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Friendship Games Shorts - Tennis Match Fan

A prediction of the shorts that will precede Friendship Games!

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4. Pinkie on the Run

If there was one thing the Rainbooms were good at, it was starting trends. Sports turned out to be the next big thing.

The sun was shining over Canterlot High's track and field one afternoon. Several students were trying out javelin and long jump on the field. On the track, a familiar pink girl was encouraging some other students in a rollerblading race.

"Come on Paisley, you can do it!" Pinkie Pie cheered, rollerblading circles around an Eco Kid with long turquoise hair.

Paisley's knees wobbled as she tried to skate forward. Unfortunately, she failed, and tumbled into the soft grass.

"I don't think I can, Pinkie," she responded softly, dusting off her pants.

"Sure ya can!" Pinkie beamed, pulling Paisley to her feet. "Look! If Bon Bon can do it, so can you!"

"Is that supposed to be an insult?" Bon Bon asked from where she was slowing getting the hang of rollerblading.

Before Pinkie could respond, she was distracted by the call of her friends.

"Pinkie!" Sunset, who was standing with Rarity and Applejack, waved her over.

"Bon Bon! You're in charge now!" Pinkie shouted as she skated away.

"Oh gre- oof!"

"Sorry," Paisley apologized after she ran into Bon Bon.

"So, Sunny, how ya doin'?" Pinkie asked, beaming.

"Good, Pinkie," Sunset replied. "It looks like you found your sport pretty quick!"

"You bet your bacon hair I did!" Pinkie replied. "We only have the track for another half hour, though."

"Why?" Applejack questioned. Pinkie giggled.

"The lacrosse team has to practice! Hey!" She bounced up in excitement. "How 'bout you guys join me on the track? Rarity, I know you'd be an awesome rollerblader!" She grabbed Rarity by the wrists.

"Woah, darling!" Rarity laughed as Pinkie tried to drag her away. "I have to get a suitable outfit, first. I can't go rollerblading looking like this." She gestured to her regular blue shirt and matching lavender skirt. Pinkie, Applejack, and Sunset blinked.

"But... you wear that every day," Applejack deadpanned. Rarity nodded.

"Exactly! My rollerblading outfit must be one that dazzles the eye and makes everyone say, 'Rarity is grandest rollerblading ever!'" Stars sparkled in her eyes as she thought about that.

"Chill, Rarity! We haven't even talked about competitive rollerblading!" Pinkie commented, skating around the group.

"Well, there's nothing to fear, darling," Rarity answered confidently. "I have an entire rack of outfits inside! Let me just go get one!"

Pinkie, Sunset, and Applejack watched as she jogged off.

"So, are you guys gonna blade with me?" Pinkie asked, doing a pirouette around Applejack.

"Sorry, Pinkie," Applejack replied. "I have to time a race for Sunset and Rainbow Dash!" Sunset smirked.

"I'm gonna so beat Rainbow!" she exclaimed.

"Have fun, you guys!" Pinkie waved as Applejack and Sunset left her.

"I must have a rollerblading outfit somewhere," Rarity murmured as she rummaged through her locker. She pulled out a lavender tennis outfit.

"Ew." Rarity made a face. "Definitely not." She tossed it aside and pulled out another outfit.

"What was I thinking?" she asked in disbelief. "Light blue with this shade of pink accents? Clearly a design from Freshman year!" Rarity folded the dress neatly and pitched it to the right.

After a few more minutes of scavenging, the pile of rejected clothes was almost as tall as Rarity. She daintily wiped her brow.

"That was a lot of work! But I still don't have an outfit!" Rarity frowned in defeat. "If only there was someone- wait! There is!" A smile spread over Rarity's face as she dialed Pinkie Pie's number.

"How ya doin', Rarity?" Pinkie asked when she picked up. "Found the perfect outfit yet?"

"Not exactly, dear," Rarity responded, examining a scarf. "Could you do me a favor?"

"What is it?" Pinkie queried.

"Could you skate on down to the mall and buy me a suitable rollerblading outfit? I'd pay you back later, of course."

"Sure, Rarity!" Pinkie giggled. "I'll be back in two shakes of a pony's tail!"

"Thank you, darling!" Rarity exclaimed as she looked through some more clothes. She ended the call.

"Now, do these gloves go with these boots?" she asked, holding up the clothing articles.

Pinkie Pie was having a blast rollerblading down the street!

"Whoopee!" she exclaimed as she dodged a low hanging tree branch. "Now, what would Rarity like? Something purple, I guess! Or maybe pink? No, blue! What if I got her a rainbow dress?!"

The mall was only a short distance from Canterlot High, which made getting there easy as pie. Without a second thought, Pinkie bladed right inside, past the security guards.

"S'cuse me!" Pinkie exclaimed cheerfully as she avoided trampling other customers.

"Hey, watch it!" mumbled a lavender girl with a messy girl.

"Oops! Sorry, Twilight Sparkle from the city, who I shouldn't be talking to because Hey! We aren't friends yet but I have a feeling we will be soon so I won't tell any of my friends is that alright?" Pinkie asked as she bladed around the other girl. Twilight raised an eyebrow.

"How do you know my na-"

"See ya around!" Pinkie exclaimed before zipping away to the nearest outlet.

"Lollipops!" Pinkie gasped, spotting a candy-themed dress near the front of the store. "Must have!"

Back at Canterlot High, Rarity tapped her foot impatiently. Pinkie Pie, having just returned with the dress, was holding it up for examination.

"No no no, dear. That won't work for rollerblading!" Rarity exclaimed. "Could you return it an try again?"

"Sure thing, Rarity!" Pinkie agreed readily.

Rarity eyed Pinkie's next selection in complete distaste.

"Pinkie, neon does not work on me," she blatantly stated.

Pinkie cocked her head and stared at the frilly, neon, 80s-esque outfit she had picked out.

"Yeah, you're right!" she admitted. "Want me to go back and get another outfit?"

"Please do," Rarity encouraged her.

The next outfit Pinkie brought back was blue, with poofy white sleeves, polka dot socks, and a balloon patterned skirt.

"Gorgeous!" Rarity clapped her hands together. "For you, darling! Here-" she shoved a wad of cash into Pinkie's free hand. "-consider this outfit a gift from me to you!"

"Wow, thanks, Rarity!" Pinkie giggled. "Hold this for me, I think I have enough time to get one more outfit!" As fast as she could, Pinkie bladed off to the mall once more.

"It's perfect!" Rarity gushed. She bounced up in down in giddiness!

Pinkie's final selection was a lavender top with a ruffled pink and blue skirt, complete with a pink faux fur jacket.

"Thank you ever so much, Pinkie Pie, darling!" Rarity excitedly snatched the outfit and immediately began slipping the jacket on. "I can't wait-"

"Uh oh!" Pinkie Pie frowned. "Our time is up! Lacrosse practice started a couple minutes ago."

Rarity bit her lip.

"Pinkie Pie, I'm so sorry," she apologized. "If I hadn't been so picky, we could still have had time!" Pinkie smiled and placed a comforting hand on Rarity's shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Rares!" Pinkie exclaimed. "I still got plenty of exercise skating to and from the mall!" Rarity nodded, a smile appearing on her face.

"Next time, I won't be so picky about my appearance. At least, I'll try!"

"Good news!" Pinkie exclaimed, scrolling through her text messages. "Rainbow's having pizza at her place! We can rollerblade to her house!"

"Excellent idea, Pinkie!" Rarity agreed.

Rarity strapped on her rollerblades. With their news outfits in hand, Pinkie and Rarity set out for Rainbow Dash's house.

As they bladed, pony ears appeared on their heads.

The End!

Author's Note:

Pinkie's outfit:

Rarity's outfit:

If anybody realizes what I did with the title, please tell me. :trollestia:

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Yes, I am the first comment! And that is sad considering that's the highlight of my day....

If anybody realizes what I did with the title, please tell me. :trollestia:

RR was 'Pinkie on the One' and now it's 'Pinkie on the Run' right? But nice chapter, I especially loved the part with confused Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Oh, Rarity, you so awesome

Pinkie on the one, now it's Pinkie on the run. Iseewhatyoudidthere :trixieshiftright: Rarity's such a girly girl, but then again, so am I :raritywink:

A. awesome idea making your own shorts before the official ones comes out

B nice touch with the title ideas

So what will happen here now thst TFG are out? Is it gonna be finished?

You should continue the story. People who cancel their stories don't have the honor of being bronies. That is all.

6569911 I was waiting for my partner to finish their side of the story. :derpyderp2:

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