• Published 25th Jan 2015
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Locked Away - Antesha

When C.H.S closes for the night. Two unfortunate girls get locked inside.

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Rainbow started to panic. She couldn't stand to be alone and away from Fluttershy for 14 hours. It would be unbearable. She had absolutely no light at all, but she'd been at the school for around 4 years, and knew most of it like the back of her hand. She put her hands in front of her and had to try and feel her way around the building. Her heart was pounding like crazy, she was worried what had happened to her friend, where had she gone? Was she hurt? Once Rainbow had 'felt' her way round the technology block, the science block and the maths block. She headed towards the canteen. She was approaching the doors when a small object on the floor tripped her up. Dash landed hard on her shoulder, and let out a small squeal of pain. She couldn't see straight, and fumbled around on the floor for the object that had caused her fall. It was small, round, and felt like it had 3 or 4 buttons on it. Rainbow picked it up and pressed one of the buttons. She couldn't believe her eyes, it was a flashlight! And it was on! She could see perfectly now, and the doors of the canteen were right in front of her. Dash suddenly felt a lot more relaxed, at least now she could actually see straight, and see at all. The doors to the canteen flew open, making a loud creaking noise as they did. It was weird seeing the room without the tables everywhere, it looked like one big, empty garage. Dash called out,

"Fluttershy! Fluttershyyy! You there?"

Once again, silence. Rainbow was ready to give up. Tears welled up in her eyes, she couldn't stand it anymore!

Suddenly, there was a squeak, not a loud one, but Rainbow Dash heard it, and it made her jump. It came from the corner of the room. Was it a mouse? Not likely. The school had been checked for infestations last week. It couldn't have been anything outside, the windows were closed. That could only mean it was...

Rainbow looked in the corner of the room with her flashlight, and could make out a figure, curled up in a ball. A smile spread across Rainbow's face, and she dashed over to the figure. It got up and looked her in the eye. It was Fluttershy!

Rainbow didn't hesitate in the slightest, she ran up to Fluttershy, whose eyes were filled with tears. They both hugged each other and laughed with joy.

Author's Note:

I think we all found the "that's what she said" line :rainbowlaugh: