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When C.H.S closes for the night, two unfortunate girls get locked inside. Phones dead and doors locked. In that very night, the two learn more about each other than they ever thought.

Part 2 is now added. Enjoy.

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If they sat by the glass doors wouldn't light shine in through street lamps outside?

"Fluttershy! Oh dear Celestia, what happened?!"

Celestia is a principal in this world, I think it is not logical praise to her.

Oh yeah I just realised that....haha :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy: you know what I just realized Rainbow. Today's Friday.

R.D : CRAP!!!

Hi there this was all written when I was a stupid silly 13 year old. I'm now 21 years old and could write something infinitely better.
I miss this fandom though. You guys are so cool

There's a lot to catch up on :twilightsmile:

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