• Published 10th May 2012
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Princess Luna: Crusade for 'Friendship' - Overlord-Flinx

A princess must always be social and friendly, even if they need a little push towards it.

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Evening 1 part 1: Tearer Terror.

The previous rumbles and moans from the sky had now turned to the howls and crackles of a new born storm, the clouds bringing with it the trickling and pouring of rain drops against the farm lands below along with the entirety of the village of Ponyville itself. Though Applejack, curtailing a round-up of a fresh apple pickings, had planned to very well finish all the chores before the storm arrived, the calling thunder told her differently. The cowpony made a final effort to corral the wandering sheep back into the relative safety of their pen, after which apologizing for the wet and knotted wool they now had, before making a break for her warm, dry home. The front screen door swung open like a bull had rushed it and Applejack shook off all the rain clinging to her body, drenching Big Mac who had been waiting at the front door in the process.

Applejack quickly noticed her actions and gave a little chuckle while tipping her sopping wet hat off. "Sorry 'bout that big bro. Wasn't payin' much attention," she said while wringing her hat out on the door mat before fixing it back on her head.

Her brother only shrugged and gestured her to follow him to the kitchen. The two walked side-by-side for a short moment of silence before Big Macintosh looked out one of the windows in the kitchen. "Did ya' see Apple Bloom when you were comin' in?"

She wanted to say 'yep, sure did. Saw her scamperin' up the trail' with a nice little smile like she always would, but she honestly couldn't. She definitely didn't see her charging for home like little Apple Bloom would, but she hadn't seen her sister since breakfast. But, being careful as she always had to be with her worrisome brother, Applejack put on a sly smile as she put herself behind the dinner table. "Can't say I did. But I'm sure she's stayin' at Rarity's 'er somethin'. You know how she and her lil' Crusadin' friends are?"

Like before, Big Macintosh shrugged as a show that he agreed and the subject was dropped. As she watched her brother go to one of the cabinets to search for some lunch, Applejack found herself thinking about her sister. Where did she say she was going? Was it the tree house? That would be the shortest answer to come to and by far the simplest, but that alone seemed like the best bet. But before she could think about it anymore, she heard the screen door of the living room creak open. Apple Bloom...

"Home so soon, sis?" Applejack hollered into the living room, exchanging a little joking look with her brother.

The screen door closed shortly after the distinct clammier of hooves clacked against the wood flooring. "Uh, yeah." Apple Bloom called back, "Hey, uh, Applejack?"

Knowing very well where this was going, Applejack gave another look to her brother with a smile before answering. "Yeah, yer' lil' pals can stay until the storm passes. They want somethin' to eat?"

"Actually, that's why we came here!" Scootaloo made herself known.

"Three of ya' got a lil' hungry, huh?"

"Well... not us..." Sweetie Belle admitted with some discomfort, "our friend was really hungry."

Since Apple Bloom's arrival back home, this was the first thing she didn't see coming. A guest? Another little Crusader? Either way, this wasn't any way to greet a new guest to their home. Applejack scooted herself away from the dinner table and made her way to the living room. "Ya' brought a new friend? Well have I met this lil' filly or colt?" Applejack asked as she entered the room and instantly became stiff as a board at the sight of their guest.

Standing in her rustic home decorated with knickknacks collected by a now sleeping Granny Smith, was a partly drenched Princess Luna taking a moment to study her surroundings. Applejack wasn't so much awestruck by a princess's presence as much as surprised by such a guest; and brought by her little sister no less. Luna's studying of the house stopped as she saw Applejack, which immediately changed her dull expression to a bright smile. "Ah, fair Applejack. It is wondrous to see you once more," Luna offered her left hoof to Applejack only to retract it with a surprised blink as Apple Bloom gave the princess a nudge. "Oh, forgive me, Apple Bloom. I have yet to give homage to your home properly." Apple Bloom gave Luna a winning smile, leaving Applejack fairly dumbfounded at this most strange of sights. "Thy home, fair Applejack is very... different to the decor at thine palace," Luna said honestly.

"Uh, thank ya' kindly princess," Applejack instinctively said before posing her more blatant question to her sister, "Apple Bloom...?"

"Yeah sis?"

"...Ya' brought a princess home?" Applejack couldn't believe how odd a question that was; but given her life recently, that almost sounded normal for a second.

"Well yeah. Did ya' want us to leave 'er cold an' hungry outside?"

"No. Ya' did good bringin'-- Hold on a minute, we're missin' a part of this here story," Applejack mentally backed herself up while keeping her sister in front of her, allowing Luna and her two new members to her entourage to explore the living room. "How did ya'll meet the princess?"

"She came to our tree house," the answer was said so simply, it nearly blanked Applejack out.

"Why did she go to yer' tree house?"

"That's where we were."

"But why was she lookin' fer' you?"

Apple Bloom wanted to answer, but for once she didn't have the answer, only a reason she hadn't asked herself. "To tell us a story."

"A story? 'Bout what?"

"Sandra and the Pentawhal!" Sweetie Belle chimed in with an ecstatic tone.

Applejack spun around to look at the little filly as well as princess Luna who seemed to be turning red through her dark coat. "Pentawhal?"

"Tis a... long story," Luna attempted to disregard the idea as quickly as she could.

Though she wanted to ask about this strange events more, Applejack was sternly interrupted by a deep grumble from the young princess. Embarrassed as the princess was, the Crusaders quickly took hold of the situation and huddled around Applejack's legs. "Can she please stay fer' lunch? Or even a snack, sis?" Apple Bloom looked up into her sister's eyes with her own adorably wet eyes and cutesy little pout.

"Pleeeeease?" the other crusaders joined in with their own overly dramatic looks up at the mare.

Convincing wasn't really needed as Applejack nodded and made a quick step towards the kitchen to fix of a meal, and to relay the talk to her brother. Wouldn't this just shine his hooves, Applejack thought. Leaving the three triumphant crusaders alone with a now calmly sitting Luna as she found a nice enough spot, the three swarmed towards the princess with some eager. "Before the food gets served, how 'bout a quick story?" Apple Bloom hoped.

However drained Luna was at the moment, a single look at those three bright faces pushed such meager pains down within the princess as she straightened herself up. "I see no reason to withhold thee three from another tale... if only a mild one... What sort of tale would you care for?"

Both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom went into thought, leaving Scootaloo with a wicked smile to place her request. "Do you know any scary stories?"

The other Crusaders immediately became attentive, if nothing else out of fear for what Luna's answer would be. But instead of looking worried like times before, Luna seemed to have formed a cocky smirk and gave the three fillies a proud look down. "A fabricated one, or perhaps a real one?"

The three fillies muttered among one another in a quick huddle before finally reaching a conclusion, albeit with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giving a timid gulp before Scootaloo answered. "A real one."

"...Then it would seem I have just the one... So settle in my little ponies, for I will share with thee a dark truth. The forgot tale... of The Terror..."

Centuries ago, before Ponyville was given its namesake or even its land, there was only Canterlot high above the dank Everfree Forest and jagged cliffs; much as it is now. But in those years past, Canterlot wasn't as robust and modeled as it is now. Buildings were formed from the collection of wood and binding of magic alone; the cobblestone roads and castle itself being the only stone built constructions. Unicorns and Earth ponies lived in a relative harmony with one another, excluding the more warrior-esque pegasi to their own devices. For this reason, Canterlot was always shrouded in a thick fog that unicorn magic could only disperse in small droves. It was in this bleak, clammy aired village that a beast lurked the nights of an empty moon and those of a full one.

None had seen the beast, so much so that many questioned if it was very well a beast. All that was known was by the colts and stallions that tearfully watched as their daughters, wives, and courtesans were torn asunder with no regards. Those that saw it had very little to say as their throats either choked up with horror over the loss, or fear that it would happen to them if they spoke. But through the patches and details given by one victim's word to another's, the idea was drawn.

It was nothing of ponykind; or at least nothing that could be thought as such a pleasantry. A hunched form with patchy burlap textiles grooving over each bending curve of its body, cloaking over what could very well be its face and scrawny limbs. Its limbs, what little could be seen had inky black blotches caking over the flesh. But that wasn't what brought attention to it... that honor went to its shimmering silver blades, and void-less black eyes. Those that saw the blur of those silver blades rip and tear their loves apart quivered at the very remembrance of those sleek, red streaked nails.

Why you may ask was it only the stallions and colts that voiced their sightings? Well the answer is simple... The Terror only killed mares...

"...Like you three!" Luna snapped with her eyes flashing an empty while glow.

The three fillies jumped back and joined in a terrified hug for dear life as they collectively screamed. Luna on the other hand chuckled for the first time in awhile and wiped away a little tear. "Forgive me, little ones, that was far out of line for me," the princess admitted.

"W-We weren't scared," Scootaloo chattered out.

"Thy word shall be taken as such... Now come, let us fill our gullets with nutrients and forget this fearful talk," Luna suggested.

More then happy to get off of the subject, the three followed after Luna towards the kitchen. However, not long after Scootaloo felt a question begging to be answered before anything more happened. "Hey... Luna?"

"You query Scootaloo?"

"Yeah... How did Canterlot deal with the Terror?"

"Makers if I know, the pandemic still existed around the time of mine own banishment... I had never asked mine sister how it was resolved... if at all," though Luna had gone further into the kitchen, the three little crusaders became as pale as ghosts and felt cold chills creep up their spines.

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