• Published 27th Oct 2014
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AJ's unexpected adventure - LGHeart

AJ was supposed to meet her friends at the old castle of the sisters, but a couple rushed mistakes turn a simple meeting into something much larger. let's see what heppens.

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Chapter 12 (short): Really?!

“Dang it Rainbow!” Raident yelled as she ran after the changeling. Rarity and the others helped me to my hooves before we followed. Our hooves clattered on the stone ground as we rushed to catch up. Rounding a corner every pony gasped in surprise, and I was to busy processing what was happening.
Rainbow appeared to be pinned to the grown, tears streaming from her eyes, and . . . Laughing. A bear like creature about one-eighth her size was resting on her crest licking her cheek and tenderly cuddling up to her.
Raident was standing quite literally in the middle of us and Rainbow. Her back turned to us so that we couldn't see the expression she had. “Well at least it's only a little Morphicon.”
Rainbow was tossing and turning playing with the little bear like creature. It looked pretty young, has light brown hair, that looked soft to the touch, little claws barely sharp enough to leave scratches, and what looked like shimmering golden eyes.
“Just what ever you do rainbow don't-” Picking the little bear up in her hooves and flying into the air she hugged the creature, calling to cute, and giving it a rather innocent kiss on the forehead.
The reaction was instantaneous, as wind picked up and the two were separated in the air. Rainbow was blown back to the ground with a rather soft thud, while the Morphicon was held up by the winds, it's eyes glowing with brightening light, and what looked like red wisps of energy racing around its body.
“-Kiss it.” Raident said as she shook her head.
Suddenly a booming voice seemed to be emanating from the bear, although it wasn't making any noticeable movements. “Recite thy name, than pronounce my own, then the contract will be complete.”
Rainbow looked to us with slight confusion. “Tell it your full name then give it one of its own.” Raident shouted over the wind.
“Oh.” Rainbow said as she turned back to the floating bear. Her back was turn in our direction, and her main and tail were blowing in the wind, making for a rather dramatic looking scene. “My name is Rainbow Radiance Dash, and I name you Bolt Strike Dash!”
Just as she exclaimed the last part, more wind picked up, and the red wisps of energy fully encompassed the morphicon.
Out of pure reflexive movement we all turned away as light burst forth. Waiting a moment we turned to see probably the strangest thing I have seen since waking up in the hospital.
There standing proudly was a thinned down version of the bear Rainbow was playing with, grown to about twice her size, and a pair of large beautiful wings that shone with a rainbow like sheen. Lowering its head it turned to look at Rainbow, and at that moment I think everyponies brains broke at the Morphicon's next word.
“Mommy!” It shouted out as a wide grin spread across its face, and ran towards Rainbow.
Right behind me I heard the sound of Fluttershy admiring the sight before all of us. The Morphicon pounced on Rainbow and started licking her face and over all showering her with affection. “Bolt thinks you're his mother Rainbow.”
“I don't think she hears you darling.” I heard Rarity saying as she tried to recompose herself. “She appears to be too busy trying to guard her face from the onslaught of licks.”
Raident turned around to face all of us. She looked slightly concerned.
“What's Wrong?” I ask knowing that it was probably going to be something foreboding, and or mysterious, considering that she is obviously hiding something.
“I just feel like we're missing something important.”
Just than a tremor shook the cave, causing dust dirt and sediment to fall from the ceiling and walls. Than another tremor, and another, each one stronger than the last.
Immediately the clatter of Twilight's question was cut off as a roar accompanied by a large gust of smelly air. A large bear like creature with snake like eyes, horrid fangs and claws, an extra pair of legs reaching out of its sides, and this strange black and red fur that made the thing look like it was on fire, emerged from a darkened tunnel a little further ahead.
“Get ready for a fight!” Raident yelled out as she got into a fighting stance.
Every pony reacted quickly, readying themselves for combat.
But just then something caught all our attention, as the beast looked at us than lifted its head like it was listening to something. It looked down to us and in a deep voice it spoke to us, “My Master requests that you all follow.”
We all looked at each other, every pony looked like they were confused. I was the only one who was probably going thorough the reasons why whatever the creature that possibly took my memories was doing this? What could the reasons be? And overall why would it lead us right to it?
Before any of us could even try and get some information from the Beast it turned around as started walking back into the tunnel it can from.
We had little choice but to follow as it disappeared into the shadows.
“Should we follow it?” Rarity asked drawing all of our attention. “It could be a trap.”
“We don't have much choice.” Twilight pointed out as she tapped her bone jaw with her skeletal hoof. “Jackie's memories are most likely that way, and we're running out of time.”
“But shouldn't we take some precautions, try and prepare in case it is a trap, darling?” She had a good point, we should be reading in case this is a trap.
“The things I thought you should suffice.” Raident said drawing our attention to her. “Everything I taught you girls should have you prepared for this battle.”
Looking into the girls eyes I could just tell she was hiding something but also telling the truth.
“Let's just get this over with.” I say, knowing one thing and one thing alone. This time I rushed forward toward the darkened tunnel, with everypony scrambling to catch up to me.

Author's Note:

I am sorry this took so long to get out to you all, but I've been busy with school and just plain getting distracted. I am only human after all. For the time being I am going to put you all on a bit of a cliff hanger here, and the story may be put on hiatus for a month or two while I have to focus on school. This does not mean I am stopping the story. If anything It should mean I will have the ending chapters ready before the hiatus is up, and I have a bit of a surprise for you all when I get back. All I can say is that I've got a few New stories that may just be of interest to some of you.
Hope you at least liked what I've written so far. See you all later, and have a good day.