• Published 27th Oct 2014
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AJ's unexpected adventure - LGHeart

AJ was supposed to meet her friends at the old castle of the sisters, but a couple rushed mistakes turn a simple meeting into something much larger. let's see what heppens.

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Chapter 0: Running out of time

As my golden mane blew through the rushing wind, ah knew ah was late. My hooves beat again the cold hard ground. Luna's moon was high in the sky, but only the littlest sliver of moon light shone through the crescent moon. Tomorrow was Luna's “new moon” as she called it. After a certain period of time Luna would have a small celebration with the town of ponyville as way to help her get to know her the people. All I knew was that was that quite a few Pegisai were saying that it helped them control the weather better.

The long dirt road beneath my hooves made an eerie crunchin' sound as ah ran from ponyville towards the Everfree forest. Very little light was able to pass through the thick canopy above, makin' this here dark an' spooky forest even more dark an' spooky. Shadows seemed to shift inta new an' more horrifyin' things with each step ah took.

Strange sounds came at me from all directions as ah felt my breath getting shorter and shorter. The path was starting to narrow a little as ah ran as fast as ah could. Ah had to get my flank movin', time was runnin' out an' ah needed ta get to the castle, the others were waitin' for me.

Ah came across a sudden fork in the road. Without thinkin' ah ran down the right path, not even stoppin' to take a breath. Soon ah started weavin' through the path ways, tryin' my darnedest ta get to the castle as soon as ah could.

Without warnin' the path suddenly ended an' I was surrounded by nothin' but bushes, trees, an' darkness. “ahh, horse-apples.”
I turned around, hopin' ah could back track and quickly find my way to the castle, ah noticed that somehow there was no path for me ta follow back. “What in tar-nation . . . ?”

A sudden rustle of leaves put me on edge. Somethin' wasn't right, an' ah had dealt with many things that hadn't felt right with me, but this feelin' of uneasiness was more scary then when Tirek had attacked.

Takin' close note of my surroundin's, light didn't shine through any of the canopy, makin' things darker, the ground was smooth an' soft, a complete contrast ta before when ah was rushing. The trees an' bushes seemed to be shiftin' and movin' because of the slight breeze, an' dark patches could be seen between the trees.

Strange sound could be heard as ah turned to see a pair of glowin' yellow eyes. Chills ran down my spine, my eyes were now locked on the pair of eyes. Ah couldn't seem to move, it was almost like ah was paralyzed with fear, but ah strangely felt calm, or maybe elicit.
Ah could only say one thin' as those pair of eye's leaped toward me, “dag-nab-bit.”

Ah guess that's where the story begins, my name is Applejack an' ah have one heck of a tale ta tell ya'll about.

Author's Note:

I will be continuing this story and trying to get it out there for people to read. If anyone could help me with editing please let me know by emailing me.

this story WILL continue to the end.