• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Friendship Games Shorts - Tennis Match Fan

A prediction of the shorts that will precede Friendship Games!

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3. Sports before School

Author's Note:

This chapter is written by Abbeybunny13! :pinkiehappy:

"Uh, sugar..." Sugarcoat looked nervously at Indigo Zap. Indigo Zap was in detention and had asked Sugarcoat to come there to break her out somehow.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sugarcoat continued.

"Of course it is!" responded Indigo Zap. "Rule number five states that participants in the Friendship Games can practice no matter what, even if you're in detention!"

Sugarcoat sighed. "Fine, sweetie. You win this one. I'll go ask Vice Principal Shining Armor if we can go out to the motocross track so we can practice for the Games."

"Thanks, Sugar!"

"Anything for you, Indigo Zap!"

Ten minutes later, Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap had their helmets and motorcycles.

"Sugarcoat, are you ready to practice?" Indigo Zap asked.

"'Course I am, sugar!"

They both leapt onto their motorcycles and fastened on their helmets. Their motorcycles steadily planted at the starting line of the Crystal Prep motocross practice track, they revved up their engines. Almost immediately the two girls were speeding around the track at almost seventy miles per hour.

"SWEET SUGAR!" yelled Sugarcoat. "I never knew motocross was this fun until I started to practice!"

"You are a natural, Sugarcoat!"

"Ah shucks, Indigo!"

As Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap continued to race around the motocross track again and again, Vice Principal Shining Armor came outside of Crystal Prep to get them inside.

"Practice time is up! Time to go home!"

They immediately braked and slowly wheeled their motorcycles out of the motocross track.

"Thanks for helping me out, Sugar!"

"Anything for a friend, I guess..."

The next day, it was almost about time to start motocross practice. Indigo Zap was sitting next to Sugarcoat on a bench and nudged her with her arm.

"Ow! What do you want?" asked Sugarcoat. "I was gonna get our motocross practicin' equipment anyway..."

"I just want to thank you again for-"

"I'm beginning to regret that I've helped you in the first place, Indigo..."

"Oh come on!" an opposing Indigo Zap replied. "As long as nobody participating in the Friendship Games spills the beans about our true reason why I'm out here and not in detention" -Sugarcoat gulped- "nobody's gonna get in trouble!" Indigo Zap finished.

Sugarcoat felt relieved. "Okay, then. Let's go ahead and get our practice equipment!"

Once Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap had their motocross equipment, they started to race around the track again. This had to be the fastest speed they had gone yet; their previous record was 75 miles per hour!

"Hey Sugarcoat!" Indigo Zap yelled over the sound of the motorcycle that she was on all revved up.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"I think we passed our record!"

"Great! The Shadowbolts will definitely win again this year!"

As Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap continued to race around the motocross track on their motorcycles, they completed their fifth lap. Then the tenth lap, eleventh lap, twelfth lap...

"Sugarcoat! Indigo Zap! Time to head home!"

They immediately braked their motorcycles and slowly wheeled them off the track.

"See you tomorrow Indigo!" Sugarcoat called.

Evem after Indigo Zap disappeared, Sugarcoat still felt worried. What if Vice Principal Shining Armor were to discover the loophole that she and Indigo Zap found earlier? She would be in big trouble, all because she decided to help the latter student.

"Please don't find out, Vice Principal Shining Armor..."

Friday was nice and sunny. It had been four days since Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap had begun practicing on the motocross track at Crystal Prep, abusing rule number five every time they practiced.

Actually, only Indigo Zap was abusing rule number five; poor Sugarcoat was concerned that she would take all of the blame because she offered to help her motocross partner in the first place! Anyways, it was still time to practice.

Indigo Zap ran up to Sugarcoat in one of the many long hallways in Crystal Prep.

"Hey, Sugar! 'Ya ready to practice?"


Why'd she refuse? Indigo Zap was determined to find out exactly why Sugarcoat refused in the first place.

"Wait, WHAT?"

"I don't want to do this anymore," Sugarcoat told a surprised Indigo Zap. "I'm afraid that Vice Principal Shining Armor might find out that we're abusing rule number five."

"Oh, puh-lease!" rejected a reckless Indigo Zap. "This will be the last day we will practice. Next week, I'll just be making up the rest of my detention time!"

That actually sounded like a good idea, thought Sugarcoat.

"Do ya absolutely promise that this will be the last day we will practice for the Games?"

Indigo Zap nodded.


Soon afterwards, Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap wheeled their motorcycles up to the motocross track. Suddenly, Sugarcoat noticed that Indigo Zap, well, brought some extra practice equipment with her...

"Why'd you bring those with 'ya?"

"Since today is the last day we practice for the Friendship Games," began Indigo Zap, "I decided that we need to get a little dangerous..."

"Do you know how much trouble you'll get us into?!" Sugarcoat asked Indigo Zap with a serious expression.

She crossed her arms as Indigo Zap tried to think of something clever to say.

"Nobody will know, Sugarcoat! There's only a few teachers in the Crystal Prep building and the practice areas for archery and rollerblading are both on the other side of campus."

Sugarcoat started to sweat as soon as she realized the potentially large amount of trouble that Indigo Zap put them in.

"C'mon now," teased Indigo Zap. "Who doesn't like to have a little bit of fun once in a while?"

It took a while, but Sugarcoat finally told Indigo Zap, "Fine Indigo. As long as nobody else finds out that we did this, we'll do this."

"All right!"

Indigo Zap sped quickly past Sugarcoat so she could set up the ramp and bucket of mud that she had brought. The ramp was gently placed near the end of the motocross track and the mud was dumped near the middle of the track. Indigo Zap ran to her motorcycle and hopped onto it.

Sugarcoat still looked afraid, however...

Indigo Zap cackled. "You're still too scared, huh?"

"I didn't know how dangerous this would be..." a nervous Sugarcoat told a dauntless Indigo Zap.

"Come on now, Sugar! Just hop on your motorcycle and I'll guide you through the course."

Sugarcoat gulped. "Fine, Indigo."

Sugarcoat reluctantly hopped onto her motorcycle. She and Indigo Zap revved up the engines of their motorcycles and soon they were speeding around the track as always. However, thirty seconds later, the mud on the track came into view.

"Watch out, Sugarcoat!" yelled Indigo Zap.

"Oh heavens n-"

Sugarcoat's motorcycle soon plunged into the mud, it still desperately trying to move along the track. Indigo Zap, however, dodged the mud intact and was still riding her motorcycle.

"What the flour?!" Sugarcoat angrily yelled. "Are you gonna help me here or just leave me?"

"Come on!" yelled Indigo Zap ahead of Sugarcoat. "Just keep trying to rev up your motorcycle and you should be fine!"

Trying Indigo Zap's suggestion, Sugarcoat kept trying to rev up her motorcycle. Slowly it was moving out of the mud. A few more revs and eventually Sugarcoat's motorcycle, although very muddy, got out of the mud. However, Sugarcoat revved up her motorcycle a bit too much...

Her motorcycle was slipping along the track!

"Woah there! How much mud did you put here, Indigo?"

"Half a bucket."

Sugarcoat did a spit take as soon as she heard Indigo Zap's reply.

"You dumped half a bucket of mud along this track and you didn't even think for even a second that either you or I would be slipping along this track?!"

"I like to be reckless, y'know?"

Sugarcoat's motorcycle eventually stopped slipping and she caught up with Indigo Zap.

"Nice job, Sugarcoat," commented Indigo Zap. "You really are showing the true skills of a Shadowbolt!"

"You're saying that after you were teasing me about my motorcycle in the mud?!"

"It's just a part of taking risks, Sugar. Now look out! We're about to go up the ramp!"

"Oh boy!" a nervous Sugarcoat commented.

The ramp was much larger than Sugarcoat had imagined it to be. Then again, she had eyeballed it the first time she saw it...

"Now we're going up this ramp together," began Indigo Zap, "okay?"

Sugarcoat gulped. "O-okay..."

As soon as their motorcycles went up along the ramp...


Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap were sent up into their air! Still on their motorcycles, they tried to land on some comfortable, flat surface-

But nope. Instead they landed in a couple of bushes, miraculously still intact. Sugarcoat spat out a twig and looked at Indigo Zap.

"That was..."

"Awesome?" a thrilled Indigo Zap asked her. "Thrilling? Cool? Fun? Wild?"

"How about 'criminal'?"

"As in criminally dangerous, or..."

Indigo Zap soon realized who she was answering. She nervously looked up at an obviously-ticked-off Vice Principal Shining Armor.

"You two violated rule number five."

As if that wasn't made obvious enough, Sugarcoat thought to herself.

"Also, you violated rule number three, rule number seven, rule number-"

"It wasn't all my fault!" interrupted Sugarcoat. "Indigo Zap was wrong for bringing out all of this equipment that we didn't need!"

She angrily looked at Indigo Zap, who hung her head in shame. "What's my punishment?"

"You mean what's 'both of our' punishments?" Vice Principal Shining Armor corrected.

Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap each had a bad feeling in the pit of their stomachs. What was their vice principal going to make them do?

"You both will clean up this motocross track. You also won't be able to practice for the Friendship Games next week because Indigo Zap will be spending an extra week in detention making up her homework, and Sugarcoat will be in there with her for a day, writing an essay about the importance of following rules in the correct ways."

"We're sorry," both Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat chimed in unison.

Vice Principal Shining Armor nodded.

"Now go inside after you've cleaned up this mess of a motocross track. I will meet you by the door and I will call both of you girls' parents telling them that I will drive you home."

Vice Principal Shining Armor marched inside as Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap began to clean the motocross track.

"And I usually don't even trust wrongdoing students like you, Indigo," he muttered. "I usually leave that to Lightning Dust."

The End