• Published 17th May 2014
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Rainbow Pie - Dark Nightshade

Rainbow and Pinkie Pie couldn't be any more different from each other than any pony. What happens when they see things through the same eyes?

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Date Night

Rainbow shot through the sky towards her home. Flying wasn’t quite as easy as it used to be, though she guessed that was because she was now both a Pegasus and an Earth Pony.

Those weren’t her worries though. Her worries were about her date.

What if she doesn't want to date me? she thought. I just got merged with my one of my best friends! How do you just accept something like that?!

Ah, don't worry! Pinkie chirped.

Dash almost dropped out of the sky. What the—? Wait, you can hear my thoughts as well?! she thought.

Yepperoni! Pinkie replied cheerily.

"Well, this’ll be awkward," Rainbow mumbled aloud.

Eh, maybe not, Dash somehow just knew she was shrugging. It'll only get awkward if you try to have sex with Spitfire. Or if I make you horny. I dunno if I can do that, but I try that out later!

"Ugh, I hope you can't do that!" the pink Pegasus groaned. "Don't you dare try to do that!"

Pinkie giggled. Maybe I will. And Maybe I won't! Hehehe!

Rainbow did her best to ignore the fear at just what Pinkie might do and pushed on ahead.

Rainbow finally arrived at the restaurant, panting from the effort of trying to get here with so little time left. After taking a while of deciding if she should dress up or do something to her hair, she’d finally decided to try and comb her hair down. It didn't work. Nothing did. Her hair just wouldn't go down!

"Dang it Pinkie!" she had said. "How do you comb your hair?" Pinkie had giggled.

I don't! she'd replied.

Putting the previous couple minutes behind and looking around her present surroundings, Dash eyed the tables, trying to decide on a good place when Spitfire landed besides her, glancing around in confused.

"Hey, Spitfire," Rainbow Dash said without thinking.

Spitfire turned at the address and looked over Dash, confusion playing across her face.

"Hi," she said uncertainly. "Do I know you?"

"It's me! Rainbow Dash!" the pink Pegasus said, her voice squeaking a bit with worry upon remembering her predicament. She didn’t want things to go badly and it was off to a really bad start if her date couldn’t even tell it was her.

Spitfire frowned, clearly not believing it if the skeptical expression was any indication. The yellow mare looked her up and down, clearly taking note of the multi hued mane, but the raised eyebrow indicating further confusion at the style.

Finally, she looked at her cutie mark. She blinked, before glancing to Dash’s face. “Dash?”

Rainbow nodded frantically.

Spitfire narrowed her eyes. “How do I know it’s you? For all I know, you could be a changeling who really messed up their cover.”

“Binky bones,” Dash said with a straight face.

At once, Spitefire’s eyes widened in horror and she looked around as if to make sure nopony had heard. Nopony seemed to be paying them any mind.

Taking a deep breath, Spitfire opened her eyes, a look of shock having entered them as she turned to the pink mare, who was smirking.

"I... Oh, wow, it really is you!" she gasped. She looked Dash up and down. "What happened to you?"

Rainbow Dash looked away. "Earlier today I kinda asked Twilight to change me into a griffin for a few minutes, but something went wrong and my body got fused with one of my friends."

"How long is this going to last?" Spitfire asked, a curious look in her eyes.

Forever and ever! Pinkie singsonged.

Dash looked down dejectedly. "It's permanent."

Spitfire’s eyes widened. “Seriously?”

Dash just kept looking down."Can we just go get a table?"

Spitfire wasn’t used to seeing Dash so depressed. She moved over and put a comforting wing over the other mare. "Sure. Come on.”

She called over a waiter who guided them to their seat.

Once they’d sat down, they took a menu each. Spitfire ended up ordering, as Dash seemed to have spaced out since coming clean about the fusion.

As the waiter left to place their orders with the chef, the Wonderbolt turned to the other mare. “So... how does this fusion work, exactly?”

Dash just slumped forward, her mane flatting a little. “From Pinkie’s notes, she and I fully became one. Ya know how Alicorns are part Pegasus, unicorn and Earth Pony all put together.”

Spitfire nodded.

Dash sighed. “Kinda the same, only with just Earth Pony and Pegasus. I didn’t read a lot of the notes myself... or understand much, really.”

Well, if we’d stayed with Twilight, I’m sure she’d have told us, Pinkie pipped in.

“And why would she have told you?” Dash asked out loud without thinking. “You wrote them, Pinkie. Shouldn’t you know about them?”

Spitfire gave the other mare a very confused look.

“Oh, right,” Dash said, seeing the odd look on her date’s face and pointing up to her own head. “Pinkie’s still in here. She talks and it’s like I’m the only one that hears her.”

Spitfire blinked, before shuddering. “I dunno if I could handle another pony inside my head. Doesn’t that get confusing?”

“You have no idea,” Dash muttered.

There was silence for a few moments as they both tried to think about what to say next.

After their drinks had been poured and she’d taken a sip of her wine, Spitfire decided the best way to get her date out of her funk was a bit of fun.

"Did you know that you're more attractive like this?" she asked.

Rainbow jerked up, blushing and Pinkie giggled again.

"No," Rainbow Dash said, the pink fur on her face being joined by red as she blushed hard. “You really think I’m attractive like this?"

Spitfire nodded. Then she frowned, scratching her chin. "By the way, do you want me to call you Rainbow Dash, or should I call you something like.... Rainbow Pie?"

I like that! Pinkie exclaimed.

"Sure, Rainbow Pie sounds good," Rainbow Dash, or Rainbow Pie now, said a bit uninterested. At least, that’s probably how it looked to anyone on the outside. Truthfully, she was recovering from Pinkie screaming in her mind. Celestia, it was worse than having somepony shouting in your ear.

"Well then, I say we get on with this date," Spitfire said seductively. Rainbow Pie found it very hard to keep her wings at her side and vaguely suspected Pinkie had a part to play in that. "After all, I can't let an attractive friend be depressed because of some kind of strange body fusion or whatever."

The rest of the night went pretty well, Rainbow thought to herself.

Dinner had gone fine enough, with both ponies chatting about things that had recently happened (aside from the obvious) and the food had been pretty good.

Rainbow had found herself flustered a lot during their conversations and she just knew Pinkie was behind it. At one point she’d had to excuse herself to use the little filly’s room and splash some cold water on her face.

Pinkie’s giggles had told her everything she’d needed to know.

After dinner, they’d just hung around the town, doing a bit of sightseeing.

Throughout it all, Pinkie kept interrupting their conversations, resulting in Rainbow responding to her.

At one point they went off for a flight around the city. It was a beautiful sight at night.

After a while, they decided to call it a night and flew out of the city. As Rainbow Pie and Spitfire flew towards Rainbow Pie's cloud house, Rainbow thought of something.

"Wait, where will you sleep?" she asked.

Spitfire glanced at her with a shrug.

"I was kinda hoping I could crash here," she said. "It's either this, or a hotel down in Ponyville, since I won’t be able to get back to the compond at this hour."

"No, you can stay here!" Rainbow Pie said, almost too excitedly. "All the hotels around here aren't too good anyway."

Dashie, how could you?! the pink mare winced at Pinkie’s scolding shout. How would Mild Décor feel if she heard you say that?!

“Sorry, sorry!” Dash said, holding her head. Jeez, she’d have to be more careful before saying something so callous.

Spitfire cocked an eyebrow.

“That was Pinkie” Rainbow replied. “I kinda upset her there.

And you’re going to apologize to her tomorrow,Pinkie said as if speaking with a foal who’d been caught with their hoof in the cookie jar.

This is going to be a long night, Rainbow thought dejectedly. And not for the reasons I want.