• Published 25th Jan 2015
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Locked Away - Antesha

When C.H.S closes for the night. Two unfortunate girls get locked inside.

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It had been a pretty decent day at Canterlot High, until 'it' happened. The one night that would cause Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash to change the way they saw each other for the rest of their lives.

The rest of the 5 girls had left at 3:00, just like most other students at the school, but two of them had stayed behind in the changing rooms after an excruciatingly terrible football lesson. One of the two had been obviously much better than the other.

"Come on shy, there's no way you could beat me at a 1 on 1 shootout. I'm like, the most awesome soccer player at this darned school" said the one girl, who went by the name of Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah...I guess" said Fluttershy, one of her best and most trusted friends, "You we're pretty good out there today"

"Pretty good? I was incredible, the crowd were cheering my name!" Dash jeered.

The 'crowd' hadn't really been cheering her name, there wasn't a crowd, there was the teacher. And the most 'cheering' the rainbow-haired sports star had gotten was a small "whoop" from her teammates when she scored one of her many goals.

"I wouldn't really call it cheering" Fluttershy replied

Rainbow huffed, "Yeah, just cause you didn't play and let in all the goals."

The two girls giggled, this was the case every week, but they didn't expect it to change. Fluttershy was who she was, a shy but beautiful teenager, who never found it hard to be friends with someone.

The two had been fully changed out of their kit for quite a while now, and their conversation had caused them to lose track of time, it had gone from being 3:15 on the clock, to 4:00. The two walked out of the changing rooms, and saw the clock in the main corridor. They gasped in unison.

"Shy! Look! How long have we been in there? Even the janitors will be out of here in about 5 minutes with the keys!"

"And that means that we'll be..."


Author's Note:

I know the school wouldn't really close at 4:05, but hey. There's no such things as magical mirrors either. :twilightblush: