• Published 17th May 2014
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Rainbow Pie - Dark Nightshade

Rainbow and Pinkie Pie couldn't be any more different from each other than any pony. What happens when they see things through the same eyes?

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Chapter 1 - A Spell Gone Wrong

Rainbow Pie

Chapter 1

A Spell Gone Wrong


Rainbow Dash hated only one thing in life.


It was the worst invention in all of history. What was the point of something that made time seem to go so slowly you could swear you’d aged more than ten years when it had only been ten minutes?

It had been at least a week since she and the others had saved Equestria from Tirek and the Friendships Castle had emerged in Ponyville.

At first everything had been really exciting. Parties and talks with the princesses about how Twilight would handle her new role as the Princess of Friendship.

However, things had dulled pretty quickly for the Pegasus. Twilight had spent most of the last week in meetings about boring stuff, like politics, not something Rainbow Dash was really into.

Wish there was something interesting to do, she thought as she rolled to her other side on top of her cloud, lazily glancing down at the castle just on the edge of Ponyville.

As she watched, she saw several creatures walking out of the castle.

On closer inspection, they were griffins.

Rainbow blinked, an idea coming to mind.

Hmm. Would she do it for me? She said “no” last time, but maybe if I promise not to do anything sneaky, like pull any pranks and only for an hour or so, she’d go through with it this time.

Grinning, Rainbow shot off her cloud, dissolving it and streaked towards the castle.


Twilight nodded, excusing the guards, who left the throne room and headed down the corridors.

The alicorn sighed as she went back into the throne room and sat on her throne, glancing at the other five around her and the smaller one next to her own.

The others were all busy with their own jobs, so she was alone right now. Even Spike was busy, helping Rarity look for more gems to use in her fashion.

The doors suddenly open, causing Twilight to jump, before a blur of cyan and rainbow landed in front of her.

“Yo, Twi. What’s up?”

Twilight sighed, this time in annoyance.

“Rainbow Dash, even though this isn’t my library, you still barge in unannounced. As one or the co-rulers of this castle, I’d have thought you’d learn at least some sense of etiquette.”

Rainbow waved a hoof. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Twi. Listen, can I ask for a favor?”

Twilight frowned. “What kind of favor?”

Rainbow scratched her foreleg anxiously. “Remember how, after we helped the Breezies, I asked if—?”

“No,” Twilight said flatly, getting up from her throne and heading for the door.

“Aw, come on, Twi,” Rainbow said, flapping her wings and landing in front of Twilight, blocking her path. “Just for an hour? Half an hour? Heck, I’ll even take just fifteen minutes. Please?”

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “Why? Why do you want me to turn you into a griffin?”

The Pegasus grinned. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to fly like one. Ever since Gilda turned out to be such a jerk, I’d given up on griffins, until I met the Griffonian Flight Team. Those guys were cool. But I never got to ask them how it feels to fly as a griffin.”

Twilight thought that over. “So, you only want me to turn you into a griffin for fifteen minutes so you can know what it feels like to fly as one? You don’t plan on pulling any pranks with the form of a griffin?”

Rainbow nodded, then shook her head in answer to the questions. “Come on, Twi, please? You could consider it my early Hearth’s Warming present?”

Twilight put a hoof to her chin, thinking.

After a few minutes of deep thought, she sighed.

“Okay, Rainbow Dash. I’ll turn you into a griffin.”

“YES!” Rainbow shouted, hoofing the air.

“But only for fifteen minutes,” Twilight continued sternly. “After that you’ll have to come back and I’ll return you to a Pegasus. If you don’t come back, your wings will cramp until you become a Pegasus again.”

Rainbow nodded, waving a hoof. “Yeah, yeah. I got it, Twi. Don’t go over the time limit. You’re talking to me, remember?”

Twilight shook her head and back up so there was some space between the two of them.

Her horn lit up as she charged the spell.

Dash could barely sit still as she watched her charging her magic.

Suddenly the doors burst open, followed by a pink blur and a voice shouting, “Twilight! Dashie! Don’t use that spell! My Pinkie Sense says something bad will happen— Wha!”

Pinkie tumbled into Dash, the two getting entangled in each other’s legs.

The sudden interruption startled Twilight and she fired the spell. It hit Pinkie and Rainbow and there was blinding flash, followed by a loud scream.

When the light faded, Twilight rubbed her eyes, trying to see again.

She could just see Pinkie and Rainbow, though a bit blurry. It seemed her spell had failed.

“Pinkie, Rainbow, are you okay?” she asked, wincing as her head pounded.

“I’m okay,” Dash said and both of them started looking around. “What about you Pink— Pinkie? Hey, where’d you go?”

Twilight frowned. Why couldn’t Rainbow Dash see Pinkie Pie. She was standing right there with her.

The alicorn shook her head, trying to clear it. The headache had dulled a little, but not by much.

Her eyesight cleared and, for a second, she didn’t realize what she was seeing. Then she screamed like a banshee.

In front of her was a pink coated Pegasus mare with rainbow mane and tail in the same poofy style as Pinkie’s, magenta eyes and both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie’s Cutie Marks. Rainbow’s cloud and rainbow lightning bolt being in front of the yellow balloon, while the two blue ones were in front of it.

The Pegasus leaped in fright when Twilight screamed, glancing around quickly.

“What is it? What’s going on?” she asked, sounding just like Rainbow Dash.

Twilight stared, her eyes wide. “R-Rainbow Dash?”

The mare turned to her, wearing a deadpan look. “Well, duh. Who’d ya think I was, Twilight?”

The alicorn just stared. Now that she looked closer. She wasn’t looking at just a Pegasus. Her wings were slightly bigger and her body framed looked just as much like that of an Earth Pony as it did a Pegasus.


“Um, Rainbow?” Twilight asked, her voice quivering. “How do you feel?”

Rainbow frowned, thinking. “Dunno,” she said. “My mane and tail feel kinda weird. And I feel a bit heavier than before. And how come my wings feel a bit bigger?”

Twilight gulped. “Uh, is Pinkie Pie there?”

Rainbow’s frowned turned to confusion. She glanced around, then turned back to the alicorn. “Twilight, I don’t see her. Why would you ask me if I can see her when she isn’t here?”

Twilight gulped again. Why was she doing that? “R-Rainbow,” she said nervously, “look at your hooves.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes, but decided to play along.

“Okay, Twi. But, why would I— WAH!” she cried, lifting a hoof to look at it before jumping back, flailing said hoof wildly. “Why’s my fur pink?!” She glanced behind her and saw her wings and tail and Cutie Mark. “Why’re my wings pink? Why’s my tail styled like Pinkie’s? And how come Pinkie’s Cutie Mark looks like it was in an explosion with mine?”

Twilight gulped for a third time. “I’m... not exactly sure how...” she said, not meeting the mare’s eyes, “but, I think, when Pinkie got caught in the transformation spell, it backfired and somehow fused the two of you together?”

“Fused?” Rainbow asked, feeling slightly nervous. “Wh-what does that mean?”

Twilight grimaced. “It means, you’ve both become one body. You’re not just two ponies anymore. You’re both one pony.”

Rainbow’s eyes went wide with fear. She was fused with Pinkie Pie, sharing the same body as her? Her worst nightmare had come true.

Author's Note:

Well, here's my latest fic.

I know this first chapter's short, but that's because it expands more with the future chapters.

For those who thought this might have been a romance fic between Dashie and Pinkie, sorry about that. that's not the case. though there will be a rmoance between Rainbow Pie and a certain yellow pegasus. Do i mean Fluttershy? Maybe, maybe not.:raritywink:

Now, after this first chapter, I'll be leaving this fic alone for a while, because i want to write some more chapters for Fluttershy Flutterguy and Puny Purple Pony: From Padded to Proud.

See you all later, everypony