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AJ's unexpected adventure - LGHeart

AJ was supposed to meet her friends at the old castle of the sisters, but a couple rushed mistakes turn a simple meeting into something much larger. let's see what heppens.

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Chapter 14: Her Death

Fluttershy was doing her best to do one of the only things she's good at in a fighting situation, hide somewhere. But do to the fact that there wasn't much cover in a round cavern, she was finding it a rather hard feat to accomplish. If nothing else she was at least able to hide behind Pinkie rather well.
Besides Pinkie was doing really well fending off the creature on her own. Somehow Pinkie had found a way to pull out her party cannon and modify it to shoot unlimited pies and the occasional coconut.
Suddenly the rabbit shifted to get larger and the ends of it's hair stuck up on end with an almost metal like quality to it. The pies stopped fazing it and the coconuts began bursting on impact, sending debris all round. Some of it even burned up when it got close to the fire surround that strange strange and ball.
“Um . . . Fluttershy I may need your help with this rabbit.” Pinkie said her usually cheerful tone sounding more worried now.
Fluttershy took as moment, but she soon poked her head up out of her hooves just enough to take a look at that creature as if snarled threateningly. An unsettling feeling shot through the yellow mare's body. She knew instantly that the creature was out for blood.
Pinkie turned around and started pulling things out of her mane to try and distract the rabbit. With each item she pulled, it was quickly tossed to the side. A top hat and microphone, diamond on a stick, discord, a pocket watch, a green eye with blue iris and black pupal, and plush toy of herself.
Reaching in one more time, her eyes widened. “Oh no I'm out.” That didn't bode well if Pinkie's arsenal of random objects was out.
Taking the worried look on the mare's face as sign, the rabbit creature charged forward.
The appearance of a pulsing force behind Pinkie caught both of them off guard. Fluttershy was focusing her energy trying her best to focus on the feeling that came with using the elements of harmony back before they were given up.
The results were showing rather vibrantly, she whole body started glowing a soft pink color similar to her mane. Wave after wave a gentle yet forceful energy began to radiate from her vary presence. Instantly her eye shot open and an Eldrich light shone and a blast of pink shot forward, hitting the rabbit creature.
Both Fluttershy and rabbit creature began to flout for a second, before the rabbit started to turn back in the small creature it should have been. Mean while the yellow mare landed gently to the ground and the glow began to fade.
Pinkie's mouth had not only comically hit the ground, but actually broke into it. She stood there for a moment regarding her friend before said friend turned to her. “O-oh my. . . Was that too much?”
Before Pinkie could answer she was hit in the back of the head by the plush toy of herself. Causing both mares to turn and see that the newly transformed shadow rabbit was shaking it's fist at the duo. It jumped and landed on Pinkie's head, causing her to go off balance for a moment.

Rainbow was flying around the larger Morphicon doing her best to distract it while Bolt flew almost like and expert, doing it's best to target some of the creatures weak points. But Both of them were starting to feel the exertion. As Rainbow was forced to continuously dodge and maneuver she could feel the strain on her body. Although she was an athlete, her best skills were in speed and endurance, and although she had decent maneuverability, it still became tiring rather quickly.
The large Morphicon was flailing about trying to protect itself and hit either of it's opponents. Finally it got lucky and smacked Bolt, sending the young-ling straight into the nearest wall. It pained the larger Morphicon to do so, especially since it what her own child, but there was no other choice.
Bolt lay sprawled across the ground, Rainbow landing next him. He wined slightly and lifted his head to look at her. “Ma ma.”
Rainbow's heart broke, sending a chill up her spine. Her breaths were becoming slightly shallow. Hearing Blot's gentle plea was enough to almost send Rainbow into shock force a whole slew of emotions up.
The feeling of hot air hit Rainbow's back, but she didn't even acknowledge it. Her mind was racing as she looked into Bolt's eye. He looked like he was in pain. The look in his eye's was sad and pleading, almost asking Rainbow to stop the suffering. The wing on his left side was bent in a bad way and front left leg was curled close to the body in a protective way.
Another blast of air forced itself against Rainbow's back. The larger Morphicon was being generous allowing the Rainbow Dash some time. But it was inevitable, it had to kill them, and it was now or never.
Getting into the right position the large Morphicon opened it's maw and moved to devour Rainbow.
“I'm so sorry Bolt.”
. . .
Rainbow turned just before the strike and slammed her hoof into the side of large creatures. Normally she couldn't possible have the kind of reach or strength needed to do such a feat, but in that moment she was calling upon her inborn magic. Extending from her right front hoof was really large scaly red arm similar to a dragons. The force of the hit was amplified ten fold because of this.
For a moment time seemed to be moving at snails pace. The Morphicon was taken by surprise, it's jaw was awkwardly out of place, and the shock in it's eyes was obvious as it noticed Rainbow. The look of pure anger on her face, the cold steely fury, and eyes which literally had fire shining with intensity of Celestia's sun, if not more.
The Morphicon flew a good couple of feet and landed with a skid. Rainbow's breath was labored as she looked at the creature that hurt Blot. Her rage was fueling every fiber of her being, causing her magic fluctuate and become amplified. The long arm began to spread and cover her body, reshaping and forming the body of dragon, long and slender, but very dangerously looking.
A deep growl seemed to be coming from the throat of the dragon. It was the then that the Morphicon looked up and saw the face to true fright . . . An enraged mother.

Twilight was still suspicious of Raident lining, but she wasn't going to let it get to her right now. With a quick glance she could see the progress her friends were making some progress. Fluttershy and Pinkie appeared to be trying to corral the rabbit beast, which appeared to be significantly smaller now. While Rainbow was fighting the Morphicon, her entire body surrounded in some type of aura field that appeared to be shaped like a dragon.
“Twilight need some help here, deary.” At first she thought that Rarity had called to her but when she turned to source of the voice she saw the unicorn filly fighting against the torus minor. Raident was casting spell after spell in rapid fire succession, both with precision and a wealth of accuracy.
Flaring her wings and taking to the air Twilight manuvered herself to be hovering just above the creature and started fire bolts of magic to draw the creatures attention. As luck would have the beast quickly lost interest in the filly and had turned it's attention to defending itself from Twilight's barrage.
Raident smiled and quickly charged at it. Twilight saw the filly running towards the beast. She only had enough time to think, 'she's insane.' before the filly disappeared below the creatures belly. A moment later she slid out of her spot. She came to a stop about three meters away, and turned to watch as the torus collapsed.
Landing gently next Raident, Twilight looked at the torus on the ground in confusion for a second. “How did you do that?”
A sweet smile found it's way to her face. “I hit a nerve cluster located near the fourth rib on the left side. I'm used to taking these things out because that's what we always do for a bit of fun.”
Twilight's brow raised slightly, “We?”
“My brother, sister, and I.”
Just as twilight was about to turn and go help her friends, when out of the corner of her eyes she saw that the torus was getting back up, and quickly. It was the fast Twilight had even moved in her life, in a single instant she had turned, grabbed Raident, threw up an angled barrier, and jumped to the side.
Closing her eyes and burying her face into Raident's shoulder, she heard the thump of something hitting her barrier. A moment later she heard the shattering sound, and a wave of pain shot through her horn and head. Her barrier had broke and if her quick plan had failed she wouldn't be long for this world.
Skidding to a halt she felt the pain of sharp rocks scratching and leaving a cut or two. But she was alive, so her plan had worked the angled shield had forced the torus in the other direction before it shattered to pieces.
Opening her eyes she was the worried look on Raident's face, it was one she knew really well, because she had made that face a few times in her past. It was the face of somepony worried about the pony they cared for.
Twilight didn't have time to question why Raident had that look on her face. She knew that it was critical for her to get up and face the torus before it turned around for it's next charge.
Pain was coursing through Twilight's back and side. Placing the filly to her immediate right she got up and readied her wings to take to the air, only to get a jolt of pain.
“Twilight, deary. Your wing is broken.”
'Just great,' Twilight thought as she swayed on her hooves slightly, the pain of the skid, combined with the massive headache she was getting from having her spell shattered, was affecting her more it really should be. 'What's wrong with me?'
That's when she noticed the slight smell of roses. Rarity had mentioned something about a field with some kind of plant that left any pony unable to move, if they caught the smell. Maybe this beast carries that scent because it goes there a lot.
Twilight was beginning to feel the odds stacking against her, but what could she do? She didn't know any spells that could help and her legs were already beginning to buckle.
Raident stepped in between Twilight and the torus. “W-What . . . A-are-”
Twilight was cut off almost instantly. “I'm going to take care of this thing.” The tone in her voice sounded resolute and dangerous. “No one. Hurts. MY. AUNTY!”
There was no time for Twilight to even try to understand the statement before Raident began to glow that slightly dark golden color. All of the energy gathered at her horn and burst forth in great ball of burning purple fire.
The brightness that came from the fire forced Twilight to close her eyes, that and the affects of the scent were really starting to get to her.
Suddenly her eyes shot wide open as a spell was cast on her. The spell instantly removed the effects of that scent and gave Twilight back her strength. But when she looked up to see Raident, she didn't like what she was see. The little filly looked exhausted.
The sound of a hoof against the hard ground instantly took Twilight's attention. The torus didn't even look scratched. Anger began to fill her as she saw out of the corner of her eye Raident slumped down as if she were highly dizzy.
The anger inside Twilight began to fuel her magic and something sparked inside. Raident had taught her how to harness this and now was the time to do. It would only last a few minutes at best, but she only needed a moment.
Power surged forward and she felt the affects instantaneously as her whole body seemed to change. Her coat color turned creamy white, her wings caught fire, and so did her mane and tail. She quickly took to the air erecting a barrier around Raident, and turned to the torus minor, which seemed confused to be seeing it's prey change in such a drastic way.
Twilight cast a series of spells in rapid succession, each one hitting it's mark, and exploding upon impact. Each shot was damaging the torus greatly, it's whole body being ripped to pieces by each shot. But the final shot had yet to come as Twilight stored more energy into a single blast. The instant she let it go, the creature evaporated into thin air, and twilight gently touched the ground, fading back into her original alucorn state.
She was about to check on the filly, when the piercing scream of Rarity being shot by a blast of magic caught everyponies attention.

Rarity had me stuck in a bubble of her magic, forcing me to stay out of the fight. I was stuck force to watch each of my friends as they fight, but right now my focus was on Rarity who was fighting against Glinting, alone. Rarity was constantly having to split her focus to maintain the barrier, defend from his attack, and try to find a way to counterattack.
I knew that she had to be struggling greatly, especially since she had admitted she's only about average when it comes to using magic. The only assumption I can make is that she must be having a horrific amount of difficulty trying to do this. Every move she was making was a choice between defense and survival, or attacking and risk leaving herself vulnerable. Yet despite that glaring fact she was doing rather well.
The problem didn't come from her, but from the opponent she was facing. He seemed to be vastly more skilled and practiced. He kept her just close enough for his range of attacks to effective, yet far enough to make sure she couldn't get a counterattack to work. Glinting would almost always dodge or redirect Rarity's counter-strike.
Currently Rarity was being forced back as flurry of magic blasts were hitting her shield. She was losing ground with every step back. Glinting's every move seemed calculated and planned as he began forcing Rarity closer to the pedestal and burning fire that surrounded it.
Rarity must have figured out his plan was, probably because of the heat the fire was putting off, because she tried to force a counterattack.
The problem was that Glinting had been wanting her to do that. The second fired a small bolt of magic, he dodge ever so slightly and fire a shot at her in return. Rarity hadn't been expecting the move and got hit right on her front left leg. The shot seemed to take effect immediately and she skidded to a halt about a meter or two behind Glinting.
I could hear the groan even through the barrier she had brought up. Glinting turned and walked carefully towards her.
'Why isn't she moving?' I thought as he came right up next to her. Bending down I watched as he seemed to whisper something into her ear. Then with a scowl he rose and kicked her while she was down.
Some type of reaction began to stir inside me as watched him kick her again and again. After about a half minute being violently kicked, Rarity stopped moving even slightly. Her barrier around me was still holding firm, even when I started kicking it in an attempt to escape.
There was nothing for me to do except was as Glinting lifted Rarity by her mane in his magic. Lifting one of his paws he sliced at her face.
“Stop!” I yelled, there was something happening that I couldn't seem to recognize driving me to try everything I could to get out and help Rarity.
It was obvious he couldn't hear me, there was no reaction even if he could, but there was something in next action he took that basically said that he knew I was watching. Looking to the blood on his paw he brought it up to his mouth, and licked it.
Once more he sliced at Rarity's head and tossed her towards in my direction. She slammed into the barrier, and screamed out in pain. A loud piercing scream that sent a shiver down my spine.
The spell dissolved and Rarity landed right at my hooves. Her face was bloody and cut up, with a large gash on her forehead, and a bleeding wound on her front leg. Leaning down I felt for a pulse, it was weak, and her breathing was short and shallow. Pulling her in closer, I wrapped my hooves around her head. The blood started to cover my coat as I cradled her close.
“It's useless.” I turned to see that Glinting was walking closer, a sad look on his face. “Once I start the process of removing the mind from a ponies body, it can't be stopped.”
Rarity was going to disappear in the same way Applejack did. Her memory gone, and she would die the same way as me. In that instant something snapped deep with me, Rage, anger, determination, and something I didn't recognize flooded me in a rush of emotions.
Glinting look surprised for a second before a smile spread across his face. “I admire your determination, but it is useless. It all ends here!” At his last words I saw just what he was about to do. He quickly pulled some of his magic into a tightly compact sphere and fired it at us.
There was nothing I could do to stop it, but in that moment I didn't care.
. . . Because I'm pissed.
A wave of power shot through my system, and I couldn't help the scream that came next.

Dust filled the air as the blast seemed to have connected. Glinting was smiling, he had won, and all that remained was to capture the others. But that was only what he thought. Until a blast of shimmering golden light shot from the dust and hit him square in the chest.
He flew back, skidding to a halt only about a hoofs length from the fire surrounding the podium that held the glass ball. Groaning as he sat up, there was a moment of complete confusion as he looked towards the dust as it began to settle.
Once the air cleared, and he could see the area a surprising sight caught him off guard. There standing behind a golden field of magic was Jackie her coat stained with some blood, her features showing discernible amount of rage.
Looking at her all wounds seemed to be healed, as was the same with the mare behind her. She features seemed to soften, and her voice was resoundingly calm sounding. “There is only one way to end everything, and I have no qualms with it as long as your actions stop here and now.”
Every pony and creature, expect for Rarity who was unconscious stopped what they were doing to look and see what was happening. Glinting was shacking slightly, the manner of Jackie's stance and her calm speech seemed far more frightening than anything he had even seen before.

Looking down at the Axenorm as he stared me in surprise and fear was gratifying in itself, but there was something that I had to do, and there was nothing that would get in my way. Feeling the energy flowing in me freely I gathered some of it deep from within cast it forward in blast from my forehead. In that same moment another set of shot fired to the left of the first, and Glinting reacted to the first shot before he could think about it.
He jumped to his right only to see the volley of shots that had been fired, perfectly predicting which direction he was heading. Rolling to dodge the first shot from the volley, he got up and ran from the others. Throwing up a barrier to keep block just in case he wasn't able to outrun one of the shots.
Jackie knew exactly what his next move would be and shot two final bolts of energy.
Glinting watched as Jackie's last two shot landed a good distance on either side of him. Now was his chance he had to take it. Lowering his shield he began to focus his magic, prepping it to fire a bolt of lightning.
Suddenly two nets, woven from golden strands of magic shot out from the ground right where Jackie's last two shots had come from. Glinting barely had enough time release his spell when he noticed the net, literally only a hooves away from catching him. He couldn't afford to get caught, so there was only one choice left to him. Turning his head he released the spell and destroyed one of the nets before it could reach him, creating an opening to escape from.
Jumping out of the way of the nets clutches he turned just in time to see a bolt of energy coming his way. There was no time for him to do anything, and thus the shot hit home, the force of which took all the air form his lungs.
Jackie smiled her plan had worked perfectly, and the spell should be taking affect soon.
Glinting got up as fast as he could. Only to see that Jackie had disappeared from the spot she had been at only a moment ago. Looking around Rapidly for any sight of her, he began to sweat. He knew something was off about this, it seemed like Jackie was perfectly predicting his every move and coming up with a counter each time. But how was she doing it?
The feeling of a hoof tapping his shoulder caused him to turn around. Jackie waved for second before she spun around with incredible precision and bucked him in the chest, hard. The force of the impact sent him flying. He couldn't breath or focus, but he noticed Jackie teleport out of sight. Now he knew just how what to do.
'You're not going to win this.' Jackie thought, planning her next couple of moves. 'I know exactly what your going to do at all times.'
Glinting forced himself to turn in mid air and spotted Jackie just as her teleport finished. Acting quickly he shot a bolt of pure energy. There was a moment of joy as Glinting thought he was about to finally get the upper hoof. But that fleeting joy fade as the bolt of energy passed right through Jackie and she faded from sight.
A sudden pain shot through the back Glinting's head. Jarring him for a second or two as he fell to the ground with a thud. Carefully turning over to avoid worsening the pain in the back of his head Glinting tried to catch his breath. Only to find Jackie's hoof fall painfully onto his stomach.
'Gotcha.' he thought. Drawing on his power to fire a close range blast energy.
Jackie didn't even flinch, instead she redirected the blast by erecting a simple shield.
“How?” Glinting asked, starting to get angry. His magic reserve's were running low, that shouldn't be the case, but somehow they were. Had she done something to him?
Jackie looked down without even a hint of sympathy in her eyes. “Your own spell backfired. I'm connected to your mind now. I know your every move even before you do.”
Glinting cursed, how could something like that even happen. “But that's not-”
Jackie interrupted him by applying more pressure to his abdominal area. “It's not nice to interrupt somepony when they're not finished speaking.” She ground her hoof again, harder this time. “Not only can I read your mind now, but I have full access to your inventory of spells and your magic. I've been draining your magic from the moment I cast that first spell, and now, you should be going into full paralysis.”
Glinting tried moving his legs but found that he couldn't even manage a twitch. This couldn't be happening.
“Now it's time to end this road of pain, once and for all.”
Glinting's eyes widened as he saw the look in her eyes. The look of pure determination and conviction.
Jackie took a breath and took all the energy she had gathered and focused it into a single spell. She could her the sound of somepony yelling something, but it was to late. The spell went off, literally, with a bang.

Twilight watched as the flash of light burst from Applejack's head, concealing her and Glinting from all. By the time the flash had dissipated she could see her laying there alone, with no sight of Glinting at all.
A groan caught Twilight's attention, looking towards the source she saw Rarity was getting up, and she looked unharmed. 'What did Jackie do?'
Twilight was about to run to help Rarity, but Raident teleported next her tears streaming down her eyes. Rarity seemed surprised for a second, but her tender side took over rather quickly. She asked what was wrong.
“I thought you were going to die. . .” she cried into Rarity's chest. That seemed to shock her for a second before she suddenly remembered why the little one may have thought that.
Looking ahead and taking a breath Rarity spotted AJ's body lying on the ground. Biting her lip she rubbed the fillies back before getting her attention. “Listen dear I need to check on Jackie to make sure she's okay.”
The filly nodded and moved out of the way to let Rarity move past.
Everypony moved in to check and see if AJ was okay. All of them looking concerned in there own right.
Once Glinting had been defeated, all the creatures that seemed to be tied to him disappeared to. Leaving the whole group alone to gather around AJ's body in worry. “She'll be fine.” Came a rather unfamiliar voice to most of the group.
Everypony turned to she a pair of ponies walking into the room. One was a white pegasis with a golden mane and tail, and bright blue eyes, he was standing with confidence and smile plastered on his face. The other was mare with purple and gold streaked mane and tail, an orange coat, and emerald green eyes.
The mare spoke this time, her voice almost sounded familiar, with a soft elegant tone that was comparable to Celestia's own voice. “Applejack is fine, she should be waking soon.”
As if on cue, Applejack groaned and opened her eyes. Everypony looked to her. “uh, howdy girls, did ah miss somethin'?”
All except Raident, and the two new comers tacked and hugged AJ, a couple of them were crying. Each of them was trying to say something, but it all got jumbled up in a mess of voices.
“Well it is good to see that your quest has turned up a success my friends.” came the familiar voice of princess Luna causing all ponies to turn and acknowledge both her and Celestia's presence as they entered the room.
“Princesses?” Twilight asked in a confused fashion. “Why are you here?”
Celestia pointed a hoof at Raident Lining. “Our young friend there.”
All eye fell on Raident as she walked over to the two ponies that walked in earlier. “Moonlight, Blitz.” She bowed to the mare and stallion respectively. “Sister, brother how are you doing?”
“Were okay, but we've finally come to the end of the story.” The stallion, who's name is Blitz apparently, answered cryptically. “We should probably at least tell our aunts what's about to happen next.”
“Excuse my interruption.” Celestia said drawing the attention of the three chatting ponies. “But I have a few questions to ask.”
“We know.” Moonlight said, her voice sounding almost identical to the princesses. “And you'll get your answers as soon as our mother appears. I believe Raident passed along the message, correct?”
Celestia raised a brow and was about to say something when a flash of light exploded at the top of the cavern.

'I knew how this would all end in my death. We were tied together as one being after all.' Jackie thought as she floated through the ethereal plain. Her spiritual body was floating in a fetal position ever so slowly moving in liner pattern.
'It wasn't my body to begin with. It was Applejack's, and now she will be able to live her life again.'
The ethereal particles began to gather around her spirit. Focusing mainly on her chest, but she didn't notice. 'I have no regrets. Although my time was short, I am happy that she and my friends are safe now.'
although it seemed impossible, a tear began form and drip from Jackie's face. The single tear stopped and began to glow. Drawing more and more particles towards in until a being took shape.
“Young Jackie,” it called out, the voice sounding almost like a mixture a mare's voice tiny bit of gently flowing water mixed in. “look to me young one.”
Jackie uncurled from the fetal position stood with her head down slightly.
“Come now child, why is your head held so low?”
Jackie looked down and let out her breath in a long and heavy sigh. “I-I'll j-ju. . . I just know I'll miss my friends is all.”
The being smiled and lifted her hoof to Jackie's chin, lifting it so that she could look into Jackie's eyes. “Why do you think I am here?”
Jackie blinked, unsure how to answer the question.
The being smiled. “I am a spirit sent by the tree of harmony to give you a gift.” letting her hand drop, the spirit smiled. “Jackie you have proven to be a spirit with an exceptional gift to give to those have lost their way. For this, a gift will be given to you.”
Ethereal particles began gathering surrounding Jackie. “Wait. What's going on?”
The spirit just smile and disappeared leaving only an echo of words in her wake. “A miracle.”

Celestia was just about to say something when all of a sudden a blinding light appeared at the top of the cavern. Slowly floating down, it dissipated the second it came to the ground, leaving body standing there.
All eyes fell on the sight in front of them, one pony was more surprised than the rest as she saw a near identical version of herself standing there.
“What in Tar-nation is going on here. Why is there another me? And why does it have a horn?!”
The second applejack opened her eyes, and a looked around the room, a pair of wings flapping open as she spotted her friends. They all looked normal completely normal. But they were all looking at her like she had grown a second head. She didn't care, all she wanted to do was give each of them a hug.
A tear fell from her eyes. “Girls, it's so good to see you.”
Rarity was the first to step forward, her eye wide with surprise. “Jackie?”
The only response she got was a nod. But that was all it took as Rarity ran over and hugged the mare. Everything was so confusing for her but she didn't care, she just knew that she had the strongest desire to give Jackie a hug.
“Rarity, what in SAM-hill is goin' on here?” Applejack asked pushing past her friends to get a better look at the fashionista.
“I believe we are all asking the same question young Applejack.” Luna said getting every ponies attention.
“And we will answer them all for you.” Blitz said drawing the attention of all. “Now that our mother has finally arrived.”
“Mother?” Raident smiled and nodded at Twilight.
“Yes, Jackie is our mother, princess of life.” A collective gasp was all the reaction that Raident got. “You see she was initially created by Glinting's spirit spell, but she somehow went rouge. She took on an independent life of her own, upon defeating Glinting she sacrificed her spirit and mind to give Applejack, and Rarity their lives back. Because she did that, the tree of harmony decided to give her the gift of a life of her own. She thus became and alucorn category two, an alucorn created and born from a spell.”
“We were sent back to make sure everything happened as it has now.” Moonlight said, a smile adorning her face. “As it turns out, that was good thing because mother had neglected to tell us that we had some pretty key rolls in making sure everything happened as it was supposed to.”
“Either way we have run out of time.” Blitz said slighly upset. “The time travel spell should be wearing off soon.”
“Wait.” Twilight said, “this is so confusing. So your say that your the children of Jackie, a new princess, and in the future she sent you back because of the event's that just happened.”
All three of the ponies looked at each other for a moment, then turned to Twilight and nodded. “Pretty much.”
Jackie pointed to the two older ponies of the three. “Your the one's who pulled me from that field of flowers, that's why recognize your voices!”
“Bingo.” Blitz said, flashing a smile.
All three of the ponies disappeared in a flash of light. Returning to their own time period.
“Well.” Luna said. “That was most interesting.”
Her and Celestia looked at each other then to Jackie “Might I be the first to welcome you to princess-hood young Jackie?”
Everypony looked at she for a second before she shrugged, “Sure, why not?” Turning to Rarity who was right next to her. She pulled the red ribbon from her mane, which seemed to have come with her new body. “Rarity.”
“What is it?” she asked.
“Do you mind if I do something?”
Rarity looked at her for a second before she nodded. “I guess not, deary.”
Carefully Jackie pulled Rarity's mane back and tied it back over her shoulder.
Rarity looked at it in confusion for a second before Jackie spoke. “I just thought you look beautiful with your hair tied like that is all.”
“Excuse me?”
Jackie and Rarity turned to see Applejack standing in front of their friends, all of whom seemed to be snickering.
Jackie walked up to Applejack. They both exchanged glances at each other. Then Jackie extended a hoof. AJ stood their for a second, then smiled and shook hooves. “Thanks fer takin' care o' my body.”
Jackie smiled “not a problem. I think it's time we all went home now.”
“Actually there is one thing we need to discuss before we depart.” Celestia said. “Where will you be staying?”
“I've got a room at boutique.” Rarity offered, drawing attention to her, she was looking to the ground obviously trying to hide behind her newly tied hair.
“I'd like that.” Jackie said smiling.
“All settled then,” Rainbow said “Lets get out of here.”

The end

Author's Note:

That completes my story, I hope the ending cleared up a couple things that happened earlier, and that you all enjoyed the ending. I really don't think anyone could have thought this would be the end.

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