” said a haunting voice behind them. Soarin’ turned to see who it was but nopony was there.

“But,” said Applejack, “we may hafta tell mah brother ‘bout you bein’ a Wonderbolt. Like Ah said, he needs to know what’s goin’ on.”

“Okay,” said Soarin’.

“Here you go,” said Nurse Redheart, returning with the sling and some bandages. A few moments later, she had Soarin’s wing wrapped and immobile.

“C’mon y’all,” said Applejack. “Let’s go see if A.B. found Big Macintosh.

The four left the tent, Scootaloo sticking very close to the Wonderbolt’s side and staring up at him with awe. They made their way across the fairgrounds and eventually saw Apple Bloom talking to a large red stallion. He was soaked from head to hoof, water dripping down his sides, his mane clinging to his face.

“What happened to ya, Mac?” asked Applejack as they approached.

The stallion turned to her with a stoic expression and explained. “Ah’m doin’ th’ dunk tank,” he drawled in deep voice, shifting the wheat stalk in his mouth.

Applejack frowned. “Do you mean ta tell me that while Ah was judgin’ a pie eatin’ contest, Ah coulda been here dunkin’ you?” she asked, sounding disappointed.

“Eyup,” said Macintosh, a sly grin crossing his face.

“Shoot!” She stamped a hoof in frustration. “Well anyway, did Apple Bloom tell ya about what happened?”

“Eyup,” replied her brother.

The added situation of Soarin’ being a Wonderbolt was explained to Macintosh. He didn’t show any reaction, other than the occasional nod and 'eyup'.

When it was all explained, Apple Bloom looked up at her brother. “Please, Macintosh, aren’tcha gonna let him stay? We can’t let none of those poppy-ratsees get ‘em.” She looked at him with wide eyes and the saddest look Soarin’ had ever seen. He didn’t know about Big Macintosh, but that look made the pegasus’s heart melt.

The big red stallion thought for a few moments, trying to avoid his sister’s gaze. Finally he smiled down at the little filly. “Eyup, he can stay.”

The filly ran up and hugged her brother’s leg. “Thank you, big brother.”

“It’s really okay Mr. Macintosh. I can just get a hotel. I don’t want to impose,” said Soarin’.

The stallion regarded him with a stoic stare. “Nope. Ya saved mah sister. We’d be happy ta have ya.”

Scootaloo fluttered a few inches off the ground in excitement. “Omigosh omigosh omigosh! Soarin’s staying at Apple Bloom’s house!”

“Well Soarin’,” said Clover, “we can take you home to rest for a while if you want or you’re welcome to stay with us and enjoy the fair.”

“Come on, Soarin’,” said Scootaloo, pulling his leg, “I want to show you around the fair.”

Soarin’ looked at the ponies gathered around him. He had never seen anypony display such hospitality. They barely knew him and yet were willing to take him into their home, despite not having any obligation to do so. He wouldn’t have been able to get many other ponies to be that hospitable without telling them he was a Wonderbolt. Yet the Apples had offered before they even knew, having nothing to gain from helping him. Soarin’ smiled; seeing that such kindness still existed in Equestria truly touched his heart. He promised himself he would find a way to pay them back.

He looked down at Scootaloo. “Lead the way then, Scoots.”

“Hold on just a minute,” said Applejack, “Ah have the opportunity here ta dunk mah brother and Ah ain’t gonna pass it up.”

The entire party laughed and a few moments later, they were gathered at the dunk tank booth. Soarin had to do a double take when he saw the pony tending it. It was a grey earth pony stallion that looked almost exactly like Clover. The only differences were the eyes and that this pony had his mane styled back, though it was still about as scruffy as Clover’s. The two had about the same build and this pony had blue eyes instead of Clover’s gold ones. Other than those differences, they looked exactly alike, right down to the cutie mark.

“Hey bro,” the earth pony greeted as they approached.

“Hey, Lucky,” Clover replied. “Soarin’ this is my twin brother Lucky.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Lucky greeted.

Before Soarin' could reply, Applejack walked up to the stand and placed two bits on the counter. “Lucky, give me a shot at dunkin’ mah brother.”

The grey stallion laughed. “I was wondering when you’d come by, Applejack.” He reached under the counter and pulled out three baseballs and passed them to her. “Here you go, just stand behind that white line over there and hit the target.”

“Much obliged,” said the orange cowpony, giving him a tip of her hat.

She took the baseballs and stood at the indicated line. Big Macintosh went and sat up on a platform above a large pool of water. Applejack’s eyes narrowed as she focused on her target. She held a baseball in her hoof and aimed. After a moment, she sent the ball sailing through the air.



The platform dropped and Big Macintosh fell into the pool with a splash. Applejack stood proudly with her right legs crossed over her left ones.

“That’s how we do it on the farm.”

Big Macintosh surfaced and looked over the side of the pool, laughing a deep loud laugh.

“Mah turn, mah turn,” said Apple Bloom, hopping up and down. “Ah wanna dunk Big Macintosh.”

Applejack placed two more bits on the counter and Lucky gave Apple Bloom three baseballs.

“Here you are, Apple Bloom. Just stand behind the yellow line and take a shot.”

The filly nodded and stood behind the yellow line, which was a little closer to the target than the white one that Applejack had tossed from. She took a baseball in her hoof and tossed.

It fell about three feet short.

Frowning, Apple Bloom picked up her second ball and tried again. This time the ball went over and to the right of the target. The filly’s pink bow drooped a little and she picked up her last ball.

Clover walked up to her. “Here, Bloom, let me help you.” He held her leg up and gave her some tips about how to better throw the ball, taking her through a few practice motions. When he was done, he stepped back and she lined up her shot. Taking to mind what Clover had taught her, she threw.



Apple Bloom laughed and jumped with glee as her brother fell from his perch and into the pool.

“Alright, Apple Bloom!” cried Scootaloo.

“Way ta go, sis,” said Applejack. “That was a good throw.”

“Eyup,” agreed Big Macintosh as he looked over the side of the pool.

“Thanks, Clover,” said Apple Bloom, running up and giving the grey stallion a hug.

“No problem, Bloom,” said Clover, returning her hug and tousling her mane. They broke the hug and he walked up to the counter, looking mischievously at Lucky. “I think it’s my turn now and I want a chance to dunk my brother.”

“Oh no,” said Lucky, backing away with a nervous expression on his face, “I just tend the counter.”

“Aw come on, Lucky,” urged Applejack, “Mah brother let me and Apple Bloom dunk him, let your brother try to dunk you.”

“Besides,” said Clover, that mischievous grin still plastered on his face, “I’m not as accurate at throwing as Applejack. I might not even hit the target.”

“Please, Lucky,” pleaded Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, “for the school.”

Lucky stared down at the fillies pleading faces for a few moments before he caved. “Well, alright; for the school.”


Big Macintosh climbed down off the platform and Lucky went up and sat down. Clover paid his two bits and went up to the white line. He picked up his first ball and threw. The shot went wide, missing the target by a wide margin.

“Ha!” Lucky laughed, “you can’t hit the broad side of a-“




Everypony laughed as Clover's second shot hit the target. Lucky surfaced from the pool and after some sputtering and coughing, joined in their laughing at his expense.

“Ha ha. Alright, you got me,” he said, climbing out of the pool and shaking himself off. “Now I think Big Macintosh should get a turn. Don’t you think so, Applejack?”

All eyes looked mischievously at the orange cowpony, having realized what Lucky was suggesting.

“Oh no ya don’t,” said Applejack, backing away, “Ah ain’t bein’ roped in ta this.”

“Aw come on, AJ,” said Clover, giving his marefriend a sly look. “My brother let me dunk him, let your brother try to dunk you.”

She glared at him for turning her words around on her, but realized there was no way to wiggle out of it now.

Sighing, she relented. “Ah’m gonna get you fer this.”

She took off her hat, gave it to Clover, and begrudgingly took her place up on the platform. Macintosh took his place at the white line. Shifting the stalk of wheat in his mouth, he aimed his shot and threw.


“Aw ponyfeathers.”


Everypony laughed as Applejack fell into the pool. Clover and Apple Bloom were rolling on the ground, clutching their sides. Applejack emerged and began climbing out of the pool. She looked at her brother and gave him a cheeky smile. She then turned to her coltfriend and her sister.

“Y’all know what this means, don’tcha?”

The two them calmed down, still lying on their backs.

“What?” asked Apple Bloom.

Applejack gave her brother another look, as if to communicate something via sibling telepathy. He nodded, telling her he understood.

“WET HUG!!” she shouted.

Applejack lunged forward and tackled Clover while Macintosh tackled Apple Bloom. The little filly squealed with glee as her brother grabbed her in the crook of his leg and squeezed her, making her yellow coat damp. He took his hoof and rubbed it in her mane, giving her a noogie. Tears of laugher came to her eyes as he gently placed her on the ground and started tickling her and blowing raspberries on her stomach.

Meanwhile, Clover and Applejack got into a wrestling match. She had just managed to sit on top of his chest and was about to declare victory when he pulled a surprise move. He rolled over, causing her to fall off him onto her back. Then he quickly got on top of her and pinned her hooves above her head with his own, bringing them face to face.

“I win,” he said.

“Not yet ya don’t.”

She lifted her head and planted a deep kiss on his lips, catching him by surprise. His hooves released and she rolled them both over so that she was now on top of him.

“Ah win,” she declared.

“That’s not fair,” he pouted.

She smiled down at him, leaned in and kissed him again, longer this time.

“Ewwwww,” said Scootaloo, grimacing.

The four earth ponies all got up, damp and laughing.

“Well, we’d better get goin’,” said Applejack. “Ah gotta be back at the pie tent in a little while.”

They all bid Big Macintosh and Lucky goodbye and headed in the direction of the library.

“Applejack,” asked Scootaloo, “can me and Apple Bloom take Soarin’ and go enjoy the fair?”

Applejack thought for a moment. “If it’s alright with Soarin’, Ah don’t mind.”

The two fillies looked up at Soarin’ with pleading faces.

“I don’t mind,” he said, “lead the way.”

“YAY!” shouted the fillies.

“I’ll come with you,” said Clover. “I’m not quite ready for another pie eating contest yet.”

“Just be sure ta come by the pie tent ta check in at lunch,” said Applejack.

“We promise,” said the fillies in unison.

The group began their journey to explore the fair, the fillies bounding ahead and then waiting for the adults to catch up. Soarin’ decided to try and make small talk with Clover.

“So, Clover, how long have you and Applejack been dating?”

“Well, let’s see,” he said, thinking, “I’m pretty sure we’re comin’ up on our three month anniversary.”

“That’s nice. How did you two meet?”

Clover smiled to himself. “Funny story actually. It was Winter Wrap-Up and my brother and I made a bet to see who could plow a row the fastest. The loser had to do whatever the winner said. Part way through the race, my plow got stuck and I lost. Lucky told me I had to ask the next mare I saw on a date. I think he just wanted to see me fail. I was never very good at talkin’ to mares. He had me close my eyes and spin around a few times. When I opened my eyes, I was lookin’ at Applejack and the rest is history.”

Soarin’ chuckled. “That’s certainly an interesting way to get a date.”

“So what about you?” asked Clover, “a big celebrity like you must’ve had your share of marefriends.”

Soarin’ nodded. “A few. I dated a cellist once, but it didn’t really work out.” He looked down at the ground forlornly. “Most of the rest of them turned out to be nothing more than fans looking for a night with a Wonderbolt.”

Clover remained silent for a moment before replying. “I’m sorry to hear that. It’s downright unfair of somepony to only look at what’s on the outside. But if you think about it, it’s kinda ironic.”

Soarin’ looked up at Clover quizzically. “How’s that?”

“Well, by wanting to be with a Wonderbolt, they missed out on being with a Wonderbolt.”

The blue pegasus smiled at that. “Yeah I guess it is kind of funny.”

The stallions shared a laugh, but were interrupted by the impatient calling of Apple Bloom.

“Why do y’all have ta walk so slow? Come on, we wanna get our cutie marks tryin’ ta play some games.”

The stallions quickened their pace and caught up to the fillies.

“So what do you girls want to do?” asked Clover.

Scootaloo was fluttering her wings excitedly. “I heard Twilight was going to be giving rides in her hot air balloon in the town square. Let’s go see.”

“Sounds like a plan,” said Clover, leading the way to the town square.

“Hey Soarin’,” said Scootaloo excitedly, falling into step next to him, “Have you ever done a Buccaneer Blaze?”

The four of them laughed and enjoyed the fair for the rest of the day. Eventually, as the sun began to set on the horizon, Applejack and Big Macintosh rejoined them and they made their way to the Apple’s farm. By the time they got there, it was already dark and the fillies were asleep, Apple Bloom on Big Macintosh’s back and Scootaloo on Clover’s. Applejack kissed Clover goodnight and he left to take Scootaloo home. Macintosh took Apple Bloom up to bed and Applejack showed Soarin to the guest room.

The room was fairly small with only a few simple furnishings. It had a bed in one corner, a small dresser with a built in mirror, a small bedside table with a green lamp on it, and a closet. The furniture all looked as if it had been made by hoof and the room had the faint smell of Apple wood. The bed was made neatly and the bedspread had little pictures of apple pastries all over it.

Applejack wished Soarin’ goodnight and shut the door as she left. Soarin’ turned out the light and climbed into bed. He lay awake for a little while, thinking. So far, this had been the most unusual vacation he had ever been on. He’d won a pie-eating contest, made some new friends and sprained his wing all before lunchtime. He smiled to himself. He never dreamed that he would be thinking it, but he made a mental note to thank Boss when he got back. Maybe vacations weren’t such a bad thing after all.

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