• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Friendship Games Shorts - Tennis Match Fan

A prediction of the shorts that will precede Friendship Games!

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2. A Dash of Sports Fever

"Okay, gang, it's time to start playing some sports!" Rainbow Dash announced, hands planted firmly on her hips.

"That's why you dragged us all the way out here?" Rarity asked, surveying the field.

The six BFFs stood on the track field. Soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, and every other sports ball littered the fresh green grass. Pinkie Pie was already scampering around, trying out all sorts of things!

"Wasn't that the teeniest bit obvious?" Applejack questioned the fashionista. Rarity sighed and rolled her eyes.

"So what are we doing, Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy asked, picking up a baseball bat. "I'm not very good at sports."

"Just picking a sport to work on!" Rainbow responded with a grin. "Me? I'm gonna go for motorcross, of course!"

"Go Dashie!" Pinkie cheered, bouncing around in excitement.

"Motorcross? Never heard of it," Applejack commented.

"I have!" Sunset replied, turning to explain to her farming friend. "It's like off-road motorcycle racing. You need to be really fit to do it."

"Well, that's not me," Fluttershy murmured, trying to hide behind her hair.

"Canterlot High just got a motorcross path!" Rainbow cried. "And I'm gonna be the first to ride on it!" She ran over to a set of motorcycles.

"Where did those come from?" Rarity asked.

"Who cares?" Pinkie giggled. "Rainbow Dash riding on a motorcycle is gonna be so awesome!" Everybody murmured in agreement.

Rainbow Dash hopped up onto a motorcycle colored magenta.

"Enter the danger zone!" she smirked, igniting the engine.

"She's playing this for attention," Applejack whispered to Sunset, who nodded in agreement.

Rainbow revved up the engine. Suddenly, she was speeding down the dirt track in front of her.

"Go Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie cheered, tossing footballs into the air.

"Eeep!" Fluttershy did her best to dodge.

"Wait a minute- Rainbow Dash didn't have her helmet on!" Rarity realized, watching Rainbow speed away. Everyone froze. Pinkie stopped bouncing mid-bounce.

"She could get hurt!" Fluttershy exclaimed in terror.

"RAINBOW!" Sunset yelled. Her gaze landed on a blue motorcycle.

"I'll be back, guys!" she exclaimed. Sunset ran over and strapped on a blue and yellow helmet. She picked up an extra blue one for Rainbow. In the next moment, Sunset had hopped up onto the next motorcycle.

"Sunset!" the remaining four girls exclaimed. Sunset narrowed her eyes. The motorcycle sprung to life and blasted forward.

"Woah!" Sunset cried. Her fiery hair whipped in the wind.

Now to catch up to Rainbow and give her this helmet, Sunset thought. She gently eased her foot onto the gas pedal. The motorcyle sped up.

Sunset could see Rainbow Dash coming into view!

"Rainbow Dash!" she yelled.

Either Rainbow didn't hear her call, or just choose to ignore her. Whatever the reason, Sunset found herself mildly irritated.

Until a familiar sensation kicked in.

"What the-" Sunset risked a quick glance up. She felt a magical tingling on her skull. Her helmet was literally morphing to fit the new ears!

Sunset's turquoise eyes widened as she quickly turned back to the road.

"Rainbow Dash!" she yelled again. Rainbow was closer, now. She was close enough for Sunset to see that Rainbow, too, had gained wings and pony ears.

"Oh hey, Sunset!" Rainbow yelled back. "Sweet transformation, am I right?"

"I have your helmet!" Sunset screamed, fearing her words would be lost in the wind.

Sunset distinctly heard Rainbow laugh. To her, it sounded more like a taunting cackle.

"Come and catch me, first!"

Rainbow put on some speed and left Sunset in the dust.

"Hey!" Sunset yelled in protest. How long does this track go on for? She stepped on the pedal and sped after Rainbow.

Sunset turned a bend.

Wow, I'm actually pretty good at this, she thought as she chased after Dash.

Suddenly, Sunset had caught up to Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow!" Sunset cried again.

"WOAH!" Rainbow yelled, noticing Sunset. With her gaping mouth and wide eyes, Rainbow looked like the victim of a horror video game.

"How did you catch up to me?" she asked.

"Magic!" Sunset responded with a smirk. "Rainbow, I need to give you your helmet!"

"We're almost there, Baconhead!" Rainbow retorted with a laugh. "Can't catch me now!" Once more, she sped ahead.

"That's not safe!" Sunset shrieked.

"I'm really starting to freak out right now!" Fluttershy gasped. She fanned herself with her hands. "I mean. what if they're stuck out in the woods and they can't get home and then a bear comes and he doesn't know they're friendly-"

"Fluttershy, breathe!" Applejack grabbed Fluttershy's arms. "You're reaching Rarity levels of drama!"

"Hey!" Rarity glared at Applejack.

"She's got a point, Rarity!" Pinkie piped up. "But I think they'll be back soon."

As if on cue, Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer appeared in sight.

"Rainbow! Sunset!" The girls gasped. Rainbow was being tailed by Sunset, in what looked like a chase scene from a movie or something.

"Do those gals have pony ears?" Applejack asked in disbelief.

"I think they do!" Rarity answered, her mouth dropping open.

Rainbow and Sunset slowed when they neared the girls.

"Hey guys!" Rainbow winked as she parked her motorcycle. "Like my ears?" She wiggled the pony appendages. Pinkie giggled.

Sunset reached them a moment later.

"Rainbow!" she cried, hopping off her bike. "That was dangerous!" She tossed her extra helmet to Rainbow. Rainbow caught it and grinned.

"That was a test!" she exclaimed. Sunset blinked.


"I've been on a motorcross track before," Rainbow explained. As she talked, her ears and wings disappeared, as did Sunset's. "I know how to ride a motorcycle. That was a test to see which one of my friends would jump on to get me a helmet!" She grinned in satisfaction. "Sunset Shimmer, you're my new motorcross partner!"

"I know I should be mad at you. That was extremely dangerous." Sunset shook her head. "But I'm glad to be your partner, Rainbow Dash!"

The two grinned widely as they fist-bumped.

The End

Author's Note:

Disclaimer: I know knothing about motorcross. Wikipedia was just text, and there's no way I'm sitting in front of my chromebook for 10 hours trying to find exact information. :derpyderp2: